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May 2, 2009

rip miso beno

It's that time of year, folks! Review your 2017 goals, and set your 2018 goals!

2017 thread:

This year's goals:


Rebuild my 3 gun AR to something less stupid for 3 gun, done
finish getting a proper belt rig for 3 gun, done
shoot more 3 gun shot two multiguns
shoot an IDPA match or two - shot several

Buy or build some cans - failed, on both accounts.

Hunt for the first time - failed - didnt find anywhere to hunt/anyone to hunt with in time for deer season this year

Get a 50 Beowulf SBR upper - changed mind
9mm PCC instead - done

Rejigger my FVSR for longer range shooting with a 25 moa base and a nicer scope and rings - failed - next year

Do an Appleseed event early in the year, qualify Rifleman done

Stretch goal: buy a .585 Hubel Express starter kit from Ed failed - bought a house instead
Initial set was 1/5, 6/11 after reprioritizing, splitting apart, and changing a few around, I'm pretty pleased with that, my goals were fairly ambitious. In general I increased my shooting involvement as well, doing a carbine clinic, winning my rookie 1000-yd F-class match with borrowed gear, shooting a charity sporting clays event with my company. On reflection, I'm pretty pleased.

2018 goals:
Get a hunting license and go hunt

get a salt bath annealing setup for BLK and 8mm cases

Do a KD Appleseed event or Shoot Distinguished Rifleman (230+/250 and a perfect Redcoat target) at regular Appleseed

FVSR optic train upgrade, with an eye to:
Shooting at least 2 Practical Rimfire Challenge events at Peacemaker

Shoot IDPA at least 3 times, and do another classifier to gauge improvement

Form 1 a .22 can

2018/2019 Winter project:
Buy an "untouched" condition Nepalese P1864 Snider-Enfield to restore it to firing condition

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May 2, 2009

rip miso beno

Gonna go ahead and drive IR35 to failure right away:

Posurp Gen 4 G22's $309.95

Admiral Bosch
Apr 19, 2007
Who is Admiral Aken Bosch, and what is that old scoundrel up to?

Storebought 5.56 doesn't run all that great in my Sig 556. It functions just fine, but it groups like poo poo(specifically, Federal XM855). I'd like to finally get some kind of reloading setup to try and find something it likes to shoot.

Other than that, now that I'm finally at a decent place in my life as far as my income and work/life balance, I want to shoot more competitions, specifically Garand matches, and probably join a club. I'm in Colorado, and CRC is my most likely option. I've heard good things in various threads here.

Friar Zucchini
Aug 6, 2010

Kahr CT 380 because CCW.

S&W M&P 10 because... uh, because rifle, or something? My PTR ain't 21st century enough without a last round bolt catch.

Beretta 84 because shut up I loving want one

... also holsters and slings and scopes and spare iron sights for the guns I already have, and so I can get new AR uppers or whatever and slap something on top that I have lying around instead of cannibalizing a working one.

Longer term, a .357 trio of pocket gun, normal size wheelgun and levergun.

Sep 17, 2009


OWLS! posted:

- Get out of this underpaid annoyance of a job, and drag myself into something where I can make the sweet sweet median income for my profession, and have disposable income for any of my hobbies. Yes! Figgies, bitch

- finish rebuilding my collection by acquiring a bullpup. Nope, because I'm shoveling money into savings like a mad train engineer.

- get into blackpowder, specifically, buy or build a flintlock. Nope. I still need to do this.

- Get my rear end back on the gym. Last year was pretty good for me not sitting around on my rear end, but I have a long way to go. I fell off the wagon for a bit and gained a few pounds towards fall, but I'm back on track now.

So, for this upcoming year.

- Buy that drat bullpup.

- Keep up on the gymgoing and not being a fatass.

- Get a flintlock.

- Expand my expensive and stupid hobbies by getting a motorcycle endorsement.

- Actually go shoot 3gun with some hilarious loadout.

- Take a handgun or carbine class.

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Jul 11, 2004

Craptacular in 2016 posted:

Load a bunch of .40, then shoot it. No guns in my to-buy list right now, unless I find a cheap Glock 24, then I'll buy it as a backup for my current G24.
I did the part about the .40. I sold the G24 a couple weeks ago. Now that CO allows 140mm mags I'm going back to shoot my DPP'ed G17 in CO instead of the G24 in Limited.

Goals for 2018:
Load an bunch of 9mm, then shoot it.
Don't spend money on anything gun-related other than match/range/training fees, ammo & components, and replacement parts for anything that breaks.

Craptacular fucked around with this message at 01:31 on Nov 18, 2017

penis bandana
Aug 6, 2008

- shoot more

- wait on stamps

- finish guns that are waiting on stamps

- shoot more; maybe 2 gun or something

Herr Tog
Jun 18, 2011

Grimey Drawer

Never posted in these threads

-CZ 455 fs

-C&R gun of some sort

-slings for all

-a great .22lr pistol debate

-don't run out of ammo

-mags for all

Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

Butch Cassidy posted:

Currently typing my trip plan and emailing it to my wife for a XC ski outing with the dog for a few hours. Then coming home to make beef stew in a cast iron Dutch oven over a fire with the kids. Three Stooges marathon while it does its thing, bread bowls are already made, and champagne cocktails closer to the ball drop.

Plans for 2017:

- Acquire Hi-Point 4095 and High Tower Armory bullpup chassis, find a shop to make me a 357 Sig barrel, set-up a 357 Sig toolhead on the Dillon. Got and love the carbine, chassis not released, no barrel until I know what it needs to fit.

- Get back in shape. I've put on twenty pounds since my move. Just hosed my budget to get some XC ski poles and get a start right now. Also spending the week left of my furlough getting outdoors in a meaningful way every single day and most nights. Mostly alpine skiing and a lot of it a rope tow. Was awesome!

- Set-up a basic biathlon course and run it with a friend using tube-fed 22 LR semis. Maybe single-shots? Other lazy prick wussed out. Pussy.

- Scope the 17 HMR R.A.R. and move the TRS-25 to the HPoVPD with a riser. Scoped RAR! and did other things to the poor Hi-Point.

- Break 2,000 FPS in the HPoVPD. Can't score lighter projectiles and was too busy to gently caress with other powders.

- Night sights for my USPc. Nope.

- Use the new shot timer sitting in my range box. Ayup.

- Eat vegan more often. Further reduce my meat consumption. Started off well, went back to normal, got decent again, back to normal. A nominal success.

- Make pizza more often. I stopped for no reason and lazed out, ordering one too much. Nope. Wound up being given pizza too often to want to make more. So not entirely my fault?

- Grow my kydex shop. Not enough but staging to start support for a small assortment of less-lethal.

- Improve my backyard airgun range and use it more often. A bit.

So, 2018:

- Slap a bitch and get him on XC skis for biathlon.

- Shoot a three gun match.

- Take a local carbine course.

- Take a simunitions class.

- Find a venue able to attract enough registrants to host WAGINAO.

- Order a Taser Pulse.

- Ride the Ultimate Prouty (two days, 200 miles)

- Eat vegan MORE.

- Shoot more airgun.

- Finish clearing the airgun range and install more targets.

- Camp more.

- Summit more mountains.

- Winter sports, emphasis on alpine, every day of my week and a half furlough.

Sep 12, 2007

Ask me about Proposition 305

Do you like muskets?

In 2018, I'd like to finish the framework of my "US military rifles, 1795 to present" collection. That framework being a Springfield or Harper's Ferry flintlock musket, Springfield or Harper's Ferry percussion musket, Springfield or Harper's Ferry rifle-musket, trapdoor Springfield, Krag-JÝrgensen, Model 1903, M1, M14, M16. All I need to complete that is a flintlock musket and a trapdoor Springfield.

I've got my eye on a decent trapdoor Springfield, but finding a flintlock that wasn't later converted to percussion is going to be the trick.

An expensive trick.

Dec 3, 2012

I'm a piece of human waste who supports a culture of using gendered slurs, that leads to 78.1% of women in STEM fields experiencing sexual harassment

More trap/skeet with my son

More handguns (also with him and any friend)

Fill the .223/5.56 hole with a suppressed sbr

Sell poo poo

Get rid of ammo (hint)

Grand finale, you say? Muzzle loaders cuz Giffords LOLzzzzz

Dec 3, 2012

I'm a piece of human waste who supports a culture of using gendered slurs, that leads to 78.1% of women in STEM fields experiencing sexual harassment

....oh, and much more NFA stuff

Party Plane Jones
Jul 1, 2007

by Reene

Fun Shoe

Shoot more
Figure out something to do with Rough Rider (dump it off on some goon probably)
Look into NFA stuff and/or buy a 22 can
Get a CCP so I'm not stuck forever in gun jail if I want something new
Figure out reloading for .38 spl.

Immediate future:
buy more ammo boxes to store all the 9mm I have lying around I mean really

wait a minute honey
May 12, 2006

Now that I've moved to NZ from Oz, there's plenty of stuff to do gun-wise I wouldn't have normally been able to do in Australia due to distance/laws.

Join a club
Get out in the bush and bag something that isn't vermin
Build an awesome lightweight suppressed hunting rifle
Learn to butcher animals and tan hides
Build a retarded tacticool semi-auto that would make Oz lawmakers poo poo their pants

wheres my beer
Apr 29, 2004

Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty

Fun Shoe

Miso Beno posted:

Plans for 2017

Get lathe running
Acquire TIG welder of my own - failure, lack of funding and space
Build some stuff using said lathe and TIG welder. - failure, lack of funding and space
Build more cans
Finish SBRs
Do more SBRs

Kill somethin' and eat it - failure, lack of funding and time
Shoot a match - failure, injury and lack of time
Take more classes
Build some kits or something - failure, lack of funding and time
Clean up the collection a bit partial failure, few items were sold but more can be moved to the chopping block
Shoot more in general

Things that worked in 2017
I started a partial work from home schedule that has been allowing me to take long lunches at the range. It wasn't expressly noted on my 2017 goals but I spent a large portion of 2017 improving my general strength and health and that has also helped my shooting skills considerably. It's like having strong forearms allows you to control handguns or something. The rest of my successes I can attribute to Hillary induced Hystaria in 2016. The inertia from my panic builds resulted in a mess of tax stamps ending up on my door this year.

Things that didn't work in 2017
2017 was a year of fiscal responsibility. The majority of my "disposable income" went to repairing the fiscal damage I accrued in 2015/2016. That fiscal responsibility means the more expensive and time-consuming projects like building a home shop are on hold. I also experienced a major in late May on a run that kept me from doing anything resembling running activities. That was great.

Plans for 2018
Repair Lathe
Buy an Import Inverter Tig
Mk18 Clone SBR
Tabuk Underfolder Clone SBR
Acquire Coonan L1A1 Receiver
More Form 1 Cans
Eat an Animal I shot
Repair and Optimize Collection
Organize Gun poo poo
Organize Office
Install Reloading Setup in Office
Shoot More
Compete in some Competitions
Get More Fitter
Shoot Longer
Take More Classes
Build Cool poo poo

2018 Risks and Challenges
This coming year will likely be another fiscally responsible year meaning the shop and expensive projects will have to wait while the remaining damage to my finances is addressed. Issues surrounding owning an older home will also continue to pose an issue as my home wiring system is in desperate need of an update if I want to pursue any kind of shop equipment. Barring any major windfalls or strokes of genius, I suspect the lathe, welder, and any projects that I don't already own parts for will likely be deferred another year although I will be trying to acquire parts based on how hard I suspect they will be to acquire over the coming years.

wheres my beer fucked around with this message at 08:07 on Nov 18, 2017

Dec 13, 2011

Gonna finally get my goddamn license, and assuming the new 5.56 AR-10s hit market, get one of those.

Marvin K. Mooney
Jan 2, 2008

poop ship

Marvin K. Mooney posted:



Marvin K. Mooney posted:

For 2017, I want to actually make A class, also buy like 10x more guns cause gently caress it


gently caress yeah

Aug 6, 2006

The wicked flee when none pursueth

No .50 yet, but hell with some many cool guns coming out this year I may postpone the .50 until 2019.

2020 will be the year of the 20mm tho.

Jan 12, 2005

Woo WOO, Look a Parrot...

I didn't have any written goals for 2017 but I did accomplish the following:

Renew NJ purchasers permit
Sell old hunting rifle
Buy new hunting rifle
Buy obnoxious-sized revolver

Plans for 2018

Shoot more
Do more work on 7mm rem mag hand loads
Get better at shooting my current guns
Continue to get points for western hunts
Go on WY Antelope trip

My goals aren't very lofty because I just had a kid a few months back so most of my income is tied up in child-care related stuff for the foreseeable future.
If I can squeek out a few bucks here and there I may buy a 22 rifle for some cheap shoots and my son's first gun for when he gets old enough.

May 26, 2004

you are a filth wizard, friend only to the grumpig and the rattata


2017 boy look at those horizons

Get one of those new CZ P10s if they turn out to be good. Or the G19 I've been avoiding. I "need" a basic boring mid size plastic pistol that can take a light and be put in a holster. You know, for all the times that don't exist where I go outside and hike in the mountains or whatever.

Sell SP-01? I like it a lot and I also don't really give a poo poo? I don't know. Why do I want to get rid of this cool good gun in favor of a boring glock?

Move to Arizona (Tucson? Phoenix?) and never see another loving snow flake or thermometer lower than 40 for as long as I live which hopefully won't be much longer fingers crossed!!!!

Maybe do some social gun stuff for once. From what I hear Arizona has a few competitions happening on a semi regular basis. The two gun action challenge on InRange looks fun and well beyond my capabilities in every conceivable way.

Lose more weight? 160 isn't low enough. I still have mass and embody space.

oh and buy some sordins because these impact sports are not good

tl;dr i don't care

Got P10c.
Still have SP01
Moved to Arizona. Didn't die, unfortunately.
lol no
Not enough.
Didn't get Sordins. Did I? 2? I forget. It's over in the next room. They're good, is what matters. Mission accomplished.


-Get a rifle I really want? Krink? SG 553? I will forever want those. 806 Bren 2? If it comes out next year which it won't. MSBS/Grot? MDR-C? haha i joke
-Get rid of the rifles I don't want or shoot enough to bother keeping around?
-Get that a P10c milled for a DPP and also get a DPP threaded barrel and comp and also shoot it more.
-Get an Arizona Carry permit. I know I know I don't "need" it constitutional carry in this state shut up
-Get C&R? I don't need it. I don't know what I'd buy with it. An old three screw Single Six? Get one of those too?
-Sell the SP-01 and probably the Woodsman, too. I like the SP-01... I just can't explain why, but I want to get rid of it. The first series Woodsman's standard velocity ammo requirement bums me the gently caress out. Anyone want a Woodsman? Have fun feeding it..
-Find a desert spot/range that isn't indoors/full of yokels, where I can be left the gently caress alone and just shoot by myself.
-Build a new computer. Mine is very old and it's running like poo poo and desperately needs a complete replacement.
-Be a less poo poo person, overall.
-Get a samoyed pup

Plans plans plans. I've got some plans. ideas of plans. Ideas about ideas of things that may become plans one day if I put forth even the slightest amount of effort which is frankly beyond my capabilities as a person if I'm being honest.

Bummey fucked around with this message at 22:22 on Jan 2, 2018

Shima Honnou
Dec 1, 2010

The Once And Future King Of Dicetroit

College Slice

2017 I entered the ranks of AR owner.

2018 maybe I'll properly 'Nam out one of those, get some kinda Mac-10 thing, maybe even get into black powder if I can figure out a way to make a more interesting thing like a jezail.

Jan 21, 2012

2018 actually contribute meaningfully to TFR because y'all are a bunch of cool folks

Maybe make a box thread.

Buy more guns. Shoot more. Maybe even compete!

Jan 19, 2016

I'll play:
- Get my loving MDR
- Continue developing pistol fundamentals, start practicing at 50yds
- Get a 9mm suppressor and threaded barrel for my CZ75 and test/handload some subsonic 9mm
- Expand my reloading setup to .308, .243, .357mag and maybe 9mm if I can make it worth it
- Join a club with a >200yd range and start practicing long-range shooting
- I can somehow put a bullet through a deer heart consistently out to 100yds while standing on a rickety ladder stand in the cold wind, but at the range can hardly shoot a 6" group from standing, regardless of optics. I'd like to fix this
-Physical fitness/activities: Lose 15lbs, go hiking and camping more, practice my woodsmanship

Other assorted stuff wishlist:
-Good ear and eye protection
-A real gun safe (Black Friday here I come)
-More reloading equipment (digital powder scale, case tumbler/sonic cleaner)
-More mags!

Nov 3, 2006

158 grains of smiley powered justice

stgdz posted:

Buy suppressors when Hpa passes.
LOL no cans purchased this year
Maybe an lcrx for the wife and that ATI hybrid 1911.
Purchased three 1911's this year and stayed away from the hybrid
Got an additional three lowers and some glass for my AR's

-Get a job, this loving sucks now not having a job for four months.
-Put money down on a 223 and 45 cans then wait them out.
-Get a dillon 650 with case feeder
-Get a railed 1911

Stretch goals

Get a shadow of some sort
Get a R8 or 627 for league

Jan 12, 2005

border patrol qt

Plaster Town Cop

MazeOfTzeentch posted:

Gonna go ahead and drive IR35 to failure right away:

Posurp Gen 4 G22's $309.95

Way ahead of you, buddy! Although the one I'm currently after is a Gen4 31. Let me know if you see one of those for $309.

What I failed at last year:
- I bought like twenty drat guns, maybe more. I refuse to go and count.
- I didn't make as many shooting events as I wanted, but my work schedule was all messed up.
- I have three tax stamps that I still haven't put in for because

What I succeeded at over the last year:
- I cracked down on myself and sold probably a dozen guns out of my collection in order to offset my purchases a little.
- I got a SilencerCo Harvester. The Harvester wasn't specifically on my list but I wanted some kind of .30 can and they had a really good rebate going for a while.
- I've started loading .357 SIG ammo (already got like three hundred rounds cranked out).
- The P320 was off my list because the FBI didn't adopt it, but it went back on my list when ICE and the U.S. military adopted it. I picked one up for a good price during Gander Mountain's going out of business sale.
- I attended a LOT of training this last year, both for work and personal/professional development.

Goals for 2018:
- Stop buying so many drat guns.
- Sell some more drat guns.
- Attend more training.
- Run the poo poo out of the P320.
- Put in for the three (four?) tax stamps I bought cans for.
- Try to shoot more than one 3-gun match in a season (though honestly I don't feel that bad since this last season it was basically 150 rounds of shotgun and maybe a dozen or so rifle and pistol at each match which sucks).
- Start loading .308, .30-06, and .300 Blackout. Edit: and .30 Carbine.
- Shoot at least one cowboy action match.

infrared35 fucked around with this message at 22:29 on Nov 20, 2017

Sten Freak
Sep 10, 2008

Despite all of these shortcomings, the Sten still has a long track record of shooting people right in the face.

College Slice

Reload a ton of .30 carbine, maybe buy a dillon
- Halfway. Did buy brass and bullets, but only reloaded a couple hundred and no Dillon.
Get my M2 which isn't up to me but the transfer to dealer started in August so I have to think I can get it this year, and shoot the .30 carbine I load
- Done!
Fix my .32 acp reloading inconsistency. Probably just not enough flare
- Halfway. Got some great advice, haven't acted on it.
Buy a prewar Colt Police Positive .22 or a Colt nickel finished revolver in high condition
- Not done but watched a whole ton of them. Haven't had spare cash this year
Get my MAS-38 sorted - it's been at my gunsmith's for a few months and he said he just wanted to test fire it once more so I think this should happen any day
- Done praise Allah for my awesome gunsmith
Shoot 91/30 PU more. I got two and shot one with awesome results but never have put it on a bench and properly shot it Maybe sell the other one.
- Not done.

Life BS:
Lose 15-20 pounds
- Not done but I'm walking at work way more often
Have eyes checked. I've never needed glasses but middle age is taking a toll so I'm nearsighted and my distance vision when shooting isn't perfect like it once was.
- Not done

- Eyes checked, more exercise, fix 32acp and maybe get a Dillon.

Oct 21, 2009

DeesGrandpa posted:

I'd like to spend more money on mountain biking than guns this year.

Also get into some gun games.

Spent a decent amount on biking, but woefully failed on spending less than that on guns.

Didn't get into gun games.

This year I guess

Stop impulse buying guns (good luck), get at least one suppressor, get into gun games, join a real range so I can stop loving around in the national forest except for snowshoeing shooting/camping shooting.

Jan 19, 2016

DeesGrandpa posted:

loving around in the national forest
That reminds me, I need to find a place other than a range so I can set up cans and other non-paper targets. An ex rented a room in a farmhouse with some acreage and the owner had a little shooting pit. I need to find another one of those for next year.

Jan 4, 2014

Well 2017 was all about getting into IPSC for me. I shot my first match at the end of December 2016 and went from ungraded -> D grade -> C grade -> B grade in Stabdard (Limited) over the following 10 months which was cool.

With the arrival of my second child in February- Iím envisioning my shooting skills are gonna nosedive with the lack of Range time, so my goal is:

- Pick up a Classic (SS) gun - thinking a Sig Traditional Match Elite because Iím a sucker for an external extractor.
- Grade to Minimum C grade.

Other stuff:

- Cerakote my USP Expert Frame, maybe cut some holes in the slide for a laugh.
- Racker and Cerakote on my TS Orange
- more mags for the P226 X5 so I can shoot a match with it if I get spontaneous.
- finish the 2 custom rifles that are currently at the smith - need optics for both, most likely 5-25 PST GenIIs
- try and keep up the bits and pieces of Cerakote work that I do. Life will be busy next year but the side income is nice.
- Start loading .45 on the Dillon.

Dec 31, 2008

2018 purchases:

Czechpoint VZ 58

That's probably it for me

Aug 30, 2003

It's amazing their hands can support such awesome.

-Sold the AR I built in 2016 as intended. Just not at the exorbitant price I expected.
-Got the wife back to the range (she invited herself, score!), and got her a gun she actually likes

-CCW class for the wife, along with a holster or purse or both.
-Lever or pump action rifle. The Henry .22 with the boy was way too much fun, and the father in laws 12C gives me all sorts of feelings.
-Get moving on a pistol can of some sort.
-GSSF matches now that I have something other than compact/subcompact (G35)
-Reloading stuff for .38/357 so I can make powderpuff practice loads for the wife. Possibly stuff for .40 if I get into GSSF.
-Get up the balls to actually use the backstop and target frame I put up in the backyard. So far it's just been pellet guns with the kids. It's legal in the township (confirmed with the sheriff and the township administration), but I still don't know if I want to have that conversation with the neighbors. Possibly where the can comes into play (in 2019 by the looks of it)

That Works
Jul 21, 2006

I didn't know about this in 2017 when I started shooting.


-Get a lever action .357
-(successfully) refinish a firearm on my own, rust blue or parkerizing
-Take an official shooting class of some kind, preferably action or defensive pistol type stuff
-learn more about and start actually doing reloading
-shoot a 300 on an Army-L at 25 yds, standing pistol
-Get my .22 bullseye match score up to at least 240

Mar 26, 2010

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Main goal: Nightvision

Alao do something with the 9x25 Dillon dies and brass I have

Otherwise maybe a handgun or two if deals can be had

Feb 11, 2004


Suppressors, SBRs, and all things 9mm

Flatland Crusoe
Jan 12, 2011

Great White Hunter
Master Race

Let me explain why I'm better than you

Flatland Crusoe posted:

1. Kill an elk - It didnít quite work out
2. Kill a 3x3+ mulie I killed a 2x3 and helped out on a 4x4
3. Buy a magnum bolt gun Sako A7 7mm
4. Buy 410 double gun I bought a 28 gauge instead
5. Shoot more LR rifle yes this has been happening
6. Shoot more shotguns yes, I've already shot 3+ cases of ammo

2017 was good for my shooting but that whole elk thing still hangs over my head...

1) Buy Swarovski Binoculars
2) Buy a Nice O/U
3) Join a range quickly after moving for my wifeís residency match to keep up long range shooting
4) Get a job with more vacation

Oct 23, 2016

Grimey Drawer

Didn't really set any goals for 2017, looking back I'm thinking maybe I should have. Huh. Ok, let's try this.

2018 goals:

- Run at least 8 ranked IPSC matches
- Take up missing fast-moving clay pigeons
- Decide on which 1911 to actually buy
- Decide on which compact to actually buy
- Finally get around to selling my summer drive
- Finally get around to buying a loading press (optional: learning to use it?)

Oh! And:

MazeOfTzeentch posted:

Get a hunting license and go hunt
...this, even if the odds aren't in my favor.

The Rat
Aug 29, 2004

You will find no one to help you here. Beth DuClare has been dissected and placed in cryonic storage.

The Rat posted:

Just did some basic familiarization with a Kestrel AB unit. Goal for the new year is becoming proficient with it, along with the precision rifles it will be supporting. Also continuing IDPA and 3-gun, along with doing my part to keep the local 3-gun match going.

Failed miserably at getting good with long range stuff. Did everything else, as vague as it was.

Can't think of any other goals in terms of guns. However would like to check out the Weminuche wilderness, and revisit North Cascades, Glacier and a bunch of stuff in the southwest.

Sep 12, 2007

Ask me about Proposition 305

Do you like muskets?


US arsenal made flintlock musket

May 15, 2012

-Take a pistol class.
-Get a Beretta 92FS for range time.
-Get a 1911. They just seem cool. Ruger appears to be at the intersection of good price and good quality.
-Make some holsters for myself.

Doesn't seem unreasonable.


Oct 29, 2002

Fig. 5E

No more guns or at least a net decrease.

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