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Ice Phisherman
Apr 12, 2007

We'll always have our memories won't we? Those special memories that I’ll always treasure. You, writhing from the jellyfish sting, me, urinating on the wound.

Yeah, the DNA chaff grenade is pretty much everything. Using that inside of here would turn the wacky hijinx of the lube grenade into that scene from Carrie. Plus I'll say he doesn't have it on the island. A lube grenade will get you in trouble, but he'd have the ready explanation of "prank" as an explanation. A DNA chaff grenade is used to cover up criminal activities and can't be explained away so it wouldn't be here.

All right, I figured out how to do the "run". I've almost done with the rolling. Writing now.


Nov 21, 2005


Come on, Ive only got so long before Im on the road again.

Feb 25, 2016

Do You Remember Love?

Deadmeat5150 posted:

Come on, Ive only got so long before Im on the road again.

Get one of them self-driving trucks, then you can ride side-saddle while it chauffeurs you around in style, along with some 'company' in the sleeper cab.

Nov 21, 2005


CourValant posted:

Get one of them self-driving trucks, then you can ride side-saddle while it chauffeurs you around in style, along with some 'company' in the sleeper cab.

Those things are a joke. It'll be a decade or more before any company is willing to take on the risk.

Although my sleeper is awfully empty.

Feb 25, 2016

Do You Remember Love?

Deadmeat5150 posted:

Although my sleeper is awfully empty.

I still recall fondly the 'Trucking Hell' Episode of Top Gear:

Clarkson has some sage advice.

Ice Phisherman
Apr 12, 2007

We'll always have our memories won't we? Those special memories that I’ll always treasure. You, writhing from the jellyfish sting, me, urinating on the wound.

Fuzzy, Julie and Sasha - Friday October 20th - Evening - Blake Island

It was decided that the girls would exclude Kenji from any knowledge of what they were going to do. He couldn't lie after all and he'd be one of the prime suspects. The less he knew the better. All he'd done was provide them with a single tool and thought. He could dodge more pointed questions if he didn't know anything.

"I think we need a strategy," said Julie.

"Yeah," said Sasha. "We should talk somewhere more private.

"How about your cabin?" asked Fuzzy. "You're on the sophomore cabin row same as Christina. We could look around from your place."

Fuzzy pocketed the lube grenade in her devil rat coat. It was getting cold enough that school uniforms now came with long sleeves and pants, but coats were up to the individual. This was a mixed blessing for the girls. Fuzzy got to wear her favorite coat but Julie either went without or had to wear her second hand coat which either left her cold or displayed her poverty.

"It's a little messy," said Sasha, nervously.

"I lived in the barrens for most of my life. Messy doesn't bother me," said Fuzzy.

"I'm just looking to get some payback. If you're in I'm good with all the mess you want," said Julie.

Fuzzy, Julie and Sasha - Friday October 20th - Evening - Blake Island, Sasha's cabin

Sasha's cabin wasn't as messy as she said, but she still fretted about it anyway as she pulled what little clothing she had off the floor, stuffed it in a hamper and moved said hamper to the bathroom. Fuzzy and Julie waited outside for a full two minutes not really doing much of anything. Instead they both cast looks about to find Christina's cabin. Neither of them knew which one it was and this row sported a full thirty. All of the cabins had green space at their backs but little space between with a dirt road between them. It was just enough to have some privacy from other grades, but there was less than two meters between each cabin. After all Blake Island was still pretty small and all this student lodging took up a lot of space. That meant that the lodgings were pretty small and tightly packed.

"All right, you can both come in," said Sasha as she opened the door.

Neither Fuzzy nor Julie had actually been in Sasha's cabin before. Fuzzy walked Sasha here a number of times as Sasha had done with her to her own cabin, but it was strange to think of Sasha as having another "room". Unlike her room at the Ares Macrotechnology arcology this was played up not for comfort, but for taste. There was a black, plush leather couch, real leather, not synth, a state of the art trideo tank, coffee table, mini fridge and microwave. However the mini fridge and microwave were hidden in other objects that looked like a fancy looking cabinet, but wasn't. Her bed was in the corner, currently pulled up into the wall in order to allow for more space in the otherwise tiny cabin. Unlike her home there weren't really any objects of sentimentality. No pictures. No art. Nothing.

"So this is how the other half lives," said Julie. "Everything looks new."

"It is new. I barely use it. It's here in case company comes by so I can impress them and represent Ares and my family," said Sasha, dubiously. "So of course no one really gets to sit down on anything. It's all for show. It's silly because I don't really entertain guests. I'm not all that popular."

"Well I like you," said Julie. "Maybe have me over sometime. I'll sit all over everything."

The girls had a laugh. Fuzzy in her normal style didn't say what she felt. She just squeezed Sasha's hand and smiled at her. The girls sat on the couch. The leather creaked underneath their weight.

"So operation lube grenade. How are we doing it?" asked Julie.

"Is that what we're calling it?" asked Sasha.

Sasha felt a sudden guilty thrill. This meant breaking the rules, but it also meant getting back at Christina for hurting her friends. Kenji too. He sort of counted even if she wasn't sure how she felt about him being Edward yet. Also staring at her and thinking perverted thoughts. Julie's eyes were bright with thoughts of revenge though. Fuzzy looked relaxed though Sasha noted it was the relaxation of something like a big cat which both intrigued and slightly unnerved her. On a whim Sasha pulled up a sketch pad app on her commlink, shared it with Fuzzy and Julie and began to draw a three dimensional map in the air with her finger and used an AR wooden painter's palette to switch colors. Fuzzy watched with her goggles while Julie watched with her glasses and the sketch pad map was drawn to life in front of them displayed by their eyewear.

"Yep. Operation lube grenade is a go. So all the cabins are in rows. Freshman, sophomore, junior and senior all in a row. Fourteen on each side of a lane with two at the end. The line of sight between years is poor due to the trees, but you can see if you're in the right spot. Christina's cabin is over here."

She drew a few lines and some boxes in the air with her finger, then copy pasted the boxes until they were all in rows. She highlighted one.

"Oh hey, that's near my cabin," said Julie. "I'm right here."

She pointed, but since she wasn't running the app she couldn't write to the sketch pad. Sasha drew a J for Julie.

"Okay, we'll keep that in mind. You have a reason to be over there," said Sasha. "Okay, what spells do both of you have?"

"Stunbolt, improved invisibility and heal," said Fuzzy.

Sasha beamed at Fuzzy.

"So you got around to learning it, huh? Used it yet?" asked Sasha.

"Did some practice hunts. So just squirrels and birds and stuff," said Fuzzy.

Sasha felt immensely happy. Julian might have taken Fuzzy's weapons and could again, but he could never take that away from her. Unless she purposefully wanted to forget it, which would take long days and why would she? Sasha knew deep down that she left a positive and near indelible mark on her girlfriend. She'd helped her protect herself just like her dad helped Sasha protect herself too. After all, he'd given it to her.

"Okay, what about you, Julie?" asked Sasha.

"Manabolt, stunbolt, improved invisibility, increase logic, levitation and heal," said Julie, quickly.

"Holy poo poo," said Sasha. "I thought you were in Mother Bear's safety class for six weeks. How did you find time to learn all of that? And how do you already know lethal combat spells?"

"Umm..." said Julie, nervously. "Well I was so far behind in my classes that I decided to take increase logic. I have no problems sustaining it so I just run it for a little under six hours a day. Mother Bear said I shouldn't go more than that, but it means that I learn really fast."

"Isn't that distracting?" asked Fuzzy.

"Nope. I only start to strain if I have to sustain two spells," said Julie. "Though I've held three before all at the same time. That gets tiring though. I have to keep them all in my mind all at the same time. It's like juggling. One ball is easy. Two is still easy, but three is hard. Mother Bear says if I'm diligent I could probably do four someday, but that is a while off and that if I'm not careful it's like I suddenly switch to knives."

Sasha made a miserable sound that betrayed her envy. Fuzzy looked impressed. Julie was thankful that neither of them followed up with questions about the combat spells. After all, mana bolt was the first spell she'd ever cast and that had been used to kill her father when he'd tried to strangle her in her hospital bed. Julian taught her stun bolt so she wouldn't immediately reach for her only combat spell which was a lethal one if she felt like she was in danger. With his teaching skills and her ability to sustain that spell it'd only taken her two days. Until she'd learned that she'd been nervous. After all she'd often been harassed lately and couldn't reach for the one spell she knew to protect herself. She'd never used them on a student but it did give her a feeling of control which had been so lacking in her life in the last few years.

"The plan?" asked Julie.

"Right, back on topic," said Sasha.

Sasha skipped right past the question as to why she had combat spells and Julie was genuinely thankful for it.

"Okay," said Sasha. "Who here knows anything about hacking?"

Sasha received blank stares from both of them.

"I'm still catching up on my studies," said Fuzzy. "I know how to use a commlink, but just for normal stuff."

"Yeah, that's beyond me," said Julie.

Sasha sighed audibly and raised her hand.

"I know a little, but I'm not very good at it," admitted Sasha. "My commlink is pretty awesome though. It's got everything. We can't get outside help because of the jamming on the island, but if we get close enough we can connect directly past most of the signal noise. People from the outside have a hard time, but if you're close it's pretty easy. That is if you have the training. I'm not smart enough for that. Sorry..."

"Can't Julie just make you smart?" asked Fuzzy.

Sasha and Julie both looked to her.

"What?" asked Fuzzy, who frowned. "Did I say something dumb?"

"No..." said Sasha, slowly. "Hey Julie, can you do that? Can you make me smarter?"

"Well yeah. I have to make contact with you but after that as long as you stay in sight I can keep you smart."

"How smart?" asked Sasha.

Julie smiled smugly and waggled her eyebrows.

"How smart do you want to be?" she asked.

"As smart as you can make me?" asked Sasha, anxiously.

Julie cracked her knuckles and waggled her head a bit to crack her neck. She was in her element. Sasha felt that thrill rise higher inside of her.

"Okay, we've got our hacker. What about cameras?" asked Sasha.

"I can make you invisible too," said Julie. "Two spells is not a huge deal. You're not going inside, right?"

"I'll go inside," said Fuzzy. "You need to be far enough away so you can watch for spirits and not distracted. So I'll watch Sasha and make her invisible from afar. I'll start at your cabin, sneak through the woods and when I get close enough you make Sasha invisible so I can drop it and cast it on myself. You just look at her in the astral to let me know when she's ready since people can see invisible stuff in the astral. I go in, plant the lube grenade and we get away."

"Okay, that way we don't have to worry about cameras. There are probably going to be a lot of them. Internal security isn't as bad," said Sasha. "I couldn't take down the whole system but the individual cabin security is something a professional could work with. Most security is to keep intruders out, not mess with people who are supposed to belong here. Pranks happen and security needs to be lax enough so students don't get hurt. So I check for internal security, hack it, Fuzzy goes in, Fuzzy comes out and I erase any trace of it being hacked in the first place."

"Wait," said Julie, "How do we make sure it gets set off at the right time? A tripwire or something?"

The girls thought for a while. Sasha checked her own internal security in her cabin. Alarms were wired to all of the doors and windows, the glass was bullet proof, the door looked like it was wooden, but was actually reinforced plasteel and there was the internal motion sensor. That just turned on the lights though, but it gave her an idea.

"Hey wait, what if I hook it up to the lighting system? Lights turn on as soon as you enter. What if I just wire it to go off when the lights turn on?"

"How about a delay?" asked Julie. "Maybe two seconds? Just long enough for her to open the door but not to close it. She'll get soaked at the entryway."

"Nice. You know this really depends on how smart you can make me though, right?" fretted Sasha.

"Don't you worry about it. This is my best spell. I use it twice a day on weekdays," said Julie.

"Okay, now I'm really jealous. I've got to look into that. My grades suck," grumped Sasha.

"I think it's a plan," said Fuzzy, who moved forward. "Sasha handles the hacking, Julie handles spells and is lookout and I'm the sneaky one. Let's get in costume."

Fuzzy, Julie and Sasha - Friday October 20th - Evening - Blake Island - Julie's Cabin

Sasha had never been so smart before. Everything made sense. Concepts which she'd been struggling with over the week all suddenly clicked together as soon as she thought about them. Not only did one concept lead to another, but she was able to skip normally necessary steps and simply know things. She looked at Julie with amazement as she realized just how powerful and how big of an advantage she had over all the rest of the students who didn't do this.

"You do this for six hours a day?" asked Sasha, amazed.

"With a break for lunch, yeah," said Julie.

Julie was lookout so she had on a simple plastic cat mask and her normal school clothes. It wasn't weird for her to be at her own cabin after all. Fuzzy was in a full biker outfit complete with helmet. Sasha had gotten it for her for Halloween. It hugged her tight, but looked far more cool than it did revealing. Plus the full head mask of the helmet would keep her from being immediately recognized. Sasha dressed like an old western sheriff complete with cowgirl hat, fake six shooters in real holsters and a bright gold star on her chest.

Now was the moment. She'd taken a class on coding two years ago. It was normal for safety and security after all for teens to learn basic security measures in order to not be security risks to their corporations. So when she tried to recall it she not only did so perfectly, but understood concepts that once escaped her. She marveled at just how powerful she was now. Did Julie really feel like this for a quarter out of each day? She'd ask later. Maybe this could help her with her classes. Forwards then. She reviewed the plan and the plan started with her.

"All right, Fuzzy, make me invisible," she said.

And just like that she disappeared. Sasha had never done anything on this level before, and here she was, first into the breach.

"See you guys in a bit," said the space where Sasha had been.

Slowly and cautiously Sasha crept forward through the woods to Christina's cabin. The woods weren't particularly dense, but it was fall so a few leaves did crunch under her feet in the dark, but they were mostly pine needle and so the crunching wasn't too bad. No one paid attention to these sorts of noises though. Animals weren't afraid of people on the island. After all, Fuzzy had never started to hunt them, so it was common to see squirrels, foxes or even deer despite the island's small size.

"See anything?" whispered Fuzzy to Julie, her voice muffled through her helmet.

"Nothing in the astral," said Julie. "Spirits can't be everywhere all the time. They're expensive to maintain. I'll let you know if one is coming up. Trust me. They're big."

Sasha knelt down and scanned for wirelessly active devices. Just in the cabin she found dozens. Of course it wouldn't be that simple, but she was a policeman's daughter and so she knew her security. She found the cameras, all outside and too many to deal with given the time she had. She found the alarm on the window and she found the lights in the cabin linked to a motion sensor. Though the last wasn't strictly a security measure it would give Fuzzy away once she deposited the lube grenade. It'd become visible as soon as she dropped it and it would therefor move and be logged. Sasha knew there were too many cameras to deal with so they'd just have to rely on invisibility. The cameras were probably picking up her thermal signature, but someone would have to actually look at the footage which was possible, but thermal signatures don't give away what someone looks like. She focused on the window. It was locked, bulletproof and alarmed. The island wide jamming was light at this range but with her wits she cut right through it with ease. She skillfully programmed the alarm to ignore intrusion rather than crash it and sent a signal to pop the lock. Then she took down the motion sensor. She checked the window and opened it just a crack. No lights and no silent alarm. Though she was invisible she waved to Julie who could see her aura in the astral.

"Okay, I'll take over. Go fast," said Julie.

Julie cast at range. Sasha didn't feel a thing, but when Fuzzy's spell dropped her own spell kept Sasha invisible. Fuzzy disappeared and leaves began to crunch again, though far more silently than Sasha as she knew how to stay quiet in the woods now due to occasional non-lethal hunting excursions with Sasha and even her father a few times, though those were always lethal sadly. Despite that it meant her skills were still as sharp as ever.

"Everything good, Sasha?" whispered Fuzzy.

Fuzzy didn't see Sasha jump with a start. She hadn't heard her girlfriend at all. She calmed herself and nodded, which wasn't seen at all as she was invisible, but she was smart enough to realize this after the fact at least.

"Yes. Be quick," whispered Sasha.

Fuzzy was true to her word and added careful to quick. She was small enough to get in through the window without moving it much with her helmet being the main concern. It was dark inside though due to the lack of lights. She was almost just going to drop it in the middle of the floor when she spied Christina's book bag. With a grin hidden by both the spell and her helmet she turned it on its side on the table it was on, unzipped it, drew a few items forward and placed the lube grenade just outside of it as if it had just so happened to have fallen out. The splat would originate from her book bag. No one had been able to fabricate anything like a receipt on short notice since physical receipts were rare and hacking Christina's commlink would be risky to make a fake receipt. So instead the implication wouldn't be official. Just implied but damning. She dropped the lube grenade near the book bag and seconds later just like that Fuzzy was back out. Sasha went to work while Fuzzy shut the window. She enabled the lock, enabled the alarm and wiped the presence of it ever being tampered with. Then in a piece of coding she'd never be able to accomplish without her new intelligence she set the wirelessly active lube grenade on a two second delay, linked it to the motion sensors of the lights and inserted a small piece of code which would erase itself and the tampering once triggered. In short, her code would trigger the grenade and then eat itself leaving no trace.

"Let's go," said Sasha.

"Okay," said Fuzzy.

Sasha followed Fuzzy. She was the first one in and last to leave. She felt good about that and as far as they knew no one had gotten caught.

Fuzzy, Julie and Sasha - Friday October 20th - Evening - Blake Island - Event Hall

Kenji sipped punch, danced with a few of the girls who wanted to slum it with the poor boy and tried to have a good time with the whitest of whitewashed music. Some of it was catchy, but all of the edges had been sanded off and the party decorations were as cheesy as that drat fish who was always shilling for that dead Salmon Run social media site. The costumes were top notch though since everyone was trying to impress. There was some eye candy too. Some of the upperclassmen had taken to more risque costumes. One in particular, a "cannibal" wearing faux furs, artfully splashed blood and a painted face caught his eye. She was cute in a pre-enlightenment way and so despite the odds Kenji plied his charm on her as he approached.

"Hey, what're you supposed to be?" asked Kenji.

She looked him up and down. In a fit of irony he went for shadowrunner. Edward wasn't the only one who could gently caress over his identity. He didn't play ACHE shadowrunner though, but instead went more mall ninja with a fake katana, fake Ares predator, slicked back hair and mirror shades, but he a real lined coat with real ghoul claw marks on it. It was the little touches that made a costume believable.

"A cannibal," she said. "How about you?"

"Shadowrunner," said Kenji.

"Trying to ham it up?" she asked.

"Maybe. Eat anyone good lately?" he replied.

She laughed a little. Kenji smirked confidently.

"Not lately, no," she said.

"Would you like to?" flirted Kenji.

He got a tap on his shoulder. He sighed softly and turned around, spied who he thought he'd see and turned back around to her, his moment interrupted.

"Oh, friends of yours?" she asked.

"You could say that," he said. "Rain check?"


"I'll take a maybe," said Kenji. "See you around. Maybe save some room."

He was lead off by the girls who all looked flush with victory. Even Fuzzy whose visor was open and Julie whose mask was up.

"So the thing, it's done?" whispered Kenji.

Sasha nodded. She looked the proudest out of all of them.

"You wouldn't happen to want to record it, would you?" whispered Kenji.

He was bumped into by one of the party goers and checked his commlink on reflex. Still there. He hadn't even thought about it. Pickpockets were as common as roaches in the ACHE.

"Got it taken care of. I set up a micro camera. Super small. It's stuck to someone else's cabin," whispered Sasha.

"Wait, when did you do that?" whispered Julie.

"Well I don't need magic to be smart," whispered Sasha, smugly. "It just helps."

"I sort of want to see it happen though," whispered Fuzzy, excitedly. "You know, make fun of her a bit."

"Yeah," whispered Julie. "She earned this and more."

"I got to say that's maybe not the smartest move," whispered Kenji. "If you do it she'll know and be chomping at the bit for revenge. Let her strike out blindly and cause problems for herself."

"But I have the perfect line," whined Julie.

"I'm not saying don't do it, just think before you do," whispered Kenji. "Anyway, if you're sure I can go over and spill some juice all over her costume. This Fizzychug soda is really sticky after all and Christina's got on a toga."

He swirled his plastic red cup full of the purple fizzy stuff and grinned. Everyone looked to Christina who wore her toga. It was light enough that she was able to dance in it but airy enough that it didn't cling to the extra weight she carried. It flattered her.

"What? That's all you're doing to do? Spill your drink on her?" whispered Julie.

"Spill and take the heat if she decides it's me, yeah. I'm willing to mess with her. I don't do prank wars. I prefer in a devastating first strike," he whispered. "So what's it going to be? Go out and look guilty as hell, but make fun of her or just let me mess with her and make her all paranoid?"


The plan seems to have went off without a hitch. Now it's time to set it off. However does the entire gang go to the cabin to shout one liners at Christina or do they do it the stealthy way and just watch the footage?

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Ice Phisherman
Apr 12, 2007

We'll always have our memories won't we? Those special memories that I’ll always treasure. You, writhing from the jellyfish sting, me, urinating on the wound.

Dice rolls for the night. It took me quite a few hours to get all of this done. It's just under 5000 words including the write up. That doesn't include all of the dice rolls and thinking about how to pull it off.

Keep in mind

So the night begins. The group asks who has any hacking skills whatsoever and Sasha raises her hand. She’s not that great though. She only has a logic of 3 and a hacking skilgroup of 1. Julie pulls out the trump card she’s been using to boost her grades and increases Sasha’s logic by 5 with 5 net hits, resists all drain and is able to sustain the spell with zero difficulty because she has living focus as a positive quality. Sasha gets SMART. Julie handles the magic overwatch to make sure no spirits are around from a place in the woods where she can see Sasha but would be outside of view of the cameras. I rolled and a spirit will show up in 5 minutes and her increase attribute (logic) spell gives Sasha 9 dice to play around with along with her 5 edge. Sasha is pretty average in all respects save for her luck, but an increase attributes spell suits her really well.

Sasha searches for hidden matrix devices and criticals with 5 hits. She sees all. However she has to think hard about what might be security systems. She gets 1 hit to identify what is what, because we live in a world where the internet of things is now the internet of everything. I reroll failures with edge and she gets to 5 hits total. She identifies the cameras, a motion sensor and an alarm on the window. Julie isn’t covered by the cameras as she’s pretty deep in the woods, but the entire row of cabins is heavily covered with cameras with overlapping fields of view. Subverting all of them would be a nightmare, but she doesn’t have to.

Sasha with her newfound abilities in intelligence begins to understand how to subvert the island’s matrix security far more easily. She won’t be able to tackle the node because that’s most likely beyond her skill. However the smaller devices are all only a rating 3 which means that have 6 dice to defend rather than the node’s rating 6 with 12 dice to defend. She has to get close though which could end up on the cameras or subvert the cameras. Fuzzy casts improved invisibility on Sasha so she can get close while Julie is on lookout. Fuzzy has six dice. She only gets 1 hit. I’m going to roll edge. She rerolls failures and gets 4 more hits for a total of 5. Sasha is the night. The cameras would have to beat a threshold of five and so I’m not even going to bother. However even after rolling edge again and then again she takes no drain. Rolling edge and accidentally going over how many points you have in magic is bad. She doesn’t take any physical damage, but she only has one point of edge left for her infiltration.

Julie watches for spirits. They’re invisible to everyone but the astral. There’s no one here at the moment. Sasha begins to get close enough to reduce the noise value, basically the jamming down to a mere 1 point due to how close she is. She begins to subvert the lock first. She has 8 dice versus its 6. By spending her edge she gets 4 hits. It only gets 1 hit. Sasha has 3 edge left. She temporarily disables it. She goes for the motion sensor and gets 4 hits. It only gets 2 hits. Security is down.

Julie can’t cast invisibility on Fuzzy because it’s line of sight only and she’d lose line of sight when she went in so Fuzzy has to cast it on herself or Sasha would have to disable the cameras which would be super obvious. Julie now has to stop being lookout for the brief few seconds because she needs to cast on Sasha. 3 hits with 1 point of edge spent. Sasha rolls her stealth against the cameras. Nope she’s still good. Julie doesn’t get any drain either. Fuzzy drops the spell on Sasha and casts on herself. Fuzzy casts improved invisibility with her 6 dice. She gets 3 hits. However she takes 3 drain and has to sustain the spell which puts her at a -3 to all actions. The camera actually gets a roll now with 5 dice. -1 for it being night time. Fuzzy sneaks. The camera gets 2 hits and she gets 2 hits, but she is already has a threshold of 3. She is the night. She activates her astral sight, hits Sasha with improved invisibility.
Fuzzy slips into her room. She gets 1 hit to see in the dark despite the penalties. The place is shadowy, but not dark. She’s going to use logic + intuition to think of the best place to put the grenade. She only has 3 dice though because her intuition is 4 and her logic is 2, and there’s a -3 penalty from the stun damage and sustaining a spell. She gets a 1 hit which is good enough. Christina’s bookbag is here and she cautiously unzips, dumps a few contents as if they’ve spilled out and that includes the lube grenade. She sneaks back again and tries to avoid the camera. I rolled edge to be super sure she doesn’t get seen and she doesn’t due to being sneaky and invisible. She closes the window and sneaks away, her job is done.
Sasha now attempts to erase the subversion to the devices. She has 3 edge left and 8 dice versus their 6. With edge she gets 7 hits versus its two for the motion sensor. Sasha attempts to use the motion sensor as the trigger with a three second delay as the trigger for the lube grenade AND to create a simple code to gobble itself once it’s done. Normally she couldn’t even do this, but she’s a genius right now. This is harder and will take 4 dice from her pool. She gets 2 hits anyway. Critical. The device is already subverted so it can’t resist. Her intrusion on the motion sensor is set to be erased. I use the very last of Sasha’s edge twice and only get 1 hit to erase her presence, but the machine gets 0 hits and so she lucks out. Sasha and Fuzzy are tapped on edge. Everyone gets away.

Now they all have to be seen. They go to the party and let Kenji know it’s done. He’s been keeping an eye on Christina and she’s been dancing so she’s probably thirsty. Kenji suggests they spill a drink on her, but someone needs to make it look convincing. That’s Kenji’s job. He’s the social operator after all. He waits for a few minutes and spills a drink on her. I’m not really sure what this would be. I’ll say an etiquette test to play it off and already be there to spill said drink, but a con test to make it believable that it was an accident. 5 hits on etiquette is enough to talk to someone near the punch bowl. With edge he’s barely able to get 3 dice on a con roll versus Christina’s 2 dice in judge intentions. She’s more mad that her designer costume has been ruined.

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HiHo ChiRho
Oct 23, 2010

Then you remember. You have a message to send.

Something everyone must know.

You have the power. You have the means.

Let it be known.

Go plan paranoia. As much as making fun of her in the moment would be, it would be far sweeter to see her lash out at random, and make ourselves look less guilty in the process.

We can always use the one-liners once the video is leaked online.

Feb 13, 2011

Rolling Thunder: War to the Knife, Knife to the Hilt

Why? , that's why.

I'm with Hiho Chirho. Sorry Julie, but let's play it cool.

Also holy poo poo, Julie has been at the grind with her education. Like, real hard. Maybe share some of that with Sasha, also give Julie more inroads with the group dynamic.

Jun 25, 2013

I don't care if it's ethical; I want a Mammoth Steak.

Stealth. The satisfaction can be a smug, quiet kind. But Julie totally saves that one-liner just in case she can throw it out in a non-prankster crowd. After all, this might draw people they can blend in with.

Feb 21, 2013

Split the difference: Watch the video and use your one-liners as you watch it happen. Since you know you'll watch it several times, you'll get to use them all.

Mar 4, 2013

Revenge is a dish best served cold. They were cool, competent, and collected no need to throw away all that work to gloat and potentially get in trouble.

Nov 29, 2004

"A grudge over food is deeper than the ocean."

Keep your distance, maybe someone has a a burner comm so someone can send Julie's one liner right after it happens? Best of both worlds. Unless the one liner implicates anyone.

Ice Phisherman
Apr 12, 2007

We'll always have our memories won't we? Those special memories that I’ll always treasure. You, writhing from the jellyfish sting, me, urinating on the wound.

HiHo ChiRho posted:

Well, fine. This is me asking why now

I'll answer this soon then. No one seemed interested in why so I didn't push it.

Deadmeat5150 posted:

Ice, are you secretly Daniel Steele?

I don't make enough money to have ghost writers.


May 20, 2001

Buncha slack-jawed faggots around here

Don't mistake giving you room to tell us in your own time for disinterest.

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