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Aug 30, 2017

by Smythe

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What is it?
Atomic Robo is a story about action, adventure, robots and most importantly SCIENCE! The series, written by Brian Clevinger with art by Scott Wegener, is a fun, pulpy adventure series starring a robot created by Nikola Tesla and his adventures ranging from before World War 2 to the modern era dealing with foes ranging from gangsters to Nazis to time traveling dinosaurs to giant monsters.

Cast of Characters

The Good Guys

Atomic Robo:

Built by Tesla he travels the world with the Action Scientists of Tesladyne solving problems with action science and guns and bombs. Despite being a robot, mentally speaking, he's a human: he loves, he gets mad, he laments how things have changed since he was a kid, etc.


Based loosely on the real life Nikola Tesla, Tesla is one of the greatest scientific minds of his era and created Atomic Robo. Treating him like a son, he always did what was best for him. Before his life as a father, however, he traveled the world as an adventurer, protecting it from threats both domestic and from beyond time.


The lone survivor of the Vampire Dimension. Jenknis is tough as nails and isn't afraid of anything or anyone.


The cowardly geologist of Tesladyne, Bernard has found himself teaming up with Robo on many dangerous ops.

Action Scientists Of Tesladyne

Tesladyne's scientist special agents, protecting the world from science related crimes and dangerous science experiments. While some faces definitely see reuse and an emphasis has grown to make a reoccuring cast for the modern day adventures, most appear for one adventure, do their parts, and never reappear.

Flying She-Devils Of The Pacific

A group of former female WW2 pilots who refused to return to their civilians lives. Now, the protect the pacific from any threat that rears its head.

Atomic Robo often teams up with new people in each storyarch. This only focused on those who make return appearances.

The Bad Buys

H'ssssk Dr. Dinosaur:

The dumbest smartest dinosaur ever. He and Robo don't get along. Most likely the result of a genetic experiment due to his resemblance to the inaccurate depiction of velociraptors in Jurassic Park, Dr. Dinosaur claims to be a time-traveler from the past.

Baron Heinrich Von Helsingard:

A Nazi scientist first fought by robo in 1939. He's been a thorn in the side of Tesladyne ever since.

Majestic 12/Task Force Ultra

Protecting America from Tesla-level technologies, Majestic 12 is a government program dedicated to stopping super-science from getting out of hand. Ironically, they are often the cause and perpetuator of the problem more often than they are the solution.

Thomas Edison/Undead Edison

Based loosely on the real life Thomas Edison, Edison is a supervillian obsessed with immortality and defeating his rival, Tesla. After a failed experiment, he returned from the dead decades later as Undead Edison, a being formed from the Odic Force.

Of course, there are more baddies, but these are the just the reoccurring ones.

Where to start?
ANYWHERE! The best part of this series is that you can pick up any trade and be all set. There are some references to previous stories but nothing you absolutely have to catch to understand the story. Though really if you read one you're going to want to read the rest because it's just that drat good.

Volume 1: Atomic Robo and the Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne

The first Robo adventure introducing you to Tesladyne and it's action scientists. In this volume alone Robo stops a Nazi supervillain from conquering the world, fights giant ants and does combat with robot mummies. This is just good comic
book fun pure and simple. I would suggest starting here just because it's the first one and gives you an idea of what to look forward to.

Volume 2: Atomic Robo and the Dogs of War

The second adventure puts Robo behind the scenes of World War 2 to stop nazi mechs from turning the tides of battle. This turns into a web of intrigue involving British spys and genetically engineered monstrosities. Probably one of the darker stories in the series.

Volume 3: Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond time

The third story has the universe in danger of being destroyed by a non-linear, non-euclidean, Lovecraftean horror and only Robo, Robo, Robo and Robo can save the day.

Volume 4: Atomic Robo and Other Strangeness

This volume is packed chock full of ACTION SCIENCE. It features vampires, kaiju, dinosaurs and ghosts! According to Wikipedia it also has some mini-stories that hadn't been printed before but I don't own this one yet so no idea if that's right or not.

Volume 5: Atomic Robo and the Deadly Art of Science

The Deadly Art of Science takes place in the life of young Robo. This Robo is young and innocent spending his time helping Tesla around the lab reading pulp fiction until he ends up wrapped up in a daring tale of intrigue of his own! Teaming up with a real life pulp crime fighter they fight gangsters in cahoots with dark forces beyond human understanding!

Volume 6: Atomic Robo and the Ghost of Station X

Begins with Robo flying to the emergency rescue of astronauts in jeopardy and finding a web of danger that had been in the works for decades! Will robo survive to solve the mystery of Station x!?

Volume 7: Flying She-Devils of the Pacific

A test of a new experimental aircraft gets complicated when Robo runs into the remnants of a defeat Empire. Rescued by the Flying She-Devils, they are now all that stands in the way of this Empire and the United States.

Volume 8: Savage Sword of Doctor Dinosaur

An exploration of underground tunnels goes sideways when the group encounters an old nemesis. Between a lot of rocks and a hard place, they must find a way stop his machinations from dooming millions!

Volume 9: The Knights Of The Golden Circle

Trapped in the Wild West, Robo finds himself out of his element. Afraid to interact with anyone lest he destroy history, his luck finds him smack dab in the middle of a conspiracy that can decide the fate of America and the future!

Volume 10: Ring of Fire

Tesladyne lies in ruins! The world is overrun by monsters! Atomic Robo is missing! Everything lies on the brink of oblivion as the Action Scientists of Tesladyne must stop the end of days with or without their favorite robot boss!

Volume 11: Temple of the Od

Robo is in for an awkward mission when an attempt to rescue a scientist results in a run-in with a former flame. With the world hanging in the balance, they will have to work together to stop a mad scientist and his attempts at controlling reality itself.

Volume 12: Spectre Of Tomorrow

With the events of Ring of Fire over, Tesladyne is rebuilding, but everything isn't going as planned. A wealthy neighbor has nothing but scorn for the weakened science giant while a mysterious agent unleashes cyborg horrors on the world.

Where to get it?

Well, you're in luck. Atomic Robo has changed from a book published by IDW to a webcomic a few years back. This move means the ENITRE series is available for free online for anyone to read. This includes the companion series, Real Science Adventures. Of course, if you want to support the series, they have a paetron and still release tradebacks.

Atomic Robo Archive
Real Science Adventures Archive
Atomic Robo's Paetron
Brian Clevinger's (Series Author) Amazon Page

I'm A Dungeons And Dragons Nerd. Is There A Roleplaying Game Based On This?

Odd question that I'm sure no one was asking, but there is indeed an Atomic Robo Roleplaying game. Based on Evil Hat's excellent Fate Core system, Atomic Robo the RPG has one of its better implementations and is considered a pretty legit title. It's fun, pulpy, and fits the tone and themes of the series its based on. It's also one of the easier comic-based RPGs to get in to. It includes only one supplement focused on playing the Majestic 12.

Atomic Robo RPG On
Atomic Robo RPG Supplement: Majestic 12 On


Aug 30, 2017

by Smythe

One Last Thing
Forum's Member Hyperactive is Brian Clevinger and has, in the past, been willing to answer questions about the series!

Aug 30, 2017

by Smythe

So, to try and kick off some discussion, what is everyone's predictions on the threat in the latest volume, Spectre of Tomorrow? I'm thinking it's a new element as it doesn't fit any of Robo's rogue's gallery for previous villains, except maybe Helsingrad. I do know that, according to the roleplaying game's lore, that Daedulus, an American black-ops group, was completely taken over by Helsingrad by them trying to study his stuff and accidentally turning themselves into his robo-slaves. But, still, think it's a new element, some new villain. Not sure what his M.O. is, though.

Drowning Rabbit
Oct 28, 2003


Just got my copy of The Ring of Fire Hardcover in from the kickstarter. I wasn't expecting Book Plates, but after double checking the kickstarter, they were listed.

Both books look awesome in hardcover! Now to re-read and catch up on Atomic Robo all over again with the new book.

E: The first Book Kickstarter had a tier where people got their names added as side characters, did that already get done? I haven't read the last two books as of yet, and had not seen it if it had.

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Apr 22, 2010

Royalty is a continuous cutting motion

I usually don't get an opportunity to put this question somewhere an author would see it, but since I can: why on earth would you put some ridiculous whole-page redirect ad on your webcomic? That's only going to make me turn my adblock back on for that page, and get you nothing.


Mar 10, 2004


wiegieman posted:

why on earth would you put some ridiculous whole-page redirect ad on your webcomic? That's only going to make me turn my adblock back on for that page, and get you nothing.
Why on Earth would you think anyone would let this happen intentionally? Useful info to help strip this ad from our rotation: what it was for and/or a URL.

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