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Nov 11, 2010

Freedom and Stability Party (FSP)

Colour: Royal Purple

Leader: Micheal Janstin (nothingtoseehere)

Platform: Micheal Janstin is a former cabinet minster for Vallstein's government, joining midway through his administration and rising swiftly up the ranks due to his economic prowess, and claims responsibility for the stability of Vallstein regimes economy (while say he always opposed the repression aspects but there was nothing he could do). Fired almost immediately after Greene took power (He claims because he stood for sound economic governance, others because he tried and failed for the top dog's seat), Janstin spent the next few years flying below the radar but in relative luxury, even as the revolution heated up. In the final few days before the coup he spoke out against the government and "joined" the revolution, and afterwards he gathered a coalition of former government officials, low-ranking members of government institutions and the police and armed forces, and the old who longed for a return of the stability of Vallstein's government, with the tact backing of some of the oligarchs. His party stands for free-market capitalism, small government ("To prevent the overreachs when men like Greene get in power) and leniency and protection for all those simply doing their job for the old government (but of course, if you can prove them committed a crime...).

List: None yet

Type: Leader Oriented

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Nov 11, 2010

Transcript of a Speech by Micheal Janstin repeated on all ad networks on the SCN - Where did he get the money for this?

I would like to start by asking the people of Sirta what our revolution was for. What did we protest and riot and strike and rebel for? For democracy, the rule of law, and sound economic governance - For bread on our tables and the liberty to enjoy it. And such the issue of justice and amnesty is key to how Sirta progresses forward. Do we want to be governed by the rule of law: Do we want a system where every citizen can be guaranteed a fair and equal trial, where evidence is required to prove guilt, and no one is without recourse or due process? Or should we start our new society in the same way the old one died: with purges, disappearances, and extrajudicial killings. This is the Freedom the Freedom and Stability Party stands for. The CLF, the brave warriors they are, seem to want to continue to fight a war after the peace has been signed: they want to continue to hunt down enemies over the battlefield instead of the courtroom. I of course wish swift and just punishment to those who can be proven to have killed and tortured our citizens gleefully in the name of Greene. But we cannot ignore the very values we launched a revolution over when we are the victors, and not the underdogs. Furthermore, there has been talk from many about purging our systems of all those who worked under Vallsteins government, and I forcefully resist that talk. Vallstein was in power for 30 years: Many of our distinguished citizens and even some revolutionaries participated in his system, myself included, because it was all-consuming. The only way we could benefit our fellow Sirtans was to do our best in managing SIrta under his rule, and trying to curb his worse excesses. Any attempt to purge our government of those who may be culpable of crimes under his rule would leave no-one over the age of 30 left standing - And I believe in a society which works for All Sirtans, not just those young revolutionaries.

But that is enough talk about the ghosts of the past. Now, I want to talk to your about the FSP's plans for the future. There has been much furor among some about how this is the time for radical economic change, as well as social change. But that ignores the reality of the planet as it is. People around Sirta go around with no food on the table, no heating in their homes, no jobs in their towns. What we need most is a system that we can be sure will work: Because you do not play games with the lives of 20 Million people. The other parties will give you theory for why their economic plans are the best, but only at the FSP do you get a leadership that has actually run a planetary economy beforehand: Vallstein's government was not a happy time for many, but I worked during it to keep the economy humming and food and jobs available to every Sirtan: and I would gladly do it again if given the chance by you, the people. I am glad that other parties recognize the importance of fixing our train network, the backbone of mobility of both people and goods, for when we are all connected once again we will have a interlinked planetary market where everything will be as cheap as in the cheapest place. But we most also make sure that investment to fix our war-torn country and reopen our factories and biotech plants is available, and only through foreign investment is the money we need to get Sirta working again available - foreign investment I know how to acquire for Sirta as I have in the past. Through rebuilding and reopening our country, the uncertainties of the Greene government will give way to the certainty and stability of years past. That Is the stability the FSP offers, the stability of having a consistent job, your pension paid, and food on your plate.

Freedom and Stability Party - For a Sirta that makes you proud

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Nov 11, 2010

Interview with Janstin on a Vital Media produced talk show

INTERVIEWER: So, there was been much of policing and the SRLF's Millita union proposal recently: What is the FSP's view on it?

JANSTIN: Well, the FSP position is simple: One nation, one rule of law, one accountable policing body. Community policing is good at some aspects of the polices job: preventing burglary, making people feel safe, solving neighborly disputes. But if we want to have a functioning court system and the rule of law, we need people who can do more than keep the peace, pull the town drunks apart, and have a few words when the neighbors get in a tiff. We need people who are trained in investigation and evidence collection, so when a more serious crime: Domestic violence, accusations of surprise sex, a major burglary happen, they can investigate properly and not contaminate evidence when it brought to the courtroom, so everyone gets fair justice. And I'm not sure a bunch of former soldiers are the best people for that.

INTERVIEWER: So are you saying the local millita's should just disband and let the central government police them? Surely you don't think they'll agree to that.

JANSTIN: Not at all: I welcome form CLF members to join the police forces and in essence run the branches in their hometowns: They are the ones who know it best, and any outside figure would not be an effective peacekeeper in these towns anyways. But they should be part of a single national policing body, and receive crash courses on the exact laws of Sirta, judicial procedure, eccetra as soon as possible. And they fundamentally have to listen to and be under the command of whoever Minster of the Interior ends up after this election: who may well be a SRLF or DAL member anyways. But If they remain a separate body, I don't think some of our citizens would feel safe in these towns: that the local peacekeepers would look the other way if a local beat on a out-of-towner for being a "regime bootlicker" as some have called me. If all you take your power from is the local community, then you can freely run out of town anyone the majority of the community wants gone, which is not the freedom the Freedom and Stability Party stands for.

INTERVIEWER: But hasn't the SRLF said that this Militia Union would obey all laws set in Sard, and be accountable to Parliament, to prevent just what you describe.

JANSTIN: Do you what institution already obey's all laws set in Sard, and is accountable to Parliament? The police, under the minister of the Interior. This attempt by the SRLF to set up a parallel organization is dubious, for it solves nothing that simply coming under the existing structures doesn't and leaves room for the DAL to formalize their own structure of power outside the state if a election goes a way they don't like in the future. I'd like to remind the DAL that this revolution didn't end in them storming Sard: It ended through the hard work and subterfuge of Vivian Grey and many others working deep cover. I, and many other hard-working traders, would not feel conformable going to towns or selling our goods there under this system, and that is not the kind of uncertainty and instability that is good for the nation and the people in those towns.

INTERVIEWER: Some controversial statements there: I thank you for your time, and the Freedom and Stability Parties time Micheal, but now we must move onto our next section

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Nov 11, 2010

Freedom and Stability Party

The Freedom and Stability party Votes against the proposed government. We fear that the DAL in control of the justice ministry will launch a witch-hunt against the rich and former regime members who have done nothing wrong in their haste to find those guility who committed crimes under Greene, and that they will trample over the rights of due process we had a revolution to establish just because of people's background.

The FSP also accepts that this government will be formed regardless, but the principles of democracy we fought to establish means we must make our reservations known: If we receive hostility for it, so be it. Every government needs a opposition.

Nov 11, 2010

Crazycryodude posted:

(Technically there's no voting until the drafting phase is over in a couple days, but your objections are noted)

(Just seems a bit silly to propose a motion of confidence and not vote on it for two days: I though drafting was only for bills, not motions?)

Nov 11, 2010

Freedom and Stability Party

1. A Motion of Confidence for the formation of government under Comrade Luxembourg from the SRLF. OPPOSE We've made our objections with DAL participation clear
2. The SIRTRAK Act, proposed by Member Radek of the SRLF. OPPOSE While fixing the trains is vital, we don't believe nationalizing them and giving them carte blanc to demand as much money as they want to fix them is the bet or most efficient way to do it
3. The SISTER Act, proposed by Member Bookchin of the SRLF. OPPOSE As was highlighted by Vanderbush, I take issue with section 3 of this act
4. The Census Act, proposed by Member Subtallier of the Unity Coalition, along with associated amendments with Member Danube of the FDG (each amendment needs to be voted on separately). SUPPORT, along with all amendments
5. The Care and Shelter Act, proposed by Member Hughes of Dawn. OPPOSE Surely it would be more efficent to sell such properties, and rehouse people on cheaper (but still good-quality) accomidation avaliable on the open market? We'd get more people housed that way aswell
6. The Sirtan Budget Office Act, proposed by Member Vanderbush SUPPORT A body that will tell us the true cost of all these SRLF policies would be useful
7. The Outer Alliance Resolution, proposed by Member Vanderbush. OPPOSE We need more information
8. Bill F-1, also known as the Tax Enforcement Act, proposed by ReSeAu Gen of the UCS. SUPPORT While I have some issues with this act, the timely collection of taxation from all is key to a functioning government and a level democratic playing field
9. Constitutional Amendment on Parliament's Composition, proposed by Amnesty of the Community (requires 61 votes to pass). OPPOSE Now is not the time
10. The Truth and Reconciliation Act, proposed by Member Danube of the FDG. ABSTAIN While the intent of this bill is good, it has just too many small issues with it for me to pass it
11. The Truth and Justice Act, proposed by Member Knapfstein of the DAL. OPPOSE See? This is why we don't like the DAL
12. The PEOPLE'S ASSEMBLY Act, proposed by Member Bookchin of the SRLF. OPPOSE "Yes, lets force the entire country to use a method of governance that evolved organically in a few rural communities" I'd support recognizing their status,but not this.

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Nov 11, 2010

Freedom and Stability Party

A speech by Micheal Janstin to Parliment


So the Guardian council has asked me to make a speech about why the FSP should be the formal opposition, and after that speech by our esteemed colleges at the KNK I think its worth seeing what arguments they brought us. And the answer is none at all. The KNK just insulted the current government and proclaimed this obviously makes them the ones worth following, which makes no sense at all: Even if all the KNK allegations are true, they gave no reasons we should follow them instead of The Community or us. And that is the case I want to make to you assembled here today, why the FSP is the best suited to lead the opposition.

The current government, fundamentally, wants to change the entire makeup and fabric of Sirtian society: You can see that already in the grandiose bills they have passed already, abolishing homelessness, hunger, ignorance, and local governance at the stroke of a pen. The SRLF ultimately, undoubtedly want to abolish private ownership altogether, and the DAL will hunting ghosts of regimes past to their grave. For better or worse, this government feels it can change SIrta with a bill and a penstroke.

The FSP is the fundamental opposite of this. We believe that the systems that mostly worked 10 or 20 years ago can work again, with a bit of tweaks and change. We believe that to rush these changes is foolhardy, and that these things take time to understand, and we believe in private ownership and the free market. In short, we are fundamentally ideologically opposed to this government. And that is what would make us the most effective opposition to it.

The other parties I hope to work with in opposition do not share this deep divide with the government. The Community voted for all the governments bills this session, only opposing the government itself, and the KNK is concerned with the wellbeing of it's ... Establishments beyond any ideological principles. The FSP, however, has a firm idea of what we want Sirta to be - it just clashes with what the Current government wishes it to be. And that is why we would make the best opposition.

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Nov 11, 2010

Some numbers in that expenses breakdown don't seem right to me... why does the Guardian council (consisting of 5 AMRs) get almost the same funding as parliament (80 members and a fancy building?). Also, why does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have more than both combined? It's taking 4% of our budget(hard to compare, but Earth governments spend less than 1% on this, even the US) , and we're a small outlying planet with not many near by threats or neighbors. I think we've found our first target for budget cuts.

Also: I don't know if this is a fair point of comparison, but if it is, what's the GDP of Sirta? It makes it easier to see proportionally how much the government is spending on things (and how much government spending is in total)

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Nov 11, 2010

FSP Committee appointments

Judicial Appointments Committee: Tarquin Black (FSP MP)

Sensitive Information and Special Security Committee: Micheal Janstin(FSP leader)

Defence Objectives Committee : Valance Farasi (FSP MP)

Government Oversight and Transparency Committee: Amnesty (Community MP), Tarquin Black (FSP MP)

The government has yet to propose members of TRC, which is odd as I thought justice was one of their vital aims. In that absence, I would propose Jade Ross, William Viner, Janet Oliphant, and Silvia Collins from the Guardian council appointees to that role.

Nothingtoseehere fucked around with this message at Dec 11, 2017 around 10:29

Nov 11, 2010

Freedom and Stability party
1. The Self-Determination Act, submitted by Minister of Interior Danube.

AYE This mitigates the previous local governments act Terribleness

2. The Right to Know Act, submitted by Member Arthur Subtallier.

AYE Freedom of information is one of many freedoms we stand for

3. The Police Reform Act, submitted by Minister of Interior Security Radek.

NAY I am disturbed by the "Revolutionary language" clause if it's just about obeying the people and rule of law, why not say so? This kind of ambiguous language disturbs me.

4. Amendment to the SIRTRAK Act, by Minister of Interior Security Radek.

AYE. Increasing parliamentary scrutiny over this bad idea is good

5. The Healer Amnesty Act, submitted by Minister of Health Dr. Xavier Dubois.

AYE We need doctors, of course

6. The Budget Bill for March 3062, submitted by Prime Minister Luxemburg.

AYE I can live with this budget: increase in enforcement of taxes is good.

Nov 11, 2010

As Leader of the Opposition, I would like to put at question or two to the Minister of the Interior: What is the market value of the properties being repurposed by the Care and Shelter Commission? For that value, how many lower-quality properties could be acquired by the Commission for it's use instead?

There's no denying the fact that the properties seized from Greene's lackeys are more luxuries than the standard residence: While I don't question the Ministers aims at aiding the homeless, I wonder if the insistence on the ironic justice of housing them in the properties of the former regime is getting in the way of helping as many citizens of Sirta as possible.

Nov 11, 2010

Freedom and Stability Part


Nay to Hill and Ife - We don't trust them to be impartial and fair in the committee - they'll just enable the CLF extremists on the committee, as they did in the constitutional court nominations when they enabled a CLF assassin who has never worked in Law before as a constitutional court judge for life.

Aye to Kayembe and Ramsey


Aye to ReSeAu Gen

Nay to the rest - Most of you lack mangenment experience: I'd say you'd run SIRTRAK into the ground, but it's already there: you'd just stop it getting up.

Nov 11, 2010

Freedom and Stability Party#

All parties in this parliament agree on the necessity of restoring foreign trade and investment to Sirta to increase the prosperity of our nation and our people - see the recent report to parliament by the Foreign Minister. While I hope his diplomacy is effective, actions speak louder than words: I wish for this government to take firm action in support of free trade by abolishing all tariffs. This will show a firm commitment by Sirta towards increased trade with our neighbours, and bring prosperity to the average Sirtian by decreasing the cost of vital goods like medicines.

With the government is in dire need of financing at the moment, I am not proposing abolishing them tomorrow. The slow pace of interstellar travel means that the first foreign traders would hear of this measure would be when they docked at our ports. So I propose we abolish them in 6 months time, for this is time for news to spread of the measure, and when the government will hopefully have a firmer hand over tax avoidance and a healthier treasury. With the funds needed by the finance ministry to run the corrupt customs departments, barely any money is made from tariffs anyways - 13 million last month, of which 6 million was spent on staffing. I believe the openness this expresses to our neighbours and the increased trade will be better for Sirta than 7 million credits. So I present the Tariff Abolition Act to parliament.

"The Tariff Abolition Act posted:

This act abolishes all tariffs for the import of goods or services into Sirta: No charge can be placed on the entry of any good or service into Sirta without the repeal or amendment of this act.

This act takes effect on the 1st of September 3062:

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Nov 11, 2010

1. The Tariff Abolition Act submitted by the Freedom Stability Party - AYE
2. The Sovereign Wealth Fund Act, submitted by Minister Radek. - NAY
3. The Budget Bill for April 3062 submitted by Prime Minister Luxembourg - NAY
4. The Census Extension Act, an amendment to the prior passed Census Act, submitted by Minister Danube. - AYE
5. The Bootstrap Act, submitted by Arthur Subtallier. - NAY

I also oppose the fact that the government wishes to introduce blatant SDLF propaganda into our schools. Teaching recent history instead tells our children about All the different contributions to the revolution made by differ groups, not just a whitewashing in which the CLF sweeps to victory of its own accord, as the SDLF would want us to believe.

Nothingtoseehere fucked around with this message at Dec 21, 2017 around 19:46

Nov 11, 2010

Freedom and Stability Party

1. The AMR Accountability Act, submitted by Member Amnesty. - NAY

2. The Rehabilitation Act, submitted by Member Amnesty. - NAY

3. The Free and Fair Elections Act, submitted by Member Subtallier. - NAY

Electing the people who decide if an election is fair? That sounds like a sure way to a dictatorship of the majority to me.

4. Constitutional Amendment on Appointments to the Constitutional Court, submitted by Minister of Foreign Affairs Vanderbush. - AYE

5. The Opposing Syndicated Crime and Racketeering Act, submitted by Minister of Internal Security Radek. - NAY

6. The Budget Bill for May 3062 - December 3062, submitted by Prime Minister Luxemburg. - AYE

Nov 11, 2010

Michael Janstin
Leader of the opposition
Representative Democracy

Nov 11, 2010

1.The Property Appropriation Process Act, submitted by Member Borisov.
Aye Without this, we have no restrictions on nationalization of property: As just demonstrated, Sard Assembly has the power to seize everything: not a state for a society to be in
2. Amendment to the Property Appropriation Act, submitted by Minister of Internal Security Radek.
3. Bill G-1, submitted by Minister of Finance ReSeuGen.


Nov 11, 2010

Vote for UCS

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