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Jun 17, 2007

Yam Slacker

Brian Praxis
Minister of Agriculture

1. Repeal of the TRC, submitted by Minister Saint-Just of the SRLF. - Nay
2. Financial Holdings Transparency Act, submitted by Minister Axo of the SDU. - Aye
3. Amendment to the PAP Act, submitted by Minister Bookchin of the SRLF. - Aye
4. Restoration of Peace and Justice Act, submitted by Minister Axo of the SDU. - Aye
5. PASS Act, submitted by Minister Bookchin of the SRLF. - Aye
6. Budget Bill for February 3063 - December 3063, submitted by Minister Radek of the SRLF. - Aye


Sep 26, 2009

Loyal to the End

Comrade Radek
Minister of Security and Defense
Speaker of Parliament

To: NSP Commissioner

...and do not forget to make an especial good showing with regards to the enforcement of Minister Saint-Just's minimum wage act. A few examples pour encoutrer should ensure that no-one considers cheating their employees out of their hard earned pay. Keep us informed and continue the good working.

To: Sheng-Ji Chang, Commissioner, Bureau of Prisons

As we discussed face to face when you accepted the position, your predecessor tendered his resignation shortly before the announcement of our new Penal Reform Initiative. No longer will our correctional facilities be dens of corruption run by the inmates. They shall return to being true correctional facilities - places where we may isolate the ills of society from that which is good, and at the same time reform those ills using every tool at our disposal. The new facilities recently ordered under construction shall be the first of those tools, and more shall come unto you as I am able to craft them. Together, we shall strike our own vital blow in the war on crime - the NSP and NFP may get them to court, and the boys in Justice may send them to jail, but it is our responsibility as to what happens for the years to follow. I know you are the right man for the job.

Some more details regarding the upcoming construction:

Facility: Sirtan Federal Penitentiary Alpha
Cost: TBD, budgeted under BOP
Staff: Drawn from ideologically reliable, thoroughly vetted members of the BOP, new recruits held to same standards. NFP may be called upon in emergencies.
Facilities: Medium-security wing, High-security wing, Maximum-Security Unit, State of the art Healthbay, Rehabilitation Center featuring counseling and other forms of care. Library, Training Center, Others
Location: As previously marked on SIRTRAK line

Feb 19, 2017

All right. After going over things in my head a bunch of times, I have finally come to a conclusion. My current schedule doesn't allow me nearly enough time to invest into running this game in the level of detail I would like, so this thing is going on hiatus until August. If anyone still remembers or cares about this by that time, we will pick it back up right where we left off. If not...I guess this is it. I enjoyed running this game while I could, and hope to keep running it in the future. Sorry, everyone. I let you down, but there isn't really anything I can do about it.

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