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Fast Luck
Feb 2, 1988

10) VIce Principals. Pretty hosed up and funny... not EB&D level poo poo but hell why not

9) the Leftovers. The final season gets a courtesy spot on my top ten on the back of a legendary season 2, even though to me it retread some gruond with relationship drama and hotel stuff, and I didnt like lindelofs finale that much.

8) Stranger Things. Not as strange anymore. Last year it was new and strange and i like things that surprise me but here I expected it and got it, a slightly worse version of last years with a dumb chicago episode.

7) Twin Peaks. a little too weird for its own good and I havent finished it yet, wqhich is just enough to earn it #7 on our top 10 countdown.

6) Better Call Saul. This isnt a show im in love with or anything but as you can see im not falling over raving about numbers 7 through 10... This show is just good enough to actually be good

5) Survivor. I always vote for this show and it's a good show. Too many idols and advantages are happening and also this show has been airing for 20 years, so otyher shows could easily surpass it actually... but only a few did this year. Bad job by the TV world for not beating this year of Survivor more, but thats just the way it is.

4) The Good Place. It's good and I moved it up even more after I rremembered the last segment of s1 episodes aired in 2017. It's still good even now, in s2. I dont know what other stuff to say about this except it is a lot of fun to watch. It moves at a fast pace and theres always cool new stuff happening and things that are funny

3) Rick and Morty. Everyone hates this show now and hell from some of the stuff ive heard tell about I can undestand that. But as someone who picked the season up halfway through because im just not that insane about rick and morty... Well, it was real good. the episode pictured above especially. Im PIckle rick lol

2) Patriot. The big thing these days is characters who are extremely depressed and want to kill their own selves. Thats not what I like about this show! what I like is the dark quirky humor of the sad CIA man singing folk songs about doing murders, and other jokes. Lots of storylines are woven together well. Theres some cutesy cinematography also and John Lakeman has a great sweater too

1) The young pope. I liked this show the most. and it's in the Sopranos tier because of how good it is. Just look at the picture above.. thats just one example of how good The young pope is. The Mods made a special rule to keep it down (anti-catholic bigotry) but as the Posters Code states, gently caress the mods! This pope is easily younger than the pope on any other show out there.

Not gonna rank these shows:
Game of Thrones: I really love this show but this season lost the plot a bit.
Black Mirror: Excellent show but it's not out yet adn I shan't be power watching it to try to do TVIV rankings.
Mr Robot: Still out there doing its thing. Still kind of ridiculous despite attempting to take itself seriously
Curb: Welcome back LD
Veep... probably a couple others


Fast Luck
Feb 2, 1988

Well the thing is that the show that had its entire run in 2017 in my country, and thats seriously one of my favorite seasons of television of all time, I want to put it at the top of my list of 2017. I would have ranked it last year except it hadnt yet premiered here you see. So I hadnt seen it and I couldnt. Id suggest you count it instead of having uptight rules excluding it, since most all of its SA audience probably watched it on HBO where it aired in 2017, but hell thats not my call, and thats okay.

Fast Luck
Feb 2, 1988

Spatula City posted:

poo poo, I was going to edit my list to put in Mrs. Maisel.
I would have bumped Stranger Things to make room for Maisel on my list but I think my list doesn't count anyway on account of my bravery

Fast Luck
Feb 2, 1988

Thanks for the hard work, Rarity. I always like seeing how these come out. This year's surprise for me is American Vandal, which I hadn't heard of and didn't realize was picking up so many votes.

Everyone in this thread, prepare yourselves to vote for The New Pope in 2019.

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