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Aug 27, 2013

This thread will be the place where people can apply to, and discuss/organise outside of game.

I will be running Tomb of Annihilation using Fantasy Grounds and Discord starting, depending on your timezone, 22 September (1st will be Session 0 char creation/meet and greet). ALL DAYS and times are in New Zealand Timezone, so please check with your own timezone what day and time that is for you locally.
This is the countdown for the session 0

I will be hosting this on Fantasy Grounds. Those of you who are unfamiliar with this, it is a VTT that will cost you absolutely nothing to play (all costs are my own). It just requires a small download of a client from their website.
The campaign I will be running is the Tomb of Annihilation campaign, though I am including homebrew content, and depending on group direction, it may diverge greatly from the written book.
It should be noted, if you want to try DnD 5E and dont have any of the books/dont want to drop money, this is a great way to try the game (completely legal, licensed by WoTC) without needing to buy/have a single book. Ask me how it works!

Times: 6.30pm NZT until 10.30pm NZT Fridays. (Likely thursdays in your Timezone, PLEASE CHECK).

Player count: 3/6*

Platform: Fantasy Grounds + Discord

Starting info: Level 1, standard pt buy. All classes and races found in PHB, EE, SCAG, and Volo rulebooks. Will consider other material, just discuss with me first.

Your First night: If you're starting anew or joining the campaign for your first time on Fantasy Grounds, try to show up 30 minutes early so we can set up and ensure your character and software is working correctly before the session start.

Video: With all players permission I will record the night (from a player P.O.V) and post it in this thread and on my youtube channel each week/session. There will be no video call so your ugly mugs won't be seen but your voice will obviously need to be recorded.

Disclaimer: This is an R18 session, there will be violence/drug use/offensive language, however I will not tolerate subject matter that approaches sexual abuse of NPC/PC or otherwise. (I don't imagine it being a problem but you never know with goons some people). This also means if you are uncomfortable with any content that I do not pick up on, please PM me or contact me and let me know, I want this to be a good experience for everyone.

About your GM:
I have been DMing 5e for about 20 months now, it was the first RPG I played and DMed, and have since forayed into other systems. 5e, despite it's obvious issues, still holds some small part of my heart. That being said, I play very openly, and encourage zany weird poo poo. Do be warned, if you're a grog this may not be the game for you.
I am not a heavy rules-lawyer, if there are disputes on rules I will make a decision at the time fairly quickly just to keep play moving along, and we can discuss between sessions if you have any issue/want further clarification/debate.

This will be the thread for contact between sessions, I do welcome out of character discussion during game but request that it be kept to a minimum or done in text

House Rules:
Add your Constitution Score to your starting HP.
You may take as many opportunity attacks as you have attack actions, these do not use your Reaction.
You gain a feat at level 1. If you gain a feat at level 1 already, you gain another.
I use a variation of Hero Pts. This, along with other general house rules will be discussed in detail on session zero.
No being an rear end in a top hat. I have a low tolerance to dickish behaviour.

This is also being advertised to people already on my Discord server, so spots may fill from there too. Goons tend to get priority though


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