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NieR Occomata
Jan 18, 2009

What is the TVIVer’s Poll?

Essentially, it’s a super poll. Inspired by DivisionPost’s link to HitFix’s Annual TV Critics’ Poll, I decided at the spur of the moment five years ago to replicate the situation with the posters in TVIV. Anyone who posts in TVIV is free to submit a top ten list of their favorite shows in the year 2017, in reverse favorite order starting with 10 (their least favorite) and ending with 1 (their most favorite) in one post. Submissions are open right now, as you're reading this, and will remain so until the end of December, midnight PST January 1 (aka New Year’s Day). The poll will then be closed, Rarity “and I” will total up the results, and post them a couple of days later.

We will assign ten points to your submission’s favorite show-the number one slot-nine to second favorite, etc etc etc down to one point for the number ten slot. The total number of points accrued will give us an aggregate favorite shows list as chosen by TVIV in 2017.


1) Every item on each person's top ten list must have aired in part or in full in the calendar year 2017.

This should go without saying, but just to be clear: as long as your show (if it's a show; miniseries, webseries, "on-demand" series (think Netflix and Hulu series) and TV movies are also open to be picked- maybe you really loved Mudbound, whatever, I don't judge.) aired at least one episode in 2017, it's available. If you pick a show for the top ten slot which has aired two seasons in 2017, but you're only picking it for one of those seasons, clarifying which would be much appreciated, but not necessary. (I'm thinking specifically of The Walking Dead season 7 vs. the first half of season 8). Conversely, if you pick a show which has aired two seasons in 2017 and you're picking both seasons, clarifying that you're picking both would also be much appreciated, but not necessary. To be clear, this doesn't affect placement or tabulation, but I think it's interesting to know what specific seasons of television people like and dislike (Survivor seasons 34 and 35, for example).

2) This isn't PYF. Please write up something about the shows on your list- why you picked them, what you loved and hated about the season, whatever, just don't do a bare list.

This isn't negotiable; simple, bare-bones lists won't be counted. (It doesn't have to be a massive screed; a sentence or two after each selection is fine. Just write something.) It's really boring anyways, and this thread is also meant to foster discussion. Obviously, discussing what you loved about a season of a show requires discussion of that season, and that means spoilers, and I don't want to wade through a CIA document so feel free to spoiler all you want. Obviously, this also means that if you read this thread you should be expecting spoilers, and don't meta-mod or whine about being spoiled in a thread that explicitly has to discuss spoilers in order to function effectively.


3) Don't be an annoying shitbird about other people's lists.

Obviously discussion about the qualities of specific TV seasons that have aired is accepted and, in fact, encouraged, but don't bring this thread down with an annoying bitchy flamewar about That Show You Hate. I'm speaking specifically about flaming people who list Girls (actually, Girls hatred is pretty much non-existent nowadays. Did you know that Girls aired this year? It was its final season, too, surprisingly), Steven Universe, or Adventure Time on their lists. Actually if you're gonna argue about cartoons designed for Literal Children, take my free advice and just not post. Literally nobody cares. If it gets real bad I'll lock the thread, so don't be stupid. Obviously everyone's lists are gonna be subjective as hell so imagine a giant IN MY OPINION written in bold and underlined before everyone's lists.

4) I can’t believe I have to make this rule but here we are. You HAVE to have ten shows on your list. No more, no less. It HAS to be in order from 10 to 1. 10, in this case is your LEAST FAVORITE SHOW. Repeating again: 10 IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE SHOW, ASCENDING IN FAVORITISM TO 1 BEING YOUR FAVORITE SHOW OF 2017. It HAS to be numbered. You CANNOT list two shows within the same submission and expect your submission to be counted, even if they are complimentary shows. You MUST post your submission in comprehensible English. You MUST post your submission in one post. You cannot violate any of these rules and we will not count your submission or even link it if you don’t. NONE OF THESE RULES ARE NEGOTIABLE.

The by far biggest headache for both Sophia and I four years ago when running this poll was people being unable to count to ten and/or being super special snowflakes who decided to submit all hosed up orders to their show. It got a whole lot better two years ago, where pretty much only the obvious joke submissions broke the rules, which you know whatever. It's pretty much become "not a problem" but still, don't want it to become one again, so....follow the rules. It's not hard. It's an ascending order top ten list.

For clarification, honorable mentions are allowed and if you really really want to do a top 25 or something ludicrous like that, you can. Only the top ten is going to be counted, though, and that top ten has to conform to the above rules.


When y’all submit your polls, I will periodically be pulling your posts and end up hyperlinking all of them in the post right below this one. Then, Rarity and I will pull from my hyperlinked list that I’ve made to compile all of your submissions into an Excel document. YOU ARE FREE TO EDIT YOUR SUBMISSIONS AT ANY TIME. But- and this is important - before you edit your submission - CHECK THE SECOND POST TO SEE IF YOUR POST HAS BEEN HYPERLINKED. If it has, YOU MUST EDIT THE POST THAT HAS BEEN HYPERLINKED. That’s what we’re going to pull from to compile your points and it makes our jobs, again, much much easier if you do that. Then, please pm me or Rarity (we both have plat), post in the thread that you’ve edited your submission, or- best option- do both. Please make sure to do this, we will be compiling literally dozens of submissions in a week and we’re just two guys and we WILL miss your edit if you don’t tell us you’ve edited it and then we’ll both feel bad because we’ve slightly misrepresented the data.

If I haven’t hyperlinked your submission- feel free to do whatever. Delete your original post, and resubmit under a new one, edit it- WHATEVER. Don’t care.

The simple, concise summary to what I just wrote: If you’re editing your submission- are you hyperlinked? EDIT THAT POST. No? GO HOG WILD DUDERS.

In that same vein, please please check 1-2 days after you submit to make sure that I’ve hyperlinked your post. If I haven’t, it might be that neither Rarity nor I have counted your submission and that would be a real bummer to you. I will be hyperlinking in chronological order so if I “skip” you that’s a good warning sign. Then bother me, I’ll make sure to get it fixed.

If you change your username in between when you submit and when we count up the votes, please also let us know, we’d like to attribute to each poster accurately and it’s also a good check if me and Rarity are all like “who the gently caress is GOD HATES NIGGERS and why does he like Duck Dynasty so much” and suddenly you’re all like “I go by Inoffensive Username now. Got an e-wife and children I gotta settle down from my SA Anarchist days.”

6. NEW RULE: TV Show seasons are only considered once ever (unless they air episodes for the first time over multiple years, like seasons of The Walking Dead or most broadcast network TV shows) and only for their first-run airing no matter whether or not Americans can see it.

This is an incredibly rare edge-case, but basically applies specifically to The Young Pope Season 1 (which had its first run airing last year in Europe and had its first American broadcast of that same season this year). The Young Pope Season 1 will air in its entirety in 2016, then air in its entirety on HBO in 2017. The Young Pope Season 1 is only eligible to be voted on for 2016 and not 2017, and not both 2016 and 2017. First-run airing is the only thing that counts, period. (If you didn't understand a word of what I just wrote then none of this applies to you and you're free to ignore it.)

Winter End Television Schedule

If you want to set up a schedule for television that's airing up until the end of December, I highly recommend checking out pogdesign. It allows you to make your own personalized tv schedule, and all it requires is an email address and the five minutes or so it takes to pick your favorite tv shows.


TVIV Poll 2012:
TVIV Poll 2013:
TVIV Poll 2014:
TVIV Poll 2015:
TVIV Poll 2016:

Top Fifty TVIV Shows of 2016

I went to last year’s thread and pulled the top fifty shows from last year, removed the ones that didn’t air in 2017 for whatever reason, and listed them for you so you won’t forget any of the more “culty” shows that aired this year. Everyone thank Rarity because this was her idea. THANK HER.

1. Stranger Things
2. Better Call Saul
3. Mr. Robot
4. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
5. Game of Thrones
6. The Americans
7. The Good Place
8. Bojack Horseman
9. Steven Universe
10. Veep
11. Black Mirror (series 4 is supposed to premiere in "2017")
12. The Expanse
13. Preacher
14. Survivor
15. You're The Worst
16. iZombie
17. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
18. Silicon Valley
19. Halt and Catch Fire
20. Vice Principals
21. The Get Down
22. Supergirl
23. Sense8
24. Z Nation
25. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
26. 12 Monkeys
27. Lady Dynamite
28. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
29. The Magicians
30. Colony
31. Last Week Tonight
32. Shameless
33. Broad City
34. Jane the Virgin
35. Bob's Burgers
36. Falling Water
37. American Dad
38. American Crime
39. Search Party (season 2 airs late November 2017)
40. Orange is the New Black
41. Talking Smack
42. Travelers
43. The Chris Gethard Show
44. RuPaul's Drag Race
45. Lucifer
46. Kingdom
47. Killjoys
48. Skam
49. Mozart in the Jungle (season 4 airs early December 2017)
50. Legends of Tomorrow

Shows That Aired in 2017 That You Might Have Forgotten About

Based off Rarity's suggestion four years ago of a list of "Good Shows that came out in 2013", I've decided to rename this list and differentiate its aims slightly- instead of a list of "good shows", it's just a list of shows that, as you're making your list, you might've forgotten about because they either aired early in the calendar year, weren't or aren't popular in TVIV while they were/are airing, or both. I can add to this list as the thread goes, so if you have any suggestions let me know.

13 Reasons Why
Alias Grace
American Gods
American Vandal
At Home With Amy Sedaris
Better Call Saul
Big Little Lies
Big Mouth
Dear White People
gently caress Scientology
Halt and Catch Fire
I Love Dick
Iron Fist
Lady Dynamite
Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
Man Seeking Woman
My Brother, My Brother and Me
Neo Yokio
Nirvanna the Band the Show
Playing House
Queen Sugar
Red Oaks
Santa Clarita Diet
Sneaky Pete
The Defenders
The Deuce <---- WATCH THIS ONE
The Get Down
The Tick
Tin Star
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later

A Note

In case you couldn't tell from the numerous times I used her name previously, Sophia (who used to run the thread alongside me for the first three years) had the good sense to quit this garbage heap of degenerates masquerading as a webforum, so Rarity graciously stepped up to the plate and will be replacing her for data wrangling. As always, I'm extremely grateful for the assistance, being a professional moron and all-around stupid rear end in a top hat. Anyways, any congratulations and thanks go her way and any complaints go mine; it's pretty much always my fault.

NieR Occomata fucked around with this message at 19:11 on Nov 16, 2017


NieR Occomata
Jan 18, 2009

Everyone's Top Ten Lists:

1. Tiggum
2. Big Bad Voodoo Lou
3. cant cook creole bream
4. achillesforever6

NieR Occomata fucked around with this message at 16:44 on Nov 21, 2017

NieR Occomata
Jan 18, 2009

man way to bust my balls rarity

i'll go fix that

In other news I'm really interested to see how 2017 shakes out. it's a pretty wide-open year and I would say there's no real frontrunner besides Twin Peaks and maybe Handmaid's Tale, leaving The Leftovers, One Of The Best TV Shows Ever Made Of All Time, to possibly place high/grab the number one slot. Going through the 2016 list the biggest impression on me was how many shows ended or didn't air in 2017 from 2016, and the ones that did had a distinctly lower level of quality than from 2016 (Mr. Robot, Fargo, etc). It's a really, really interesting year for the list; personally speaking, I have like 5 shows i know for a fact will be on there and then everything else will be in flux.

NieR Occomata
Jan 18, 2009

Jerusalem posted:

To think I was worried that maybe television had finally caught up to Twin Peaks, only for season 3 to once again set the bar impossibly high. What a glorious show.

have you seen...the leftovers

NieR Occomata
Jan 18, 2009

Apparently Black Mirror is not premiering this year, and is thus ineligible for Top Ten 2017. I'll update the list to reflect this, but I just want to make clear that any list that includes Black Mirror won't be accepted.

NieR Occomata
Jan 18, 2009


Black Mirror season 4 DOES have a release date, and that release date is December loving 29th. Because it just barely gets in under the wire, and expecting everyone to both watch six hours of television and write a top ten list in two days is unreasonable, rarity and I have agreed to extend the deadline a week, from Jan 1 to Jan 8 2018. Yes, this was solely done because of Black Mirror and its absurdly loving dumb as hell release date that technically qualifies it for consideration this year,combined with the fact that that show typically places high on people's lists and I don't want people to have to feel like they're either cramming for a final or feel like they have to cheat and place BM on their list due to their reactions to past episodes or seasons.

So yeah. Everyone gets an extra week.

NieR Occomata
Jan 18, 2009

Any video series that airs in any form in the year 2017 counts.

If it can be nominated for an Emmy, it counts.

NieR Occomata
Jan 18, 2009

Jerusalem posted:

I ran out of time to watch The Leftovers before the thread wraps up, but I am looking forward to getting to watch it all in the new year.


waiting on BM season 4 was the correct move, overall, imo.


NieR Occomata
Jan 18, 2009

I'm on tablet right now and literally don't have time to write out explanations but I'll edit in stuff later. I'm just putting it up now so I get it on in time.

10. My Brother, My Brother, and Me

9. Legion

8. Black Mirror

7. Mindhunter

6. Halt and Catch Fire

5. Twin Peaks

4. Rick and Morty

3. Better Call Saul

2. The Deuce

1. The Leftovers

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