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Looten Plunder
Jul 11, 2006

Grimey Drawer

Pretty good year for TV! Some greats that seem to appear on my list every year had lacklustre seasons whilst still being solid and entertaining but it was definitely a year for some awesome new shows.

First of all. Apologies to the following shows which I didn't get around to watching that may have appeared on my Top 10:

BoJack Horseman
gently caress Scientology
Stranger Things
Twin Peaks
The Crown
Comrade Detective

Here is my 11 to 67 if anyone is interested (I know they aren't but I did it anyway)

11 American Vandal
12 Mindhunter
13 Fargo
14 Silicon Valley
15 American Gods
16 Legion
17 Sneaky Pete
18 Future Man
19 Broad City
20 The Americans
21 Vice Principals
22 Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
23 The Jim Jefferies Show
24 Insecure
26 Animal Kingdom
27 Impractical Jokers
28 Black Sails
29 Dear White People
30 Shameless (US)
31 Game of Thrones
32 Review
33 The Handmaid's Tale
34 Vikings
36 Preacher
37 Survivor
38 Veep
39 Blue Planet II
40 Big Mouth
41 Baskets
42 No Activity
43 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
44 Youre the Worst
45 Snowfall
46 Ozark
47 The Sinner
48 Catastrophe
49 Orange Is The New Black
50 Love
51 Ballers
52 The Tick
53 Peaky Blinders
54 Vice
55 The Get Down
56 Broadchurch
57 Comic Book Men
58 Fear The Walking Dead
59 Hard Knocks
60 Harlots
61 Lip Sync Battle
62 Riverdale
63 Santa Clarita Diet
64 Taboo
65 The Grand Tour
66 The Walking Dead
67 Tin Star

and now for my Top 10:

10. Better Things
I'm not going to penalise this show for the Louie CK thing. What a follow up to an already great season. I think I cried in about 4 of these episodes this year which is pretty rare for me. A really interesting family that I want to spend more time with.

9. The Good Place
I don't know how they did it, but they did. This season could have gone of the rails so easily but it only got better. The cast is amazing and diverse, the show remains hilarious and it's creative as hell, especially for a network show.

8. Rick and Morty
The internet is trying it's best to ruin this show for me, but they haven't succeeded just yet. Whilst it didn't have the highs of last year, the show is still super clever, super original and laugh out loud funny.

7. Nathan For You
Nathan Fielder is a genius. I wish he was more famous. Everything he does is gold. This season went down some pretty different paths to previous but it was awesome none the less.

6. Master of None
Really solid season. It was almost like 10 (12?) 30min movies every week. So much memorable and creative stuff here. A love the creative leash that Aziz has been given with this because it's made for some all time great TV episodes.

5. Mr. Robot
Wow, what a return to form. I was one of the Season 2 haters (well, not haters, but I was cool on it). This season hit me over the head with a bat repeatedly. The balls on this show are massive and the 3 episode stretch from 4-6 were white knuckle, edge of your seat brilliance.

4. The Deuce
I desperately wanted this to be good after the failure that was that was Vinyl and boy did it deliver. I was concerned Simon was starting to lose it as his last couple of shows have been good, but not mega popular phenomenons. This was awesome. Loved the cast, loved the setting, loved the pacing. Can't wait for season 2.

3. Better Call Saul
Maybe not as good as last season, but this show is really starting to threaten Breaking Bad's spot in the TV Pantheon. Can't believe this show exists and I can't believe how much better it keeps getting.

2. Patriot
I loved this show the first time around, but thought it took a while to get going. Upon rewatch though, I don't know what I was thinking, it's pretty great right from episode one. I love this kind of Coen brothers, Martin McDonagh, Shane Black style of convoluted, black comedy storytelling.

1. The Leftovers
This was special. They absolutely nailed this season and the finale will go down as an all time great. An extra soft spot from me, as I'm Australian so I was stoked to see Melbourne on full display to great affect. Carrie Coon is a goddess.


Looten Plunder
Jul 11, 2006

Grimey Drawer

Thanks for all your hard work Rarity.

It was pleasant to not have a list as littered with lovely Netflix Marvel shows as previous years.

To those raging with "Did you idiot Legion voters even watch Twin Peaks!?!?!?!", the answer is No, No I did not. Still making my way through Season 2. It's kind difficult to expect a show to outperform a new property when the previous seasons (and a movie) are required viewing, not on streaming AFAIK and 25 years old.

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