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Jan 5, 2015

Total War: Warhammer 2 is the 11th game in the series, and a direct sequel/expansion to Total War: Warhammer in 2016. Armies are recruited and moved around a turn-based vibrant world to do battle in real-time battlefields like in the age of empires 2 intro but more awesome.

1) an introductory video by CA

I'm making a note to put it here at the top of the post and not at the bottom: loving around with alt-click will allow you to move your selected force around in formation really easily. just also remember to press r to turn off running because exhaustion penalties are HUGE. more awesome tips on how to be good and get laid at the bottom

also pressing J lets you muck around with cycle charge.

read this poo poo

and gameplay options lets you turn off putting ranged units on skirmish by default, so your archers will stay exactly where you put them

current trailer - Queen and the Crone

The Queen and the Crone

The Queen and the Crone is a smaller couple-lords-and-some-useful-units DLC that released along with the big patch we've been waiting on for 6 months. The High Elves and Dark elves get a Legendary Lord Each (plus a free-LC for the high elves), and all elf factions (including Durthu) are now able to draw the Sword of Khaine from the altar on the north of Ulthuan. This sword gives "rather insane" bonuses to combat, at the cost of public order penalties that you will ignore outside of legendary because you can murder all the rebels by yourself anyway. However if the current holder dies for any reason the sword will be picked up by the victorious side. Try not to let Archaon or Kholek get their hands on this mmmkay?

DLC units will be in their respective rosters when I get the DLC and will have alongside them

get the BLOOOOOOOOD dlc
choice footage from Mortal Empires

the goons have a great discord to go and hang out for mp games

fellow goon nanomashoes is now a famous TW player

Would you like to know more?

Third World Reggin posted: if you think that warhammer lore is hamfisted and bad if you think that 1d4chan is hamfisted and bad if you have to get a face chart to see what kind of emotions someone in front of you is displaying

Where the hell are we this time?

The game currently takes place in the new world of Lustria and Naggaroth (cheers LordAbaddon), representing the americas, and the high elf island of Atlantis Ulthuan. Also appearing from the old world are the southlands, which is where the Tomb Kings live. For reference to the old world, the edge of the southlands in the map is basically the barrier idols from Warhammer 1 where you probably fought a quest battle or two.

The main objective of the campaign is the protection/destruction of a giant vortex vacuum for magic based at the centre of Elf Atlantis. The comet that signalled the war in TWW1 has destabilised the vortex and the playable factions are tasked with either restabilising it or channelling the power for their own ends.

for those playing mortal empires

How does this tie into the original game?

Owners of Total War: Warhammer (we let the intern name this game) will get access to a combined campaign map called Mortal Empires. Compared to the vortex campaign, the back half of Lustria (facing the not-pacific ocean) has been shaved off, and some starting positions have been moved. For example, Teclis's start on the not-galapagos islands has been moved to the star tower just off the vampire coast, and Queek Headtaker is much closer to his rightful home of Karak Eight Peaks.

Mortal Empires is out for all people who own this and TWW1. Is it any good? here are some testemonials from the thread:

JBP posted:

Jesus Christ empire is a cluster gently caress without end. I finally got through Mannfred and prepared to push his capitals but suddenly four dwarf stack swarmed up from the pass bit and started capturing everything. Thanks very much you 4ft vultures.

Kanos posted:

Tyrion expands aggressively and turns into a colossus because he starts at war with like half of Ulthuan so his default approach is to conquer the entire island instead of sitting around in his own little playpen like the majority of AI factions.

JBP posted:

(after his rear was eaten by dwarves and tyrion crushed him under endless triple-stacks)
Empire is and always will be hard mode. I'm sorry I failed you, my brave men

just remember you can do this poo poo again now:


What about all those DLCs that I bought for TWW1? are they going to make me buy the beastmen again?
If you had bought previous DLC, it's transferred over.

steam workshop is out, get your awesome mods NAO faster end turn camera if you are having food problems as skaven and can't raid your own territory enough your dwarfs make runic items like the tomb kings and consequence: overhaul the skill tree

AI makes the AI less interested in painting the map outside of their climates the AI from getting a hard-on for you and ignoring everyone else makes the AI a bit smarter on strategic level the AI better in general collection for the AI mod, lotta good stuff in there

Sassassin goodies devotes time otherwise spent on posting on these forums into making a cool mod instead, recruit the shiny elf stuff earlier goodies from sassassin

Gejnor made a map for the tomb kings buff for the tomb kings by gejnor. seriously, get all his stuff if you're having problems with greenskins getting wiped out in Mortal Empires deathblow perks weren't in mortal empires for our favourite slayer king. this adds them back in upkeep penalties for getting more stacks some stuff CA apparently hasn't more skaven goodies gods
and last but not least, norsca some more stuff (while they fix norsca) so you don't see the SURTHA EK chariot and marauder horsemen (throwing axes) spam

what the hell is that thread title?

the old (and best) thread title


High Elves

pictured: high elf supermage Teclis in the jungles of Lustria

The High Elves live in not-Atlantis and try to get people to fight each other though diplomatic fuckery rather than using their limited manpower. To this end, they have a special mechanic where they build up influence points and can spend them on improving/ruining relations between any factions remotely. This can be used for assembling alliance blocks with each other or setting nations into fighting each other and dragging forces around the map away from yours. Their current leaders are brothers Teclis (one of the world's best wizards, the guy also brought magic to the Empire) and his brother Tyrion (one of the world's best fighters). They also had a civil war and shaved a dwarven ambassador so the dwarfs aren't too fond of them:

Blinks77 posted:

(on fixing influence/money problems with the high elves)


Even better, nobles with Emollient.
+1 public order all provinces
+5 local province
+5% income entertainment buildings in all provinces.

I just sit 10 of them around various enemy settlements spamming "secure influence"

It's about 60 of it a turn which pretty much fixed all my influence problems.

Mages get Entrepreneur
+3% Tax rate (factionwide)
+30% income from all buildings (local province)

Got 9 of those sitting in Tiranoc at the moment.
23k income from that single province.

Thus are the High Elven influence and Economy problems sorted out.

Loremasters are what go around with my armies. Loremasters with Medic can do a good job of making up for all your nobles being busy elsewhere.

high elf roster from the custom battles screen posted:

martial prowess
all elf units receive a passive skill called martial prowess (some units get martial mastery instead). These confer melee attack/defence (not damage) bonuses as long as the unit is above 50% hp.

martial prowess:
+2 attack
+12 defence

martial mastery:
+8 attack
+12 defence

units that have martial mastery (or no bonus at all eg creatures) will be mentioned below


Tyrion has the best natural combat skills of any unit in the game. he also gets 2 items, one which gives him a bunch of extra hp if you get him down under 10%, and his sword which gives some combat bonuses and a breath attack in case he needs to get himself out of somewhere.

Dr StrangeTeclis
Teclis is the worst melee character in the game (seriously he has worse combat stats than the wizards) but makes up for it with serious magic bonuses and a load of spells and abilities. he also gets to use his sword if someone tries to engage him, which gives him actual melee strength like popeye eating spinach for about 45 seconds.

Alith Anar
Alith Anar is a Free-lc lord released alongside QatC. Most of his bonuses are related to campaigning in Naggaron murdering dark elves, and he gets occasional assassination missions with big bonuses assigned to them. These can be against Dark elves, or he can go all Dark Angels and pick on his own kind. He can even get a mission to kill the make-a-wish kid's hero.

There's also a secret white lion hero some make-a-wish kid got added into the game that you can recruit in the campaign

magic lores: Shadows | High (racial) | Life | Light | Heavens
*Loremasters of Hoeth get a sample pack of these lores and 1 each of Death and Beasts

following tt in having the best spearwall in the game. They're also quite cheap

white lions of chrace
the awesome looking axemen with lion pelts. These guys do serious AP damage and have a big missile resistance equivalent to bronze shields to tank archer fire with.

swordmasters of hoeth
<insert battle of mordor image here>
combine with healing spells for the best results

Randarkman posted:

Jesus, swordmasters are just completely bonkers versus infantry.

they also get a little shield too (only 20% but that's better than nothing).

pheonix guard
similar tier to the swordmasters, but they get halberds so rip and tear big units.

these units have martial mastery

you'll usually just get loads of these and recreate the rain of death scene from hero

archers/light armour
not the highest dps units in the game (that stays with quarrellers) the elves make up with a significant range advantage. The lower-tier archers come in two flavours - cotton-tshirts and tier-1 infantry armour. Even these units benefit from martial prowess, which gives them swordsmen-like survivability in combat, though they won't be killing much.

Lothern seaguard/shields
it's an archer! it's a spearman! it's both! they're expensive but you get a very good archer with the same melee stats as an elf spearman, and the shielded versions get silver shields as well as all the rest giving them pants-on-head-retarded survivability against ranged fire.

paraphrased from a few pages into this thread posted:

[Lothern Sea Guard] are just a big gently caress You to all normal archer counters in this game (your own archers or cavalry)


ellyrian reavers
if pistoleers dropped their guns and had a proper melee weapon and not that pansy hipster cane sword they smack people with. vanguard deployment, ok melee abilty, average low-tier armour but the mass and speed to clean up units is what you're looking for when you buy these

silver helms/shields
slightly less armoured than empire knights, but significantly faster (78 on heavy cav ), excluding martial prowess most other stats are the same. charge in, spend 5 seconds looking over the rest of your army then pull out again. the shielded versions come with a 30% shield and 8 extra defence so it's not an insignificant upgrade.

ithilmar chariot
it's an armoured chariot, it does chariot things. drive them around like you're driving a car, and the infantry are floodwaters - if it's going to stop your car, don't go in.

this unit does NOT have martial prowess/mastery

dragon princes
in the lore these guys used to all get dragons, but most of those have diedgone to sleep so they're on cavalry instead.

these guys have heavy cav hp but a 25% physical resist (and a 70% fire resist like they're irondrakes) so they'll last in non-magical combat like their more monstrous cav counterparts.

these units get martial mastery like the pheonix guard.

archer cav

ellyrian reavers with bows
that Piece Of poo poo loving stinkyhole Cav Archer Bullshit is back. Fortunately these are badly armoured and don't have any fatigue resistance, like the low tier cav archers in all the old games. Unfortunately that still makes them a right pita to deal with

tiranoc chariot
badly-armoured chariots with bows. surprisingly good dps due to triple-shot attack, so only send these in after using all your arrows first.

this unit does NOT have martial prowess/mastery


scorpions eagle claw bolt thrower

the ammo is more or less like this.

High Elves only get the one piece of arty, a bolt thrower that can either fire its ammo all bundled up like the fasces above for big targets, or with the bundle straps off so it fires a spread shot of 16 smaller projectiles to clean up blobs.


great eagle
Causes fear, same poo poo as the wood elf one from game 1 - cheap for a monster, flies fast, but unarmoured and suffers from the eagle problem of being shot out of the sky by the archers it's supposed to be killing. ditch it as soon as you can get something else to peck at catapults and cannons.


Pheonixes come in two types - the faster, firey, high damage flamespyre pheonix that can regenerate and drop flame bombs on people, and the older, colder, slower but much tougher frostheart pheonix that's better in melee.

Pheonixes cause fear, terror and if you have more than 15 mana in the big circle they get a 12% ward save and magic attacks to live a little longer.


Someone who thinks they're playing Total War: Westeros posted:

Dracarys lolololol wait why is my dragon dying NOOOOOO

Dragons come in 3 types - Sun, Moon and Star dragons, in ascending order of age. Like Pheonixes, the oldest ones are the toughest. Unlike the Pheonixes, they're also much more powerful.

Dragons suffer from the monster problem of being artillery/gunpowder bait, but are largely immune from lesser fire with a 25% missile resistance and reasonable armour.

They also get an evil breath attack that gets more devastating with the older dragons, the stock game only lets you use this a few times before they're out of burps but fellow goon Gejnor made a mod to fix that

elf references:
2)youtuber makes reasonable use of elves
3) goon demonstrates high elf ingenuity

Dark Elves

the dude looks badarse but he lives with his overbearing mum in not-Canada.

MonsterEnvy posted:

When ever I have Malakith fight he gets a minimum of 300 kills he is a hilarious poo poo wrecker.

Malekith was supposed to be king of the elves but had a serious popularity problem. Poisoning the chosen successor he murdered much of the elven nobility and started a civil war which ended with him failing spectacularly to control the vortex for himself, and getting his arse bitch slapped across the sea to Naggaroth. His mother was instrumental in setting him on this path, and is the head of the totally-not-slaaneshi cult. The dark elves love slavery and backstabbing, and have an entire section of their in-game economy dedicated to the former.

Morathi corruption is fixed as of mortal empires/blood patch. Heroes will spread the owner's corruption so eg Morathi will start spreading untainted if Malekith condeferates her.

additional resources:
1)The Story behind Malekith's awesome suit of armour is very much like this


The lizardmen live in a not-Aztec/Mayan civilisation in the jungles of Lustria, and were created by an ancient old ones race to shape the world. They spend large amounts of time trying to interpret the old ones' plans, and bully to you if you're in the way. Their main drawcard is they have the most scary wizards in the warhammer world, as well as dinosaurs rising other dinosaurs named after the dinobots from transformers. Their current leaders are kroq-gar, who gets to be one of the dinos-riding-dinos, and Mazda Monday Mazdamundi, a crazy powerful frog wizard who fought plate tectonics and won by moving an entire continent around. Lizardmen also make use of ley lines, which is reflected in-game by a mechanic for boosting cities in adjacent regions. In combat, the larger dinos (more anything larger than a skink) can go into a frenzy, taking away control from the player and recreating the bezerker mode from ancient total wars.

also of note is that the lizardmen mounts are all named after Dinobots

additional references:
1)giant dinos versus fucktons of rats
3)a brief summary of kroxigors


pictured - DOOMWHEELS

The Skaven are based underground, and were created from mutated rats in a ruined city in the old world. Unlike normal rats they are fanatical backstabbers, and constantly sabotage each other in order to get ahead in the rat race. Unfortunately for the skaven they breed too fast for even constant civil and foreign war to do anything but slow down the rate of production, and this is reflected in a food mechanic that lets the skaven settle a ruin at a higher level than normal as well as provide economic bonuses. Their towns are also buried underground, appearing as ruins until you either walk into them with an army or have a hero poke around the place first. Their army consists of tarpit units even worse at combat than zombies and elite weapons teams that do the actual damage. They are currently lead by Lord Skrolk, the head of clan pestilens and the main producer of warpstone gas, and Queek Headtaker, who unusually for a ratman is one of the more powerful melee combatants in the fantasy world.

They also like warpstone because it's radioactive cheese.

unit roster posted:

magic lores: plague | ruin (both racial)
*lords will get better versions of these spells than the hero casters

skavenslave whatever
they are there to collect arrows/shot/javelins with their heads, they are so awful they're even worse in combat than the zombies because those fuckers at least don't break. they can catch missiles from close range as melee units, or a slinger variety if you want to catch arrows from afar and make enemy skirmisher units use up their ammo faster. Use these to free up money for the Big loving Guns

use skavenslaves like you would zombies. use these guys like you would skellymans. These actually start with an upkeep of about 80-100 gold so they're not quite* as expendable, and they'll be frustratingly difficult to kill for enemy armies. Also important is that grey seers and the fuckers-from-below ability get to summon the default unshielded versions of these guys for basically nothing, the magic summon only costs 3 winds goddamn.

stormvermin sword'n'board/halberd
those black-furred fuckers from vermintide are back, and are able to put up an actual fight against enemy line infantry, or just units that get a little too good at chopping up your slaves. Use them in a similar manner to grave guard, if grave guard had halberds.

death runners
recruited from the same building as the gutter runners (see below), these guys run slightly slower than heavy cavalry, have a reasonable AP attack and a crippling anti-armour debuff (50%!) on their attacks. extremely useful for stabbing annoying enemy line units in the back to soften them up for your slaves.

night/gutter runners
both of these guys throw rat-shuriken at people. they do actual ranged damage but have about the same range as an irondrake ie they'll need to be close to their targets. they also enjoy a 30% physical ward save so they'll eat up a stupid amount of hp damage like a giant, and have a little bit better combat skill than a clanrat. They also can fire in all directions like a cav archer, and get vanguard deployment to ambush arty with. gutter runners have all this, but slightly better combat skills, stalk, and a net ability that slows down enemy units real nearby to clean them up or get space on them with. tier 4 lets you have gutter runners with poison attacks for even more shenanigans.

they also have slinger versions with a more reasonable range but who the hell wants those things they don't do any damage.

plague monks
big step up from clanrats in a lot of small ways. they have a not-insignificant physical save, frenzy, strength in numbers bonuses and a bonus to infantry, they'll chop up infantry like dwarf slayers used wrong, but they aren't slayers, so don't send them in against big beasties if you can avoid it.

plague monk censor bearers
like the plague monks but much better at clobbering people. they also get magic attacks (because they're swinging warpstone weapons at people now) and a morale debuff.

poison globadiers
they throw acid at people. You'd think they'd be great at gassing crowds of fools but they have no splash and are instead designed as an anti-large killteam, throwing the globes down the mouths of hungry carnosaurs and the like. Seriously if most of the globes connect you're looking at almost 2k almost all AP damage per volley.

warpfire throwers
irondrakes with lovely armour. park them near a fight, watch the green flames go out and laugh at how fast enemy units melt

death globe bombardiers
these are the ones you want to clean up infantry mosh-pits, you'll need the DOOMWHEEL building to unlock them though. not that that's a bad thing. These units will delete the ENTIRE mosh-pit, so don't pair them with anything tougher than clanrats

plagueclaw catapult
catapult that launches poison attacks against fools downrange. has an arc attack so you don't have to kill too many of your own dudes. This is where you start to get into the idea of skaven as legions of meat shields that distract from scary siege equipment and weapon teams. their attacks also give the contaminated debuff (-10 morale) which stacks with the normal we're-getting-shot-by-arty penalties.

warp lightning cannons
luminarks of hysh but good. If they had said Saddam Hussein was building these WMDs the whole planet would have invaded nuked Iraq.


Mans posted:

I'm the giant wheel that breaks all of da rules

rat ogres'
Monsters that move at cavalry speed but smack units around like no one's business. Used like vargheists that can't fly crypt horrors, run down and smack up ranged units but no armour means keep them the hell away from spears, they'll negate most of the damage knocking units around but still take a lot more damage than they need to.

hell pit abomination
Evil loving monster that is Too Horrible To Die. Also known for slam-dunking dragon heads into the ground. When this unit is about to die, it has a 50% chance to heal up most of its hp again to troll people. That or it actually does die and the numerous skaven keeping the organs running inside all bail out.

additional references:
4)the skaven's ultimate objective with the vortex

expansion races

tomb kings

courtesy of 1d4chan posted:

A miniature named Settra found a secret out this year,
that he could avoid death and make his people rule the world,
and now some sorcerer named Nagash tries to get him day and night,
but Settra has four thousand points to protect his very life.

He has the Tomb Kings: from 1525 B.C.
He has the Tomb Kings: protection on a roll of 3!
He has the Tomb Kings: they're hanging out by the Black Gulf.
He has the Tomb Kings: Araby they will soon Engulf.
He has the Tomb Kings: from 1525 B.C.

He has the Tomb Kings: protection on a Roll of 3.
He has the Tomb Kings: they're hanging by the Badland's Gate.
He has the Tomb Kings: they will enslave the world today,
the Nehekharan way.
They're Tooooooomb Kiiiiiings Alive!

The Tomb kings are reanimated from the population of an ancient Egyptian empire that spanned over much of the old world. This is also where Nagash was born from, as were the vampires. Generally, the tomb kings came back much better depending on how well they were mummified, so rank-and-file mostly only know how to fight, while nobles/pharaohs tend to remember most of their previous life and spend most of their time grumping and bickering like if you had a family reunion with your entire family from the past 1000 years.

fun fact: Vlad 'the dad' Von Carstein was one of the very first vampires to be created, and originally hails from this part of the world, which is why he has the funny accent.

game-wise the tomb kings already have their soldiers - raising them from being dead is otherwise free, and only costs time. However, each building will only support so many and you have to dig up more pyramids to get more dudes. Additionally, Armies are severely limited and you will have to research to be able to recruit more armies (and pharaohs) into your army.

Additionally, the skeleton trash benefits from a "realm of souls" ability that like the Dark Elf Killbarô takes casualties to fill up, but instead of supercharging your dudes it casts what is basically invocation of nehek on them up to 3 times as the bar fills up, with summoning some ushabti constructs once you hit tier 3.

also - if you're settra, try and kill existing chariot god surtha ek

unit references posted:

somewhat similar to the skaven and vampires, the tomb kings rely on a legion of lovely fodder units backed up with serious magic buffs to pin stuff down forever while scary fuckhueg beasties kill everything for you.

Realm of Souls
Tomb Kings have a battle mechanic that fills up as units are killed, in a similar manner to the Dark Elf blood-bar. This bar has 3 stages, at each stage a mass invocation of nehek will trigger providing healing and resurrecting a couple models here and there. Additionally, when the bar is filled Tomb Kings can summon a unit of Ushabti to enter the battlefield and smash whatever arty or ranged units that's still pissing you off.

CA provided a video over the tomb king mechanics and how to win the campaign


Settra (full title is at the bottom of the OP) is the ancient and bestest king of the tomb kings. He's notable for being a little too full of himself (to the point where he will refuse good advice because SETTRA TAKES ADVICE FROM NO ONE).

Settra comes with the Lore of Nehekhara, and can get hold of a blade that imbues fire damage and blinds people for mean debuffs. His mounts include a skelly-horse, a giant basalt kitty cat or his chariot of the gods. Thematic players will always use the chariot.

(sorry I'm against the char limit here - pnutz 2018-07-16)
has a face mask so you can see how sexy she used to be. Her cousin was the first vampire and she hates her. she died battling her cousin but the asp god asaph was watching and replaced her blood with venom. She loves those poison attacks as a consequence.

She gets a snake staff (insert moses reference here) that can shoot magic missiles better than any LARPer. she can also ride a chariot or a giant snake construct.

magic lores: Death | Light | Nehekhara (racial)

Skeleton Warriors/spearmen
silver shields, but godawful combat stats otherwise, like "goblin spearmen that aren't upgraded" bad. Their main use is tanking arrows and surviving long enough for the rest of your army to kill poo poo.

nekehara warriors
dual-wielding skellymans that have some reasonable melee stats (around empire swordsman level). Much like swordsmen with honest steel, they can get quite significant boosts from lords and buffs to be quite killy.

tomb guard/halberds
used like medium armoured grave guard, they will put up a much bigger fight than the skellymans and since you're not paying for upkeep this is a good thing. Halberd versions bring some actual AP to your army.


skelly archers
they're awful at shooting, but they're a ranged unit and that can be useful sometimes. Khalida players also give them serious buffs so they're worth keeping around.


skelly cav
a bit like the high-elf light cav, awful stats but they're reasonably fast (not light cav fast but enough to outrun the heavy stuff) and can do basic cav stuff as a result.
these are melee cavalry, not shock cav. throw them in and check back on them after a while, their charge bonus isn't as much a priority for micro as with shock cav.

nekehara horsemen
these cav have some actual meat on the bones and are a general upgrade to the skelly cav you get earlier. better melee stats, moderate armour like the tomb guard.
like the skelly cav before them, these are melee cav and are a lower micro priority than normal.

skelly chariots
it wouldn't be Egypt Nehekhara without chariots, and while the stats are middling, they come in blocks of TWELVE instead of the usual 4 that you see SURTHA EK rolling around with.
This helps immensely with smashing enemy lines, and lets you cause the bullshit chaos that the norscans do without having to make them most of your army.

skelly cav archers
awful bow damage like the foot-based ones. However, they get vanguard deployment, fire-on-the-move and can move faster from the skelly horses they're on.
these units do NOT get parthian shot,

skelly chariot archers
these guys get a much better ranged attack to make up for the lower unit sizes. otherwise, they're only shooting between smashing into the next unit.


carrion vultures
they fly around and have respectable melee damage. like harpies and isabella bats, use them to clean up unsuspecting arty and archer units and nibble on people's achilles tendons.

constructs and other big monsters
though these guys are made of stone and not bone, they follow the normal undead rules of disintegrating instead of breaking.
they do NOT benefit from realm of souls however, and generally if you're taking these you'll be taking a necrotect hero for buffs.

these are the dudes you saw in the pyramid in the trailer. while they're pretty tough, they're no chaos spawn and only have mediocre melee stats, similar to crypt horrors.

ushabti with great bows
the normal dudes but they now have a big fuckin' bow to shoot people. huge range and great damage, they are great at removing a few chunks of hp from unsuspecting monsters and dragons

sephulcural stalkers (the big cobra-men with spears)
big anti-large units, they also come with vanguard deployment, and a magical javelin or three that also applies poison to people.

necropolis knights (big cobras with spearmen on them/big cobras with halberiers on them)
AP, bronze shields, poison attacks, good charge bonuses, these are fairly good for smashing units held down by all your skellymans
the halberd version now does even moar anti-large, though they hand in the shields

tomb scorpion
a Big Fuckin' Scorpion that has vanguard deployment, great AP, bonus vs infantry and causes terror. It also has an attack that smashes units BEHIND it with its tail, and a burrow attack that makes it invulnerable while it's under the sand.

khemrian warsphinx
a huge black battle-cat with archers on it. No need to flank, it will smash everything on its own

like a giant that has a laser eye attack and a fuckton of armour so you can't murder it with xbows. Its melee attacks also do magic/fire damage.

a giant black battle-cat with Egypt Nehekara-wings and giant blade-arms on it. Tough as nails, it runs at cavalry speeds and does huge amounts of AP. This is the real wrecking ball that cleans up unwanted blocks of anything.
it is also fat enough that it can smash fort doors on its own.

tomb giant

tomb giants are added with QatC as free-lc (because sub-dlc is iffy at best). What sets these buggers apart from the other giants is <s>it's a skellyman</s> they get a bow like the bow-shabti, except it's the size of a goddamn giant and hits like a cygor rock.

skelly arty

screaming skull catapult
skeleton catapults that throw giant blue screaming skulls at people. Like the warpstone-thrower, these cause an extra morale debuff on top of the normal we're-being-shot-by-arty stuff, so they're good for routing units.
the skulls also do magic damage as well.

Ark of the Covenant Casket of Souls
inaccurate shots but they do horrendous damage with magic attacks. Lords/heroes can boost this to horriffic levels.

regiments of renown

scorpion legion (skelly spears)
the main difference is that these guys come with a poison attack, which is very useful in their role of tying things down

khepra guard (tomb guard)
basically a tomb guard version of nekehara warriors, they traded in the shield for another sword, regeneration and also come with magic attacks for cleaning up wraiths and savage orcs.

blessed legion of fuckoff (skelly archers)
all round stat boosts, but their main use (more than the name) is they come with a sunder armour (-30) on their arrows. This doesn't come with their melee attacks, which means they need to keep an arrow and stab people with that instead of their normal weapon.

chosen of the gods (ushabti with bows)
their monster arrows aren't as good, but they come with a shield-breaker trait to soften up units for other archers. Still useful, but for people doing the MP tournament I'm not sure the other guy's going to sit around and let you shoot them

eyes of the desert (big cobra-men with spears)
these come with meaner ranged attack, and more importantly they have vanguard AND stalk to do some sneaky surprise murdering of enemy units

sphinx of usekpth (necrosphinx)
meaner and greener whiter than its normal buddy, it also does magic/fire damage as well as fire resist.

additional resources:
3)more footage from Khemri-TV

what a half-arsed thread you should be ashamed of yourself
I also decided to do this at 1am on a work day, I'll fix it tomorrow in bits and pieces because

additional real fuckin' useful resources
take part in this very important poll

use this man's mods, they're good and he's a goon to boot

I'm awful and I need to automatch to win even seemingly the most simple battles
watch some of these videos

Ra Ra Rasputin posted:

How have I played this game since release and not noticed the icon to the left of the units numbers show if a unit is large or small

on why ranged/arty armies are so good in autoresolve


Alright, I have seen a few threads poping up about how some auto-result calculations are completely bonkers or make no sense.

In this thread I'm going to try and explain how and why this happens.

First of all the first thing to understand is that Auto-resolve is a pure number game, the calculation does not take into account any strategy, counters or whatever so don't try to rationalize a completely crazy score by saying "oh yeah but if he uses that cavalry to trigger a mass rout it could work".
This level of calculation is far beyond what was programmed.

Here is how it works :
Missile damage and Ammunition is by far the stats that have the most impact on auto-resolve.

Basically the game always considers that ranged troops and artillery will fire ALL their ammunition. That's why artillery with high missile damage is so powerful on auto-resolve.

This is why the most powerfull unit in Auto-Resolve calculations is the Hellbaster gun.

If you want to play an easy-mode campaign just pick Balthazar Gelt and auto-resolve your way to complete domination while your starting Hellblaster racks up thousands of kills per battle.

Another thing to note is how ranged and melee units work, let me explain.
ranged unit are considered as never engaging the enemy in melee until all allied melee units are dead. that's why right now if you have a high elf army mostly made up of Sea Guards your melee focused units like white lions or swordmasters will get slaughtered in Auto-resolve, they're considered as tanking the entire enemy army for your Sea Guards who are calculated as ranged units.

That's also why a pure Sea Guard army takes so much damage if there is nothing to tank.

Now healthpoints + Charge bonus is also a close second for most powerful stats combo (that's why Kroxigors are absolute beasts in auto-resolve) but unlike artillery the charge+health combo is for melee units and as I explained they risk losing HP as they take damage during the Auto-Resolve.

Given what I just said you'd be right in thinking that missile cavalry is very powerful in Auto-Resolve but due to their low health they'll get slaughtered in the action (while taking hundreds of enemy casualties with them)

Hope this helped


Panfilo posted:


Margin of Victory or Loss is not at all determined by casualties as people would assume, but the ratio of damage dealt and damage received. There are also other minimum requirements as well; having a full stack of elite vs 1 lord with 1 HP will not give you a Heroic Victory because you only did 1 damage to him, even if the ratio of damage to HP was enormous. This helps balance different armies; smaller armies are not unfairly benefitting from the fact that they will receive comparatively less casualties even in decisive losses. I don't know the exact thresholds for getting Pyrrhic/Close/Decisive/Heroic victories, but I have noted the easiest way to get Heroic victories is to defend in a siege and/or use damage spells effectively. With magic being buffed I find it somewhat easier to get them now. Margin of Victory determines how much experience your Lord and Heroes receive at the end of the battle; while damage dealt determines exp/veterancy of regular units, Lords/Heroes only care about the degree you won; a Lord could theoretically get 1,000 kills on his own but if he gets a Pyrrhic victory then he'll receive less exp than a Lord that got 0 kills but won a Heroic victory.


the OP speaking posted:

Armour will block normal damage to a random percentage between 50-100% of the rated armour value (this will be affected by exhaustion). The total number is clamped to 100% so you can't heal off taking damage
for example, an empire swordsman with 40 armour will block between 20 and 40 percent of all non-AP damage that it didn't dodge.
while resistance is clamped to 100%, increasing your armour rating beyond that improves the chance of blocking all AP damage. For example, an empire knight (100 armour) will have a 2% chance of blocking all the non-AP damage, a reiksguard with 120 armour will have a 33% chance to only take AP damage from a given attack. This also ties in with attack bonuses as detailed below.

charge and damage bonuses are only applied in proportion to the existing unit's damage.
A spearman with poor AP damage will perform poorly against an arachnarok with its 150 armour, but will rip up a giant good with its awful 30 armour because they can make use of most of their damage bonus.

are there any good youtubers for watching battles?
PartyElite, who did the tutorial series above

""RBA-Wintrow posted:

Count Chocula Legendairy Lord confirmed!

alternate titles for this thread, in whatever order I feel like
please don't skink shame
A reptile dysfunction
Rats, rats, we're the rats
high elf supremacy
everybody get up, it's time to slann now
imagine a triceratops stomping on an elven face, forever
crack open the boys with some Cold Ones
Total War Warhammer 2: Surtha Ekís Revenge
Teclis is no fortunate son
LuiCypher - but i don't want to pay less taxes when i could have more doomwheels
This thread does not kneel
Mahasamatman-Charlie don't serve
Deakul-popewiles-Stupid Dawi! you made me look bad!
Comstar - The Something Awful Forums > Discussion > Games > Total War: Warhammer 2 - Settra, Great King, The Imperishable, Khemrikhara, The Great King of Nehekhara, King of Kings, Opener of the Way, Wielder of the Divine Flame, Punisher of Nomads, The Great Unifier, Commander of the Golden Legion, Sacred of Appearance, Bringer of Light, Father of Hawks, Builder of Cities, Protector of the Two Worlds, Keeper of the Hours, Chosen of Ptra, High Stewart of the Horizon, Sailor of the Great Vitae, Sentinel of the Two Realms, The Undisputed, Begetter of the Begat, Scourge of the Faithless, Carrion-Feeder, First of the Charnel Valley, Rider of the Sacred Chariot, Vanquisher of Vermin, Champion of the Death Arena, Mighty Lion of the Infinite Desert, Emperor of the Shifting Sands, He Who Holds the Sceptre, Great Hawk of the Heavens, Arch-Sultan of Atalan, Waker of the Hierotitan, Monarch of the Sky, Majestic Emperor of the Shifting Sands, Champion of the Desert Gods, Breaker of the Ogre Clans, Builder of the Great Pyramid, Terror of the Living, Master of the Never-Ending Horizon, Master of the Necropolises, Taker of Souls, Tyrant to the Foolish, Bearer of Ptra's Holy Blade, Scion of Usirian, Scion of Nehek, The Great, Chaser of Nightmares, Keeper of the Royal Herat, Founder of the Mortuary Cult, Banisher of the Grand Hierophant, High Lord Admiral of the Deathfleets, Guardian of the Charnel Pass, Tamer of the Liche King, Unliving Jackal Lord, Dismisser of the Warrior Queen, Charioteer of the Gods, He Who Does Not Serve, Slayer of Redditras, Scarab Purger, Favoured of Usirian, Player of the Great Game, Liberator of Life, Lord Sand, Wrangler of Scorpions, Emperor of the Dunes, Eternal Sovereign of Khemri's Legions, Seneschal of the Great Sandy Desert, Curserer of the Living, Regent of the Eastern Mountains, Warden of the Eternal Necropolis, Herald of All Heralds, Caller of the Bitter Wind, God-Tamer, Master of the Mortis River, Guardian of the Dead, Great Keeper of the Obelisks, Deacon of the Ash River, Belated of Wakers, General of the Mighty Frame, Summoner of Sandstorms, Master of All Necrotects, Prince of Dust, Tyrant of Araby, Purger of the Greenskin Breathers, Killer of the False God's Champions, Tyrant of the Gold Dunes, Golden Bone Lord, Avenger of the Dead, Carrion Master, Eternal Warden of Nehek's Land, Breaker of Djaf's Bonds, et cetera, et cetera.

pnutz fucked around with this message at Jul 16, 2018 around 13:23


Jan 5, 2015

reserving because apparently there's a character limit

best-of-warhmmer-2, previously in the OP. The best-of-warhammer-1 is further down.

other goodies from this thread

image of teclis removed. I can always dig it up again later

mazdamonday epic plays, you will not be disappointed
sync animations are in for larger unit fights

Scrub-Niggurath posted:

RBA-Wintrow" post="477568719 posted:

Iím applying for dual citizenship with the Orangutan Surfing Civilization

Tiler Kiwi posted:

Ze Pollack posted:

rats, who are against the concept on moral grounds

420 Gank Mid posted:

We got a real spawn goin' now welcome to the Great Plan

Kainser posted:

Possibly the greatest mod since the deformed kislev bears:

SurreptitiousMuffin posted:

10x unit sizes, huh? Let's try it out.

Wait a minute, what's that?



SteelMentor posted:

My vote's for Ludmilla Loinripper.

16 July 18

SirPhoebos posted:

Hats. We're hats. We're the hats.

a best-of of goodies from the old thread, while I organise the new OP. PM me with links for stuff I've missed because gently caress browsing all 812 pages of that

I am also retarded. pms should actually arrive now.

still the greatest screenshot taken from the original game

Randarkman posted:

Did Sarthorael always have that insane missile resistance?

Because I remember him going down like a chump to a succession of cannonballs.

shortchange us by 2 gold? that's a grudgin'

forum regular nanomashoes deals with try-hard unfun people who have a strange love for spearmen

old thread title, changed now the game's out
people keep on asking what beef people have with the SFO creator

that pontus meme people keep ranting about


more copies of the beastmen dlc were/are sold on this video than any other form of advertising

also the start of this video has mel gibson killing his own dude

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Feb 11, 2014

I will not shut up about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I talk about them all the time and work them into every conversation. I actually named my daughter after the Pink ranger and will provide proof if challenged.

Rats. Rats. We're the rats.

Jul 7, 2008

Wiggle to the right
Wiggle to the left
Wiggle to the post that's best

high elf supremacy

Apr 26, 2014

Davincie posted:

high elf supremacy


Yeowch!!! My Balls!!!
May 31, 2006
Most people choose one:


This dipshit is both

if you want to imagine the future, imagine a triceratops stomping on an elven face, forever

Jun 27, 2013

A reptile dysfunction

Ze Pollack posted:

if you want to imagine the future, imagine a triceratops stomping on an elven face, forever

Jan 19, 2005

Davincie posted:

high elf supremacy

Wow. It only took 4 posts to get the most wrong opinion possible.

Stanley Pain
Jun 16, 2001

Bit. Trip. RIP.

Ze Pollack posted:

if you want to imagine the future, imagine a triceratops stomping on an elven face, forever

More like triceradrops.

As I'm posting this I found out that triceradrops is a name of a DJ.

Jun 10, 2004


less than 48 hours

Dec 7, 2010

The only good elf is a non-elf.

Shame total warhams doesn't have burning animations.

Dec 12, 2016

Only thing about the OP i'm gonna mention because I'm a giant dumb nerd

The Dark Elf area they live at is actually called Naggaroth and is a separate continent from Lustria

Jan 29, 2011

I am here to show my support to the high elves. The rightful leaders of the warhammer universe.

May 19, 2004

I am here to support the endless murder of elves.

Dec 26, 2010

Tetten? Tetten? Tetten? Tetten?

There are lizards and lizard food.

Aug 4, 2006
I'd rather be a climbing ape than a big titty angel.

Elves murdering elves is good and therefore dark elves will be my first playthrough

Jun 27, 2013

A reptile dysfunction

Morathi's fabulous hair will rule this world

Angry Lobster
May 16, 2011

Served with honor
and some clarified butter.

Can't wait to play with my favourite magic frog named after a bad lightbulb pun.

Mar 3, 2008

I know "mon" means man, but I don't think "Och" means anything.

How to figure out if you're the best warhammer race:

1. Is your race ruled by fat psychic toads in floating chairs?

If yes, you are the best warhammer race.
If no, better luck next time.

Jan 29, 2011

Cracking open a Dark Elf with the Cold Ones

Jul 22, 2010

Fun Shoe

ground floooooooooooooooooooooooooor

Holy poo poo I want to stab a rat

Apr 10, 2017

What's the human faction or do I just have to play on the big fuckin' map with all the factions

Nov 16, 2011

The bonds of blood transcend all others.
But no blood runs stronger than that of Sanguinius

Grimey Drawer

ChickenWing posted:

ground floooooooooooooooooooooooooor

Holy poo poo I want to stab a rat

I desperately want to sacrifice hundreds of skavenslaves for every victory I achieve.

Apr 2, 2012



Vlex posted:

Elves murdering elves is good and therefore dark elves will be my first playthrough

but then you're playing as elves

...kill yourself?

Jul 22, 2010

Fun Shoe

OP you hosed up some of your URLs they don't all point to the rat video

May 19, 2004

How to figure out if you're the best Warhammer race:

- Are you an elf? You're not the best and also kill yourself.

- Are you a frog person who leads dinosaurs that ride dinosaurs? Ok that's pretty good.

- Are you a loving insane, magic cocaine sniffing ratman that uses crazy contraptions and deliberate friendly fire to achieve your goals? Congrats, you're the best race.

All of this is, of course, only applicable until Chorfs are in the game, because they have the best hats.

Sep 6, 2012


I want to play a rat and send other rats to die gloriously in my name

Yeowch!!! My Balls!!!
May 31, 2006
Most people choose one:


This dipshit is both

Taintrunner posted:

What's the human faction or do I just have to play on the big fuckin' map with all the factions

option 2

while there are a number of lesser human factions scattered across the New World and Southlands, they peak at Tilea-level relevance

Jul 22, 2010

Fun Shoe

New skaven ritual video

Oct 28, 2013

A classic example of Skaven betrayal.

I can have moments of... eccentricity and sometimes be quite curious about things. Please forgive me if I do something foolish or rude.

William Bear
Oct 25, 2012

"That's what they all say!"

Still can't decide who I want to play as first. Leaning either Tyrion or Skrolk.

Apr 2, 2012



Wow, I didn't think they'd actually show vivisection in such... detail... jesus gently caress.

Feb 15, 2012

William Bear posted:

Still can't decide who I want to play as first. Leaning either Tyrion or Skrolk.

I'm kinda leaning more and more towards Making Ulthuan Great Again.

Apr 8, 2010

Gonkish posted:

How to figure out if you're the best Warhammer race:

- Are you an elf? You're not the best and also kill yourself.

- Are you a frog person who leads dinosaurs that ride dinosaurs? Ok that's pretty good.

- Are you a loving insane, magic cocaine sniffing ratman that uses crazy contraptions and deliberate friendly fire to achieve your goals? Congrats, you're the best race.

All of this is, of course, only applicable until Chorfs are in the game, because they have the best hats.

I beg your loving pardon?

The Chad Jihad
Feb 24, 2007

Morathis bonuses are appropriate but so lame

Mar 31, 2011

Please post the PartyElite beginner series in the OP, or at least the controls one

Third World Reagan
May 19, 2008
Can't post for 24 days!

kill your parents - the grey grand wizard, Ron Paul

Yeowch!!! My Balls!!!
May 31, 2006
Most people choose one:


This dipshit is both

Blinks77 posted:

I'm kinda leaning more and more towards Making Ulthuan Great Again.

Tyrion is gonna have the problems of the WH1-release Empire start: please enjoy fighting nothing but your own people's tier one infantry for the first 4/5 of the game, then throw a doomstack at the target of opportunity of your choice.

guarantees that anyone playing against the High Elves is gonna have a hard time shutting them down, but playing as that person is going to get real old real fast.

you wanna High Elf, play Teclis, and make war against a delicious assortment of jerks.

Third World Reagan
May 19, 2008
Can't post for 24 days!

legitimacy mod for high elves


Aug 4, 2006
I'd rather be a climbing ape than a big titty angel.

Ze Pollack posted:

Tyrion is gonna have the problems of the WH1-release Empire start: please enjoy fighting nothing but your own people's tier one infantry for the first 4/5 of the game, then throw a doomstack at the target of opportunity of your choice.

guarantees that anyone playing against the High Elves is gonna have a hard time shutting them down, but playing as that person is going to get real old real fast.

you wanna High Elf, play Teclis, and make war against a delicious assortment of jerks.

I doubt this is the case, since every other major faction and Chaos can toss stacks of varying sizes directly at your poo poo each time you try to complete a ritual.

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