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Swedish Thaumocracy
Jul 11, 2006

Strength of >800 Men
Honor of 0

Grimey Drawer

| D-MUTATIONS; Molecular Displacement: When hit by an attack, subject may choose to gain a Warp Token and force the attacker to select a new target
| H-Mutation; Monstrous Metabolizer: Subject may cannibalize an destroyed synthetic foe to gain 1 HP/tier in lieu of Luxe. Small chance to exceed maximum HP.
M-Utation: Vox-Mutandi: Neutral to Mutants, ACT: Control Mutant / 1d4 |
[ Items Obtained By Dark34k: 0 |
| TOKENS: AIR: 3 |

eStelle peeked out of her drop-pod, getting a taste for Venusian Air and scanning her surroundings (but not like, Scanning scanning them). Curiosity satisfied, she ducked back in and began to distend her jaws. She had a plan, and it was going to take quiet a bit of preparation. Darkb34k took flight, doing a quick tour over their metal cover and the platform beneath them, happy to once more fly free.

Movement: Darkb34k Aims if he can, eStelle does the same.


Sep 17, 2012

Cat Army
2nd Battalion

Wrecker 13: Janana Bred

"Oh wait a beautiful and glorious day it is. The sun is... Sunning. I can't wait to make all sorts of new friends." Jan grips his horror goad, "All the new friends." He peered over the horizons, eyeing the booster, "Oh look at all these new tasks, I better get to it!"

Movement Move to 6,10

Turtlicious fucked around with this message at Mar 18, 2019 around 20:49

May 20, 2001

Buncha slack-jawed faggots around here

The Pertinax M66WC1 Kali anti-materiel rifle. Six feet and thirty-five pounds of high calibre, high velocity doom. The Wrecking Crew variant is missing several key features of the later iterations of the retail model such as the free-floating, reciprocating barrel, recoil-operated bolt, magnetic accelerator, full-spectrum Megascope and lightweight composite body. That said, it still has a ridiculous muzzle velocity, firing conventional PAFS 12.7mm rounds. For when you really want to reach out and touch someone, the person behind them, and the family of cat-adjacent people living on the other side of that concrete wall.

Pertinax, making every shot count.

To kick off the festivities, Aethelred selected one of the newbie Wreckers for one such piece of kit, as well as a handy little buddy to ensure their longevity. He also secures transport and armament for the infamous Talcum Bartholomeow Blitzen.

Sending 1 AMR (9L), 1 Motile Biocover (10L) via conventional drone (25L) to Valentine Kree. (44L WCF)

Sending 1 Arachnopede (5L) and 1 Experimental Big-Ripper (a claymore-sized Rig Ripper. +Junk, Obvious, 8L) via conventional drone (25L) to Talcum. (38L WCF)

Hexenritter fucked around with this message at Mar 18, 2019 around 18:05

Apr 28, 2017

HP: 3/3
Breed Talent: Absorptive crystals: ACT: Consume rad tokens to restore hp. 
Mutations: 2/5 - Acidic Spew: Gain an attack -1d6/1+Burn
Luminous Excretion: Spend action to restore 1 HP to target in same zone.
Scrap: 000

The pod opens, and a furtive, reptilian face peeks out of the hatch before ducking back inside.

A gobbet of green goo goes sailing to the right (a distraction!) And in the opposite direction out springs The Oozemancer! His wizards hat flapping in the wind, he skitters on all fours away from the pod.

Skitter to rig silo

Wishlist: behold! The Oozemancer's wizardry will uncover deep secrets about the things you send him! What mysteries lurk within the heart of experimental items? Delve into ex-horrific hazmats, uncover the Tek series armour! Or mayhaps you are a discerning traveller, hm? One who seeks the holy grail of masterful mutations. Well know this, grail seeker, the Oozemancer is your ally in this quest.

WereGoat fucked around with this message at Mar 18, 2019 around 17:54

Swedish Thaumocracy
Jul 11, 2006

Strength of >800 Men
Honor of 0

Grimey Drawer

Greetings Friendunits. We are GEN Cultural Liaison to the [Decree, subset; Wrecking Crew LTD.] Genericae [Null].
Thank you for your patiencepatronage. We will begin the RISE series by offering the following challengeopportunity.

>> Push Notification: Force Movement or Be Forced Move

Dog Kisser
Mar 30, 2005

But People have fears that beasts do not. Questions, too.

Rook Engineered Organisms

This is Rook.

We have
our entrant this time.

Please do not take this as a measure of
in our own products, but rather faith in our employee.

He has been of great help to us, and his Rook-mentations have paved the way for his glory.
We hope he will not disappoint us as the others have.

As for the rest of you - keep your
on the ground.

This was Rook.

BOuND to ThE EArTH - Destroy or Disable a BOOSTR or XLrV8R

May 20, 2001

Buncha slack-jawed faggots around here

Rook Off Already: Destroy a Corvid Spotter.

Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

Giovanni had a soft spot for Cloud Cities. Several of the Academy campuses inhabited such platforms in the atmosphere of Saturn after all. So many fun things you could do with them too. Really, it was a perfect opportunity to play some classic AoT pranks on the Wreckers, whilst at the same time getting good experimental data on commercial grade GravThrusters.

"Really, it's a win-win scenario!"


"Ah, it's nothing important Margaret. But please get the Engineering department on line for me, there's something I want to run by them."

"At once, Professor."

Giovanni chuckled to himself. Oh, it was going to be just like the old days.

AoT Department of Engineering
Heavenly Tilt: Enter following Academy supplied code titled "ARC-ANGLE" at an XLrV8R

Not Alex
Oct 9, 2012

Cut loose before the god eaters show up.

Valentine Kree

Scrap: 000 | Luxe: 000 | Tokens: 3Air
HP: 3/3 | MP: 3 | DR: 1
Shock Mesh: When hit, next Round's Move is increased by the number of damage taken (pre-DR).


Well, foda-se. I'm really in it now I suppose. The reality of her newest assignment had been slow to filter through the pre-drop drugs coursing through her system. But standing on her pod gazing out at the swirling hellscape of Venus left Val cursing. Well I was bound to get hit by the fallout from the Pomerizard Incident before too long. Just didn't think it would be a mal'tezzing telecast death sentence. Val shoulders her rifle and draws all of her kit from the flimsy pod.

Her wristcomp beeps twice. Ah, good. Package already en route, something going straightwise anyway.

Movement: Stay put and aim

Apr 28, 2017

Kaboom! [Explosion.gif] NecroTech Post Mortem Vitality Systems! [Waves of garbo-synth emanate from your feed terminal]

Friends! Consumers! Wreckees! We're back, and now -
[Sounds stop. Explosion reverses into nothing. The NecroTech logo hovers in space.]
- we're going back to basics. We lost focus. We let you down. But now, we have new drive!

In the electric clouds of Venus, we say Live! Live! LIIIIIIVVVEEE!

>Biomechanical Singularity- extract cyber Or mutation from another wrecker's body and apply it to yourself. Let them live on within you!

WereGoat fucked around with this message at Mar 18, 2019 around 19:20

Jan 19, 2015

HP: 6/6 MV: 3 DR: 3 HazDR: 2/Tox. Anchor.
Scrap: 00. Luxe: 0. Tokens: 3 Air.
Mutations (1/5): Chitinous Carapace (+2DR)
Talent: Suffer 1 damage to emulate the talent of another class for 1 round.

As the ParaPod cracks open a haze of smoke pours outwards, quickly being carried off by the wind in a grey streak. Talc stumbles out, swaying erratically, digitigrade limbs barely visible beneath a censor bar. He catches himself at the edge of the platform and begins to urinate off into the abyss, taking one more puff before discarding the contraband. With a last shake the censor bar lazily saunters back to the pod.

Talc re-emerges a minute later, latching and tightening the buckles on his armor with one limb while another absentmindedly flips off the nearest cam-drone.

The Rook-model Newtype walks off, eyes fixated on a comms device.

Intercepted Communiques posted:

TBB: MC. I'm outta the meat locker drinking atmo straight.
TBB: Real miracle worker you. And they say Cavity Creeps can't lose in court.
TBB: Did you get the comm-code off that guard with all the shine?
TBB: The cold as nitro one with the stare.
TBB: Wake up. Come on. They dumped me in the middle of nowhere.
TBB: !@$&. No feed no transpo. Corp Rats can't help getting another kick in.
TBB: Off to find breakfast. Trace this when you get it.
TBB: Bring a ferry and a barker.
TBB: And the code.

MOV: 10.08 to 10.09 .

malbogio fucked around with this message at Mar 18, 2019 around 19:47

Not Alex
Oct 9, 2012

Cut loose before the god eaters show up.

<intercepted communication>, what are we going to do with all this stuff it's churning out? Can't keep it on station, you know what happened last time the hyphae network reached criticalit<unintelligible>urning won't work either. Still haven't found quarantine team ni<signal lost>

Salutations, gentle wreckers! We at Syzygy are pleased to offer you the opportunity to sample more of our fine wares. Crafted with care by our fine sporesmiths to provide you ephemera with that Syzygy edge.

Ordering a conshroomable supply drop to a random non-air hex with Syzygy's key if that's possible.

Challenge issued: Mushroom with a view mkII - Move a platform out of the middle layer. (Does not require an XLrV8R)

Aug 10, 2012

Grimey Drawer

HP: 3/3 MOV: 3

CYB: 1/4 MUT: 0/1
-Jacklegz© : +1 Move

The hatch swings open, and from within emerges Ra Maximum. He spreads his arms wide and poses triumphantly in the merciless wind. He spares a dismayed look at the clouds below. Then he runs off. On legs of steel he runs, not slowed down by the fact he had no idea where he was and why.

MOVE: 11.12 -> 10.12 -> 9.12 -> 10.13
If that is right?

Feb 21, 2013

Apiary Anne: HP: 6/6 Move: 3 [Fly] Scrap: 0 DR: 6

Tokens: 3 Air

Augmentations: Limits: 1C 5M
C: Eye Gear: Upscale all attacks
M: Gossamer Wings: Fly and +1 Move, takes up no aug threshold
M: Chitinous Chiton: DR +1 when hit by a Penetrator attack, takes up no aug threshold
M: Swollen Musculature: +1 damage + Newflesh Eidolon: Subject's max HP is increased by number of mutations possessed
M: Chitinous Carapace: DR +2 + Frangible Scutes: Backlash 1
M: Compound Eyes: Cannot be Ambushed + Sensory Cone: Counter-Ambush
Free slots: 2M

CS Armor:
Slots: 4
Cell Annexer: +2 DR, +2 Slots, -3 maxHP
Vault: +3 Move, 10 Luxe to reload

Item reload status:
Cluster:full Vault: full

Upgrading/Removing Mercurial Foulbrood and X-training Horrific

Urgh, the landing in these drop pods never got any better. Anne had enjoyed the smooth mass transit system that the Hive had started setting up, she would miss them with all the violent flinging that was likely to happen between platforms in this newest arena. But it was time to get her head in the game, she was only lightly equipped and would be locked out from any new deliveries for a while, so she started to run some more equipment checks to make sure everything was primed and ready to go.

Aim ________

Feb 21, 2013


New Map, New Tributes Faces, let's get this show on the road everyone! Don't hunker down and be a buzzkill, go out there, meet new people, and then kill them!

New Challenge:
First Blood: Be the first to kill something!

Cloud Potato
Jan 8, 2011

"I'm... happy!"

Gideon Pallas, Wrecker Wrelations, Turnt™ Alcohol-Infused Concotions.

"Hi, gang. Name's Gideon. We noticed one of your contestants drank one of our products last season, and then we noticed sales trickling up slightly. So I've been yanked off the street to tell you wonderful people about the wonders of Turnt™-brand alcohol- and ethanol-based beverages!

"OK, first challenge. Now, the secret behind every great booze ad is you need at least three people. One person on their own, in a bar, drinking? We could be charitable and say they're waiting on peeps, or they're a no-friendo loner. Hardly aspirational. Two peeps getting drinks? A couple. A date. Nookie negotiations. Not the angle we're pushing.

"But three people? That's a fun, happening social situation. Now you've got yourselves the beginning of a party. And when it's time to party, let Turnt™ help you with that a little.

"So! Good luck out there, Wreckers, and keep it Turnt™!"

Challenge issued: Get the party started - meet up with two other Wreckers.

Nov 11, 2008

The Gambler

HP: 4/4 (3+1) MV: 3 DR: 2
Ability: When rolling a multiple of 4 on an attack, x2 damage
Tokens: 3 Air

Dermal Armor: +1 Max HP, DR 1

As he stepped out of his drop pod, The Gambler felt that dedicating his life to games of chance had, perhaps, not been the wisest decision he had ever made. He had fallen so far into debt he was forced to bet a large chunk of his body on one last roll of the dice. When he lost, his "benefactor" replaced the missing flesh with cyber, and forced him to take part in this game show to make up the rest that was owed.

Then again, leaving your fate to chance made life so much more interesting, how could he ever stop? Digging out his five-sided coin, he flipped it up into the air before catching it.

"Right, looks like I have a direction now."

Consult Five-Sided Coin (1: South Booster, 2: Explore West, 3: Stay, 4: Explore East, 5: North Booster): 1d5 2
MOVE 07.11>06.11>05.11>05.10

Wishlist: Let's embrace chance, shall we? If you want to send anything to the Gambler, please ensure it has some element of random chance involved. Does rolling more dice decrease or increase chaos? I do not expect to live for very long, but maybe I'll beat the odds.

The Lord of Hats
Aug 22, 2010


Felix's Posse

[Felix / HP:4/4 | ARMOR: 3 / MOVEMENT: SHIFT / | LUXE: 0 | D.VO POINTS: 10/15 | CYBERAUGMENTS;: Reinforced Spacesuit +2 HP, +1 DR ; Hazard Baffling: Immune to Tox and Rad tokens | D-MUTATIONS; Doom Desire: Free ENC; Both subject and single target in hex (or D-scanned) cannot regain HP while effect is active. Target loses half their current HP each Hazard Phase while effect is active, and subject gains 1 Warp Token. | TOKENS: AIR: 3|]

Felix poked his head between the railings to get a better look at the long drop below him. This did mean that technically his helmet was occupying the same space as the railing itself, but that kind of thing was always a little fuzzy around Felix, and even moreso now that Valen was around. Valen, for their part, was reaching through Suit's protective layers to give him a back scratch. Suit erupted into its usual warnings about dimensional breaches and Felix paid them as little attention as he ever had. This felt too good to worry about something like that.

Worrying about that fall, on the other hand... Felix backed away from the edge. Not because he was frightened, of course. Heights were nothing. He'd just land on his feet, maybe shift Between, and that'd be the end of that. But that'd separate him from Valen, and who else was going to give him scritches? It was unacceptable. No, better to step away for now. Just for a little while.

Shift to 02.13

Jun 17, 2007

Yam Slacker


Ahh. Here she was, third and first deployment because there were some things even Midge couldn't finangle. Her athleticism was unchanged, flipping out of the pod with an easy grace, stinger at the ready. She wasn't at peak performance outside her rig, but hopefully that would be resolved in short order, one way or the other. She checked her map and plotted a course north: There were a couple significant landmarks, and she'd bet luxe to gigacreds that one or the other would entice other wreckers.

MOV:02:14-02:13-02:12, keeping an eye out for other wreckers to team up with as a priority.

Wishlist:Esteemed sponsors, all I ask for is Slay Rider back off the rig rack. That'd be a 35 luxe rig drop.

Jun 17, 2007

Yam Slacker

Midge activated an all-wreckterminal broadcast to see how much luxe he could get to the wreckers. Gregarious as ever, his mood had mellowed considerably given that Katya's biocessation had proven only temporary.

"Welcome, welcome, new blood and old friends. It is a pleasant day on the Venerian aerostats, yes? I am putting my challenge out there for the first non GS wrecker to secure themselves a rig. Happy hunting!”

New Challenge:
Hitch a ride: Get behind the controls of a rig.


paper bag with a face
Jun 2, 2007
Fighting bum at a time.

[I-MR.BEAN-B-H-I-S / HP: 6/6 / MOVE: 2 / SCRAP:000]
Tokens: 3 AIR
Augmentations: 2/3C 0/2M
C: Dermal Armor (+1MHP, DR1), Reinforced Exoskeleton(+2 MHP, DR1)

The pod opened upwards and a peculiar figure peeked out, eyes brimming with practiced wonder and innocence. It advanced no further than needed to survey its new surroundings. It drank in every detail, rotating a full 360 degrees before retreating back inside. It's-Mr-Bean-But-He's-In-Space leapt out the pod in one fluid motion, only to expertly catch his foot on the edge of the pod and fall face first onto the platform's hard steel plating.

The performer only needed a second to recover before getting up, dusting himself off, and performing a patented Silly Walk #6 away. His surgically implanted, free-range Athlete tendons burned with exertion.

MOV: 10.14 -> 10.13

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