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Aug 3, 2006

Very hard this year with set contenders for 1-3 and for 8-15 and i really struggled with what to place in the middle and on the bench. So here goes (for now), starting with the special prizes:

Sorry-you-just-didn't-make-it Awards:
Brooklyn 99 - funniest season maybe since the first
Stranger Things - Good atmosphere alone is not enough
Gotham - just stupid, but sometimes hilariously so
Wynonna Earp - Guilty pleasure

gently caress-you-too Award:
Game of Thrones - yeah, if you don't care anymore i also won't

The-bad-guy-was-right-and-the-heroes-are-pricks Award:
Inhumans - my first ever hatewatch? Amazing

Let's get to the point(s):

10 Strike Back

Obviously could not hold up to the insanely high expectations. They could easily fall from a cliff on either side of a) looking like a cheap knockoff of the legendary previous seasons or b) not being close enough to the charm of the predecessor. And, at least for me, it hit a good middle in the couple episodes that already aired on Sky. Looking forward to the rest of the season in 2018 (why is there a break in a 10 Episode Series?). Give it a fair chance.

9 Z-Nation

Lost a lot of its appeal as they decided to focus too much on Warrens vision stuff. And i didn't like how they literally made some characters disappear. Other stuff was still good, even and especially the radioactive foam storm Barbershop. Curious how next season after "The Reset" starts off.

8 Blood Drive

Went from capital-B Cannonball spoof with lots of gore to some weird corporate conspiracy future-whatever. In some way the deranged brother of Z-Nation. Plus it gave the gift of Julian Slink to the world.

7 Killjoys

Stays its course which is a feat in itself. Still very charming and enjoyable. Still i liked it more when they were just "Space Bounty Hunters".

6 Agents of Shield

Still better than any X-Men movie. I like the future-setting and the return of HUNTER! secured its place on my list.

5 The Orville

Best Trek was original KirkTrek and this is as close as we can get to it nowadays. For the record: I hate Family Guy and Discovery lacks personality.

4 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I had fun watching last season as "show about silly woman-things" mixed with funny musical interludes. Then it gradually and gracefully slipped into very dark waters without becoming unenjoyable.

3 Legends of Tomorrow

When you're looking for fun in your superhero-tv look no further. They make every stupid thing work and even manage to make you cry in the end without anything feeling out of place. Obligatory link to THAT intro:

2 Dirk Gently Hollistic Detecive Agency

I really wanted to love Season one but absolutely couldn't connect (ha!) to the storyline and everything fell kinda flat with it. Season 2 was just glorious insanity with tons of lovable characters and a love to the little details. To make every weird and crazy thing work and fit in the story in a way that makes you say "of course" afterwards is a gigantic feat of cast and crew and the cancellation is a crime against humanity! May the happily singing one-eyed one-armed fire-breathing peopleeater catch up to you!

1 Expanse

Sci-Fi setting, politicking on the back of "the workers", extraterrestrial threat with technical abilities beyond comprehension, cool characters and some pew-pew. All the buttons pressed - all the points!

Finally i would like to thank all the nice forum posters and especially the GIF-wizards for their input over the year. Thank you!

bou fucked around with this message at 10:24 on Dec 31, 2017


Aug 3, 2006

Rarity posted:

117=. (1 point)

Strike Back (Cinemax) /actually Sky for 2017, but who cares?

109=. (2 points)

Z Nation (Syfy)

99=. (3 points)

Blood Drive (Syfy)

89=. (4 points)

Killjoys (Space)

not sure if i should feel the good or the bad kind of special...

Aug 3, 2006

Thanks to Rarity for your work and putting so much effort in the presentation of the winners!
Since i'll probably never follow the countdown live (CET) i have no preference either way for next year.
i really enjoy this yearly event, so thanks to all participants,too. And now go watch all my listed shows.

BSam - if you really awarded any points to Inhumans, you deserve... some prize.

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