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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

PP: 4 | XP: 20

Jane laughs at that, "Well, I'd rather nobody get all shot up, but better me than you. Ready when you are, Blink."


Oct 23, 2010

Me "IRL"

PP: 1|XP: 10| Stress:

Okay, okay, lots of people talking to her in and out of her head. Clarice's heart was beating like a hummingbird's wings. But okay, that was fine for now.

"Okay, here we go, quick jaunt for you two and then....phew...public transportation." Truth be told, Blink was a little worried - she had never HAD to open this many portals in rapid succession before, she wasn't entirely sure she'd be able to handle it. least she wasn't being shot at, so...

Deep breath. Portal open. In and out, at least for her. I mean, it'd be great if Jane and Rene weren't seen, too, but especially if Clarice wasn't noticed right away, so she tried to remember a spot where the weird gunbots weren't, at least last time she was there.


"All aboard!"

Mercurial Moods d8, Team d6, Teleport 2d8, Covert Expert d10, spending a PP for another d6 to create a Portal Asset for Wolfsbane and Wolverine, and stepping up the effect dice.

@LifeGetsWorser: 3d8+1d10+2d6 Ferrying Wolvie and Wolfy = (7+6+2)+(4)+(3+4) = 26

Not too bad, a 13 with a d12 Effect dice for the Portal.

Aug 31, 2006

PP: 1 > 0 | XP: 2 | Stress

Kia waves Jane and Rene off as Blink portal's them away, and after they're gone, she flies up high enough to get a good view of the outside grounds of the mansion. Jane and Rene are tough, but they'll need all the help they can get dealing with the gunbots. She could rain down lighting upon them, like an angry goddess, but it's too risky, and she could accidentally hit something she didn't mean to, so she decides to go with a different approach. "Okay, Kia, calm down," she takes a deep breath, "You can do this. Just remember what they taught you." She closes her eyes, and begins to focus, and soon, a heavy fog begins to envelop the area outside the mansion, covering it in a heavy mist.

After creating the fog, she sends a quick mental message to the team . o O (Don't worry about the fog. Just a bit of weather manipulation from yours truly. Should help our two feral girls take down the bots outside.) With their heightened senses, fighting through the fog should be no problem. The bots, on the other hand, might find it a lot harder to see.

Rolling to create a Fog Asset. d8 Strong-Willed Girl, d10 Team, d12 Weather Supremacy, d8 Combat Expert. That's a 13 with a d12 effect and no opportunities. Spending a PP to make it last for the scene.

Dec 30, 2010

Another 1? Aww man...

PP: 3 | XP: 8

Faced with the mansion's attackers, Lee freezes. A grotesque facsimile of a SWAT team, come to take her remaining home: it's a nightmare amalgam of her lowest moments come to life.

Why bother, then, the darkness asks, seeping in from the edges of her mind. Why do anything? You'll just wind up back here, again. Forever. Until it finally kills you too.

"gently caress off!" The sound of the shattering windows breaks Lee from her stillness, and she throws her hands up ahead of her as she shouts, casting plasmoids across the mansion's front lawn. That the attackers are caught in it is less than an afterthought.

Solo d8, Firecracker d4 (+1 PP), d10 Energy Blast (Full Force), 3d6 Area Attack, d8 Combat Expert: 21 (-1 PP) w/ d8, d6, d6 & d4 Physical Stress effect dice, no opportunities.

Fuego Fish
Dec 5, 2004

By tooth and claw!

The intruders before Lee are utterly, thoroughly incinerated. Nothing left but a few scraps of still-smouldering material and scraps of metal. They made no sound, no reaction at all as they burned, still going through the motions as they were obliterated. Whatever they were, they weren't human, or even machines. There wasn't much left of them, but it was clear that there ought to have been more left if those combat suits had been packed with robotics.

Out in the grounds, Blink stepped back to where she had been, with Wolverine and Wolfsbane in tow this time. Not exactly where she had been, to avoid any more gunfire, but close enough that all three of them could see shapes moving unevenly through the fog that had risen up.

Now that she was closer, Wolverine could pick up a faint scent from these intruders, whatever they were. It wasn't a familiar scent at all, not even tickling the ruined memories in the back of her mind. Amid the scent of oil on the guns and the fabric weave was... dirt. Not regular dirt, though. It had this damp, organic factor to it. Something a little like mud or clay, but still off. It was nothing that occurred in nature.

Barring the alarm still going off, everything was quiet in Xavier's study. He wasn't moving, neither was Emma/Illyana. Which is why it was so difficult for Pyotr to catch what she said, her voice barely a whisper, her lips slow to move.

"Я видел тебя на телевидении," she said, eyes still closed. "Вы безошибочно. Я никогда не чувствовал себя так счастливым."

Unsteadily she lifted her hand, straining with the effort, and was relieved but not surprised when she found it being held. Eyes still closed, she smiled faintly. There was no mistaking whose hand that was. "Я старался не реагировать на то, чтобы видеть тебя там. Но я хотел дать тебе самое большое объятие. Моя жизнь была довольно несчастной."

She took a short, sharp breath and twitched, as if someone had just poked her. It took her a moment to return to her train of thought, although it had apparently switched tracks. "Savez-vous ce que la formation d'espionnage est comme? C'est littéralement le pire."

The Professor cleared his throat lightly. "My fault there, sorry. Your sister has a very keen intellect, you know."

"Je vous remercie. Je suis désolé d'avoir été envoyé pour te tuer."

"A peine ta faute, hein?" The Professor replied, and Illyana twitched again. "Sorry, Pyotr, but you'll have to manage for now."

"Manage with what? Oh, I see." Illyana sounded stronger than when she had started talking, but was still hardly the effervescent person she'd been back when Emma Frost had walked so confidently out onto the stage. "I don't think I have the energy for complicated words, anyway."

Sorry for the inexcusable delay on this, but I've been prepping to move house and it is stressful and exhausting.
Doom Pool: 3d6

Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

PP: 4 | XP: 23

As Wolverine ponders the figures in the fog, particularly their unusual scent, she quickly comes to a realization: while it sounds like early efforts to repel the invading puppets (or whatever it is they are) have been successful in other parts of the estate, things are going to get way too dangerous if they let the invasion continue unchecked. If she can pull them off into the fog, get them hunting phantoms, that should give everyone holding the mansion a leg up when push comes to shove. She pulls Wolfbane close, muttering, "Time to play Predator. Follow my lead, hit and move, disrupt their formation. Speed is gonna be key." The hold lingers just a touch too long to be completely chaste, then Jane bops her on the shoulder... though she does need to get up on her tip-toes to reach. Rene is quite a bit taller when she wolves up. "Let's enjoy the hunt, eh, Rene?"

A moment later, she melts into the fog covering everything. Kia was definitely thorough. It was more like a thick soup than whispy low-flying clouds. Using everything that she'd learned through the practice in the Danger Room, as well as her own considerable instincts and experience, she begins hunting the enemy. Inflicting damage isn't the priority, to be sure, though there's no way she'll pass up a target of opportunity along the way.

Dice Pool: d8 The Best There Is At What I Do, d8 Enhanced Reflexes, d8 Team, d10 Covert Master, d10 Adamantium Claws.

Playing Predator: 3#1d8 8 6 1 2#1d10 9 6
Fog Bank Asset: 1d12 11

Keeping 17 with a d12 effect to create a Harried and Hunted complication on the soldiers. One opportunity, hit my 3xp trigger.


Oct 16, 2004

"I'm the boss of space. That's plenty."

PP: 1| XP: 8

Where the hell was Sage?

He mumbled back to Illyanna right up until she switched languages. Wait. She didn't speak- Was that French?

He looked over at the Professor and then back again, feeling entirely too helpless.

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