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Bee Bonk
Feb 19, 2011

2. Skipp
Movement to 16.04.
Skipp receives 2 Burn Tokens!

3. Katydid / 5. Aotzzzuo / 7. Apiary Anne / 8. Hievel
Aotzzzuo: Skipp moves to 16.04; Cry-3 moves nowhere.
Movement to 20.05.
Gamma Bounder pursues Apiary Anne!

Explosions Can Happen posted:

Detpods detonate!
>Apiary Anne is hit!
>Brood Guardian is hit!
>Swarming Horror is hit!
>Mined Biocover avoids damage!
>Motile Biocover 1 avoids damage!
>Motile Biocover 2 is hit!
>Gamma Bounder avoids damage!
Detpods detonate!
>Apiary Anne is hit!
>Brood Guardian is hit!
>Swarming Horror is hit!
>Mined Biocover is hit!
>Motile Biocover 1 is hit!
>Motile Biocover 2 is hit!
>Gamma Bounder avoids damage!
Detpods detonate!
>Apiary Anne avoids damage!
>Brood Guardian is hit!
>Swarming Horror is hit!
>Mined Biocover is hit!
>Motile Biocover 1 is hit!
>Motile Biocover 2 avoids damage!
>Gamma Bounder avoids damage!
Detpods detonate!
>Apiary Anne avoids damage!
>Brood Guardian is hit!
>Swarming Horror avoids damage!
>Mined Biocover is hit!
>Motile Biocover 1 is hit!
>Motile Biocover 2 is hit!
>Gamma Bounder is hit!
Mined Biocover detonates!
>Apiary Anne avoids damage!
>Brood Guardian is hit!
>Swarming Horror is hit!
>Motile Biocover 1 avoids damage!
>Motile Biocover 2 avoids damage!
>Gamma Bounder is hit!

Apiary Anne takes no damage (reduced from 6)!
Brood Guardian takes 10 DAMAGE (reduced from 11) and dies!
Swarming Horror takes 8 damage (reduced from 9) and dies!
Mined Biocover takes 5 damage (reduced from 6) and explodes!
Motile Biocover 1 takes 5 damage (reduced from 6) and is destroyed!
Motile Biocover 2 takes 5 damage (reduced from 6) and is destroyed!
Gamma Bounder takes 4 damage (reduced from 5) and is destroyed!

6. eStelle
eStelle takes Aim!

Wreckers, resolve Encounters!

Sponsors-Only Map

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Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...


[AOTƧƧƧUO / HP: 2/2 / MOVE: 2 (shift) / DR: 3 / LUXE: 030 / CYBER: - / MUTATION: Hypnotic Drone, Pulse Wave, Dimensional Lens, Hexatomic Snarl]
B-Mutations : Hypnotic Drone (ENC: 1d4 attack to Control a target for the remainder of the round; ACT: A Controlled target gains 1 Infest Token. Does not count against Aug Threshold.)
D-Mutations: Pulse Wave (1d6/2, Push 1) // Dimensional Lens (May be used instead of the Cover action. Reverses the value of a single die OR every die in the hex this phase (i.e. 1-3 succeeds and 4-12 fails on a d12.)) // Hexatomic Snarl (May be used instead of the Suppress action. Suppressed targets that miss suffer damage equal to their die result.)

RETAINER STATUS: Myriad Revenant (5/5 HP, Grave Echo), MBC (5/5 HP)

Aotzzzuo swayed at the mutant psychic.

Their thoughts mingled.

They had a nice conversation.

But was there something he was supposed to do?

Well, it was probably nothing important.

HIEVEL, KATY and ANNE can peek
HypnoDroning the Stargazer, Calling 4 (4 upscales from Megascope): 1d12= 1
Hey Myrv, it would be grand if you could swipe one of those Drudges (the one that Anne isn't killing) so that we can rid ourselves of all the enemies here!

Theantero fucked around with this message at Sep 23, 2018 around 22:01

Jun 17, 2007

Yam Slacker


Katya commented, "It's the one that makes the others harder to kill. Hate those guys. Locked on."

Team Serious Beesness is aware: Swatter-1's main gun at the Roughneck (Gunner, Scope, Eyes, ##CalledShot 3): 1d16 5

Wishlist:Top priority: anti-heat hazmat. Motile Biocovers are the ablative of choice against snipers and telefrag chargers. Also, assist flares.

Prince of Space
Apr 17, 2016

Dinosaur Gum


Skipp Wiley Jr., Veteran Newtype / Headhunter Wrecker
HP: 4/5 -> 3/5 DR3 Move: 5 Jump Luxe: 000
Mutations (Inoculated): Compound Eyes (Cannot be Ambushed) // Batrachian Legs (+1 Move) >> Biological Levitation (Jump)
F-Mutations: Caustic Haemorrhexis (On Damage: Friendly-Fire 1d4/1 AoE, +damage upcales)
D-Mutations: Wormholer (At 0 HP, spawn spatial anomaly. 1/6 chance to be drawn into anomaly and survive with 1 HP.)
Weapons: Hulking Warpoon (1d10/3 +Penetrator +Disable, Reach/Pull 1) Malware Emitter (borrowed from Hievel) // Optiscope (+1upscale +0)
Armor: Dark Hazmat Gear B (DR3 Therm, DR2 Chem, DR1 Rad, Air Supply) // Heliopause (+3 DR, 1 Slot, DR3 Therm, DR2 Warp) (ACT: Convert Therm <-> Warp) >> Rad Module (+1 DR vs Rad)
Consumables: Squidpack (Full) // Medikit (Empty) // Medikit X (+Heal) (Empty) // Optifalconoid (Full) // Coffin Nail JC03 (Bio-Locked)
Items: Purifier Retrovirus // Volatile Compound // Meta-Thumper // Horror Chow
Tokens: 3 Air // 3 Burn // 2 Cryo // 1 Rad

With his floatsacs filled with lighter-than-air gases, Skipp Wiley Jr. effortlessly bounded through the sweltering heat of the caves until he came across a strange barrier impeding his progress: a trio of Mercurial Thermophores. The hazardous tentacled extremeophiles were arranged around the walls and floor of a narrow pass in the cave beyond in just such a way that Skipp would have a hard time getting past them without drawing their attention, and their beastly ire. They were territorial creatures after all, and - depending on the temperature of the area they were encountered in - they could unleash either a flammable or a cryogenic agent at things that they considered threats - or food. Skipp was glad that he was wearing his heat-soaking armor Heliopause on top of his thermal-resistant Hazmat Gear, because otherwise these three fire-spitting monsters from the depths of Dark would present a very real and rather dire threat to the lone Wrecker.

Peering out from behind a jumble of discarded mining equipment, Skipp carefully studied the enclosed bottleneck he'd have to navigate in order to get past the fiery Thermophores. He could jump over and through them, of course, but having some extra momentum pulling him along would be particularly helpful, too. Through the fierce heat haze, far off in the distance, Skipp spotted something organic and porous attached to the floor and glowing faintly. Excellent: a worthy target for his Hulking Warpoon!

Skipp lined up his shot on the monstrous growth jutting out from the cavern floor and squeezed the Hulking Warpoon's trigger. Once he felt the electrospear sink into the distant target, he leapt from cover and bounded towards the Mercurial Thermophores, reeling himself in along the Warpoon's cable to increase his speed.

As he drifted above the startled and angry Mercurial Thermophores, hanging tightly onto his Hulking Warpoon, Skipp reactively flinched when the Thermophores started spraying their flammable jets of fluid at him. As he flinched, he tapped into his Newtype connection to the Metaverse and released a high-pressure gout of acidic blood that splashed across the thrashing thermophiles.

Encounter: Skipp activates his Newtype ability to mimic the D-Breaker talent set for this round (-1 HP)!
Skipp takes damage! Caustic Haemorrhexis versus Mercurial Thermophores 1-3: 3#1d4 4 1 1 - Critical Hit! Skipp deals 2 damage to Mercurial Thermophore 1!
Skipp fires the Hulking Warpoon at the Hive Pyrocluster (in 17.03)!: 1d8 4 - Critical hit! Skipp deals 6 Penetrator damage +Disable from Range!
Skipp pulls himself into his target's hex! 16.04 -> 17.03

Wishlist: Hello Sponsors! If you want to help me out and decide my fate, please send me any of the following packages via Healdrone! (Available Online Luxe: 17 Skipp // 96 Open Sponsors)
If you want me to go after Cry-3:
The Buddy Buffer: one Motile Biocover (10 luxe) and one Experimental Medikit (+Heal) (0 luxe). Healdrone Delivery: 25+10+0 = 35 Luxe.
If you want me to go after the Metastatik-wielder:
The Ninja-gram: one Experimental Wrecker Decoy (+Instant Deploy) (6 luxe) and one Experimental Autofalconoid (+Accuracy) (2 luxe). Healdrone Delivery: 25+6+2 = 33 Luxe.
If you want me to reach the next level in my personal growth:
The Augment-O-Matic: one Experimental Mutagenic Syrinx (+Integration) (10 luxe) and one Experimental Unlicensed Autodoc (+Instant Deploy) (9 luxe). Healdrone Delivery: 25+10+9 = 44 Luxe.
If you don't send me anything via Healdrone soon, however, I will have no choice but to head directly to the Zodiac Beacon instead. Please help Sponsors!

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Swedish Thaumocracy
Jul 11, 2006

Strength of >800 Men
Honor of 0

Grimey Drawer


(for dogs)


[eStelle / HP:3/3 | ARMOR: 3 / MOVEMENT: DIG / BURROW | / IMMUNE TO RAD/ IMMUNE TO POISON | LUXE: 24 luxe on hand | CYBER: YES | CYBERAUGMENTS: Jacklegz© +1 MOVE, RigSpike: Successful Ambush controls Rig | D-MUTATIONS: Molecular Displacement: When hit by an attack, subject may choose to gain a Warp Token and force the attacker to select a new target. | Augment: Horror Engine: Subject's attacks gain Scrap, but subject can only heal by Cannibalizing Rigs and other synthetics. | WEAPON MODS: Megascope (upscale 0) | TOKENS: AIR: 3, | Darkb34k is reloaded! | Medkit needs reloading | Slay has 2/5 HP and 1 mutations, allowing him to call for help (but apparently not underground)]



Encounter: Aimed Horror vs Mutant Darkstalker: 1d12 12


Feb 21, 2013

Apiary Anne: HP: 6/6 Move: 3 [Fly] Luxe: 2 DR: 6

Tokens: Burn: 1 Poison: 1

Augmentations: Limits: 1C 4M
C: Eye Gear: Upscale all attacks
M: Gossamer Wings: Fly and +1 Move, takes up no aug threshold
M: Chitinous Chiton: DR +1 when hit by a Penetrator attack, takes up no aug threshold
M: Swollen Musculature: +1 damage + Newflesh Eidolon: Subject's max HP is increased by number of mutations possessed
M: Mercurial Foulbrood: Can only be hit in combat on a 5+, but all damage taken is Max HP
M: Chitinous Carapace: DR +2 + Frangible Scutes: Backlash 1
Free slots: 1

Lightweight Materials: 50% Extraction Cost Depleted Pandemonium Rounds: (1 DoT) Neutronium-Tipped Rounds: (Pen on multiple of 4) Debriding Brood: Upscale vs. Mutants; +1 Infest vs Mutants

CS Armor:
Slots: 4
Cell Annexer: +2 DR, +2 Slots, -3 maxHP

Item reload status:
Squidpack: empty Fabrikit: empty X Fabrikit 1: empty X Fabrikit 2: empty Cluster:empty

Dr One: 1/5 HP

Just as Anne lifted off, she noticed that things were going wrong down below. The MBCs were clumsily tripping the mines that had been scattered by the Tortles, catching her Hiver friends in the blasts. Up in the air, Anne caught some shrapnel, but was ultimately unhurt, but when the dust settled everything else down below was dead. Going by the damage readout, the X MBC had self-destructed as well, adding to the carnage. She made a note to the R&D division, strongly recommending they Decree Language Censor engaged and cancel their development of this MBC branch.
Touching down at her target she finally met up again with Katya, as well as the other members of the hive. After brief introductions, an unfriendly group of mutants approached them, so they quickly swapped some weapons around and began mowing them down.

Katy, Hievel and Aotzzzuo can look:
Free Cover
Fire Inferno Pistol at Drudge 1 Called Shot: 1: 1d12 10

Supply request:
1 X MBCs with Cannibalize

sheep-dodger fucked around with this message at Sep 23, 2018 around 21:53

Feb 21, 2013


We have noticed that the contestants of Wrecking Crew Ltd have been tardy in getting to the Zodiac beacon. We will sweeten the deal to change incentive structures:

Heliophobia: Reach the Zodiac beacon before the Terminator line reaches it

May 20, 2001

Buncha slack-jawed faggots around here

"We'd like to see more field iteration on the Metamorphosis Engines, Your Grace. The first three warhulks, Cryo included, Bullet Jesus rest her soul, provided valuable telemetry, but after the frankly embarrassing chumping of the last one I've been pushing the team day and night to meet the performance guidelines you set and to save face for the team and the Company."

Skimming through the luxe accounts, Aethelred replied to the holo head in front of him. "I'll see what I can do. Prevailing conditions being what they are down there on Mercury for the wreckers, it would be most fortuitous if you could incorporate a way to make the Engine autodeploy upon its recipient."

"Oh, sure! That's easy enough. We just slap a rudimentary motility and targeting system on it. I'll have one ready for you within the hour."

For Skipp: one Experimental Metamorphosis Engine (+On-Delivery Deploy) (50 luxe) and one Experimental Medikit (+Heal) (0 Luxe), sent by Healdrone (25 luxe). Total: 50+0+25 = 75 Luxe (17 Skipp, 5 Pertinax, 3 Gureyevitch Solutions, 25 Academy of Titan, 10 RookEngOrg, 10 IPC, 5 Gen)
For Apiary Anne: two Experimental Motile Biocovers (+Cannibalize) (10 luxe), sent by Mar-o-gen Healdrone (+MaxHP, 25 luxe). Total: 10+25 = 35 Luxe (10 Apiary Anne, 25 Cosmiq)


Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

"Do you think these wreckers will soon reach the destroyed central gateway?"

"Wreckers are always marching towards their miserable, inevitable demise, Professor."

"Haha, right you are, Margaret! I was merely thinking that this would be a good chance to add some exotic matter into the Academy's venerable collection."

"I shall make the calls necessary to badger them onwards then, Professor."

"Very good! With that stuff I might be able to continue my work on the strangelet-inductor. I'll need to have some intern dig up my old work on it from The Pit, actually..."

"Ah. Shall I call the Campus Coroner too while I'm at it then, Professor?"

"...Eh, no need to bother. I doubt there will be much for her to look at and I don't want to get her hopes up."

"Very well, Professor."

AoT Department of Engineering
Isodope: Retrieve some of the highly unstable MCAD-slag from its final resting place, then either transmat it to the Academy OR craft with it.

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