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Aug 17, 2004

You're the gourmet around here, Eddie.

Hey Goons, I wanted to post about a unique and very geeky new fantasy football platform that my startup is developing.

It's called Dragons & Gridirons. It's season-long fantasy football combined with a spell card system that lets you give boosts to your players’ scores or reduce/eliminate your opponent’s players’ scores. The aim is to put a “fantasy”/roleplaying game spin on fantasy football, and turn it into a much more interactive game with additional layers of strategy.

You get to choose three new spell cards each week from about 20 different skill trees (with 100+ spells), so your specific abilities will be highly customizable. Each card uses up a specific amount of magic points from a team's weekly budget, so you can decide to spread that around to a bunch of spells or go for broke on a couple major ones. Also, spells typically go into effect in real-time, and from that point forward. So there's some strategy in deciding whether to bet on players early, or wait to see how the game is progressing before you commit - possibly missing out on bonus points in the meantime.

We are in the final days of a Kickstarter campaign for it, so if you like the concept, there's tons more info on the page:

I'll do a more detailed write up of it below.

I'd really love to get some feedback from you guys about it. Anything - advice, questions, funny card ideas for season 2. Hell, you can just make fun of it if you want. Also, thanks Palpek for letting me post this here!

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Aug 17, 2004

You're the gourmet around here, Eddie.

Imagine you’re playing in your fantasy football league championship. It’s the 4th quarter of the Monday night game. You’re up by a point, but you don’t have any active players left. Your opponent still has their RB1 left to play.

You’re pretty well screwed.

So what do you do?

Well, up until now, you couldn’t actually do anything. Fantasy football means drafting, scouring the waiver wire, picking a lineup…then waiting and watching – powerless.

That ends right here.

Dragons & Gridirons is a new, interactive version of fantasy football, where you get the power to impact the outcome as your matchup unfolds. You'll customize your team with over 100 spell cards that do everything from boost your players’ yardage to banish opponent players to the X-Zone.

Dragons & Gridirons is based on traditional, season-long fantasy football. You form a league of 11 or so friends, draft your teams from the current pool of NFL players, and then face off in head-to-head battles ("matchups" in FF speak) each week of the real world football season.

The outcome of each battle is the result of both traditional fantasy scoring (i.e., you earn fantasy points when players on your team earn stats in their real life NFL games), and the impact of your/your opponent’s use of spell cards.

Let's say you have a running back who got you 10 fantasy points one week, from 40 rushing yards (4 points) plus a touchdown (6 points).

If you had the foresight to play your the Double TD Points spell card on him before he found the end zone, you'd end up with 16 points from that player. (4 + 6x2).

Some spells, like Snow Day, will impact your entire league! Even the more basic cards can be directly applied to any valid player in your league*. Feel like meddling in a battle that you're not a part of, to try to tilt the standings in your favor? You can do that! Just don't blame us if your league gangs up on you next week..

(*This ability can be toggled on/off when setting up your league, so if this is too cutthroat for your group, just turn it off before drafting.)

It’s up to you to decide whether you use multiple small spell effects or go for broke with one powerful spell that could turn the tide of the game.

Spell cards go into effect in real time. Do you play your hand early to capture the full benefit? Or do you wait and see how things are playing out, at the risk of failing to get a boost on some big plays?

Each team begins the season with the same set of basic spell cards, and then you get to choose three new spell cards to add to your deck each week that advance you up various skill trees. This occurs as a basic and automatic game mechanic - there are no micro-transactions in Dragons & Gridirons. Each team will have the exact same access to spell cards as any other team - no money or "currency" required.

We've included more details in our FAQ for any rule lawyers out there. Start plotting your loopholes to exploit now!

Aug 17, 2004

You're the gourmet around here, Eddie.

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