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Absurd Alhazred
Mar 27, 2010

Love me, I'm a liberal!

Hey, this was just published on IndieWire. It's a summary of a panel Brosh-McKenna and Bloom were on in which there is a bit of reflection on past seasons and I think a bit of an idea of how Season 4 might start, although no specifics.


Feb 16, 2011

SirSamVimes posted:

While Season 3 had an absolutely amazing peak, I feel like it was overall kind of disappointing. I loved the stuff about Rebecca's personal journey, but the West Covina antics stuff felt weaker than ever. Also I have no idea why they decided it would be a good stuff to skip eight months of personal journey for all the side characters, that straight up killed what interest I had in their stories.

Not to mention that Beth feels like a complete non-character who exists solely to be a love interest and while Valencia certainly deserves one, Beth is so very boring and they have absolutely zero chemistry.
Season 3 definitely loses sight of its supporting cast, but I think that's a consequence of CW constantly messing with their episode order and poo poo.

Open Source Idiom
Jan 4, 2013

FactsAreUseless posted:

Season 3 definitely loses sight of its supporting cast, but I think that's a consequence of CW constantly messing with their episode order and poo poo.

Is this a thing that happened? I've never heard about it before.

Nov 28, 2000


College Slice

(It's been a few months so my recollections might be fuzzy, but) I feel like I'm the only one who was on the show's wavelength with the time-jump and also with Beth. I thought when Valencia first met Beth it was obvious Valencia was going to start dating her to take advantage of Beth's business connections, so the jump was just skipping over what the show had already indicated would happen. I never felt the need to see Beth as more than a device because I thought that's what she was to Valencia. (Not explicitly, but if you really pressed Valencia she'd admit on some level that's why they were together.) I didn't feel confused at all about their relationship after the jump.

As for Heather, we didn't need a full nine months of pregnancy storylines. She was pregnant and after the jump she was still pregnant.

Rebecca and Nathaniel were stuck in a holding pattern and the fact nothing had changed with them after so many months WAS the development.

For me the jump worked.

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