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Mar 6, 2015

"Doctor, listen to me and listen to me closely.
You're gonna witness all the days..."

10 Bob’s Burgers | “So let's do it. We'll have a normal day where we don't think about cat food at all.”
I always enjoy it when Fox ends a football game on time and decided to let one of these tapes leave the basement and show on TV. And this year they released a 100+ song album and started a movie. It will probably have a spot in the top ten until it’s over.

9 RuPaul’s Drag Race | “Don’t joke about that.”
The best decision I made this year was getting into this community. Starting with All-Stars 2 is bizarre but it did its job, and I may have enjoyed the cast of S9 just as much? My last remaining brain cells are just being used as a rolodex of drag queen quotes because they’re the funniest people alive.

8 Schitt’$ Creek |
“Is the bad news that there is no good news? My aunt used to play this game with me a lot.”
A comedy about a rich family that lost everything and is forced to move to a eerily similar imitation of my hometown with Catherine O’Hara and Dan Levy is exactly my poo poo.
I can’t believe I slept on this for three years.

7 Game of Thrones | “I have to die in this strange country, just like you.”
This show has become so so dumb and clearly everyone involved wants it to be over. The writing is riddled with holes, the pacing is rushed, there’s no standout acting from this season—but some of the blockbuster bullshit delivered and delivered well.

6 Broad City | “I am Leanne! You are Leanne ! We are Leanne!”
My go-to comedy to serve me for my sense of humour. I appreciate that the show is adapting to more of a narrative dramedy approach more so than other fans—though it for sure is losing its surreal escapism and becoming ‘too real.’ S4 was almost consistently incredible though and if Abbi and Ilana actually submitted for award shows they could win more than a mention on TVIV.

5 Veep | “We are going to drag this state into the 20th century.”
I watched from the very beginning through the up-to-date season earlier this year. It’s interesting to see how the quality of the show rises and falls when it’s all in sequence (and just how evil Selena is). S3 and S4 were definitely the best of the show and the most recent season suffered from a common complaint of mine—dividing the cast. I want to see JLD kick cancer’s rear end and then get into surreally uncomfortable political scenes one last time.

4 Attack on Titan | “If there’s such a thing as fate I can only laugh at how fickle it can be.”
It’s unfortunate that this took three years to make, but let’s be honest: I started reading the manga as soon as S1 ended because of impatience. This was more of a dessert of quality animation than a dinner experience. And the best part of a long hiatus is that you forget everything that happens anyway and you’re still surprised by the plot.

3 Orphan Black | “I have a glass eye, no friends, and no identity unless I want to be found. Leaves little room for elitism.”
More of a body-of-work accolade than for the season. I was bored by the first half of the season, let the second half rest, binged it all at once for this list and loved it.
I truly hope Tatiana Maslany’s career doesn’t peak with her 267 roles and that she’s not off my TV screen for long.

2 Stranger Things 2 | “Don’t you think it’s weird? How we only seem to hang out when the world’s about to end?”
Ironically I feel like I have a grandiose nostalgia for season one. Season 2 is just as good when it did what S1 did best and kept the ensemble together, despite individual talents.
Giving an Emmy nomination to Millie Bobby Brown for S1 was cute and all, but she really earned it—any scene of her with David Harbour was incredible.

and my favourite show of the year, everyone put your hands together for...

1 Riverdale | “But when we woke up the next morning, Riverdale was still, at its heart, a haunted town.”
We’re in the golden age of TV but I haven’t had as much fun watching TV like this in a long time. It goes so hard for no reason. 50% of the time it’s so dumb I can’t look away and the other 50% I’m completely invested. Every character is doing the absolute most at all times. Everyone is hot. Everyone has an unchecked mental illness. Everyone’s an rear end in a top hat. It’s incredible.

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Mar 6, 2015

"Doctor, listen to me and listen to me closely.
You're gonna witness all the days..."

I think I watch way too much TV and then these awards happen every year and I haven't seen half of the best poo poo yet.

Thanks again Rarity.

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