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Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Drone and Clone, Freak and Chic; when it's 11PM By Decree and the weekly ethanol ration just deployed, you know it's time for...

Good evening Diaspora! I'm Hazel Dang-Cobra Jr., and with me always is the Reverend Cawsey "Ocho" Rios, three time Micro-Grav Champion of the Hacktogon.

Good to be here, Hazel.

Welcome once more to the stately Pleasure Dome! Where sins are absolved, and winners live forever!*. We've scraped the lowest depths of the slumstacks, prison colonies and long-haul exile freighters, and brought the hungriest, most desperate contestants to you, our precious baby viewer!

This series' contestants are hungry for that luxe, Hazel. They're failures, prisoners, and mutants all, wretched to the last, and some might say entirely beyond redemption, but they've poured everything they have into getting this one last chance at redemption, or at least a stay of execution.

Well, this year's deadly rigs and lethal combat zones are going to make them work for it, that's for sure. The industry's best murderologists have slaved over their killing assets to make sure this is the best Wrecking Crew yet!

Strong words, Hazel. Strong, shapely words. I can't wait to see what toxic hellscape they dig up first. Hazel, are you ready for a scrap?

You took the words right out of my script, Rev; I was decanted ready. Dust off the shattered wreckage of your life, precious babies, It's time for Wrecking Crew!

Our mother Earth is a wasted heap, but that doesn't mean your life has to be! A bold new crop of contestants has arrived from all around the Diaspora looking for a chance to help reclaim our beleagered planet...and stack luxe to precarious heights. Contestants will dropped into a dangerous combat zone, riddled with hazards, enemies both mutated and mechanical, and precious, precious resources.
The goal? To reclaim salvage to bank precious Luxe, and to amass enough gear and power to take down the Zone Boss, a pants-making GBS threads Zodiac-Class Rig!
Go it on foot, or hop in a rig and ride to mechanized victory!
Impress the sponsors in hopes of a supply drop, or ride the night train as a dark horse!
Work together for a better tomorrow, or waste one another on sight, the choice is yours!

Our Wreckers are sorted into several "classes" by a standardized set of metrics, and assigned starting loadout based on their class. Additional classes can be unlocked in play, through an obscure and painful series of criteria!


Luminaries from around the Diaspora have gathered on Decree Station Alph to rub elbows and support their chosen Wreckers on the field of battle. Politicians, gangsters, titans of industry, and the fusest of celebs, all with their fingers on those drop-pod deployment consoles. Want to send medical aid to your embattled buddy? How about a fuel drop for a flagging fave? Or just order an airstrike and watch everyone eat poo poo; this is Wrecking Crew!

Wreckers: Make a post listing your name, portrait, class, and Orokos rolls for loadout. When you see your name and vitals on the broadcast, you're in!
Since the game is round-based, if you play a wrecker, you'll want to keep up.
The game updates Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday!

Sponsors: Just participate in the thread. If you don't have a Wrecker on the board (or perhaps if you do; see the Rules), you can post as a sponsor! Wreckers will upload luxe from the combat zone that you can use to send materiel support...or "support"! RP in the thread, create experimental new items, and present bonus challenges for the players!
Unlike wreckers, sponsors have no expectation of involvement; jump in and out as you like!

Bee Bonk fucked around with this message at Jun 24, 2019 around 16:18


Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

The primary rule of Wrecking Crew is simple:
The Target Number is 4. Abilities and items may change this, but 4 is the default target number for any action, regardless of die size.
Upscale increases the max value of a die by 2, i.e. 1D6 to 1d8 or 1d14 to 1d16. Upscales beyond 1d20 instead increase damage by 1.
Downscale decreases the max value of a die by 2, to a minimum of 1d4.

Full Sponsors (anyone in-thead without a Wrecker on the board) will receive a 5 Luxe stipend every round (not phase) they post in the thread.

Sponsors may use their own or a Wrecker's uploaded luxe to purchase one of the items listed below at any time, which will be delivered during sponsor phase (with the exception of the Airstrike, which will occur during Hazard phase of the next round).
Luxe spent on deliveries must come first from the Sponsor's account, before wrecker accounts may be depleted.

Sponsor Menu posted:

Drone Delivery (SHOT): Sends a specific Supply item to a specific Wrecker and makes a 1d6/2 attack on a random enemy in their hex. 25+Supply Rating Luxe.
Drone Delivery (HEAL): Sends a specific Supply item to a specific Wrecker and restores 1 HP to them. 25+Supply Rating Luxe.
Drone Delivery (???): Experimental drones with other properties can be sent; see examples in the thread or ask in the Discord for more details.
Experimental Items: A dangerous beta version of an item with altered properties can be sent on any drone; the Supply cost is halved, though the drone cost remains unchanged.

Supply Drop: Drops a crate granting a 1d20 roll on Supply in target hex. 25 Luxe.
Exfiltrate Wrecker: Safely evacuates a Wrecker (but no items) currently occupying a Strato-Cradle. 25 Luxe.
First Exfiltrated Item: +10 Luxe.
Second Exfiltrated Item: +20 Luxe.
Additional Exfiltrated Items: +30 Luxe each.
Exfiltrate γ Rig: Evacuates a non-enemy γ rig currently occupying a Strato-Cradle to the Rig Rack. Does not include a Mounted wrecker. 25 Luxe.
Exfiltrate β Rig: Evacuates a non-enemy β rig currently occupying a Strato-Cradle to the Rig Rack. Does not include a Mounted wrecker. 50 Luxe.
Airstrike: Target a hex for aerial bombardment; surrounding hexes may also suffer collateral strikes. 50 Luxe.
Rig Drop (γ): Deploy a rig from the Rig Rack in target hex, or to target Wrecker, who may Mount freely as part of the delivery. 15 Luxe.
Rig Drop (β): Deploy a rig from the Rig Rack in target hex, or to target Wrecker, who may Mount freely as part of the delivery.Re 35 Luxe.

Sponsor Inventory
Sponsors may collect certain items; blueprints, treasures, etc., sent to them from the wrecking field, which can be displayed in their posts in the way Wreckers do so. These items may be traded (observing Limited Sponsor rules), used for research or experimentation, or delivered (items without an indicated or Supply Value cost 20L before drone) according to Sponsor wishes.

Sponsor Challenges!
A Sponsor begins with 1 Challenge Slot. A second slot may be unlocked for 5 Luxe from that Sponsor's account only, and further slots cost an additional +5 per slot (3rd slot for 10L, 4th for 15, etc.)
Challenges may comprise almost anything, but are encouraged to either promote interesting play, introduce challenging or entertaining complications, further an RP metaplot, or all of the above!
A successful Challenge nets the completing Wrecker 10L, and the posting Sponsor 5L. Additionally, a Sponsor may post additional reward Luxe from their account at the time of posting to sweeten the pot.
Particularly challenging or noteworthy challenges may receive additional rewards on completion, by fiat of the Producers of Wrecking Crew!
Sponsors may post 1 "Repeatable" challenge, which can be fulfilled multiple times. This earns the Wrecker 5L, with the reward reduced by 1L each time until the challenge is "exhausted". At this time, the Sponsor gains the usual +5L reward.

Limited Sponsors have an active Wrecker in play, and can still accrue Luxe in their account and pose challenges, but cannot spend Luxe on anything but Slots.
Full Sponsors, however, can dip into Limited accounts with impunity, but not their Inventory.

>Exclusive Sponsorships!
1 Wrecker and 1 Sponsor may, by mutual agreement, enter into an Exclusive Sponsorship!
1. The Wrecker in question may not have their Luxe spent by anyone other than their Sponsor without permission from the Sponsor. Non-Exclusive Sponsors wishing to access funds of the patronized Wrecker must pay a 5L royalty to the Exclusive Sponsor for each delivery so funded.
2. The Wrecker's Device is granted functionality to upload Luxe anywhere with an Action!
3. A Sponsor's stipend is increased to 10 on rounds when their Wrecker earns awards or bounties!
4. A Sponsor with an Exclusive gains a thematic bonus that they may apply to their deliveries!
5. Exclusive Sponsors gain exclusive distribution of a branded and improved version of a standard Supply item appropriate to their domain. Other sponsors wishing to deliver the item in question must pay a 5L royalty to the Exclusive Sponsor.
6. Exclusives may be ended at any time by mutual consent; a Sponsor may unilaterally end an Exclusive at any time, but a Wrecker must Litigate to do so.

Wreckers may move up to their listed Move stat, unless halted by a revealed Encounter or Ambush.
Hazard Encounters may trigger upon entry to their hex if applicable.
Please CONCEAL your movements in your posts.
>Aim – If no Movement is taken, subject gains one upscale on the next Encounter Phase.

Wreckers resolve any revealed encounters and engage in combat.
>Attacks roll the associated die and deal the associated damage. Damage Reduction reduces the total summed damage taken in the phase, not damage per attack.

>Boost – If no Encounter occurs, in the next Action Phase subject gains either +1 to any HP restoration, +1 Luxe per die on Salvage, the ability to make both a Wide and Tight Scan, or +1 to a miscellaneous ACT roll.

Keywords posted:

Units encountered often have keywords denoting abilities or properties. Some examples:

Unit Type: The class of unit, which determines behavior, strengths, and weaknesses.
>Mutant: Further divided by Tier 1-3. Immune to Rad, as well as any environmental hazard in which it spawns. Cooperative to their own faction, aggressive against others.
>Beast: Additionally divided into Lesser and Greater. Immune to Rad (Horrors are also immune to Poison). Aggressive to all units unless otherwise noted.
>Neutral: Typically NPCs that offer a service or function. Non-hostile unless triggered otherwise.
>Rig: Further divided into Gamma, Beta, and Alpha. Immune to Rad, Poison, Freeze, and Burn*. Cooperative to their own faction, aggressive against others.
>Familiar: Inventory card. May only perform its expressed functions. May only acquire tokens if an attack/effect specifically targets them. Is not subject to AoE. is Exfiltrated as an item. Loses function (and loyalty load) if lost, and must be recollected to be used.
>Retainer: Inventory Card. May perform basic phase actions (Aim, Ambush, etc). Is affected normally by hazards. is a valid AoE target. Is Exfiltrated as a Wrecker. If separated, retains its affiliation (and loyalty load) until killed, subverted, or discharged from service.

AI Script: A /word after a unit's Movement rating indicates its AI Script.
>Pursue: Follows directly to the best of its ability, and is obliged to engage if able. May or may not avoid hazards, depending on the intelligence of the enemy.
>Hunts: Follows its target, with broad latitude to employ tactical movement and no scripted obligation to engage if able.
>Retreats: Attempts to withdraw from close combat if overmatched and able.
>Minibosses and bosses have their own unique AI Scripts.

Movement Type: If Move is replaced by another verb, the unit has some special movement mode.
>Jump: Move to target hex, ignoring intervening hexes.
>Fly: Move to target hex, ignoring intervening hexes. May end move in a sky hex. Ignores terrain modifiers and certain hazards.
>Dig: Move to target hex, ignoring intervening hexes. Can penetrate barriers. Cannot traverse sky or water hexes.
>Shift: Move to target hex, ignoring intervening hexes. Has a chance to penetrate barriers.

Agile: Units with the Agile trait can only be hit on a 5+.
Affinity: Weapons with an Affinity deal the listed extra damage (default 1) to targets with the appropriate Token.
Alert: Cannot be Ambushed.
Ambusher: Gain an Ambush attack against a target entering its hex.
AoE: Attack rolls against all chosen applicable targets (separately).
Backlash: Subject deals damage or effect to a target in the same hex that hits it with an attack.
Bio-Locked: Item may only be used by its original recipient.
Bodyguard: Intercept attacks meant for another unit.
Bombard: May attack hexes in Range with AoE attacks.
Bound: Cannot be given or removed from a living holder. A Bound Weapon is the only weapon that can be used.
Cannibalize: ACT to consume a defeated enemy and regain 1 HP.
Charge: Gain a Top Priority attack in ENC when entering a hex.
Combo: Multiple units with the Combo trait that engage in the same phase gain the listed bonus.
Control: In ENC, target must attack according to the subject's order. In ACT, target must perform an order of the subject's chosing or give up 1 item (if applicable).
Coverfire: May attack while taking Cover.
Disable: High Priority. Cancels the target's ENC and ACT orders. "Free" orders are still permitted.
D-Structive: Deal +1 damage and adds Penetrator to purple-bordered targets
Dynamo: Gain Shock when hit; ACT to spend Shock to deal extra damage next attack.
Energophage: Consume a random token from the target on a hit, and heal 1 HP for each token so consumed (not limited by Max HP).
Enrage: HP and Damage increased by 1.
Evade: May unerringly Retreat in ENC, as a Squidpack.
Fervor: Retainer attacks on sight any unit not of the stated faction.
Finisher: Deal massive damage to a Disabled opponent.
First Strike: Attack gains Top Priority.
Follow-Through: After a successful Ambush attack, the user's next standard attack that phase ignores Downscales and Evasion.
Forage: May pick up and carry items (or possibly units).
Glorious: Attacks against enemies with higher HP than the wielder are upscaled by the difference (to a maximum of the wielder's Max HP).
Hangry: A unit with the Hangry trait grows increasingly hungry over time, and if not fed, may become Unruly!
Junk: Deal +1 damage per Rig Tier or cyber of target.
Lifelink: Lifelinked units experience the same changes in HP totals. Familiars with Lifelink are linked to their owner or last holder.
Lock-On: ACT to let next main ENC phase attack against target gain Top Priority and ignore downscales and evasion.
Hardened: 50% chance to ignore Disable and Control.
Heavy: A Heavy weapon may be wielded without penalty by a Rig with Manipulator Tool, a Wrecker taking Aim, a bearer of Heavy Arms cyber, a bearer of Swollen Musculature mutation, or a Warhulk. All others are subject to 2 downscales and may not critically hit.
Immobile: Cannot Move or be subject to Forced Movement.
Momentum: Attacks in ENC are upscaled by the number of hexes moved this MOV.
Mug: A hit calls a 1d4 attempt to steal an item.
Obvious: Holder is incapable of Ambush.
Passive: Will not and cannot be made to attack.
Penetrator: Negates DR equal to its rating for damage calculation.
Plasma: Deal +1 damage per Mutant Tier or mutation of target.
Precise: Deals damage on a miss equal to its rating.
Pull: Target is forcibly moved toward attacker a number of hexes equal to rating. Attack includes Range equal to Pull rating.
Push: Target is forcibly moved away a number of hexes equal to rating.
Rampage: If a weapon with rampage is used to kill an enemy, any leftover damage not used in kiling the enemy can be used in an additional attack. Rampage may continue until targets or damage is exhausted, or the attack misses.
Range: Extends the reach of attacks (and the awareness of units) by its rating.
Redundant: Forfeit second attack to ignore lethal damage, Disable, or Control, but forfeit both attacks if doubles are rolled.
Reload: An item with Reload cannot be used again until the noted Scrap, order, or Token is spent. (Ex; Reload 10/ACT means the item can be reloaded with either 10 Scrap or spending an ACT.)
Spectral: Acts as Penetrator vs non-purple-bordered armor, and inflicts a Warp Token on a hit
Tactics: The unit may use ENC orders like a player.
Torpid: May only act every other round.
Tough: 50% chance to ignore critical hits, multiplied damage, or instant kill effects.
Trample: Makes the noted attack to any unit in hexes traversed.
Trigger: ACT to cause target's damaging tokens to tick.
Unreliable: A miss with this item causes an additional penalty or hazard of some kind.
Unruly: Retainer may ignore orders.
Voidmind: Psychic contact (via mutations or D-powers) is dangerous to the initiator.

Wreckers capable of acting may take one of the following actions:

Salvage: Gain 1d6 Scrap. Salvage a defeated synthetic for 1d6 Scrap for a Synthetic Hazard, 3d6 Scrap for a Gamma, or 6d6 for a Beta! Cannot be used in a contested zone.
Wide Scan: Reveal Wreckers, active Encounters, and certain hazards in adjacent spaces.
Tight Scan: Focus all sensors on one hex to reveal the number, class, and faction of inactive encounters.
Ambush: Gain a preemptive attack on an enemy entering the zone.
Mount/Dismount: Enter an unattended or disabled rig.
Reload: An item with Reload cannot be used again until the noted Scrap, order, or Token is spent. (Ex; Reload 10/ACT means the item can be reloaded with either 10 Scrap or spending an ACT.) Spending resources to reload is a free ACT.
Swap: As a Free ACT, all Wreckers in a hex may, one time, transfer any number of items between their respective inventories. Additional transfers require a Wrecker to spend their ACT to reopen the trade interface.
Modify Gear: Changing out mods on weapons, armors or rigs, and donning armor or hazmat gear, requires an ACT.
Special: Certain abilities, map features, and gear require spending your ACT to activate.
Craft*: Crafting is a bonus mechanic and may have uncertain results! Combine at least two items and a unit of Advanced Electronics for a chance to create new or improved items.
Diplomacy*: Diplomacy is a bonus system and may have uncertain results! Attempt to talk down or secure aid from a unit that is Neutralized (or a Beast that has been bribed with food during ENC).
Hunker*: Hunker is a bonus system and may have uncertain results! Dig in and take shelter against an upcoming Hazard. This may provide some measure of safety against an event occuring during Hazard Phase.

5. HAZARD PHASE (HAZ): Environmental hazards, perilous map events, and status Tokens all activate at this time.

Tokens posted:

Environmental hazards, periodic damage, persistent debuffs, and similar effects are represented by Tokens. Hazard DR allows possession of appropriate tokens equal to its rating before negative effects are felt. Some examples:

Air: 1 Air Token is removed each HAZ spent in an airless environment. A wrecker with no Air at the start of HAZ while in such an environment suffers 2 damage.

Buff Each Buff Token provides an upscale and a temporary HP that is lost first in the event of damage. If not removed by damage, 1 Buff Token decays each HAZ.

Shock: Each Shock Token Upscales Scrap and Disable attacks on the holder.
Shock is lost when they Upscale an attack, or may be removed as an ACT, causing 1 damage per token lost.

Freeze: Suffer downscales equal to Freeze possessed. When Freeze equals current HP on HAZ, subject suffers 1 damage.
1 Freeze is lost each HAZ spent in a non-cryonic environment.

Burn: Attacks deal 1 additional damage per Burn, and each Burn deals 1 damage on HAZ. 1 Burn may be extinguished as an ACT.
Rigs collect Burn Tokens asymptomatically, but when Burn Tokens exceed Rig Max HP, pilots begin to suffer the overflow.

Rad: 1 Rad Token is lost each HAZ, dealing 1 damage to Max HP.

Poison: Suffer 1 damage each HAZ. Any healing received also purges all Poison.

Warp: A subject without a purple-bordered card that possesses Warp is visible to D-Scans as if purple-bordered, and D-powers are upscaled against them. When Warp Tokens equal Max HP on HAZ, subject suffers a D-Crisis, and may find themselves and/or their gear harmed, altered, or transported.

Spore: Spore Tokens reduce effective Hazard DR by 1 per Token. Spore Tokens increase by 1 each HAZ. Spore Tokens may be removed by taking damage from Burn or from a Plasma attack.

Break: Reduces DR by 1. Spending an ACT to repair removes 1 Break Token, while any use of a Fabrikit or other repair item removes all Break Tokens.

Infest: When the number of Infest Tokens possessed is equal to current HP, a non-transformed subject is subject to a metamorphosis. A transformed subject may also accrue Infest Tokens, and has a 1d4 chance to transfer them when in an ENC with non-transformed targets. A medikit may be discarded for a 1d6 chance to remove 1 Infest Token.

Wreckers engage in combat by declaring one of the following actions:

Attack: Roll weapon attacks and resolve simultaneously.

Special Attacks posted:

Ambush: Ambush attacks (gained from Ambush ACT order) resolve and deal damage before the main attack sequence, at which point the Ambusher take a normal ENC order.
Sneak Attack: Attacking a Scanned inactive encounter from Range bestows any mechanical benefits gained from Ambush, but does not bestow the premptive extra Ambush attack.
Charge: A Charge attack (gained from abilities or gear) has top priority, resolving before any other non-Ambush attacks or effects, but damage from Charges is calculated with that of the other attacks in the main attack sequence.
Cover: Dice are scaled down when attacking you; immunity to Forced Movement, Disabling attack riders, and attack riders inflicting tokens.
Suppress: Spend attack to scale down all enemy attack dice.
Retreat: Spend attack to move away one hex.
Improvise: Spend attack to roll 1d6 on Improv Table.

Improv Table

1 JunkTower: Attack 1d6/5 AoE.
2 Red Barrels: Attack 1d8/2 AoE.
3 Green Barrels: All units in hex receive 1 Poison Token.
4 Industrial Equipment: Attack 1d8/10.
5 Sinkhole: Attack 1d8/Disable AoE. Does not affect units with Fly.
6 Exposed Conduits: All rigs in hex Disabled.
(7-8 require expanded Improv Table access)
7 Sonic Boom: 1d6/1 AoE Junk +Break
8 Reactor Leak: 1d8/2 Plasma Rampage

Supply Packages posted:

Package 1 – The Survivor
CS Armor (Yellow)
CS Armor Mod: Medical
Wrecker Decoy

Package 2 – The Armiger
CS Armor (Green)
CS Armor Mod: Gunner
Weapon Upgrade Kit

Package 3 – The Scrapper
CS Armor (Green)
CS Armor Mod: Efficiency

Package 4 – The Sector Ranger
CS Armor (Green)
CS Armor Mod: Toxic
Jump-Assist Module

Package 5 – The Meta
CS Armor (Green)

Package 6 – The Cutting Edge
CS Armor (Green)
CS Armor Mod: Research
1 Bonus Cyber OR Mutation

Package 8 – The Cipher
CS Armor (Green)
1d6 Supply
1d10 Supply
1d20 Supply

Package 9 – The Coordinator
CS Armor (Green)
CS Armor Mod: Loyalty
Motile Biocover

Rigs posted:

Mounted wreckers replace their standard phase actions with a new set.

MOV: As the Mounted rig; personal mobility devices do not apply. Rigs can tow 1 other rig of their class, or 2 rigs of lower class (barring special upgrades).

Attack: With Rig weapon (or Heavy Weapon if equipped with Manipulator Tool).
Retreat: Personal mobility items do not apply.
Suppress: With Rig weapon (or Heavy Weapon if equipped with Manipulator Tool).
Improvise: As normal.
Pop Hatch: Free order. Rigger may use personal weapons and items, and may use the Rig for Cover, but may be targeted by attacks, AoE, and hazards, and gains no benefit of the Rig's DR. Effect persists until Seal Hatch, or next MOV.

Scan: As normal.
Loadout: Rigger may alter the weapons and gear of their Rig.
Tool: Rigger may use an attached Rig tool, if applicable.
Seal Hatch: Return to the cockpit after a Pop Hatch order. Free for Rigjackers.
*Salvage: By default, mounted Wreckers cannot Salvage. An unmounted Wrecker Salvaging a scrapped Rig (or using a Tool to do so while mounted) may choose to gain a Schematic of a rig part instead of Luxe. Schematics may be used at Rig Silos to fabricate rig components and mods.


Different Mobility Suites exist, each with differing movement modes, benefits, and potential modifications. Examples include:
Quad-Crawler gains +1 to its tow size/capacity.
Some possible mods are: Sturdy (+1 DR) and Coil (+Jump).

Bi-Pedz gains a free Tool Slot.
Some possible mods are: Strider (+1 Mv) and Reinforced (+1 BP).

Boost-Bounder gains Jump.
Some possible mods are: Evasion (+1 TN to be hit) and Collision (+Dam to Charge).

Orblazr gains Momentum.
Some possible mods are Freewheel (resistance to being stopped) and Reinforced (+1 BP)

Drift-Thruster gains Fly.
Some possible mods are: Sortie (Adds Skirmish trait) and Reinforced (+1 BP).


A Rig's gear is limited by its chassis.
Gamma-class chassis gain 3 Build Points.
Beta-class chassis gain 6 Build Points.
Alpha-class chassis gain 9 Build Points.

Light Armor (DR 1) costs 1 BP.
Medium Armor (DR 2) costs 2 BP.
Heavy Armor (DR 3) costs 3 BP.

Different armaments have varying BP costs. Examples include:
Riot Autocannon, found on Gamma Enforcers and Bounders, cost 1 BP.
Cavalry Repeater, the weapon of a Beta Enforcer, is 2 BP.
AP Cannon of a Gamma Crawler is also 2 BP.
AM Hvy Cannon of a Beta Crawler is 3 BP.

Tool Slots cost 1 BP each, and allow the attachment of utility items. For example:
Scrap Scraper: Allows Salvage while Mounted.
Scantenna: +1 Scan Range.
Tow Anchor: +1 Tow Size/Capacity.
Manipulator: Allows equipping of Heavy Weapons.

________EXAMPLE BUILDS__________

Gamma Enforcer
Gamma Chassis (+3 BP)
Light Armor (-1 BP)
Riot Autocannon (-1 BP)
Tool Slot (-1 BP)
Tool Slot (bonus)

Beta Crawler
Beta Chassis (+6 BP)
Medium Armor (-2 BP)
AM Hvy Cannon (-3 BP)
Tool Slot (-1 BP)

Supply Table

1 Medikit (consumable): Spend action to restore up to 3 HP; Discard to restore 1 Max HP. Reload 10/ACT.
2 Fabri-Kit (consumable): Spend action to restore 1 HP to a Rig. Reload 10/ACT
3 Optiscope: Scale up dice on attached weapon. Missing an attack adds +1 (cumulative) to attack. Hit resets.
4 Saf-T-Barrel: 1 of 3 Map-specific HazMat suites, presented by Green Barrels Inc.
5 AutoFalconoid (consumable): Familiar. Deploy as an Action to collect an item from another hex. Attack required for held item. Reload 10/ACT
6 CS Armor (Yellow): Damage Reduction 2, Mod Slot 2.
7 DPM Pistol: 1d8 Attack, 2 Damage. Attack while Covering.
8 DPM Shotgun: 1d10 Attack, 2 Damage, Rampage.
9 DPM Rifle: 1d8 Attack, 2 Damage, Range 1.
10 Motile Bio-Cover: Familiar. A loyal friend to block attacks.
11 Port-a-Luxe Spend action to convert gear to 3d6 Scrap (Max of Supply Value), and upload any amount of Scrap to Luxe.
12 Wrecker Decoy (consumable): Action: Holographic projection attracts attacks next Encounter Phase. Reload 10/ACT
13 Squidpack: Cannot be targeted while Retreating; may retreat in place. Reload 10/ACT.
14 Assist Flare: Use as a free order to call in a figure from Wrecking Crews past to assist for the Phase, in a manner dependent on the Phase.
15 Rig-Ripper: 1d8 Attack, 3 Damage, Rampage.
16 Jump-Assist Module (consumable): +1 Move/Jump. Reload 10/ACT.
17 CS Module Pack: Spend action to roll d20 on CS Module table.
18 Weapon Upgrade Kit: Spend action to roll d20 on Weapon Upgrade table.
19 Unlicensed Autodoc (consumable): Spend action to roll d20 on Cyber table. Restores 1 Max HP.
20 Mutagenic Syrinx (consumable): Immediately roll d20 on Mutation table.

Cyber Table (Duplicate roll adds 1 max HP instead.)

1 Eyegear: All attack dice upscaled.
2 Spinal Antenna: +1 Scan Range
3 Heavy Arms: +1 Damage
4 Dermal Armor: +1 Max HP, Damage Reduction 1
5 Jacklegz© : +1 Move
6 Bone Lacing: Cannot be dropped from above 1HP to 0HP. Bypassed by damage of 6 or more.
7 Retractible Blade: 1d8/1 Attack; may Attack while Retreating.
8 Rigspike: On a successful Ambush attack on a Rig, subject may chose to remotely Control it this round.
9 EM Hardening: Cannot be disabled
10 Shock Mesh: When hit, next Round's Move is increased by the number of damage taken (pre-DR).
11 Advanced Optics: Scale up Attack dice 2 steps.
12 Quadlegs: +1 Move, Immune to forced movement.
13 Assault Drill: 1d8/2 Penetrator Attack.
14 Reinforced Exoskeleton: +2 Max HP, Damage Reduction 1
15 Active Camouflage: Can only be hit in combat on a 5+
16 Adaptive Recycler: Salvage a rig to roll (1d10/1d20) on Cyber.
17 The Wooly Willie: Attract double Scrap when Scrounging.
18 The Full Robert: Subject gains 5 Max HP and Damage Reduction 2, but may be disabled as a rig.
19 The Big Goodbye: Upon reaching 0HP, deal 3 damage to all targets in zone.
20 The 'Sputin Special: When at 0 HP, instead of dying, all damage dealt to subject will instead inflict Max HP loss.

ADVANCED Cyber Table
1 Threaded Visualizer: Ignore Cover and Squidpacks.
2 IFF Authenticator: Gain the benefits of Ambush on any Scanned target entering their hex.
3 Gyroscopic Stabilizers: Subject ignores the first downscale applied to their attacks.
4 Hyperballistic Plates: Immune to multiplied damage and instant death effects.
5 Jumpjets: Grants Jump movement mode.
6 Trauma Webbing: Attacks that would reduce subject to 0 HP are downscaled; subject takes half damage from AoE attacks.
7 Weapon Mount: Choose one weapon; attacks are upscaled, and it is free to Exfiltrate.
8 Upgrade Protocol: Rigs subverted by Rigspike have their attacks upscaled and deal 1 additional damage.
9 Capacitor Filaments: Anytime (unhardened) subject would be disabled, subject instead gains 1 HP; may exceed max.
10 Ion Screen: Radiation deals normal damage instead of lowering max HP; rad damage increases next Round's Move by 2.
11 Telescopic Array: Range weapons have their Range increased by 1.
12 Wreckerpede: Gain an attack – Charge 1d6/2
13 Thermal Lance: Gain an attack - 1d8/3P +Burn
14 Hazard Baffling: Cannot gain Poison or Rad Tokens.
15 Mimetic Sheath: Enemy missing an attack on subject rolls a new attack against an ally.
16 Ablative Upgrades: Discard a Cyber to discard any number of tokens and regain 1 Max HP.
17 Rail Loaders: 1d6/1P attack; upscale attack or increase damage by 1 for each 5 Luxe spent.
18 Bionic Recalibration: Subject gains 1 max HP for each Cyber possessed.
19 The Bigger Goodbye: Upon reaching 0 HP, deal 5 damage to all targets in zone, and a 1d8/5 attack to all targets in adjacent zones.
20 Digital Legion: Upon reaching 0HP, may inhabit a rig in the same Hex, retaining only class talent and veteran perks.

Mutation Table (Duplicate roll adds 1 max HP instead.)

1 Swollen Musculature: +1 damage.
2 Batrachian Legs: +1 Move.
3 Brachial Spurs: Gain an attack - 1d8/1; may attack while taking Cover.
4 Gelatinous Epidermis: Cannot receive Poison Tokens.
5 Flexible Snout: Gain an extra 1d6 Scrap when Salvaging.
6 Ablative Limb: 1/Round, Reduce Move by 1 to cancel a successful attack.
7 Webspinners: Gain an attack – 1d8/Disable
8 Acidic Spew: Gain an attack -1d6/1+Burn
9 Luminous Excretion: Spend action to restore 1 HP to target in same zone.
10 Chitinous Carapace: Gain Damage Reduction 2
11 Compound Eyes: Cannot be Ambushed.
12 Fibrous Ganglion: Upgrade die size on all mutation-based attacks.
13 Pulsating Skull: Gain an attack – 1d6/Control
14 Unearthly Talons: Gain an attack - 1d8/3
15 Unstable Anatomy: Can only be hit in combat on a 5+
16 Patagia: +2 Move.
17 Lurking Horror: Deal double damage on first attack when Ambushing.
18 Warped Insight: Roll twice on Table rolls and choose one.
19 Patient Zero: When reduced to 0 HP, make 1d4 attack vs all non-rigs in zone; those hit must immediately roll d20 on Mutation Table.
20 Regeneration: When reduced to 0HP, reroll a new mutant character and resume play next round (no Supply or Cyber may be taken).

ADVANCED Mutation Table

1 Newflesh Eidolon: Subject's max HP is increased by number of mutations possessed.
2. Biological Levitation: Gain Jump movement mode.
3 Giant Pincer: Gain an attack - 1d10/3; subject may prevent target from Moving away next Round.
4 Child of the Atom: Radiation damage restores subject's HP.
5 Bloodhound: Subject knows map coordinates of any Wrecker they've encountered.
6 Caddisfly Kid: Spend 10 Scrap to cancel 1 point of damage.
7 Psychoactive Pheremones: Gain an attack - 1d8 AoE/targets attacks selves.
8 Biolytic Eruption: Gain an attack - 1d8/3 AoE +1 Burn
9 Therapeutic Radiation: Spend action to restore 1 HP to all allies in same zone.
10 Frangible Scutes: Gain Backlash 1.
11 Sensory Cone: Subject may counter-Ambush a target that attempts to Ambush them.
12 Organic Core: All mutation-based attacks are upscaled a number of times equal to Mutations possessed.
13 Vox Mutandis: Mutants are neutral to the subject. ACT: Roll a 1d4 chance to gain a neutral mutant as a Retainer.
14 Abhorrent Rending: Gain an attack – 1d10/5 Rampage.
15 Redundant Organs: Immune to multiplied damage and instant death effects.
16 Adrenal Accelerant: Spend an ACT to gain double Move and upscaled attacks next round.
17 Creeping Doom: When Ambushing, roll 1d4 before rolling an attack; on a 4, target is instantly killed (A Boss sustains 10 extra damage.)
18 Warped Precognition: Reroll a single die once per round.
19 Progenitor: When reduced to 0 HP, make 1d8 attack vs all non-rigs in zone; those hit immediately gain all of the subject's mutations.
20 Terminal Fission: When reduced to 0HP, reroll 2 new mutant characters and resume play next round (no Supply or Cyber may be taken). A new player may adopt one of the offspring.

Aug Threshold posted:

Wreckers may have a maximum number of cybers or mutations based on their class.
Neo-Soldat: 3 Cyber/2 Mutation
>Cross-Training Bonus: +1 Either
Junker: 5 Cyber/0 Mutation
>Cross-Training Bonus: +1 Cyber
Rig-Jacker: 4 Cyber/1 Mutation
>Cross-Training Bonus: +1 Cyber
Headhunter: 2 Cyber/3 Mutation
>Cross-Training Bonus: +1 Either
Newtype: 0 Cyber/5 Mutation
>Cross-Training Bonus: +1 Mutation
D-Breaker: 1 Cyber/4 Mutation
>Cross-Training Bonus: +1 Mutation
Hiver: 1 Cyber/4 Mutation
>Cross-Training Bonus: +1 Mutation
Horrific: 0 Cyber/5 mutation
>Cross-Training Bonus: +1 Mutation

Advanced augs do not count as an additional aug.

While threshold is exceeded, the following apply:
>Aug-based attacks are downscaled for each aug in excess of threshold.
>Wrecker may not increase/restore Max HP or Move.
>Any new augs are automatically downgraded to Field versions.
When the number of augs is double threshold, the following apply:
>Wrecker counts as a rig/mutant with respect to negative effects.

Extraction with augs in excess of threshold costs an additional 30 Luxe per aug.
Removal of unpaid augs will occur randomly until subject's biology is in good standing.

Weapon Mod Table
1 Lightweight Materials Exfiltration costs reduced by 50%; Heavy penalty and BP load reduced by 1.
2 TactiCool Rail Doesn't occupy a slot; +1 slot.
3 Recoil Compensation Second attack during a phase is upscaled (AoE ineligible).
4 Target Assist Deals 1 damage on a missed attack.
5 Thermal Flechettes Deals 1 damage when Suppressing.
6 Depleted Pandemonium Rounds Inflicts 1 Periodic damage.
7 Purifier Protocol Attacks against Mutants are upscaled.
8 Junker Protocol Attacks against Rigs are upscaled.
9 CQC Stock Attack upscaled for every addtional enemy beyond 1 in the subject's hex.
10 Underbarrel Launcher AoE attack; Reload 10.
11 Custom Choke Adds Rampage on a multiple of 4.
12 Concussion Chamber Adds Push on a multiple of 4.
13 Neutronium-Tipped Rounds Adds Penetrator on a multiple of 4.
14 Malware Emitter Disables on a multiple of 4.
15 ClusterDet Rounds Deal 1 AoE damage on a kill.
16 EM Coils Weapon gains +Junk.
17 Plasma Sheathing +1 Damage per mutation/Mutant Tier
18 Hair Trigger First Strike in combat.
19 Mag-Rail +1 Range
20 Ripper Bayonet 1/4 chance of an extra, downscaled, attack.

Combat Support Armor Modules
1 Medical Automatically use a loaded Medikit when damaged.
2 Towing Drag an ally without any loss of Move.
3 Ablation +1 DR; Reload 10.
4 Loyalty Command one extra retainer or familiar.
5 Mobility Ignore hex features that would impede movement.
6 Efficiency Reloading items costs half as much.
7 Research Experimental data gathered is doubled.
8 Pilot Mounted rigs gain +1 Move and +1 HP.
9 Stability Resist forced movement; Reload 10.
10 Slot Expander Doesn't take a slot. +1 Mod Slot
11 Stim Prevent Move loss; Reload 10.
12 Trauma Prevent Max HP loss; Reload 10.
13 Insulation +1 Cryo DR
14 Toxic +1 Toxic DR.
15 Pyro +1 Pyro DR.
16 Rad +1 Rad DR.
17 Gunner Heavy Weapons and weapons of Mounted rigs are upscaled and deal +1 damage.
18 Vault +3 Move; Bypass intervening hexes. Reload 10.
19 Alacrity Gain First Strike; Reload 10.
20 Slot Multiplexer Doesn't take a slot. +2 Mod Slots, and change Mods as a free ACT.

When it's all over but the smoldering, surviving Wreckers have some decisions to make.
They may spend 25L to restore a lost Max HP or Move to themselves or their rig, up to their starting value. Augmentations that reduce those values prevent that reduction from being undone while the augmentation is still possessed.

Returning Wreckers can choose from 1 Veteran Upgrade and 1 Veteran Talent!
Veteran Upgrades:
Increase Max HP by 1
Increase Move by 1
Upgrade a Mutation
Upgrade a Cyber

Veteran Talents:
Skirmisher (+1 Move; may reserve Movement to be taken after Encounter order.)
Improviser (Roll twice and choose 1 on Improv table; upscale all improvised attacks.)
Scavenger (Upscale Salvage dice if not in combat, may Salvage in a contested hex.)
Evolver (Roll twice & choose 1 on Mutation rolls OR Mutations gained are Upgraded.)
Upgrader (Roll twice & choose 1 on Cyber rolls OR Cyber gained are Upgraded.)
Provisoner (Roll twice and choose 1 on Supply rolls; 25% discount on Sponsor purchases.)
Surveyor (+1 Scan Range; Tight Scan at Wide dispersal.)
Cross-Trainer Learn the Talent of another class.

Wreckers thrice-victorious gain a point of Prestige, visible on all characters thereafter, which can be allocated once per map:
>Spawn a Challenge or Enemy that rewards a Relic (retired Wrecker's Signature Weapon) or other special item.
>Increase Aug Threshold by 1 for the duration of the map.
>Deploy an additional Starting Package as a Round 1 Drop.
>Deploy a Gamma Rig (GM-determined and suitable for the map) as a Round 1 Drop.

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Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Kal Risso / RIME / DROP / boop / Liberté, Égalité, Monstruosité / Sh'Bang / Snipers on the Moon / More Bang for Your Buck / Mumia / Strato-Cradle / TOMB by Prince of Space

Lucinda / Bobby-Jack's Story/ ThornHo / Dropper / RigHo / Heavy D / Scrapfisher / Technopath / ??? / Me and the Boys, by Weregoat

Loss of Humanity, by Hexenritter

Roast Beef Injection, by Crazycryodude

Dropper / Xenoapiarist, by sheep-dodger

That Bee Ain't Right, by DogKisser

Hazard Doggles / Moonicorn, by Swedish Thaumocracy

Closing Time / Satellites, by Jvie

#iLoveLife selfies, courtesy of Necrotech PMVS

Academy of Titan's Horrorspiration Series

Rook's Zodiac Hagiography, by DogKisser


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Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

Name: Bobby-Jack Johnson
Portrait: 1
Class: Headhunter
A 6 on cybernetics - Bone Lacing
A 6 on supplies - Squidpack

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The Lord of Hats
Aug 22, 2010

Name: Stev Ansahok
Class: Neo-Soldat
Supply Roll: 1d6 3
CYBER ROLL: 1d20 8

Stev Ansahok is a mysterious and heroic veteran of the Moon Wars.

Unfortunately, the Moon Wars were such a horrible embarrassment that everyone involved was sentenced to death so that we could just kind of forget about them.

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Aug 15, 2015

Lets get our X tons of Duranium back!

....Is that still a valid thing to jingoistically blow out of proportion?

Name: Cryo

Class: Rigjacker
Supply table roll: 1d6 1
Cyber table: 1d8 2

I sure hope lower numbers means better gear...

Jun 17, 2007

Yam Slacker

Name: 'Midge' Gureyevitch
Portrait: 3
Class: Junker
A 1 on supply - Medkit (Spend action to heal 1hp)
A 2 on cyber - Spinal antenna (+1 scan range)

'Midge' is a hulking brute of a man, slavic ancestry. The nickname is probably ironic.

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Dog Kisser
Mar 30, 2005

But People have fears that beasts do not. Questions, too.

Name: Stranger
Portrait: 12
Class: Newtype
HP: 4
Move: 4
A 15 on Mutation - Unstable Anatomy
A 5 on Mutation - Flexible Snout
A 3 on Supply - Optiscope

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Lux Animus
Apr 17, 2016

Dinosaur Gum

Name: Kal Risso
Portrait: Wrecker 7
Class: Newtype
Hp: 5
Move: 3
Supply: 6 = Squidpack
Mutation 1: 19 = Patient Zero
Mutation 2: 3 = Brachial Spurs

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Nov 11, 2010

Name: Operative Delta
Portrait: 9
Class: Headhunter
1d6 on Supply: Squidpack: 1d6 6
1d10 on Cyber: Retractible Blade: 1d10 7

Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Hazel: It must be intimidating, to know you're about to be hurled into a life-or-death struggle, in an unforgiving toxic wasteland, against enemies ten times bigger than you are. Can you imagine?

Cawsey: Well, the Wreckers are all administered a healthy cocktail of potent sedatives and muscle relaxants before their drop. You know, Hazel, you want to be as loose as possible when you plow into the earth like the fist of a vengeful space god.

Hazel: And I suppose it's nice to go out happy if your braking thrusters and drag chutes fail and you dig your own grave at 12,000 kph. Not that that's happened since Series 4...

Cawsey: Though there was Series 6, when the explosive bolts on Jobro Deel's pod hatch failed to detonate, if I recall correctly.

Hazel: Poor bastard boiled like a soykaf. Speaking of, while our Wreckers are poured into their drop pods, let's go to Field Observer Eurydice Mann-Chong down planetside, to tell us about tonight's theatre of conflict. Scintillate us, Eury!"

Eurydice: Hazel, it's hard to believe that this dried up turd of a landscape was once a sparkling, healthy sea! You might think ol' Eury's is plunking your twanger.
But then explain all the boats, Hazel, explain all the boats!
I am many things to many enforcement agencies, but never a twanger-plucker, friends. Never a twanger-plucker.

Hazel: I think the heat may be getting to Eury; we'll come back to--

Eurydice: Let me finish, you bob-headed tank-job! SALT.

Eurydice: Here in this parched seabed, the skeletons of commerce lay bare for the taking. Wreckers will deploy along the Southern and Eastern reaches of the map, and that is also where the five Strato-Cradles can be found if things get a little too hot for them.

Shipwrecks abound, many still loaded with valuable resources, ripe for the harvesting.

Reports of scavenger camps in the north (08.00; 05.03) have been confirmed by our recon spotters, possibly a source of materiel support, or a shallow grave!

At (09.00), enterprising Wreckers will find the Luxe Crucible, where they can convert gear and upload luxe to the Sponsors in forlorn hope of aid!

Towering over the ruin at (07.05) is that precarious aerial we call the Scan Tower, ideal for getting an unobstructed view of your scenic environs, and the friendly people who inhabit it!

I hope you popped your rad-bans if you poke around near (10.05)! An old submarine is marooned here, a monument to the follies of ancient, poorly-organized, un-televised warfare! Who knows what treasures this stinking carcass holds? The whole area surrounding it is a radioactive shitshow, though, so look out!

But while you're exploring this quaint locality, keep your head-joints fully articulated, because SALT's roaming midboss rig would be happy to tear them off for you! That's right, an αlpha Titan, not content to sit and wait, is roaming these cracked flats looking for Wrecker rear end to stomp!

Finally, head up Northwest, and you'll find the ruins of the old coastal refineries. A good place for a fuel cache, or an Ambush! And at (00.00), in that crumbling prosperity graveyard, you'll find the Zodiac Beacon. Death is certain if you activate the Beacon and summon this map's boss, but remember that whichever Wrecker does so claims an additional 50 Luxe bounty!

Cawsey: Good poo poo. Compelling poo poo. Tell us about the Zodiac, loving Eurydice.

Eurydice: Hold on to your potatoes, because this is where the real Wrecking Crew starts. This bottomland's king rear end-hander is...

Eurydice: The return of an old favorite: The 3066-B Cancer! This hulking Dredge-Excavator was born to tear it up. 360 degree mobility, with a massive steel-shearing claw capable of tearing the hull off a fuel tanker and an earth-moving shovel more than capable of digging the grave of what's left of the Wreckers that got too close.
Add to that an ultra high pressure water cannon, and a full payload of demolition drones, and no one is safe from the ravages of Cancer!

Wreckers, death and glory await in SALT. But mostly death. Hazel?

Hazel: Thanks, Eury. Looks like quite the run ahead of us, wouldn't you say, Cawsey?

Cawsey: A real snallygaster, Hazel. Let's hope our Wreckers are feeling no pain right now, because there's going to be plenty to go around soon enough.

Slots are still available!

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Apr 28, 2017

Name: Doobrie
Wrecker 4
Class: Rigjacker
Load out:
Mr Stinger
Supply table: 1d6 1 - Medkit
Cyber table: 1d8 8 - Rigspike

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Not Alex
Oct 9, 2012

Cut loose before the god eaters show up.

Name: Scramble
Portrait #11
Class: Newtype
HP: 1d6 6
Move: 1d4 1
Mutation roll 1: 1d20 10 -Chitinous Carapace
Mutation roll 2: 1d20 20 -Regeneration
Supply roll: 1d6 3 -Optiscope

I am an egg.

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Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Not Alex posted:

I am an egg.

You Are An Egg.

Helical Nightmares
Apr 30, 2009


Welcome to Dr. Yith's discount Cyber-Driver! Yes that's right friends! You too can get the Jacklegz of your dreams and have them installed without missing a minute of WRECKING CREW. We come DIRECTLY to the door of your hovel or shack and do operations on the spot! Anesthesia via electricity is our specialty! Just climb up on our patented hood-ICU and we'll get started. The warmth of the engine is a perk you will only find in Dr. Yith's Cyber-Driver!

Not affiliated with Dr. Pnakotus or his lab regardless of the pending lawsuits.

Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Hazel: The waiting is intense, Rev, and I'm not the one drugged up and strapped to a flying coffin. Any insights on what might be percolating in our esteemed Wreckers' heads right now?

Ocho: Hazel, it reminds me of the last time I myself danced on the edge of glory. Licensed D-Stream Viewers of the Human Diaspora, let Reverend Ocho regale you with a split-knuckled tale of the Hacktogon, and the doughty Fustigatorians who went unto Muscle Jesus in that holy cloud of blood and teeth.

Hazel: You know I'm always primed for a story of lithe, glistening athletes being pounded into so many coldcuts, Rev, but this no-doubt enthralling digression will have to wait. Our Producer is telling me that the last Wreckers have been secured in their enclosures.

Female VO: Pods locked. Wreckers Ready.
AUDIO: Stepwave Gravitone Instrumental (Hi-Tension)

Ocho: Hope you already procured your beverage of choice, because pods are hot to drop in 3.

Hazel: 2.

Both: 1!

AUDIO: Destruction of the Airhorn Homeworld
Female VO: Pods away. WRECKING CREW begins.

Sponsors Only Map!

1. Bobby-Jack Johnson
Your pod veers off-course!
You begin at (00.06).

2. Stev Ansahok
Your pod veers off-course!
You begin at (01.09).

3. Cryo
You begin at (00.11).

4. "Midge" Gureyevitch
Your pod veers off-course!
You begin at (02.10)

5. Stranger
You begin at (04.11)

6. Kal Risso
You begin at (06.11)

7. Operative Delta
You begin at (08.11)

8. Doobrie
You begin at (10.11)

9. Scramble
You begin at (13.11)

Wreckers, take your movements, and remember to spoiler tag!

Dog Kisser
Mar 30, 2005

But People have fears that beasts do not. Questions, too.


Stranger burst from his pod, generating temporary musculature to project him outwards. He needed a weapon. He needed to hide. To hide until he could kill from the darkness and escape with the riches of another. He picked a direction and ran.

Move - Head to Shipwreck at 04.08

Apr 28, 2017


The drop pod's expolosive bolts launch the door a short way away, smoke hanging in the air. From the pod swaggers Doobrie leaning in towards a camera drone.

"Roight, Doobrie here, thought you could chuck me oan an an exile freighter and forget about me, eh? Can't keep a good man down, doncherknow. Eh? O'il be roiding that Zee-Rig in nao toime."

Move 10.11>11.11>12.11

Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...


Bobby-Jack watched as his pod veered off-course. Good. Probably meant he could have some space, which meant more loot for him.

Well, that or an immediate, ghastly death behind enemy lines. But you took the good with the bad.

Moving to the Shipwreck at 03.05, via means of 01.05 and 02.05

The Lord of Hats
Aug 22, 2010


As the bolts blew from his pod, Stev clambered out cheerfully. Holy poo poo! The pod hadn't fallen apart on the way down, and they'd given him drugs beforehand to make the ride easier! This was way better than the Moon Wars! He hadn't even known that the technology existed for pods that made it all the way to the ground!

He gave the surroundings a quick survey, slotted his scope onto his pistol, in true Moon War fashion, and dashed off into the distance, followed by camera drones. No point sticking around, it wasn't like they'd drop him right on top of the loot. That wouldn't be any fun!

Running to 3.08. Curse my slow-rear end movement speed!

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Aug 15, 2015

Lets get our X tons of Duranium back!

....Is that still a valid thing to jingoistically blow out of proportion?


Move 00.10 > 01.09

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Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Only movement in this phase, please.

Aug 15, 2015

Lets get our X tons of Duranium back!

....Is that still a valid thing to jingoistically blow out of proportion?

Oh duh

Not Alex
Oct 9, 2012

Cut loose before the god eaters show up.


Scramble... well, scrambles from the pod. Carapace clacks on carapace as she checks for damage. Unharmed. Gestation continues. Time to get some distance from the crash zone.

Move 13.11 to 12.11

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Lux Animus
Apr 17, 2016

Dinosaur Gum

Name: Kal Risso, Newtype HP: 5/5 Move: 3
Loadout: Squidpack, Patient Zero, Brachial Spurs

With a steel-toed boot, Kal Risso kicked at the hatch of his drop pod until the servos dropped and hitched squarely into place. With a rattling thunk, a lurch, and a deafening hiss of hydraulics, the bolts blasted out and the hatch was released, jettisoning the door and the pod's contents unceremoniously onto the floor of the bitter desert wasteland known as Salt. Kal uncoupled his ejection seat's restraining belts and righted himself in mid-sprawl. He dusted his leather bomber jacket off and surveyed the bleakness of his surroundings.

What an ugly place, Kal thought. Dry bones, derelict shipwrecks, and endless desolate salt flats as far as the eye could see. Kal swore a Teluvian curse and watched with bemused curiosity as one of the hovering camera drones nearby beeped and bobbed angrily in his direction, as if insulted. He swatted at the thing and it veered far away, gaining air and tracking him from way outside his spurs' attack range. This was just not going to be his day.

The drugs and neurostabilizers that had been pumped into Kal at the moment of his drop-pod's orbital release were already starting to wear off. He moved toward the nearest visible landmark he could spot in the distance. With his heightened endurance and superhuman constitution, his initial trek through the barren wastes should prove to be no problem.

06.11 -> 06.10 -> 06.09

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Jun 17, 2007

Yam Slacker


The hulking Junker emerged from his pod with easy deliberation, flashing a wry smile to a nearby camdrone.

"Be very quiet, am hunting the big rigs, yes?"

Advance from 02.10 to 02.09

Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Update is coming tonight, so get in your move if you haven't!

Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Sweet parallax! Did you see that, Hazel?

That, dear Reverend, was almost curtains for Johnson and Ansahok.
The groan from our Sponsor's Lounge was audible when those two out-of-control pods plowed smoking ballistic trails a hair's-breadth from one another! Don't pound that Dislike just yet, gentle viewers; with all the pod-scatter, it looks like Stev and Midge are right on top of each other. Could we be seeing a first-round elimination in the making?

Wouldn't be the first, Hazel, and it won't be the last.

So no instant flaming disqualifications this time, but they call this first segment The Funnel for a reason. Our Wreckers are packed in tight, and who knows how their drugged-out, drop-battered minds will react to first contact?

Moves to 03.05!

Shabash! That shipwreck is heavy with sweet, sweet salvage!

Heavy with salvage, and strewn with unexploded warheads from the Water Wars III-IV! And...what's that? It looks like Bobby-Jack's digging has disturbed a squad of Gamma Enforcers!

Somebody's gonna blow up tonight, Hazel. I can feel it in my bones and organs.

Progress halted at 02.09 by a Wrecker encounter!
"Midge" Gureyevitch encountered!

Contact, Hazel! We've got real-rear end, Wrecker-to-Wrecker contact!
I've never seen a man under a K-Hammer. I've always been...curious.

Moves to 01.09
Encounters empty drop pod!

Cryo here just found...I do believe that's Stev's pod.

I wish her much joy of it.

Moves to 02.09
Stev Ansahok encountered!

They might team up, Hazel. This doesn't necessarily have to end with a man's head transformed into a high-protein snack spread by a kinetic accelerator on a stick.

Technically, sure.

Moves to 06.09!

Another camera, another shipwreck full of loot and bombs.

No hostiles, though...what's our mu...uh, newtype here gonna make of this...Is that some kind of wizard, Hazel?

The world has moved on, dear Ocho.

Moves to 06.09

Risso finds an unfortunate fellow traveleler in this doomed spiral of desire and regret, and it looks like he's pinned down by...Aw, here we go! Here we go!

A Beta Enforcer! I'd wondered if we were going to see any Betas on the first map.


Delta's pod hasn't opened...dare we hope for a malfunction?

He could've just blacked out from the G-Forces. Or it's a cunning Ambush. Or he's dead already.

Better hope he makes a move before the lung bandits catch up with him!

Progress halted at 11.11 by an encounter!

The mutant enemy is fielding cosplayers now?

Moves to 13.11

Looks like Scramble might be poached. I doubt all the king's horses and all the king's men...something something land mines.

Assuming he doesn't blow up, he's still got to contend with those muties tracking him down across the flats and cracking open his skull for that spicy, spicy head-meat! Broof'n!

She, Rev. The freakish mutant egg creature identifies as female.

My apologies, my judgement is impaired when I'm just so hungry for Auntie K's Original Spicy Head-Meat©! Now with meat!

Wreckers, if you're in an Encounter, please post your Combat actions, or, if you're with a non-hostile NPC or PC you don't want to kill, your non-combat interactions!

Sponsor-Only Map!

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Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...


The moment was tense. A bead of sweat meandered its way from under Bobby-Jack's helmet as his hand caressed the handle of his gun, the man furiously trying to decide which of the four enforcers to shoot first.


Their visors did glint pretty menacingly in the sun, didn't they?


Being filled by lead from four directions at once, this was the most likely outcome, yes?


After a moment of deliberation, Bobby-Jack, thus far having stood still like a statue, made a lightning fast movement and pulled the trigger. On his Squidpack, that is, releasing a huge, inky-black cloud. A moment later, a sprinting man could be seen emerging from it, the cam-droids capturing what seemed to be the clear trails of desperate tears of terror making their way from under his goggles.

Some things just weren't worth dying for.

BOBBY-JACK RETREATS! (the Squidpack keeps him safe from retaliation attacks by the Enforcers)

Retreating to hex 02.05

Apr 26, 2007

"Little by little the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him"

I would like to say that Vesuvius Space BBQ supplies has managed to have some marketing budget freed recently, so we are looking to spread our BRAND to the fine people watching the Wrecking Crew. We're going to look to try to inform the amazing contestants about the win-win situation that might happen should they find an opportunity for some product placement.

Not Alex
Oct 9, 2012

Cut loose before the god eaters show up.


Scramble pauses, head cocking at a glinting shape nearby. She gets that sinking feeling only felt by people who have trudged deep into a minefield before noticing. A rare but potent emotion. Shuck it, this isn't good.

A deep, distorted chuckling sounds from a twisted drift of sheet metal and caked grit to her right. Several abhumans are slinking from cover. Two have the twisted and boil covered physique of the helix-doomed. They're chaff. The larger shape is healthier or least not immediately degenerating. The basso chuckle rumbles from its drooping proboscis. It points at her and then makes a hideous slurping noise.

Well that concludes the diplomatic portion of this encounter. Running away in a minefield seems an exercise in rapid self-deletion. And the snouted one could no doubt sniff out her trail even if she made it clear.

Two problems. Maybe one solution. Scramble shuffles warily into position, edging close to the mine that had caught her eye. With a prayer and swift kick, she flicks the mine at the abhumans.

Improvise: 1d6 3 -Toxic Zone!

Or at least that was the plan. The mine sails past the mutants into their festering lair. There's a crumping explosion and hideous green smoke comes boiling out. What the shell were they stockpiling in there?

(So I have no idea if I'm doing combat right here. I'm assuming without a weapon I can't attack, but wasn't sure if there are restrictions on improvising. Also not sure what a toxic zone does but sounds fun)

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Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Not Alex posted:

(So I have no idea if I'm doing combat right here. I'm assuming without a weapon I can't attack, but wasn't sure if there are restrictions on improvising. Also not sure what a toxic zone does but sounds fun)

No worries, you're golden.
Toxic zones deal 1 damage during hazard phase.

Apr 28, 2017


"Yyyeah! Lurvely shades mate, eh? Toime Trahvew, oi lurve dem movies."

Looks straight at done.

"Am oi a stah? Yeeeeahh, toike dis. Bring back spewky fewcher poo poo, Hoi foive."

Gives time traveler Mr Stinger, high fives him

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Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Because it may be shortly relevant, to avoid potential headaches, PVP Attack rolls will be rolled by me.

Lux Animus
Apr 17, 2016

Dinosaur Gum

Name: Kal Risso, Newtype HP: 5/5 Move: 3
Loadout: Squidpack, Patient Zero, Brachial Spurs

Kal Risso circled warily around the perimeter of the ancient metal gunships' wreckage, seeking out some piece of valuable scrap or an obvious crate of ordnance worthwhile enough that he could salvage it for some precious luxe. What he found instead was something far less inert and far more dangerous than he had ever considered encountering this early into the game: a Beta Enforcer, sitting in the center of the ruins on high alert, deeply engaged in its patrol//attack protocol. The β Rig seemed strangely fixated on scanning one particular region of the zone for threats, keeping its gun raised. What could it possibly be seeking out? Was it protecting something? Kal stealthily circled around the Beta Enforcer's position to get a better view. There was no way he could take out a Beta Enforcer on his own, not with his current arms. If this solitary Enforcer Rig turned his way, he'd have to pull the cord on his Squidpack and run.

As he got closer to the β Enforcer's apparent region of interest, Kal heard a faint, choked voice, straining itself to be heard against the whipping desert winds.

"Oh, is that someone there? Thank God - I thought I was going to die out here alone!"

Kal moved closer to the rasping voice, being overly cautious to avoid the Enforcer's scanners. He didn't have the heart to say it, but there was no God to be thankful for - certainly not here.

"Can you move?" Kal called out. "That Enforcer is looking for threats in your exact position."

The reedy voice lashed out, desperate, "I know - p-please! Help me. I'm a ... a soldier-for-hire. I know the secret location of a treasure, I just need some first aid or a Medikit to get me on my feet."

Kal didn't have a Medikit and his first aid knowledge was rudimentary at best. If he stayed here too long, that Enforcer Rig was going to come swinging around and it would attack them both with impunity. There's no way they'd both make it out of here alive. Not today.

"I can't help you, friend. All I can do is create a diversion for us both, if you can still move, now's the time to get up and RUN!"

Kal Risso pulled the zip cord on his Squidpack and ran between cover and into the distance through a thick cloud of inky nanotechnicolor blackness.

Kal Risso Retreats with his Squidpack

06.09 -> 07.08

The Lord of Hats
Aug 22, 2010


Was that... it was! Another wrecker! What luck, to have already found a friend out in these blighted wastes!

"Hey! You! Hello there! Lovely day for some scrounging, isn't it! Hell of a ride down, I think we must have nearly--oh bollocks" Stev shouted, jauntily waving with his pistol, until the drat hunk of junk misfired, sending a bullet ricocheting off to who knows where in the mountains of junk. "Sorry about that! It's not the greatest gun, but it's got sentimental value to me."

There was an odd metallic pinging and twanging somewhere nearby, What was that? It was almost like... like... oh god, it was on the tip of his tongue. Oh! Like the time they'd accidentally collapsed that bridge along their own escape route! The cables snapping had sounded just like that! That's funny, why would he be hearing that now? Must be a drug-induced flashback. Ah well.

"Anyways, it looks like we've got a long day ahead of us. I was thinking maybe we could check out that wreck over there together, see what that's all about. Work out a fair deal. Sound good to you?"

Hey, the pinging stopped! But now there was that horrible groaning noise. Stev frowned. Had the other guy heard him over that?


A nearby tower of cars finally crossed the tipping point, raining down on the area. Whoops.

Improvise!: 1d6 1

Jun 17, 2007

Yam Slacker


The burly junker watched the other wrecker dispassionately, heeding his actions and words alike. Once he'd said his piece, Midge shrugged, and replied,

"Sure, even split, works for me."

Resolve by not being an enemy in the zone and agreeing to work together as suggested.

Dog Kisser
Mar 30, 2005

But People have fears that beasts do not. Questions, too.


Stranger dropped to all fours, his joints clicking noisily into new positions, one after the other. His snout extended and swiveled as he considered the area he found himself in - plenty of scrap (and unexploded ordnance) and also... he rolled away from the Wwizard, hissing. He didn't trust the fellow, and he made it known with a territorial display, but he didn't make a violent case of it. Who knew what the man could unleash - firewalls? Daemons? There was terror in the unknown, and until he had means of defending himself he wouldn't make contact.

Doing absolutely nothing because I want to loot!

Nov 11, 2010


Operative delta stalks out of his pod, no clue on his face showing the delay. He quickly moves forward towards his target.

Move to 06.09, Salvage if possible.

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Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

We can't take late moves for logistical reasons, but you'll be able to do the second thing you posted (but in your current hex) during Action Phase.

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