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Mar 31, 2005

Oven Wrangler

Hadlock posted:

How many pages do you get out of a toner cartridge

We had an old battle tank HP LaserJet II in the early 1990s which weighed at least 60 lbs, literally dropped it right on it's corner unloading it from my dad's truck from at least 40" onto the concrete driveway, continued to give trusty service for another 15 years until my mom finally threw it out, looks like you can still buy toner cartridges for it to this day

Toner cartridges were about $80 ($140 in 1990s money) but you would get about a thousand pages of book reports out of a cartridge

A lot. Purchased it in January 2019, and just replaced the toner last month with fairly regular use.

I bought aftermarket toner @$26 for a two-pack. Just had to swap the Brother chip to the toner cartridge so the printer is happy.


Statutory Ape
Sep 12, 2017

I've had great compatibility with brother printers across every platform I think. The person that mainly used the printer in the house was a Mac/iOS/ChromeOS user, but I set it up easily for them across all the platforms.

I use windows/android/ubuntu and it picked all of those up easily too.

May 5, 2003

like and subscribe for more passive-aggressive roadway bullshit adventure in Chigcao

PCjr sidecar posted:

Thanks for killing google cloud print, Google.
Having just learned this, ...

angryrobots posted:

The Brother laser printer I purchased last year was Mopria print certified and has worked seamlessly from our Android devices. After reading your post, I downloaded the Mopria app on my kid's Chromebook, set up the printer in the settings tab, and immediately printed a document. It took about 2 minutes start to finish. It's nice, the Mopria app will notify if there's a queue or error codes (so far only out of paper/ink). The app basically stays in the background, you just access print in whatever apps hamburger menu.

It has so far been a trouble free device. My wife's work windows laptop is connected to it via USB for ~reasons~ and we've printed wirelessly via Android, and from her computer at the same time with no issues, just queues up and goes.
... is this pretty much the solution?

(Mopria will still work next year, right?)

Dec 26, 2007

Google will be separating Chrome from Chrome OS. This should hopefully lengthen the lifespan of the devices.

Jun 24, 2007

Bote McBoteface. so what

I just hope that ends up applying to most if not all older CBs; I could see it being a thing (like Android or Linux app support) that they'd roll out to only recent devices. As it stands, the "end of support" thing is one of the biggest downsides to ChromeOS devices. It's particularly embarrassing considering you can install an up-to-date version of Windows 10 (to say nothing of one's favorite Linux distro) on pretty ancient hardware.


Dec 26, 2007

The original Pixelbook is out of stock on the US and UK Google Store.

This might be permanent as Google confirmed this to Engadget and is directing people to the Pixelbook Go now.

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