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Apr 23, 2012

psst you wanna do a communism?

Man I think this will be the first time I won't put AOS at the number 1 spot, though its still probably going to end up as either in the 2 or 3 spot


Apr 23, 2012

psst you wanna do a communism?

So here is my list of mainly dumb comic book shows, a wrestling show, and two prestige dramas/black comedies.

10 The Defenders
Yeah it was dumb ninja schlock and its awful how much they focused on Danny Rand, but eh I love dumb schlock and hopefully future shows will be better

9 Preacher
Has the AMC problem of them going to one place and sticking there for a season and some really bad characterization decisions with Tulip and Jesse, but it was all made up for with the Saint of Killers and Herr Starr; hope Season 3 will be even better.

8 My Brother My Brother and Me
As someone who got into these sweet McElroy brothers late last year, I was pumped to see their show, though worried that the madcap improv charm of the podcast would be lost on TV. Thankfully my worries were gone as soon as I finished the first episode, while formatted different from the podcast, the TV show has all the great jokes and humor that only the McElroy's can bring to the table.

7 Legion
Just a mindfuck of a superhero show with great visuals and a really solid cast and writing.

After Takeover Orlando early in the year the NXT brand did basically a reboot in presentation and a roster overhaul and the year of 2017 has been really good with some of the most solid booking and wrestling seen in years. Seriously after a really anemic 2016, it was amazing to see the turnaround where things actually mattered, I hope the brand keeps its pace for 2018 and years to come.

5 Punisher
Call it recency bias, but Punisher is probably my favorite of the Marvel Netflix series, mainly in its ability to take a very hard character to do right like The Punisher (who is often relegated to being a ugly power fantasy for cops and MAGA chuds) but it passes with full colors in this tale of a broken man trying to kill those that ruined his life. Nothing is glamorous in this show, its ugly and mean, but there is still heart to it and its refreshing to see a show say how hosed up the CIA and PMC's are.

4 Better Call Saul
I like this show more than Breaking Bad and its great we are finally seeing how Jimmy finally turns into Saul, whats amazing about this show is you'd think the season finale would have been the episode where Jimmy finally tricks Chuck into having a meltdown for everyone to see, but the fact that happens in the middle of the season is amazing. Michael McKean 's performance was one for the ages and its unfortunate that he didn't really get an award recognition for it. Chuck is one of the most fascinating and detestable characters ever put on TV and his slow downward spiral ultimately tragic in how he brought it up on himself.

3 Twin Peaks
I must confess I never watched the original Twin Peaks, all I knew about was from clips and pop culture osmosis, most people would think I would be hopelessly lost trying to parse this show, but no I more or less had a good handle of what was going and I loved solving the rubix cube of a plot with each episode adding a new wrinkle to figure out. Overall just a masterclass of acting from Kyle MacLachlan who will snubbed at every award show this year. I hope there is a season 4, just because how fun it was to watch it here and to see how else Lynch can gently caress with his audience.

2 Agents of SHIELD
I know its dumb to put this over most of the shows listed here, but it is my personal tradition and dumb list. I thought the idea to break up the season into several arcs/"pods" was a ingenious way to get around the problem AOS (and a lot of other superhero shows) have been having with pacing. Each of these pods served a purpose, but they didn't all exist in vacuum with there being a key element (the Darkhold) that acted as the connecting tissue that kept the show from falling apart at the seams. Lots of great character developments and its always nice to see Jon Hannah given something to do and his role as a mad scientist that means well was great. Another thing that makes me appreciate this season was that it also wasn't afraid to say that HYDRA are Nazis so gently caress em unlike Marvel Comics which was doing a big event about Captain America being a Nazi. So yeah overall highly recommend watching this show/season.

1 American Gods
Yeah the show that unseats Agents of Shield for me is an adaptation that I never though I would see be made because of all developmental hell it went though. What was even surprising was how faithful (heh) this show was to its source material, Bryan Fuller really showed respect to Gaiman's novel and updated a lot of the dated stuff or made some of the more boring aspects of the book way more intriguing. It was delightful for instance to seeing like 24 different versions of Jesus and Coming to America segments were all beautifully done. Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday was perfect and Gillian Anderson as the pop culture shape shifter Media was a delight. This show deserves all the stars and money in the world so I can at least get 4 more seasons of it.

EDIT: poo poo I forgot that MBMBAM came out this year so I'm going to make The Tick a HM

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Apr 23, 2012

psst you wanna do a communism?

Huh guess everyone is waiting till the last minute to release their lists?

Apr 23, 2012

psst you wanna do a communism?

Jerusalem posted:

At least it had Pip Torrens perfectly cast as Herr Star, to the point I completely forgot he was Tommy Lascelles from The Crown. But yeah, this season started so strong with the road-trip concept and then just immediately spun its wheels in New Orleans, almost entirely inside one apartment
This is basically AMC.txt where they don't want to spend the budget to go to different locations in one season (see also every season of Walking Dead)

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