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gonadic io
Feb 16, 2011


FlyingCowOfDoom posted:

Dumb newbie question playing as the brown Ice Giants middle age (and any other race really) is there a reason to build any other unit besides your Sacred ones if you can afford them? I can build 3 sacred guys, or 5 spear giants with shields and the 3 seem to always outperform a similar cost of other units.

One of the main reasons is that your sacred units are only available from your capital (for most nations). Even if you recruit 7-10 every turn for the whole game you'll generally never have enough. Some nations though can generally lean on their cap sacreds for the majority of the game though like Jotun.


Mar 7, 2008

Disgruntled (IT) Employee

Jotunheim specific reason:

Capital only Ulfhedin are giant werewolves. They come with regeneration, second form, much lower resource cost, and because they're not sacred recruitment isn't limited by your base dominion score. They come with the built in regeneration, and a second-form with two attacks. Their second form happens to be sacred, even if their first form isn't. Although their manpower cost is limiting even with full scales, they're not limited by your max dominion score or resources. A small squad can clear some independent provinces on their own, with less attrition than one might expect from their low protection thanks to the second form and regeneration. As a side note, if for some bizarre reason your capital goes heat neutral, you can't recruit the sacreds.

Sometimes, going with the more massable option is worthwhile, but it depends on several other factors.

A more general reason? Those sacreds tend to be expensive and you want something cheaper to catch arrow fire, barbarians, and cavalry charges. After all, you still need to set aside money for forts.

And in some nations, there's no real reason to build your sacred troops enmasse; off the top of my head the best example I can recall EA Atlantis' Living Pillars. They come with an encumbrance value of ten and will fatigue out of combat even if you spent all of your bless points on re-invigoration.

Lord Koth
Jan 8, 2012

Alright, this was pretty funny.

This was just a random Enchanted Forests attack, but the Ivy Lord decided to start spamming Charm and one stuck.

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