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Alien Rope Burn
Dec 4, 2004

I wanna be a saikyo HERO!

Jean Grey
PP: 0 | XP: 3

"Well, hopefully you'll get the chance again.", Jean says to Rita. "I find it's best to jump at-"

But then she goes quiet, looking to Pyotr. "Pete?", she asks out loud, though it's more an utterance of concern than an actual query. Her eyes flick to Emma for a moment, swimming with suspicion, and then communicates to Peter. . o O (Pete, what in- your thoughts are-), she starts. (- this isn't right.)

Her eyes flick over to Emma. Well. She had to know what was on the surface, there, and she didn't have time to hesitate. But she was distracted by her concern, her mind split.

Rolled to try and read Emma's thoughts, using Team d10 + Heart of the Team d4 + Telepathy d10 + Psych Expert d8, and... 4 with a d4 effect and three opportunities. Well. She gets a PP, at least.


Oct 23, 2010

Me "IRL"

PP: 1|XP: 6| Stress:

Blink's eyes went wide at the exchange, even as Jane taunted about the five dollars. Clarice couldn't really be blamed for missing it, since she was pretty much transfixed by the entire thing that was going on.

This was way above what she expected Pyotr would do, even for someone he was into. Something felt off.

One of the most important senses that a thief can develop is a heightened sense of knowing when the get the gently caress out of a situation before it becomes too hinky. And that sense was going off like a firehouse just got called into a wildfire. Heck, Pyotr himself had told her to open a portal to get everybody out, which seemed like a really good idea, except it was coming from the guy who had just set things off, like gangbusters.

All at once she got to her feet. Jane had run off to get the Professor, whether that be to follow Pyotr's orders or maybe for backup, Clarice wasn't sure. But Clarice wasn't going to make that portal. Not yet. Not while the pieces were falling into place like a tumbler finally lining up to open up a vault. (which was, in retrospect, a bad metaphor since Clarice usually just teleported into the vaults bodily, but...)

"Pyotr! Enough of this - wh...what do you think you're doing!?" Aw, hell, she had picked up a few snippits on her travels, best to try and reason with him on his level. "Это не ты, Pyotr!" She was sure her pronunciation was off but it was tough enough using English and not her local patois, so, whatever.

Gonna take 3 xp for refusing that order, chief.

Fuego Fish
Dec 5, 2004

By tooth and claw!

Emma's mind was not easy to get into, even for Jean. There was some sort of static there. A never-ending cycle of numbers with no discernible pattern, slight variations now and again, and there was something almost machine-like about it. Like a computer program, engineered to keep psychics out.

The young woman herself rolled her eyes at Pyotr and patted him on the arm. "That's very sweet of you, I'm sure, but that's a luxury we can't afford. Cho, do be a dear and sign the board. I'll sign it too. Does anyone have a marker?"

Rita very cautiously began to raise her hand.

Jean can have that PP, I will bank it for later when the doom pool becomes necessary.

Oct 16, 2004

"I'm the boss of space. That's plenty."

PP: 1| XP: 5

Pyotr narrowed his eyes at Emma as she spoke to him like that. "Do not talk to me about what we can afford. I am risking everything I have built since coming to this country. I-" he paused and looked over at Clarice and- Rita. God, he was feeling terrible. It was like he was pulled up in some incredible current that was pulling him out to sea.

"Clarice, please- We need to get Illyanna out of here-" he grunted. God, it was all going wrong. "This is not a kidnapping. This is a hostage rescue. This is my sister and- and I need to get her out of here and somewhere safe."

He had the look of someone that was improvising the most important thing they'd ever done. It was a mix of terror and panic.

"Please. Get us out of here and I will explain everything that I can."

Fuego Fish
Dec 5, 2004

By tooth and claw!

"Thank you, darling," Emma said to Rita, taking the offered marker and cajoling Cho into signing the board as if this was a perfectly normal thing to be doing. "It's quite true, I would like to get out of here as soon as possible, because they did put a bomb in my head."

She paused after signing the board, tapping the pen against her lips thoughtfully. "Well, not a physical bomb. More of a... kill switch, I guess? But when I heard we were supposed to be assassinating a psychic, I figured two birds, one stone, as the saying goes. Shouldn't be too hard to defuse, right? Although there is a time limit."

The Professor was waving away the press with a taut smile as Wolverine approached. Apologies, Ms. Doe, but I try not to resort to point-blank mind control under most circumstances, let alone when I'm on camera. But we should have privacy for the time being, I hope. Perhaps Clarice would be kind enough to extract us all before things get too troublesome? Oh, and I will have to apologise to poor Rita...

Back at the event hall, Dominic was getting to his feet. Unsteadily, sure, but that wasn't to be expected. Getting up at all wasn't supposed to be in the cards. He did not seem happy. But he didn't seem all that hurt, either. Battered, certainly, but not hurt.

"Mm, that's White Bishop for you," said Emma, sounding mildly concerned. She handed the board over to Rita nonchalantly, who managed to have the presence of mind to stuff it in her bag immediately. Emma positioned herself behind Pyotr and gave a sort of embarrassed shrug towards the rest of the X-Men. "Very durable."

Doom Pool: 2d6 1d10


Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

PP: 4 | XP: 14

Jane looks a little askance at that, then mentally asks, So I'm guessing we weren't just here to watch a chess match, huh.

She doesn't wait for an answer, focusing her attention instead on the strange bits of micro-sensory input she might have missed up until now. She can vaguely make out the sounds of someone pulling themselves off a wall Frost's manager, no doubt and that means he's probably more of a problem than he looks. That means... she's not quite sure. It means something. It might even mean he has friends. If he does, though, Jane's pretty drat confident that she can pick them out of the crowd and maybe turn the tables before Kia, Rene, and everyone else get caught in a crossfire.

Dice pool: d8 Best There Is, d10 Solo, d10 Superhuman Senses, d10 Covert Master.

Scope things out: 1#1d8 4 3#1d10 9 5 5

That's a 14 with a d10 to create an asset like "eyes on the exit" or something like that.

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