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Mar 4, 2016

There he is!

Wegirn - Klomin, Tropical Archipelago, Marketplace

“Folau” The woman spoke, clutching her cane. “That is my name. You have strong song magic, Wegirn. And a foreign tongue. How did you come by our Islands?”

"How I come by your islands?" he asks, looking down thoughtfully, "I had a faint hope my name would be known to you, but it is unsurprising. I am far more foreign than you might have imagined. I do not know your word for the disaster that caused you to flee to these islands, but I was born and lived before it. I was a traveler, skald and mercenary on occasion. I journeyed the width and breadth of the world, councilor to kings, princes and peasants alike. But then the end came. I did hear that some fled across the sea, trying to find some sort of safe haven. Your ancestors, perhaps? For my part, there was a small mountain village whose people had always treated me kindly, even when I was nothing but a minstrel of little skill and less sense..."

As he speaks, memories begin to play out in front of the small crowd of people. A sun hung low in the sky, giving a cold and alien light. Wegirn stands at the mouth of a valley, as what appears to be a wave of flames rolls across the plains. There is an eerie quiet, as though the world itself had stopped, that is only shattered when the skald talks a breath, and begins to scream his defiance to the universe.

The song echoed off the mountain and carried across the plains. Artifacts of power and gifts of magic glowed brightly, and for a while it seemed like the fire might be held at bay. But the skald began to lose strength holding back the tide, which pressed in from all sides, filling the air with a crackling roar that only grew louder as his voice faded. The vision ends with Wegirn on his knees, the sound of the oncoming inferno filling his ears, and the world went black... But somehow the sounds of the flame gave way to the sounds of crashing waves.

"I don't know what saved me. Perhaps one of my gifts? A passing divinity of great power? All I know is that when I woke here, I knew that I had to help you. Your people's stories are almost forgotten - I would see them preserved. I would see your people take the knowledge of old and use it to venture forth into the world, and see what exists now. Will you help me?"

+2 Skald to try and convince Folau/empower her to be the founding mortal of what will become something of a Bardic Order. Preserve wisdom, carry news, go off adventuring and come back with new tales to entertain and instruct, that sort of thing.


Sep 14, 2013

Ur Tau Mica - Self, Fertile Plains


Good; the human seemed to be calming down a little. “I am Ur Tau Mica.” said the replica. “And you shall be… under my protection.”

From up high Ur Tau could see the cloud roaming the ground. Wind seemed to scare the human for some reason, and it wouldn’t do for the human to see that roaming cloud. Between where the cloud was and where Ur Tau stood he jutted large peak to divert the cloud. It took jutting a limb out from where other elementals were sleeping, but they were young and too small to fight back. Besides, they could help in blocking the cloud.

Ur Tau will try to create a mountain to block the dust cloud in the distance. Hopefully without panicking the boy. [+2 Mountain] should be going into this action.

AnAnonymousIdiot fucked around with this message at Oct 9, 2017 around 23:52

Jun 13, 2003

there may be people who
find a blender sexy - I
would do well with a more
humanoid model, myself

Diona- Salina, The Great Desert

The surrounding groups begin to enter a more compassionate groove as your power takes effect. Those who had been lost in their own revelry begin to show more awareness and compassion for their fellow partygoers. The leader of the Skull-crats looks around then back to you. “We really don’t want more people to die. The desert is a harsh, merciless land and we work to prevent any deaths.” She looks at the crowd again. “How did you do that?”

You got a large segment of the population being less selfish but still having a good time. The Skull-crats have noted you did something.

Airagh - Dilapidated Shrine, Swamplands

The transgressors feet become roots, their legs and torsos trunks, and their heads and arms branches and crowns of small trees. They absorb the poisons around them, from the air and the soil and groundwater. They writhe in agony for weeks until the poison eventually overtakes them and they wither and die. Their poisons die with them, but much remains and it seems the river and rain bring more. Even those cleansed are beginning to look sickly once again, though your Priestesses remain healthy for now.

Roll too low. I couldn’t really see the use of Maternity here. They ded.

Sister Jessica - Gnoll Settlement(Gnerk), Temperate Forest | 1 MP

You learn in short order that the Red-Eyes deal with a cursed tree deep in the forest. It grants them supernatural powers. Most Gnolls here did not follow with them, but recent brushes with the humans had divided the settlement between those that wish to integrate with the human civilization and those that wish to be left alone. The Red-Eyes were recruiting from the latter faction, but with the former’s professed god here, well, there were many fresh converts before the dawn. Those of able body and familiar with the wood take you to the edge of the Demonwood. You can sense the individual threads of the demon’s spirit as well as the main mass within. It seems there are many shards of it within this woodland, free of its prison.

And here is a natural 12. The dice, man. Anyway you get converts plus what you wanted on the action and additional info.

Hilary - Golden Sanctum, Strange Mountain, Northern Mountains

What was once an empty storeroom is quickly filling with books, books, books! The Sanctum has all the trappings of a proper library, filled with books from Hilary’s own memory. The knowledge of old lives again! ShinyStudy is both humbled and empowered by the experience within the Sanctum and sings your praise. He places the Book of Flight
Upon a pedestal and leaves to speak with his people.

They are incredulous at first, but are soon convinced of ShinyStudy’s favor from this being. ShinyStudy imparts your tale to them and they listen with rapt attention.

High Priest and a Temple to boot. Was a high roll. They know your bio.

Corinthian - The Docks - Ruined Metropolis

One sputtered. “Last known ship-engine was stolen by civilians ERROR Years ago. Destination unknown. The central power grid has been dis-dis-disconnected by sabotage. No reply regarding work order.” It paused for a moment. “Would you like to survey the damage, Sir?”

It takes you to a room with wires and conduits branching out. Several of the conduits seem damaged by an explosion and the building itself has taken fire damage. Still, whoever built this stuff obviously built them to last.

Low roll, so lets say you’re looking in the wrong place. The power source itself is a strange mix of the arcane and the technological resulting in a perpetual motion machine. That was stopped by force.

Arianrhod - Lost Woods, Temperate Forest

From the Astral Plane you can see the wraiths easily and from a distance. Unfortunately, they can see you as well. Fortunately for you they seem to have a limited range. A wisp of essence seems to tie each of them to strange glowing stones all around the wood. Your quarry seems to have lucked out in that his location is out of the range of the nearby haints, but he is also trapped by them. A strange figure notices you. It is covered in pelts and rags and hides behind a colorful mask. It does a little dance and runs deeper into the forest.

Murmur - Corneria, Northern Plains

The Woodsman Pierce continues watching the tracks as the sound of wings beat overhead. He draws his bow and fires an arrow at whatever creature could make that much noise.

A flying drake crashes down. A lucky shot went into its eye. As it thrashes in pain Pierce runs up and plunges his sword into its heart. It kicks him, throwing him aside by many feet, thrashes a few seconds more and lays still. Cut and bruised but with no serious injury Pierce cuts off its head. Proof of his kill. The Castle ought to pay handsomely and maybe actually do something about the monsters with proof.


Pierce and the three have been introduced. He has been tasked with guiding the party deep into the woods and investigate the threat. To end it if possible, and report back if not.

It is provisioning time.

Mortal Crits. The four are together. They ought to be heading out soon.

Vamer - Lich’s Lair, Island Black

Landers accepts. It becomes evident that the reversal will take some time, but is happening. His muscle seems to be starting to regrow. A bat on the ceiling flutters down and turns into a vampire. “Much power you have, Vamer. I had thought to try and take it from you but I now see that would have been my end.” Count Herman bows his head. “But perhaps I can convince you to share it.” His eyes glimmer as he attempts to use his glammer abilities on you.

The haters have begun to arrive.

Starke - Klibariko, Bluffs

Jax seemed confused. “But… the Champion uses the Axe to fight the Bird. It has been this way for generations. The Bird will try to take Adzea, the Maiden. If I fail to stop it I must travel to the Mountains to rescue her from its lair.” He seems dejected by the thought of giving up the Axe.

In town they lose their minds to see that Starke has come to visit them. Nearly all of them fawn over you, and Jax to a lesser extent. There is a celebration, but first Jax attempts to pull the Axe from a surprisingly life-like statue of you’s hands. It fails to give at first, then Jax pulls it so easily he nearly falls over.

“It...wants to talk to you.”

Garland Grey - Besieged Big’Un Settlement, Badlands

Garland orders the gate opened as a concerted barrage of fire hammers at his shield. It wavers and then reasserts itself. Another few hits like that and it will break. Once the gates open the force of the army overwhelms him. So very many, and the front lines all Big’Uns with glazed, angry looks in their eyes. It is only the sight of a human present in the settlement that gives them pause.

Ona speaks. “I can fight, but it would be the last thing I do. Channeling my energy has extended my life. I expected to have lost it soon anyway.” She shook her head at the Big’Un Berzerkers outside. “Mind-washed. Our arts can break the control, but I could never free more than a dozen without need of rest.”

It is truely a huge army. Thousands of troops. Snakeeyes as well. The Shield has two or three good strikes left.

Wegirn - Klomin, Tropical Archipelago, Marketplace

Folau smiled. “So keep on what I do with a sponsor? Why certainly.” She motions to her small assortment of things on her blanket. “Allow me to pack and we can be on our way. What are your ideas for prospective students?”

She is down. And has your blessing.

Ur Tau Mica - Self, Fertile Plains

The ground rises in the distance. The quakes can be felt from here. In the end it is more of a hill than a true mountain. The Dust Cloud simply goes around it, though. It circles it once and then continues. It almost seems more...careful?

The boy pipes up. “I took the air bandits’ wind stone. They can use ‘em to control their cyclones. If we don’t give them what they want they wreck up our towns. But you are a Rock Man! You could fight them somehow, right?”

Jun 17, 2007

Toilet Rascal


A disappointing outcome. Short-lived trees were not nearly so clear a message. So, the river and the rains, it seemed. Time for an exploratory trip upstream, to see from whence this poison came. Upstream, against the current, feeling for the pollution, sensing where it was stronger, swift as the wind to its source.

+0, just following the toxins in the river to source and then seeing what to do about it.

Sep 14, 2011

I've earned my fee. Ta-ta!

Sister Jessica - Gnoll Settlement(Gnerk), Temperate Forest | 1 MP

As they approached the edge of the forest, Jessica raised a hand and called her company to a halt. She walked a few paces ahead and turned to face them, solemn in her bearing.

"My brothers and sisters. I thank you for your fellowship. We do good works this day and my blessing is upon you for your faith and courage." She knelt down and clasped her hands above her head, eyes closed in prayer as she gave thanks to the heavens. She was a goddess, yes, but she was no supreme being. Her new life was granted to her from above, and gratitude was owed. After a few moments, she opened her eyes again and beckoned her followers forward.

"A blade, please." At its offering, she took it in her left hand and gripped the blade in her right, and wrenched the knife back. She bit back any cry of pain and set the knife aside. "Kneel, brothers and sisters. Drink of my blood and be heartened. My power will guard you against your foes, and none shall stand against the righteous!" She went from gnoll to gnoll, dripping her blood into their mouths. To each, she offered a warm caress and words of encouragement and trust. She knew them hardly at all, yet she loved each and every one for the faith they put into her.

Once the last of them had been blessed, she took her place before them and knelt once again. "I give you my word, with my blood as a symbol of this covenant. None will be abandoned. None will be left in pain or sickness that I can prevent, so long as we stand side by side in common cause. Now come. Let us save your brethren from their folly and make these woods clean once more!"

Healing +2 to bless her followers with the gift of rapid healing. Any blow that is not immediately fatal will heal incredibly quickly, and they will run no risk of infection. The scars will remain - these are a martial people, after all. There is honor to be found in scars won in service to a good cause. Jessica knows this perhaps better than anyone else.

Once their communion has finished, Jessica will lead them into the woods and begin the hunt. The knife she will tuck into a boot. She has utmost faith in her followers, but she is not a fool to go wholly unarmed.

Mar 4, 2016

There he is!

Wegirn - Klomin, Tropical Archipelago, Marketplace

He looks around at the small crowd of would-be adventurers, "Well, we have a dozen brave souls here that seem interested. However first let us gather a crop of teachers. Are there others like you carrying wisdom from the past on this island? If so let us go meet them. If not... We will need a place to call home for our new guild, and of course a shipwright. Someone who can be convinced to help build a ship for an adventure, to show the people here that there are things worth seeing in the world."

I'll be doing a flat roll +0 I guess to seek out a home for this order. Ideally it would be on the coast so we can eventually build boats there. Also looking for shipwrights as a secondary goal right now.

Content to Hover
Sep 11, 2009

Murmur - Corneria, Northern Plains

The city of Corneria was awash with gossip. Some said that Penny was engaged to the crown prince, some said that Pierce had singlehandedly slain a dozen drakes -certainly the head of one was on display for all to see in the town square. Everyone knew that these two along with a Wizard and a shadowy figure known only as whisper were about to embark upon an adventure.

Being a legend had advantages, Penny was able to wander the town easily, in all the stories she was a giant of a woman with such beauty that the crown prince was lovestruck by her. In truth she hadn't met him, a clerk had arranged her stay and a stipend in case she needed anything. Nobody mistook her for PENNY, she was just a somewhat plain Penny, a country girl who was bewildered by the bright lights and endless complexities of the city.

On the day before she was to leave town she was listening to a storyteller entertaining children with tales of great deeds to be done, evils to be fought and treasures to be won. She had come to see him before, there was something in his manner that reminded her of her grandfather and the stories she had heard upon his knee. When he reached the end of his tale and the last straggling child had left to attend their chores he motioned for her to come over to him.

"My eyes aren't what they once were, but I know you for who you are. Last night I had the strangest dream, there was a cloud of stars that told me you were about to embark upon an adventure and when I awoke I had these clutched to my chest".

The old man showed her two stones, one red and the other black as night both seemed to sparkle as if stars had somehow become trapped within them. The first stone, will bring you luck upon your journey the second will bring your protector's attention. When I awoke I knew you would come again today, with that he pushed the stones into her hands. Penny didn't know what to say, she thanked the old man and put one in each pocket.

The next day the four of them rode out of Corneria, the city folk had gathered to cheer them onwards. It was not every day that you saw [b[famous[/b] heroes setting out upon an adventure. They made an impressive if eclectic party. Pierce took the lead, the ranger was lithe and confident. Penny followed him, her green eyes complimented by armor made from the scales of the Fallcrest Drake. Whisper, always the mystery came next a cowl covering her face and loose clothing that could conceal anything. The Wizard Ramfell came last, his robes shimmering and a quickdraw holster on his hip with wand ready.

Thus Penny gathered her party before venturing forth, a party of heroes was forged and regardless of the outcome their tales would live on.

I'm making a magic item, the two stones is just fluff because I liked the picture. I will make a +0 divine roll to make a fairly basic magic item. This is a +1 lucky stone for Penny, it also has a secondary feature which makes it possible that in a crisis she can call my attention to her. Given that both Penny and Pierce managed to one shot drakes they are going to be famous with or without me. I'm now going to move on to someone else. Either you can prompt me to somewhere\someone\something or I can just make up my next starting point after the update.

Dec 5, 2005

Hilary - Strange Mountain, Northern Mountains

To know and to be known. This was not the first time Hilary had connected with a people but it felt... different. Perhaps because they weren't human, perhaps because they had never had a God, perhaps because they had such a limited language. But despite that he felt moved by their earnestness. As he blessed Shinystudy and sent him to teach the people he felt a fresh drive to see to their wellbeing. Once more he set out to investigate his facility. To see about light, warmth, running water and the general operation of the place so that they could treat less as a convenient cave and more like a home.


Shinystudy left the Golden Sanctum elevated, inspired and a little confused. Though the touch of the God he'd felt his understanding, that was already considerable amongst the people, reach new heights. He was hungry to tear into those books in the library and dive into his own journey of discovery. But Hilary had charged him with teaching the people. With raising up librarian priests, scribes and authors. However, his suggested methods were learning by rote, drilling, grammar, recitation. It was hard to imagine his brothers and sisters taking well to such a stiff, formal course of education. Despite his reservations he felt his God's firm conviction that such was the proper way to learn. Thus he had been charged and thus he would endeavour. Maybe a few would take to it...?

Hilary is going to explore the facility. Hopefully if there are any read/write drives he can read them. If that's stretching it then hopefully he can find some user manuals saved for when the computers don't start up properly.

Written Word +2

Shinystudy will start trying to educate the crow people. However since Hilary is an old fashioned sort he hasn't really considered the unique pedagogical needs of his birds. However Shinystudy will try and use the "Book of Flight", his High Priestly Powers, and the Golden Sanctum library to smooth the bumps.

Obstinate -2

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

Garland Grey - Besieged Big’Un Settlement, Badlands

Damnnation. Garland did not expect this poor twist of fate. He thought quickly. He might not be able to permanently sever Francis' control over his forces but he would try. The disruption over being suddenly freed might give Garland the opening to get his people out.

He pushed one thought out to try and disrupt the absolute control over these thralls:
<" BE FREE">

And Garland pushed.

Using PSI [+2] to free the army/thralls as far and as hard as Garland can push it In all directions. Temporarily or permanently

Dec 15, 2007


Starke - Klibariko, Bluffs

Starke held out his hand, "Very well, give it here."


Axe: Starke! You have returned!

Starke:: "Indeed I have, it seems killing the Beast brought me to the attention of the cosmos and I have become more than merely mortal."

Axe: "Just as I became more than a mere axe"

Starke:: "How long has it been since the night I struck down the Beast?"

Axe: "...many generations. Every time the beast takes a new form and attacks again. The time is soon upon us if a hero has risen again."

Starke:: "It survived?" Starke seems shocked, he still recalls watching the monster bleed out from the many wounds of their final confrontation.

Axe: "It returned, far weaker than when we faced it. Smashing the crystals cost it much power but it managed to form again. The maiden calls it manifesting."

Starke:: "Who is this Maiden?"

Axe: "Like the Hero there is a Maiden every generation. Sometimes the Maiden is is a Sir and sometimes the Hero is a Heroine but they possess great power. The Enemy covets this power."

Axe: (When the beast lost power during the battle some of it spread to these people. The beast wants to take it back to try and mount that power as it was trying to before)

Axe: "When we fell your body turned to stone. Or stone took the place of your body. But I remained to help the Hero fight the Beast every time.

Starke:: "It would appear we need to finish what we started once and for all. Slay the Beast for good."

Axe: "That has been the prophecy. Your return to end the cycle."

Starke:: "I assume you know how to find the Beast?"

Axe: "It will come."

Starke:: "I suppose we should prepare in the meantime. If I was able to mostly slay the beast as a mortal, as a God finishing a diminished version off should be very doable."

Axe: "So they hope. A Hero and the divine Starke to end the beast and purge the poisonlands."

Starke:: "So what do you know of this Jax. I was considering having him be my first priest."

Axe: "He is the Hero this cycle."

Starke:: "I have already granted him some power, perhaps I should try and replace the Beast's power within him with my own."

Axe: "It was never the Beasts. It was stolen before. We freed it. The beast needs its power, the maiden's power, and the Hero's power to become a Power again."

Axe: "Even my power is somehow tied in with theirs."

Starke:: "Interesting. Well, when we slay the beast, I may be able to take its remaining power for my own then."

Axe: "Maybe. None have returned from seeking its lair, though. It will run as a coward will if the Hero begins to best it."

Starke:: "Then we will hurt it, and track it, and then kill it. In the meantime, let us prepare."

Starke returned the Axe to Jax, then spoke for the first time in minutes. "I have already given you the beginning of my gift, but before I grant you more there is something you must understand. I have transcended mortality, the cosmos has made me divine. In you, what I desire is not an apprentice or a student, but a priest. Are you willing and prepared to take up this role?

Asking Jax if he's ready to become a Starke's first priest.

Valhawk fucked around with this message at Oct 15, 2017 around 20:01

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.

Arianrhod - Inside the Lost Woods

That was interesting. Either that other astral being was the culprit behind the haint infestation, or she probably at least knew something about it. Still, she had promised to find this victim and that was her first priority. Knowing the haints were tethered to the ground was a huge help, at the very least it means you could outrun any one or three, hopefully.

Arianrhod allows her concentration to lapse and feels herself being pulled back, back across the astral realm to her corporeal form. Waking up with a throbbing headache and an awful taste in her mouth, she rises to her feet and prepared to put her newfound knowledge to rescuing this man. She nibbles a little more of the mushroom, this time a smaller dose. Her eyes roll back in her head and then resume their normal place as she attempts to expand her mind.

Going back to my body and trying to activate Astral Vision using [Druidism+2] to navigate the haint infestation and rescue the guy.

Ronwayne fucked around with this message at Oct 12, 2017 around 22:54

Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

Diona- Salina, The Great Desert

Diona grinned at the question.

"What did I do? I clapped my hands, weren't you paying attention haha!" her laughter was a bright, good-natured and pleasant sounding thing, "But that's not the answer you wanted is it? Sure, I can bite, it's your party after all. See, I am Diona, Goddess of Festivals, and I used some of my God Power to make your party a bit more fun by the way of making there be less corpses hopefully", she grinned, then scratched her chin a bit, "And to be honest? It's a bit unfair I think that you guys can't even contribute. You know, I'm pretty sure I could like, whip up some sorts of party servitor spirits to help you out? Wouldn't that be nice yeah? Let's try it out."

"Maybe then I will even be cool enough to be taken to your leader, huh?", she added, with just the slightest bit of friendly ribbing smarm in her voice without coming across as mocking.

And then she once again clapped her hands.

Diona reveals her identity because she does not really feel like hiding it. Festivity [+2] to populate the festival with servitor spirits powered by the revelry that keep care of people and fill their drinks and what have you as long as people are having a good time. If the party dies down, they too go dormant until it begins anew.

Jun 23, 2011

Vamer - Lich’s Lair, Island Black

A dry, rattling laugh escapes from Vamer's lips. "Did you expect that to work? You'd of had little chance of it before I changed. It was no mere ritual or undertaking I took. I have ascended to godhood, true godhood and not some pretentious state like some have before. You can kneel in service like the others who seek to usurp me will, or face true death." He gives Landers a pointed look.

Vamer just laughs and shrugs it off. The vampire can kneel and swear service or face Landers.

Jul 11, 2016

Corinthian - The Docks - Ruined Metropolis

"Yes! YES! I wish to "survey the damage", that's all I've ever wanted. Take me to the damage One! ... Goddamit!"


A quick stroll brought Corinthian and One to a room ruined by fire, full of conduits and electrical machinery. Corinthian stared about the room in wonder.

"You know, this is ... This is actually quite advanced. Hmmm .... Yes. Some might even call it very advanced. This is some sort of perpetual motion engine." He petted a couple of the machine parts, a far away look in his eye. "One. Why do you have a perpetual motion engine?"

This Engine's Function Is To Provide Electrical Power For All Purposes Necessary For Optimal Function Of The Facility."

"Don't you sass me One! 'Our Perpetual Motion Engine is for powering the facility, master.' - I know that! I didn't think you were using it back cupcakes! I want to know- You know what? .... I don't care anymore. Get out of my sight One. Go up to shore, fill up a bucket with salt water from the ocean, wait twenty minutes and then bring the bucket of salt water down here to me. Do you think you can do that One? It's a pretty simple job, right? And while your doing that i'll just stay down here and, oh I don't know, FIX YOUR GODDAMN PERPETUAL MOTION ENGINE!! ... No big deal or anything. Its all totally cool. Yeah, I think we split up responsibilities on this perfect. You know, each to the best of their abilities."

... "Go away One."
Corinthian is taking another shot at using Artifacture [+2] to restore the docks central power to optimal levels by repairing their broken engine. He has also ordered One to go and fetch a pail of water.

Sep 14, 2013

Ur Tau Mica - Self, Fertile Plains

The mountain was perturbed. The dust cloud clearly didn’t get that it wasn’t the only being in this land. As Ur Tau Mica watched this ‘wind bandit’ drift closer and closer, he prepared a more potent message. He tore into the ground below. Pulled at the earth from beneath, but making sure that the surface didn’t tear; not yet. He could feel the other earth elementals pushing against him for disturbing their rest, but it did them little good. The ground rumbled from his attempts but the surface stayed untorn. Then Ur Tau waited before springing his trap on the wind bandit.

The replica slowly smacked its arms against the ground as if to signal to the human of his trap. And the ground split open...

Ur Tau will attempt to trap this stubborn wind bandit in a sinkhole. Or if that doesn't work, spook him into leaving. [+2 Mountain] I think should go into laying him down..

Jun 13, 2003

there may be people who
find a blender sexy - I
would do well with a more
humanoid model, myself

Airagh - ???, Very Lost

Airagh travels far, the waters turning to poison muck. The air laden with chemicals. Nothing that can bear life could live this close to the Source and tell the tale. Even for a god this place is disgusting. More travels, upriver and upwind. Finally it appears over a hilltop.

Shiny metal… things flit back and forth between the buildings. Seemingly carrying varying loads of cargo. You cannot see any living beings outside the structures.

The picture is not intended to be an exact representation, just an idea. Please include your location in your header. You run games I shouldn’t have to tell you.

Sister Jessica - Gnoll Settlement(Gnerk), Temperate Forest | 1 MP

They trust that your healing gift is working. Nobody actually wants to test it. Your hunting party tracks back to the edge of the Demonwood and enters. The area within feels hostile and unclean. The air itself is unwholesome. There is an evil lurking here, the main host of which is some ways off in the center…

Suddenly arrows fly from the ill-looking brush. An Ambush! Several of your group drop to the ground groaning. One such arrow hits you. It hurts, tainted with demonic power. You pull it out and heal the wound instantly, but the sting and scar of it remain.

The healing works as a bonus feat, they can do it once a day. Like a cure light wounds(self). Ya’ll also got ambushed.

Wegirn - Klomin, Tropical Archipelago, Marketplace

There seemed no suitable place on the island, and this was an island of trade. Others came here to trade. As such those that lived here did not have need for building ships. Folau offered a suggestion. “Another Island has the tools to build the ship you seek. Maybe it could be the home and school you seek?”

She is referring to the boat. You didn’t get a successful roll but enough to toss a suggestion your way.

Murmur - Corneria, Northern Plains

All over potential villains scheme and plot.

-A King’s younger brother desires the Throne.

-A leper wishes a plague upon those who spit on him.

-A young witch channels her power and attempts to make contact with dark forces.

Penny had the item. Time would tell. Three baddie ideas. Or make your own.

Hilary - Strange Mountain, Northern Mountains

Much of the computer system is corrupted or just programs to operate various parts of the facility. The logs of various humans depict the place as an old military installation. It was supposed to be a fallback position in case of a prolonged war against DATA CORRUPT. The logs end after a certain date, but no mention of the fate of the facility or its inhabitants is mentioned.

Shinystudy does not have much success on his first day of instruction. He is enthusiastic but has no real practice at teaching.

You get access to low-level systems. Doors, food dispensers, lights, water, etc. A bit of info about the facility.

Garland Grey - Besieged Big’Un Settlement, Badlands

”BE FREE” The feedback from so many Big’Uns at once amplifies your psychic field. Another wave, weaker but still potent, more than doubles your own primary field. Within the field, apart from you but within your awareness, the Big’Un minds mingle. The lost and those who have fought for them all these long years reuniting. A moment of confusion, sorrow, happiness…

And then Rage. Brilliant, pure, and blinding. When it subsides what remains of the army is in full retreat with the freed Big’Uns, almost feral in their anger, chase after them. Ona stumbles to the ground, weakened by the experience.

You had a decent success. Then I rolled for the half-giants. 20. Years or decades of repressed anger and resentment boil over in an instant.

Starke - Klibariko, Bluffs

“Gladly, Starke.” He bows his head. “But first we must deal with whatever form the beast takes this time. With you here we should be able to end this for good.”

Almost as if on cue a giant green flaming bird begins to circle the village.

A girl in white robes walks over, frightened. Her eyes roll back in her head. A oracle. She stares through you. “You will not kill the beast. You will not kill the master.” She faints.

I feel okay with not giving much since I advanced you so far with a convo instead.

Arianrhod - Inside the Lost Woods

Avoiding the haints is an easy business with the sight enabled. It is only once you reach the trapped man do you realize you share his predicament. One can enter this particular group of haints, but the way they congregate one cannot get past them without suffering their life-draining touch.

Eh, half credit on the roll. The man is unconscious, pants soiled, but doesn’t look like they drained him much.

Diona- Salina, The Great Desert

They look to the new servants, dozens of them, magical sprites just serving food and beverages. Caring for those who have partied a bit too hard. They nod and take you to their camp as the sun sets. Over the dunes a fair distance a bunch of ringed depressions in the dirt writhe as persons in varying states of decay rise. Your companions are revealed in the dark to be actually bone-white skeletons.

“So. The party is actually cursed. We died here, but the legend of the party endures. If any of them die here, they rise to party after nightfall. The originals, us, are okay. We can even suffer the daylight. The new ones, though, are less friendly to the living and remember even less over time. If we are lucky they don’t even realize at first and are found the next morning. So we send off revelers and remove the dead before nightfall.”

Yay party sprites. Also they confide a dark and terrible secret to you.

Vamer - Lich’s Lair, Island Black

The Vampire turns and runs a sword through Landers’ blackened heart. It isn’t enough to kill him but it certainly sets him back a moment. The Vampire is rushing at Kled who, surprised and new at this, is struggling to summon a magical defense.

The Vampire is going after your servants. Kidnap Kled? Turn him? Kill him? Don’t know!

Corinthian - The Docks - Ruined Metropolis

Finding replacement parts was nigh impossible. Fortunately your powers of artifacture were working at nearly peak efficiency and you could create the tools and materials you needed at will. The only thing missing as your power wanes is salt water to fill the middle shell of the geo-magical orrey-gyro.

One comes up the way driving a fork truck with several barrels of water on it. “Is this amount sufficient for your needs, Commander?”

You start it, it hums, poo poo starts shorting out everywhere. What doesn’t is powered nicely.

Ur Tau Mica - Self, Fertile Plains

The ground collapses underneath the dust cloud and once everything is settled it is no longer visible on the horizon.

You feel several things drop into the hole, though. They have yet to get up but you can feel breathing.


Sep 14, 2011

I've earned my fee. Ta-ta!

Sister Jessica - Gnoll Settlement(Gnerk), Temperate Forest | 1 MP

Jessica's heart ached in sympathy as she watched the arrows take the wind out of several of her companions. Only the sharp stab of pain as an arrow lanced into her thigh managed to snap her back into the moment. She stumbled but managed to catch her balance before she collapsed, and wrenched the barbed shaft from her skin. There was a brief flash of red in her vision before she quelled her anger. It was the dark taint of this place forcing her enemy's hands. It was her duty to save them from it if she could, not have them slain in a fit of pique.

She turned towards the detritus where the ambush had been sprung and made a curt chopping motion with her hand. She followed up with a silent gesture for her followers to fall back with the wounded, and circle around behind the archers. They knew she wanted their foes alive if possible but this was no time to make unreasonable demands. They would act as they saw best and she would trust them to it.

Jessica herself raised her arms to her sides and began to walk forward. "Hold your fire, I beg you! I mean you no harm. My name is Jessica, and I wish only to treat with your leader. Can there be a peace?"

Martyr -2 as Jessica acts as a distraction and attempts to parley. She does not expect any better reaction than she got back in Gnerk from the demon-touched gnoll woman, but she has hope in her heart. If they decide she must die, she will simply trust her nascent divinity will preserve her long enough for her warriors to counter-ambush them.

Mar 4, 2016

There he is!

Wegirn - Klomin, Tropical Archipelago, Pier

"Well then, we will make for that island then. While we are on the way, you can tell me everything you know about what has happened in the world since last I walked it, and we can get a measure of our potential students here."

Wegirn leads his little troupe to a pier as soon as everyone is packed and ready, so that they might find a suitable passage to the island of shipwrights, wherever it may be. A bit of haggling would certainly see them on board, hopefully. After all, a group of adventurous young men and one of the wisest of the whole island (and a god a strange new voice in his mind stated) would be sure to benefit the journey rather than hinder it!

I'll use Skald +2 to show off my knowledge of old sailing stories and general knowledge of being on boats, both to try and sign us up on a vessel that way and hopefully assist in the journey there.


Jun 17, 2007

Toilet Rascal

Airagh - ???, The place from which the pollution comes, the mysterious settlement producing all manner of toxic foulness and effluvium, the execrable mark upon all that lives and grows.

Big, perhaps bigger than she had hoped, but not necessarily too big to be dealt with. Such an abundance, a neverending stream of vile corruption! It would take a voracious appetite indeed to match it, perhaps to quell it. There was, to her mind, little hope in getting those here to change their ways, but it was the symptom that needed treating here, rather than poking around in the underlying cause.

So, she turned her particular powers inwards, shaping new life and fostering the growth of a new spirit entity. One that hungered for all this disgusting pollution, one that would never truly be satisfied, that sought to consume every ounce, every particle, every drop of toxic byproduct this place could produce and then some. Let it process the foulness into a harmless form and thrive upon doing so, an undying spirit set to be the guardian and watcher of this place, doing no harm to it, but consuming all that it discards into the environment.

This would be painful for her...

Using Maternity +2 to gestate and birth a spirit entity with a voracious appetite for all this pollution, which will thrive on it, leave the source unharmed, and excretes it harmlessly, scoured of its toxic sting or corruptive taint.

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