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Jun 17, 2007

Toilet Rascal

"Midge" Gureyevitch is back in!

Veteran bennies: +1 Move, Surveyor


nothing to seehere
Nov 11, 2010

Lets give this another shot, shall we?

Name:"Grumps" Mcgee
Portrait: 6
Class: Rigjacker
Rolls: Supply roll: 3 Optiscope Cyber roll: 6 Bone lacing

Prince of Space
Apr 17, 2016

Your weapons are useless against me!

Name: Kal Risso, Newtype HP: 5/5 Move: 3 Luxe: 26 Fuel: 00 Rad Innoculation: 2
Loadout: Squidpack, DPM Rifle, Rig-Ripper, Medikit (X), Patient Zero, Brachial Spurs, Nuclear Reservoir: 1

Friends and family had thought that Kal Risso would be excited to return home with a cleared sentence, but instead of becoming a contributing member of society he's been practicing his xeno-survival skills non-stop. His fitness and training regimen has completely taken over his life. His greatest desire is to make it into the Wrecking Crew Hall of Fame.

Veteran Upgrade: Increase Max HP by 1; HP: 5 -> 6
Veteran Talent: Skirmisher (+1 Move; may reserve Movement to be taken after Encounter order.); Move: 3 -> 4

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The Lord of Hats
Aug 22, 2010

Please... Don't read this post where other people can see...


Stev was glad to make it back alive, but he knew he wasn't done yet. You didn't get pardoned from the Moon Wars death sentence that easily. No, he was going to be stuck in this for the long haul. On arrival back at Wrecking Crew Central, he deposited his spare Luxe and got his head checked. From what the doctors were telling him, the vault's biofoundry had done some serious work. Not only had he developed a certain mutant kinship, his body had somehow become more receptive to augmentation, whether cybernetic or biological. Well then. He could work with that.

Signing up for the next map, taking +1 Max HP and Evolver

Dog Kisser
Mar 30, 2005

But People have fears that beasts do not. Questions, too.

Rook Engineered Organisms

This is Rook.

Another arena has risen and fallen, and now another is slotting into place.

Regular as clockwork.


RookEngOrg has another entrant for the coming frost.

It is our hope that this instance will weather the cold better than


OLEO-KONDO-4326K19 will participate in cooperative events, unlike OLEO-STRANGER-3520M14.

It is equipped with modifications that will aid fellow Wreckers.

Let it be known that Rook possesses kindness as well as innovation.


This was Rook.


A barely humanoid figure slumbered in the pods, waiting for orders.

Name: Kondo
Portrait: 10
Class: Newtype
HP: 4
Move: 1
A 8 on Mutation - Acidic Spew: 1d6 Attack, 1 Damage every round until target spends action to remove.
A 9 on Mutation - Luminous Excretion: Spend action to restore 1 HP to contact in same zone.
A 1 on Supply - Medikit (consumable): Spend action to restore 1 HP.

Not Alex
Oct 9, 2012


Scramble stares at the med bills. They weren't kidding about the "unstable" in "unstable mutagen." It had taken nearly a kilo-cred worth of treatments just to stabilize her thyroid function long-term. Ah, perfection has its costs. And Scramble would reach perfection. She thumbs the authorization for re-entry.

Upgrading Pulsating Skull and while Scavenger is very tempting to be able to afford all the mutagens I plan on consuming, Evolver is clearly the thematic pick.

Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...


I'm going to join up.

Upfgrading Bone Lacing, taking Evolver

Helical Nightmares
Apr 30, 2009

Dr. Yith's Cyber Driver would like to congratulate all of the survivors of Bottom! Seems like Cancer can be cured! With a P.A.F. Coffin Nail!

In anticipation of the cold climes of Rime, Dr. Yith is offering 50% off all cut rate dermal insulation materials and a wopping 75% off implantable ice cube dispensers!

Dr Yiths! Don't worry about the Vroom-vroom, we Zoom to you!

Apr 28, 2017

Lucinda VIII Keel-Thoristew Lucinda

"Sorry, what do you mean Rook have purchased my gambling debts? They can't do that, can they? Don't worry, my mother will pa- oh they purchased hers too?"

HP: 1d6 3
Move: 1d4 3
Mutate!: 1d20 5 - FlexibleSnout!
Mutate!: 1d20 2 - Batrachian Legs!
Supply: 1d6 5 - Supply Beacon!


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Aug 15, 2015

Lets get our X tons of Duranium back!

....Is that still a valid thing to jingoistically blow out of proportion?

Cryo is back in, with +1 HP and Evolver

May 20, 2001

Buncha slack-jawed faggots around here

Pertinax Ammunition Fabrication Systems are proud to announce a new wave of exclusive field testing positions. The Season 2 detonation of a Hades class thermobaric cyclone warhead after it was mistakenly included on the field tester supply list is thankfully impossible now due to careful curation of content. Sign up now for discounts, promotional items available only to field testers, protection of your precious luxe from hostile spenders, and comprehensive death benefits ensuring your immediate family will want for nothing.

Aug 15, 2015

Lets get our X tons of Duranium back!

....Is that still a valid thing to jingoistically blow out of proportion?

Cryo is contractually obligated would love to volunteer for the Pertinax Field Testing Corps after their generous support at the Vault.

Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Apparently, there's been some discussion that pouring Wrecker candidates straight out of a transjovian haul and into a drop-pod bound for a combat zone is...inhumane.
Discussion among whom?
Well...pundits, wags...I'm not the one on trial here.
No one's on trial, Haze.
Right, of course...speaking of extrajudicial killings, any thoughts on le théâtre de ce soir?
RIME's a stone-cold killer, Haze, but you know that. You want the twice-spicy specs, you talk to our liúmáng Eurydice Mann-Chong, embedded neck deep in that metaphorical-rear end poo poo.

Ocho, my immaculate fēngzi, liberally apply the top layer of your eyeskin to RIME.

The technocratic hubris of the ill-fated Outer Planetary Consortium is all laid out here, on the gas fields of Titan. Kronos-PetroSol research facilities lay ruined, mothballed, or infested with scavengers, their extraction rigs scattered like so many discarded toys across the icy battlescape. BOTTOM left you parched? Don't look for water here; it's -200C in the shade; the only thing flowing is exotic hydrocarbons!

And speaking of which, maybe stay out of those fossae if you like all your skin where it is; the once rich methane rivers of Titan have been rendered Toxic Zones by a century of neglect; you're as likely to get a dip in concentrated hydrofluoric as anything else! Stay clear of that, and you'll only have to worry about the withering cold, periodic iceroid bombardment, methane thunderstorms, acid rain, and spontaneous cryogeysers!

Wreckers will deploy along the South and South-Eastern borders, near the three Strato-Cradles that promise early extraction for a wrecker with bad shape but deep pockets.

Kronos-PetroSol Research Facilities Sigma, Tau, and Upsilon can be found in RIME, though the Rad Zone once known as Sigma's seen better days. In fact, her power plant has totally lost containment, spilling radioactive manganese into the fossa. What's better than a river of toxic hydrocarbons? A radioactive river of toxic hydrocarbons, naturally!

You'll find a Scavenger Camp or two still clinging to life down there; there's still wealth to be extracted by wildcat gas miners, not to mention any tech that hasn't been picked over in the intervening decades. Like the Spacecraft Wreck in the eastern mountains; the escort pinnace from a Kronos-D tanker. Rich pickings for whomever overcomes the Mountains in the way.

Rough Terrain posted:

Landing on a mountain hex ends movement, and a unit cannot Retreat into a mountain hex.

Not all mountains are created equal, however. A Cryovolcano is harmless enough if you stay out of the soup, until it erupts, launching ice and gasses kilometers into space. Also you, if you're there. Probably not healthy to be too close, either.

Perched precariously on the slopes of one of those volcanoes is the drilling rig-cum-aerial we call the Scan Tower. Clamber on up that rickety mister for a full Scan of the battlefield.

The Luxe Crucible is here, as always, letting heavy-pocketed Wreckers upload their spoils or offload surplus gear.

You'll need the Luxe if you tangle with RIME's roaming midboss, the αlpha Behemoth. It's slow, but brutal, and even if you stay ahead of its main gun, you'll still have artillery bombardment to contend with!

And, of course...the Zodiac Beacon. 50 Luxe and certain death await the Wrecker that activates the Beacon and summons the Boss.

And which formidible Zodiac holds RIME in crushing iron grip, svelte Eurydice of my heart?
And will it put up more of a fight than Cancer?
RIME's top-tier threat is none other than: The X-04 Capricorn!

Drills, drills, and more drills, to core you out or frack you apart. Gas vents to transform your shuddering meat to rich gravy. Discharge vanes to direct Titan's storms into a crackling weapon of beat-rear end. Need I goat on?

By no means. Thanks, Eury. So, Rev, how do you like our Wreckers' chances in RIME?
They're gonna need luck,
They're gonna need grit.
If they don't got that,
They're gonna eat--
--I said RIME, not know what, never mind.

The game starts Monday! Slots are still available!

Not Alex
Oct 9, 2012

Excitement. Feel free to file this under "sucking up to god" but you're awesome. All your stuff oozes personality and smart world-building and I'm having a blast in all your threads. That is all.

Morituri te salutant!

Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

Not Alex posted:

Excitement. Feel free to file this under "sucking up to god" but you're awesome. All your stuff oozes personality and smart world-building and I'm having a blast in all your threads. That is all.

Morituri te salutant!

Not at all, I really appreciate that!
In other news...

Supply, Mutation, and Cyber tables have been modified!
  • Unlicensed Autodoc no longer deals damage.
  • Some consumable items have been given the ability to recharge with Luxe.
  • Certain mutations and cyber have either been retooled or had their descriptions refined.
  • Tables for Upgraded versions of Mutations and Cyber have been added.

Prince of Space
Apr 17, 2016

Your weapons are useless against me!

Name: Kal Risso, Veteran Newtype HP: 6/6 Move: 4 Luxe: 000 Fuel: 00 Rad Innoculation: 2
Loadout: Skirmisher, Squidpack, DPM Rifle, Rig-Ripper, Medikit (X), Patient Zero, Brachial Spurs, Nuclear Reservoir: 1

On the night before the events on Rime began, Kal Risso was in his guest quarters aboard the mega-yacht in the planet's orbit, sorting through all the trophies he'd brought with him from the first Wrecking Crew games in Bottom. He was reloading his Squidpack's nano-ink rechargers and listening to nyuubal-song on his fabriband to help him relax when the field distortion opened over his bed.

Without warning, a magnified trans-chronometric distortion field fractalized into his room, and from it a Continuity Ranger shimmered and fizzled into physical existence on this time-plane, crushing the byansoon-down mattress and scuffing the sufdrasilk sheets under the heavy metal-tipped boots of the law. Kal Risso idly reached for the grip of the freshly-lubed rig-ripper set on the display stand just before him, and froze. Even with his squidpack ready, there was nowhere to escape in these tight quarters!

Code Infraction detected in vicinity...initializing chronal reconciliation protocol PK3Delta!
Uh... Have we met before? Look, this isn't really the best time.
Halt, infraction entry Kalpernicus Risso, it is always the best time for a Continuity Ranger. You are to be detained at immediate notice, as of this present now.
If this is about that night in the Regal Multiluxe Hotel, I can explain-

Kal lunged for the the Rig-Ripper just as the chrono-distortion field enveloped him and, with a gut-wrenching yank, took him elsewhere and elsewhen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By the time Kal Risso cleared up matters with the chrono-authorities and had been brought back to his proper timespace, he had missed the launching of the Wrecking Crew drop pods. He slammed his fist against the wall as he watched the display feeds showing the Wreckers' pods rocketing toward their destinations on the icy planet RIme. He was supposed to be with them, dammit! He was going to defeat the Capricorn and explore the whole map! He was going to become a Wrecker hall-of-famer! How the fruucklach was he going to do any of that if he was stuck on this mega-yacht, pent up in the Sponsor's Lounge all game?

A devious plan entered Kal Risso's mind, and he acted upon it. He would defeat the Capricorn and enter the hall of fame, one way or another.

Kal Risso is entering himself as Sponsor instead of a Wrecker.

Prince of Space fucked around with this message at Jan 22, 2018 around 02:49


Feb 21, 2013

A new challenger has appeared
Name: Frau Freiheit
Class: Neo-Soldat
Supply Roll: Supply Roll: 1d6 6 (Squidpack)
Cyber Roll: Cyber Roll: 1d20 12 (Quadlegs)
HP: 3
Move: 3 (2 + 1[Quadlegs])

Frau Freiheit first appeared on the solar stage as a troop mascot during the moon wars. When she had enlisted, top brass decided that she'd be portraying a powerful symbol to enhance the units morale, a theory that was proven after polling the 2% surviving members of her unit after their first joint operation. The survey returned a 50% satisfaction rate with the remains of the 100-man strong batallion, so she was kept on for the duration of the war. After the wars ended, Frau Freiheit drifted from reality show to reality show across the solar system, usually getting the boot within the first five episodes. Now her agent has arranged a rare opportunity to bring her career to unknown heights by signing her on to Wrecking Crew.

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