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Nov 6, 2011

...they shall march out of my laboratory and sweep away every adversary, every creed, every nation, until the very planet is in the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica. And then peace will reign, and the world, and all humanity, shall bow to me in humble gratitude...

MYRV'S poo poo!


[AOTƧƧƧUO / HP: 2/2 / MOVE: 2 (shift) / DR: 3 / SCRAP: 000
Mutations : Gelatinous Epidermis (Cannot receive Poison Tokens.)
F-Mutations : Bulging Glands (Mutation attacks are upscaled twice, but subject can be hit on a 3+.)
B-Mutations : Hypnotic Drone (ENC: 1d4 attack to Control a target for the remainder of the round; ACT: A Controlled target gains 1 Infest Token. Does not count against Aug Threshold.)
D-Mutations: Pulse Wave (1d6/3, +Spectral, Push 1; in addition to the primary target, the user may also choose secondary targets possessing Warp Tokens in the same hex with a downscale. ) // Dimensional Lens (May be used instead of the Cover action. Reverses the value of a single die OR every die in the hex this phase (i.e. 1-3 succeeds and 4-12 fails on a d12.)) // Hexatomic Snarl (May be used instead of the Suppress action. Suppressed targets that miss suffer damage equal to their die result.)

MINION STATUS: Macerating Biocover (3/3 HP)

Aotzzzuo bopped here and there, even as time and space twisted and snarled to his his almost hypnotic fidgets.

[[F~Rien~D SkiPP]]

[[Hell~O agai~N~!!]]

SKIPP and ESTELLE can peek
Inferno pistol at a Pawn: 1d8= 3
Free Cover to Lens the whole hex
Free Suppress to Hexatomic Snarl all the enemies (recall I am hit on 3+)


Not Alex
Oct 9, 2012

Cut loose before the god eaters show up.

Valentine Kree

Scrap: 003 | Luxe: 000 | Tokens: 3Air
HP: 3/3 | MP: 3 | DR: 1 | MBC: 3/3
Shock Mesh: When hit, next Round's Move is increased by the number of damage taken (pre-DR).


"Welcome to my humble impact crater, allies. I'd get up but..." Val is prone behind the huge rifle, aiming off into the distance. She squeezes the trigger and the gun roars.

"Skrelli! Missed." Val adjusts the scope quickly, them fires again, another casing flying from the weapon. "Hah, it felt that one though."

Ambush snipe: 1d10 1
Snipe: 1d10 10
5 damage to a mutant contact in 08.09

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Nov 11, 2008

The Gambler
HP: 4/4 (3+1) MV: 3 DR: 2
Ability: When rolling a multiple of 4 on an attack, x2 damage. Scan as a Free Action.
Tokens: 3 Air
Scrap: 4

Dermal Armor: +1 Max HP, DR 1

"Get the void away from my lootbox, you flying electric tapeworms!"

Shoot a Ribbon Skate (EZ-Snipe+Optiscope): 1d8 5

Jun 17, 2007

Yam Slacker


A Beta Gunman! That was Katya's kind of heavy ordinance right there. She lined up the shot... but nada. Glanced off the carapace without penetrating.

"缓步类动物粪! Sorry, droogs, next time."

Stinger on the beta gunman: 1d8 3 - Optiscope is at +1.

Wishlist: Esteemed sponsors, all I ask for is Slay Rider back off the rig rack. That'd be a 35 luxe rig drop.

The Lord of Hats
Aug 22, 2010


Felix's Posse

[Felix / HP:4/4 | ARMOR: 3 / MOVEMENT: SHIFT / | LUXE: 0 | D.VO POINTS: 10/15 | CYBERAUGMENTS;: Reinforced Spacesuit +2 HP, +1 DR ; Hazard Baffling: Immune to Tox and Rad tokens | D-MUTATIONS; Doom Desire: Free ENC; Both subject and single target in hex (or D-scanned) cannot regain HP while effect is active. Target loses half their current HP each Hazard Phase while effect is active, and subject gains 1 Warp Token. | TOKENS: AIR: 3|]

Rigs! And quite a few of them, at that. But more importantly, there was a... Person? Suit was saying it was another wrecker, but they looked a lot like some kind of bug, and bugs were mostly Prey... well, she looked friendly, and Katy seemed to know her. For now, she was Person. But even more important than that, there was a very important looking control panel nearby. Felix leaped up, and flopped over onto the buttons. The BOOSTR began to rapidly shift up and down, but the Beta Gunman was able to avoid being crushed by the shifting machinery. Well, that was a shame. Still, it did a good job of disrupting all the rigs.

In a bid to stop the chaos, one of the skimmers swooped forward at Felix... straight into Valen's disjointed grip. Felix watched with interest as Valen pulled the pilot out through the rig's viewport before hurling him out screaming over the edge, into the Venusian mists. It was really quite impressive.

Free Suppress
Improvise!: 1d6 4
Industrial Equipment on Gunman: 1d8 3
Valence Attack: 1d8 4

Nov 4, 2009

Guilt is an outmoded concept, the refuge of those who have yet to embrace the fact that their path is the correct one.

Magitek Mafia
"Sufficiently advanced technology crime is indistinguishable from magic."
Sponsor Luxe: 5

Well will you look at that beauty? I can think of all sorts of extremely legitimate applications for a thing like that. Tell you what, I'll even shuffle around some items on our long-term project plan to, eh, incentivize one of those babies getting into our hands. Whaddya say, Wreckers? Ya gonna make me a happy wizard?

Organic Acquisitions: Steal an item from a Lung Bandit.
Personnel Re-Organization: Cause a Mercenary's death, directly or indirectly.
Acquire The Means of Acquisition: Upload a S.T.A.R. Unit to Magitek Mafia.

Jan 19, 2015

HP: 6/6 MV: 3 Jump 3 DR: 4 HazDR: 2/Tox. Anchor.
Tokens: 3 Air.
Mutations (1/5): Chitinous Carapace (+2DR)
Talent: Suffer 1 damage to emulate the talent of another class for 1 round.
Armor Mod (1/1): Probe Arachnopede: 3/3 HP Mounted Medkit: Charged

“Hail, Rainmaker.”

Talc's steed scurries forward the last few meters after landing, leaving behind a lengthy scratch in the platform. He leans down and whispers conspiratorially to Val.

“Full disclo. Didn’t sign on for the re-enact. Not looking a gift spider in the mandies but a bullet pointer’d be stellar nowabouts. What’re the teams?”


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Feb 21, 2013

Apiary Anne: HP: 6/6 Move: 3 [Fly] Scrap: 0 DR: 6

Tokens: 3 Air

Augmentations: Limits: 1C 5M
C: Eye Gear: Upscale all attacks
M: Gossamer Wings: Fly and +1 Move, takes up no aug threshold
M: Chitinous Chiton: DR +1 when hit by a Penetrator attack, takes up no aug threshold
M: Swollen Musculature: +1 damage + Newflesh Eidolon: Subject's max HP is increased by number of mutations possessed
M: Chitinous Carapace: DR +2 + Frangible Scutes: Backlash 1
M: Compound Eyes: Cannot be Ambushed + Sensory Cone: Counter-Ambush
Free slots: 2M

CS Armor:
Slots: 4
Cell Annexer: +2 DR, +2 Slots, -3 maxHP
Vault: +3 Move, 10 Luxe to reload

Item reload status:
Cluster:full Vault: full

Ah, there Katya was! Anne waved to her before she noticed that she and Felix had already engaged the target robots. Looking around, Anne spotted a highlighted conduit that was close to the four rigs. She chucked a blast cluster towards it aaaand, there it was, watched the electricity arc to the targets, incapacitating them on the spot.
"Alright, we're clear!" She yelled towards the other two. Approaching them she greeted Katy "Hey Katy, good to see you made it out of Luna, that was some gnarly poo poo to watch." She then bent down and gave Felix scritches between his ears. "Glad to see you too, that was a thrilling end run you did on Luna."

Felix and Katya may peek
Improvise!: 1d6 6 Exposed Conduits

Apr 28, 2017

HP: 3/3
Breed Talent: Absorptive crystals: ACT: Consume rad tokens to restore hp. 
Mutations: 2/5 - Acidic Spew: Gain an attack -1d6/1+Burn
Luminous Excretion: Spend action to restore 1 HP to target in same zone.
Scrap: 000

"Most impressive. We ar*CRRRRRRRR*"

THE REST OF Oozemsncer's words were drowned out by the constant whining of Talc's mangler.

Oozemancer continues talking, gesticulating wildly, but his words are lost on the din.


Wishlist: PEEL BACK THE VEIL on experimental items! (Would quite like a hazmat, squidpack, CS Armour, or biocover. Or any other items you want the benefit of doubled research)

Swedish Thaumocracy
Jul 11, 2006

Strength of >800 Men
Honor of 0

Grimey Drawer

| D-MUTATIONS; Molecular Displacement: When hit by an attack, subject may choose to gain a Warp Token and force the attacker to select a new target
| H-Mutation; Monstrous Metabolizer: Subject may cannibalize an destroyed synthetic foe to gain 1 HP/tier in lieu of Luxe. Small chance to exceed maximum HP.
M-Utation: Vox-Mutandi: Neutral to Mutants, ACT: Control Mutant / 1d4 |
| TOKENS: AIR: 3 |
[ Items Obtained By Dark34k: 1 |

When the Corvids finally came for her, all that was left was a structurally destabilized drop-pod with a large, horse-shaped hole in the wall.

Ambush: Retreat! 03.09 -> 02.10 | Molecular Displacement active against any incoming hits!
Encounter: Dig into Cover Molecular Displacement active against any incoming hits!
Darkb34k: Will follow along in my inventory and keep away from trouble!
Skipp and Autzzzuo can peek!

Swedish Thaumocracy fucked around with this message at Mar 24, 2019 around 16:38

Jan 19, 2015

“Salutations, dear consumer. I am here today to bring the good news that Calorie Court is making a killing redefining archaic, outdated terms such as Digestion™ and Matter, and they’re ready to bring the savings to you!

Order our entire catalog now from the comfort of your Immer-Tube™.

Orders before the first wrecktality will receive a complimentary subscription to CorpChron™ for the next INFORMATION CENSORED. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR TIME SUBSCRIPTION.”

Meaty Myomax™ (0.5 Luxe) - Available in Phish™, Mystery™, Sorghum, and ChikN™. Contains only the finest narcotics, steroids, antivirals, and antiparasitics your pet needs to operate at maximum efficiency.
Cannibal MSL (1 Luxe) - Make those extra pints work for you by converting them into military-grade organic patching fluid.
New BirbBrain™ (2.5 Luxe) - You talked, we listened. This recovery bio-drone has been optimized for domestic settings, trading in needless, sustained flight for a neural network large enough to handle autonomous action.
Meaty™ Biocover (5 Luxe) - Fully-compatible1 with the Consentatarian Diet. Now with tangy BBQ sauce for blood!
New GlitterSquid™ (6.5 Luxe) - Why risk the embarrassment of cannibal raiders tailing you to a dinner party? We have the solution. Glitter. These razor-sharp plasluminum shards are designed to make pursuit as difficult as possible.
Meaty HAM™ (8 Luxe) - For the aggressive go-getter that maintains their personal space in style. Available in Grape and Asparagus.

Coming Soon The Calorie Chum™ (?? Luxe) - Our flagship luxury offering. The perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its loyalty2! Made with only the finest Sol-native3 ingredients. Comes equipped with a compliance helmet at no extra charge!

"SkrEEKCHT HISSSTKLIK" CH 0.2 translating... "Greeting user. Chum protocol initiated. Please insert Meaty Myomax™. I crave Meaty Myomax™."

199% compatible.
3Sol-native is used here as a dimension-neutral geographic descriptor.

Second Slot Unlocked. Luxe 5>0.
New Challenges Available

>Value Meal™ - Receive a bundle of two Calorie Court products.
>Don't Fear the Reaper™ - Meet a miniboss face-to-face.

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Sep 17, 2012

Cat Army
2nd Battalion

Stuff w/o cards posted:

HP: 3/3 MV: 2/2 DR:2 Pets: 0/5
Tokens: 3 Air, 2 Spore.
Load Status: Medkit LOADED.
Cyber - Bone Lacing: Cannot be dropped from above 1HP to 0HP. Bypassed by damage of 6 or more.
Exowrangler Talents-
Wrangle: During ENC may roll 1d4 to disable a Beast or Lesser Beast (upscaled by Shock)
Free Act: Mount/Dismount Allied/Disabled Beast or Mountable Minion
Act: Give 1 Buff to All Minions

Exhausted Items
  • None

"Please stop following me," Janana crooned smugly from his gas mask, "You can't breathe here, go away. I have things I must be doing. We could be friendly you fools. We could conquer this island together!"

Improv roll: 1d6 4
I attack a loper
Roll Industrial equipment: 1d8 1

Turtlicious fucked around with this message at Mar 24, 2019 around 20:00

Dog Kisser
Mar 30, 2005

But People have fears that beasts do not. Questions, too.

[RAAV / HP: 3/3 / MOVE: 2 / LUXE: 0 / TOKENS: 3 AIR
Augmentations: Limits: 0/5M 0/0C
M: Venomous Bite: 1d6/2 Poison M: Luminous Excretion: ACT to restore 1 HP to target in same zone.

Still quiet out there. May as well enjoy it while it lasted. He flipped a few switches and tightened a few harnesses, keeping a wary eye out there. He kept seeing flashes in the distance. The others must already be in combat. He'd need to be ready.

Wishlist: Mutagens! Hazmat-A! A Gun! A Rig Would Be Okay Too! Send them in a +Max HP drone so I can get BUFF ASAP

Prince of Space
Apr 17, 2016

Went Full Retard, killed 14 dudes. Pride of the 69th Awful Company. R.I.P.

Dinosaur Gum


Skipp Wiley Jr., Veteran Newtype / Headhunter / Surveyor Wrecker
HP: 5 -> 4/6 Move: 6 Jump Scrap: 022 Luxe: 142
DR: DR3 HazDR: Chem 0 // Rad 1 // Therm 3 // Cryo 0 // Warp 2
Tokens: 4 Air // 0 Poison // 0 Rad // 0 Burn // 0 Freeze // 0 Warp // 0 Shock // 0 Spore
Mutations (Inoculated) [4/5]: Compound Eyes (Cannot be Ambushed) // Batrachian Legs (+1 Move) >> Biological Levitation (Jump)
F-Mutations: Caustic Haemorrhexis (On Damage: Friendly-Fire 1d4/1 AoE, +damage upcales)
D-Mutations: Wormholer (At 0 HP, spawn spatial anomaly. 1/6 chance to be drawn into anomaly and survive with 1 HP.)
Cyber [1/1]: Quadlegs (+1 Move, Immune to forced movement.)
Weapons: Hulking Warpoon (1d10/3 +Penetrator +Disable +Pull 1 +Heavy) Malware Emitter
Armor: Heliopause (+3 DR, 1 Slot, DR3 Therm, DR2 Warp) (ACT: Convert Burn <-> Warp) >> Rad Module (+1 DR vs Rad)
Consumables: Squidpack (Full)
Items: Alpha Core // Advanced Electronics

With a single, solitary leap from his powerful hind legs, Skipp jumped clear across the Venusian sky-platform in a single bound, from one end of the island to the other. His mark was on the strange Alpha Sensor Shadow he'd detected in the distance ahead. Skipp landed with his Quadlegs upon the dust-coated floor panels with a clattering crunch, deep inside the Alpha Sensor's Shadow. Two Corvid Harriers were circling far overhead, underneath the giant Corvid Carrier's shadow in the swirling clouds. The Harriers were busy trying to make their marks on a target that was actively trying to elude them. so it was only a matter of time before they turned their attentions onto to Skipp and his friend.

Skipp's head pivoted wildly about as he scanned his surroundings and gathered his wits about him. As it turned out, Aotzzzuo was thankfully near enough to communicate with mentally: the psychic Wrecker signaled Skipp with a telepathic greeting and bid him a prompt goodbye.

Skipp was confused at first, but just as suddenly Skipp was overcome with a pressing urge to get to the XLRV8R as soon as physically possible. Skipp knew this was Aotzzzuo's way of making a subtle psychic suggestion, and he assented to the urge to get away from this place. The Alpha Sensor's Shadow was nothing more than a shadow after all, meaning the Corvid Carrier must be hiding somewhere in the clouds above, waiting to obliterate them from afar. All this meant that someone needed to operate the nearby XLRV8R so they could all get up on the Corvid Carrier's level for a proper scrap.

Skipp's voice rang out over the Comms.

"eStelle, get out of here for now - those harriers are still tracking you! I'm gonna get to the XLRV8R!"

Skipp fired a couple shots off with his Hulking Warpoon in the direction of the Corvid Sniper he'd spotted in the distance and turned to make his exit. He made Compound Eye-contact with Aotzzzuo and spoke over the Comms before he dashed off.

"Don't forget, Aotzzzuo - they're all worthless and weak compared to your majestic musculature!" Skipp attested, flexing the sign of the Holy gains, attempting to bolster Aotzzzuo's confidence before the Corvid onslaught.

He didn't know quite how the Veteran D-Breaker's special brand of psycho-dimensional magic worked precisely, but he knew that it didn't hurt to pay compliments to the proverbial chef in this particular mash-up. A lot was resting on Aotzzzuo's bulging shoulders and a lot was resting on Skipp's toned blue shoulders too, so Skipp couldn't stick around the area for very long.

When he ran into the Pawns that had been pursuing Aotzzzuo, Skipp tapped in his Newtype biology and started venting jets of his acidic blood into the air behind him. Let Aotzzzuo's Dimensional Dome take care of the rest!

Aotzzzuo and eStelle may peek:
Encounter: Skipp activates his Newtype ability to mimic the NeoSoldat talent set for this round (-1 HP)!
Skipp takes damage! Caustic Haemorrhexis versus Aotzzzuo, Alpha Sensor Shadow, two Corvid Harriers, and two Pawns: 6#1d4 3 2 4 1 1 1 - 1 Critical Hit(?!) 1x2 = 2 damage to Corvid Harrier 1!
Skipp suppresses the Corvid Sniper (in 04.09) at range with the Hulking Warpoon!
Skipp retreats towards the XLRV8R (03.08 -> 02.09)!

Wishlist: Whoah-ho-ho - oh no! That can't be good, friends! I've only got one more round of Sponsor-lockout before you lot can let loose with the giving of goods for me - which is great! Until then, who's riggidy-ready to rek some mecha-ravens? I know I am, so let's Rise on up to the threats laid out ahead of us! (Online Total: 142 Luxe Lockout: 1 Rounds):
1) Make Mine a Mangler - 47 Luxe - HealDrone Delivery (+1 HP) (25 Luxe) of one Vintage Mech-Mangler OR (if unavailable) one Unstable Mech-Mangler OR else (if also unavailable) one Experimental Rig-Ripper (+Accuracy) (7.5 Luxe) and one Rig-Ripper (15 Luxe). Total: 25+7.5+15 = 47 Luxe.
2) Healing Spring - 34 Luxe - HealDrone Delivery (+1 HP) (25 Luxe) of one Medikit (1 Luxe) and one Experimental Jump-Assist Module (+Install BoostR) (8 Luxe). Total: 25+1+8 = 34 Luxe.
3) Seeing Double - 34 Luxe - Experimental Air2Air Delivery (+Air Token) (25 Luxe) of one Optiscope (3 Luxe) and one Experimental Wrecker Decoy (+Instant Deploy / Instant Decoy) (6 Luxe). Total: 25+3+6 = 34 Luxe.
4) Fly Guy - 38 Luxe - Experimental Air2Air Delivery (+Air Token) (25 Luxe) of one Experimental Jump-Assist Module (+Fly/Round) (8 Luxe) and one Experimental Macerating Biocover (+HP / Meaty) (5 Luxe). Total: 25+8+5 = 38 Luxe.

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paper bag with a face
Jun 2, 2007
Fighting bum at a time.

[I-MR.BEAN-B-H-I-S / HP: 6/6 / MOVE: 2 / LUXE:025]
Tokens: 3 AIR
Augmentations: 2/3C 0/2M
C: Dermal Armor (+1MHP, DR1), Reinforced Exoskeleton(+2 MHP, DR1)

Mr. Bean clapped with delight and passed the Scorcher a 10 Luxe unit. The artist looked at the mercenary with a look of wide-eyed expectancy. After a few awkward seconds and exaggerated foot taps, he wiggled his eyebrows slightly and extended a hand outwards. The Scorcher relented and gave Mr. Bean his change.

It's-Mr.-Bean-But-He's-In-Space walked outside of the MercMart and gave Ra and Raav a smug chortle. He looks very, very pleased with himself, as well as with his new Rig-ripper.

The Scorcher's faceplate hid any facial expression.

Ra and Raav can peek.

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