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Aug 31, 2006

Piper Steele, the Hunter


»» Who are you?

By day, I'm Piper Steele, an ordinary girl studying over at NYU, who's trying her best to juggle having a social life and not failing her classes.

By night, I'm Piper Steele, a hunter of monsters, and those who call themselves The Corrupted.

It's... a long story.


»» How long have you been in the city?

Just about my whole life, actually. I was born and raised here, and I'm currently living on my own. Don't really have much in the way of family. Mom passed away while I was still young, and dad... well, I'll get to what happened to my dad in a bit.


»» How did you become a hunter?

I was kinda born into it.

The Steele family's been hunting monsters for generations now. We try our best to protect those who need protecting, and to punish those who would bring harm to the innocents. Or at least, that's what my dad would tell me, anyways.

My dad, Jack Steele, started training me when I was... 15, I think? Whether I wanted to be trained or not didn't matter. "We are the bringers of Light to this world, and we are the only ones who can push back against the incoming Darkness. It is our family's responsibility to protect this city, and make sure that no harm come to it's people," is what he'd tell me. Being a Steele meant more than being a hunter of monsters; it meant being a protector, and my dad took his role as a protector very seriously. He'd always make some big, corny speech about duty and responsibility and all that, and I'd always get a little embarrassed when he does that, but... I dunno, as corny and lame as my dad would get, I always... kinda looked up to him.

...I was 19 when it happened. My dad was telling me he may have found a way to end The Corrupted once and for all, and he was heading off somewhere to confirm it. He never told me where he was going, but he told me he'd be back in a few days, and so I waited... but he never returned.

My dad... just disappeared. Nobody knew where he went. He just... vanished without a trace, and nobody knows if he's alive or dead. My dad was gone... and I was all alone now.

...I don't think my dad is dead. I think- no, I know that he's still out there, somewhere. Call it denial, but I refuse to believe that someone as tough and as stubborn as my dad could just lying dead in a ditch somewhere. It's just not like him. I'll find him, and I'll find the truth of what happened to him, but until then, I'm going to continue on his work. I might not be as experienced, or as strong as he is, but that's not going to stop me from trying my hardest to protect this city, like he would.


»» What do you hunt, primarily?

My dad calls them The Corrupted, and they're the closest my family has to an arch-nemesis, I guess. The Corrupted are... well, they're like beings, people, who have allowed themselves to be, well, corrupted by dark magic, mostly for the sake of power, and my family has been battling them for far longer than any of us can remember, and just recently, my dad started working together with The Lighthouse to help deal with them. Apparently the wizards over there don't much care for people wielding such dark, destructive power, either.


»» What are their strengths and weaknesses?

They are strong. Like, crazy strong. When a Corrupted goes wild and unleashes their power, then... well, you better hope you're not anywhere near them when it happens, but for all the power they have, most of them can't really wield it properly. They either use too much power, and tire themselves out quickly, or they can't focus it, and their power ends up consuming them.

Notice how I said most of them. There are a few who have total control over their power, and they... they are some of the frightening beings I have ever met. The amount of power they hold is... it's immense, and I've only barely managed to win against a few of them, and that was mostly because of dad's sword. Nightsbane, a sword that was passed down my family for generations, enchanted by an ancient wizard, has the power to counter The Corrupted's magic... but only if the wielder is properly trained in using it, which I am not. At all. Dad only got to train me a little with the sword before he disappeared, and I... still can't use it as well as he can. I still have a lot to learn, that's for sure.


»» What terrible thing have you done to yourself to help even the playing field?

Uh, wow, way to open up that old wound. Can't we talk about something else? Something less embarrassing, maybe?

...No? You really want to know what I did? Ugh, fiiiiinnnnne.

...It was when my first time fighting a high-level Corrupted, the kind that can control their magic. I was... let's just say I was not as prepared as I thought for the fight, and I... I ended up using that to help me get an edge in the fight. You see, my family... we have a bit of the same dark magic that The Corrupted use inside of us, but we swore to never use it, telling ourselves that we'd never become like them. It's forbidden to use the dark power inside of us, but I... I had no choice. They were threatening someone. Someone I really cared about, and if I didn't use a bit of it, then they would have... they would have...

...I don't regret it. If if I ever find my dad, he'll probably be disappointed in me, but... I wasn't going to let a friend die for my own screw-ups. If I have to live with that dark magic swirling inside of me for the rest of my life, then so be it. I'll just have to learn to deal with it, then.

OOC Note: If Piper gets in, I figure the person she saved can either be one of the PCs or an NPC made for the situation. Either would be fine with me.


»» How are you like them?

Uh, you mean aside from the fact that I've got the same dark magic they use inside of me? I guess... hm, one thing I've noticed about The Corrupted is, well, that a lot of them are willing to go really far to protect whatever they think is important to them, and I guess... I guess I can understand what it means to do anything to save something that's precious to you. Doesn't make what they're doing right, but... I guess I can understand where some of them are coming from, and that's... that's something I don't exactly like admitting.


»» What do you want from the Big Apple?

Some coffee would be nice, but aside from that... a part of me wants to live a normal life. Do you know how hard it is to juggle university work, monster hunting, and having a social life? It's not easy, and I... just want a break from it all sometimes. From the pressure, from The Corrupted, from... well, everything. It just feels like there's no end to them, you know? Every time I take one down, another one pops up, and I just wonder if I'm actually making a difference. I wish I could've asked my dad how he dealt with it, but I guess it's too late for that now.

...Speaking of my dad, I want to find out what happened to him. If he really did find a way to deal with The Corrupted, then... then maybe I actually have a chance to live an ordinary life, away from all the pressure. Probably not, but it's nice to dream sometimes.


»» Why is the city the best place to find whatever it is?

Say what you will about New York, but if there's one thing it's not lacking, it's information. My dad had a lot of contacts over the city, and they make the fight against The Corrupted and whatever else I might have to face off against a lot easier. They provide me with the information, and equipment, that I need.

I've learned my lesson now, and I've made sure to always be prepared for anything that comes my way.


»» What are you afraid might happen as you try to get what you want?

I'm... afraid of becoming like them. Like The Corrupted. I've already used that power once, and I still remember how it felt. The rush of power I felt was amazing, it was beyond words, and the temptation to use it again has only grown stronger in time, but I know, if I do use it for a second time... then I don't know if I can ever come back from it. I'll become the thing that I hate, and that... it's something that keeps me up often at night.


Name: Piper Steele
Look: Female, Caucasian, Casual Clothing
Demeanor: Friendly

Blood +1
Heart +0
Mind +2
Spirit -1

Lighthouse: +2
Queens Guard: +1
Cartel: -1
Tribunal: +0

- Book Learnin’: When you encounter a supernatural creature, roll with Mind. On a hit, the MC will tell you a bit about it and how it can be killed. On a 10+, ask the MC a follow-up question; they will answer it honestly. On a miss, you misread the creature; the MC tells you how.

- This Way!: When you lead people out of danger, roll with Blood. On a 10+, you all get away safely. On a 7-9, you get hurt or one of them gets hurt (you choose). On a miss, everyone’s safe but you; you’re left behind and the way out is closed to you.

- Prepared for Anything: You have a well-stocked armory, full of modern and ancient weapons. Take another custom weapon or add another add-on to each of your custom weapons.

»» A lovely apartment, dad's hold muscle car, a cell phone
»» Holy Repeating Crossbow: Blessed, Semi-automatic, High-powered (3-harm close/far +holy -reload)
»» Dad's old enchanted sword, Nightsbane: Head, Bladed, Enchanted (3-harm hand +anchored)
»» Concealed Silver Blades: Bladed, Silvered, Hidden (2-harm hand +silver +concealable)

»» Someone has enlisted you to protect them from something very dangerous. They owe you a Debt.
»» Someone keeps you equipped and supplied. You owe them 2 Debts.
»» You consider someone a friend even though the friendship keeps bringing you trouble. They owe you a Debt.

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Aug 31, 2006

thelazyblank posted:

Piper Steele

How do the Corrupted act around the city? Are they masterminds with plots and goals, rogue elements who just destroy and take, both? Do any of them live normal lives for any extended amount of time or is there an inevitable decline to their ability to function?

As of right now, I've only dealt with Corrupted who just use their powers to destroy everything around them, and take whatever they want, but my dad has told me stories of Corrupted who use their powers in more subtle ways, manipulating things from the shadows. According to my dad, those are the most dangerous ones to deal with because they have a better understanding of their powers than most Corrupted, and can use it in ways that the others can't. My dad called them the Shadow Lords (Look, I didn't come up with the name, okay? That's just what our family calls them.), and they are those who have fully embraced the corrupted magic inside of them, casting aside whatever humanity they have left for absolute power.

If there are Corrupted who try to live normal lives, then I haven't seen any, and the one time I asked my dad about it, he just... went silent. He never gave me a clear answer, and I never found out why. All I really know is that the more they use their powers, the more they start to decline, until they eventually turn into a pure being of mindless destruction.


So, you don't have your parents, and I imagine siblings are out of the question. What about extended family? Is this tradition of dealing with the Corrupted just from parents to child or is there anything past that? How about friends, both in the know and outside of it?

The closest thing I have to an extended family is Aunt Jenny on my mom's side. Aunt Jenny is a good person, and I really appreciated her being there for me after my dad disappeared, but she's not really aware of our little family tradition. My dad didn't want to get an innocent like Aunt Jenny involved in our ongoing battle against the Corrupted, so he never told her, which makes explaining away all the cuts and bruises to her really awkward.

It's always been tradition for the parent to pass down the sword to their next of kin, and it's pretty much been like that for... centuries now, I think. There's not really much to it. As for friends outside of 'work,' hahaha, yea, wouldn't that be nice. I know a few people at university, but there's nobody I'm really close to there. It's a little hard to socialize with other people when you're juggling university work and monster hunting at the same time. The only person I'm really close to is Aunt Jenny, who, like I've mentioned before, doesn't know anything about my little side-venture as a hunter.


If you had to choose, would you choose finding your father over living a normal life? How much would you give up for either? Both?

...That's.... hm.

...I think, if it came down to my father, or a normal life... I'd choose my father. As nice as a normal life, without having to worry about fighting super-powered monsters, would be, my dad... is way more important to me. He and Aunt Jenny were my only family growing up, and honestly, I don't know what I'd do without them, but if there was a way to find my dad and live a normal life, then I'd...

...No, no, I shouldn't think like that. Besides, there's no way I could ever go back to having a regular life now. No matter how much I want it, I have a responsibility to deal with the Corrupted, and anything else that would threaten the innocent, and I can't just... abandon that all. I need to make sure that people like Aunt Jenny stay safe, and no harm ever comes to them. I need to keep soldiering on.... just like my father would.



»» Alexhas enlisted you to protect them from something very dangerous. They owe you a Debt.

There's this one, particularly powerful Corrupted who wants Alex. What they want with her, I don't know, but I'm guessing it has something to do with her fate weaving powers, and the way they've been going after her is... very unusual for a Corrupted. They haven't attacked her yet, not directly. Instead, they've been sending other Corrupted, and other nasty things, after her, to capture her. I don't think I've ever seen a Corrupted go through this much trouble to capture one person before.

I've been trying to find out the identity of the Corrupted, but so far, all I've gotten is a name. The Ascended. I haven't been able to find anything else about them, though, but even then, I'm not going to let them lay a single hand on Alex while I'm still around.


»» Fernweh keeps you equipped and supplied. You owe them 2 Debts.

Fern is... she's.... uh... she's a little... weird. Okay, she's really weird, and I get a bit of a headache dealing with her sometimes, but I can't deny how good she is at finding stuff for me. I don't even know how she finds half of this stuff, but I'm not complaining. She's kept me well supplied, and always provided me with whatever I need as long as I have stuff to trade back to her.

...There's always this weird smell to everything she gives me, though.


»» You consider Nessa a friend even though the friendship keeps bringing you trouble. They owe you a Debt.

Nessa... can be a real handful sometimes, and while I'm not all that comfortable with the whole cartel business she has going on, I still consider her a good friend, and I've been helping her out whenever I can, even if helping her my good werewolf friend causes me even more stress in my daily life. Still, someone's gotta watch out for her, right?

Other Debts

Murphy's Debt posted:

»» Piper is trying to save you and keeps suffering for it. You owe them 2 Debts.

...Maybe this is just me being naive, but I... I dunno, I know she's done a lot of bad things, but I... I don't actually think she's a bad person. She's just someone who's a victim of bad circumstances. There's good in her, I can see it, and I've tried to make her realize she isn't beyond redemption, but she just doesn't listen, or she doesn't want to listen.

...There was one time I stopped her from doing something I knew she was going to regret, and I ended up getting hurt bad because of it. Yea, it was stupid, but I... couldn't let her go through with it. I just didn't want her to suffer anymore than she already has.

I've seen signs. Signs of her... turning into one of them. She's not there, yet, but if she turns into a Corrupted, then... Yea, I don't want to even think about it.

Start of Session

Piper trusts Alex the most, and she has told me that I'm involved with the Lighthouse as well! Piper will be doing some Lighthouse work at the Equinox!


@Piper Steele (Hugzilla): 2d6+2 start of session roll! = (1+6)+2 = 9

On a 7-9, you're doing a job for someone else. Who's the job for, and what is it? If you succeed, gain 1 debt on the person you're doing the job for. If you fail, you owe the person 1 debt for failing. If the job is especially dangerous or difficult, you will not owe them as long as you gave a reasonable effort. No job is worth dying over.

Right, so, I don't know if you know this, but the whole monster hunting thing doesn't exactly pay the bills, so sometimes I find myself doing jobs for other people so I can still afford food for myself. A wizard who calls himself Alistair Valestein hired me to be his bodyguard for the Soiree. Apparently he's been getting some threatening letters, and he needed somebody to protect him, and I guess I just happened to be the right gal for the job. Would be nice if the guy was less of a blowhard though. He keeps acting like he's all big, and self-important, and I boy am I getting tired of hearing about how much of a big deal his family is. Still, a job's a job, and compared to the stuff I usually deal with, this shouldn't be that big of a problem.

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