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Dec 14, 2007

Lipstick Apathy

achillesforever6 posted:

Huh guess everyone is waiting till the last minute to release their lists?

I recently binged through a couple shows over this holiday season so I'm having a tough time narrowing things down to 10


Dec 14, 2007

Lipstick Apathy

Alright I guess I gotta just rip the bandaid off, this was tough.
Honorable Mentions
Vice Principals
Better Call Saul
Bojack Horseman
Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Twin Peaks
Stranger Things

I won't go into detail about each show, just that I really liked each one and thought they were real good but again, we got a ton of good shows this year. Review and Catastrophe in particular are shows that I don't think enough people watch (watched, in the case of Review ) I'm sure I left a few shows out too, sorry shows

10. Riverdale - I really was not expecting to like this show as much as I do. It embraces the campiness in a good way. A full 22 episode order is a bit concerning but the season has been real good so far.

9. Legends of Tomorrow - Oh hey another show that fully leans into the campiness! After a rocky first season this show just said 'gently caress it' and went full goofy comic book show. Great cast, doesn't take itself too seriously, just fun all around.

8. Legion - Just a real quality comic-based show that was a real mindfuck. Beautifully directed, very interesting plot, and again a real mindfuck. They took a leap of faith and differed a ton by what you'd expect from a comic book show and it paid off.

7. Playing House - Did anyone else watch this show? It's about two best friends raising a baby, played by actual best friends (Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham). This season (the last one, show didn't get renewed) dealt with Jessica's IRL breast cancer diagnosis and managed to be super funny and touching all at the same time. Go watch it, people!

6. GLOW - Based on the actual short-lived lady's wrestling league. I had no idea this was even a thing that was happening until the day it was released and it blew me away. I thought they did a good job of portraying the ridiculousness of wrestling without being condescending about it. Plus Alison Brie.

5. Black Sails - I binged through this entire series right at the end of the year and holy crap it just kept getting better. Gonna have to go back and read Treasure Island again. The final season was a fantastic way to wrap the series, plus it has the best intro of any show probably ever.

4. Mr. Robot - I really liked season 2 despite the flaws, but season 3 was a "return to form" for people who were disappointed with it. They did a great job of balancing setting up the board for the future, leaning in on the time travel stuff without making it cheesy, and excitement.

3. The Good Place - I really did not know what to expect from this show when it first aired but between Danson and Bell I gave it a shot. Holy moly am I glad I did. It's a feel-good comedy with a premise that could have gone south easily but IMO they've nailed everything pretty flawlessly so far.

2. Halt and Catch Fire - One of the best shows that it feels like nobody watched. Every season of this show was better than the previous one and it had a really fantastic series finale, even though I had a minor quibble with the ending (though it made thematic sense). Don't listen to people who say the first season is bad because it isn't. It's just different, and also super important for establishing the relationships between the main cast which is really what the heart of the show is.

1. The Leftovers - What do I even say about The Leftovers that hasn't already been said? A beautiful, sad, confusing, sometimes goofy show that had what I think was the best ending to a show ever.

Alright I think that about wraps it up, hopefully my brain thoughts make some sense.

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Dec 14, 2007

Lipstick Apathy

Thanks for doing this Rarity! It was fun going through my memory and then your list of shows to try to pick out a top 10, there was so much great TV this year. Of the top 10 I haven't seen Patriot or American Vandal, I guess that's something I'm gonna have to fix ASAP since shows are starting up again.

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