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Jul 3, 2005

drat. I also feel the same about these new songs: they are not doing anything for me.

I feel like this is turning into some type of weird AA posting.

hi. My name is ______ and I have a complicated listening relationship with Weezer. I am of the older fan group, blue and Pinkerton were my LIFE when I was a kid. I used to devour the b-sides, bootlegs, and other oddities that was Weezer related and bands that inspired Weezer. I was excited to see Weezer get back together and the summer 2000 songs were really, really good. I was excited for their comeback, even if the solos felt underdeveloped (hoooo boy). Then I saw them right before the green album came out and I wondered what happened to a lot of the SS2k songs. Then the green album came out. To say I was disappointed... a mere understatement. The songs were boring, underdeveloped solos were intentional to drive the melody. To note: I don't mind the melody driven solos btw. just have a little feeling to them ok, green album?? Hash pipe was ok and island in the sun was fine and I guess Crab & photograph were sort of OK. But I was disappointed, I held on to Weezer and kept listening to their demos they would constantly release after the green album. With Maladroit i felt that it was an... improvement but like the solos are too all over the place (rivers chill your extremes bruh) but there were more songs that I enjoyed except for Take Control, I liked the old version of it. Anyway. Album 5 demos were ok and showed growth but then silence for a while.

What the gently caress happened with Make Believe? Same goes for the red album. Raditude. Hurley? I mostly wrote them off as the singles were just piss poor and some of the deep cut tracks were even worse. Upon re-listening to those album, I will say I've got a bit of a soft spot for Pork and Beans, it's a well arranged song with a decent melody. But gently caress the rest. EWBAITE was ok when I heard some of the tracks, but my bar for Weezer is pretty low.

However, I felt like the White Album was the direction I wanted Weezer to go towards - mastering the pop structure and evolving with it. 'do you wanna get high' was the track that did me in and I find most of the album to be enjoyable - for me it was saying a lot. My issue with Weezer is that I find them to be largely inconsistent. I can understand that they were just fulfilling a contract with a major record label and needed to move units but drat, why do they gotta front? My relationship with Weezer is complicated and I don't want to be misconstrued as a whiny old fan 'who liked Weezer when they were better' ... I like my music to evolve in some way, but if devolution is their thing, that's ok too. We're all Devo.

Anyway, that's my story and the new Weezer songs are just trying too hard.


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