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Jan 21, 2011

...the blur blurs blurringly across the blurred blur in a blur of blurring blurriness that blurred...


Sathain takes the hit from the elven ghost's staff with a grunt, and leaps back into the action with a snarl. He moves around Zevra, coming up on her other side, his shield warding her.

The third, missing head of his flail stops what it's doing and arcs back around, catching the second elven ghost in the back just like it did to the first and continuing its movement. It sends the ghost staggering and shoves it forcibly over to Sathain, slamming it into the ground at his feet. In one smooth motion, his flail comes around, reattaching to the third head, wrapping around the Raaig's ghostly leg, and sending it sliding past him. The violet force of his telekinesis clings to it, hampering its movement. Seemingly undaunted by the staff-blow, the air around him thickening into a protective barrier, Sathain stands and menaces both elven ghosts, guarding his allies from them, his shield darting this way and that. Although there's blood at the corner of his mouth, his feet are firmly planted and the air around him thickens, a protective layer that will dampen blows.


Move action: move to J8, accepting an opportunity attack from the green Raaig at K8. I'm at +6 AC (35)/+4 other defenses (30/29/31) vs opportunity attacks.
Lodestone Lure, augment 2, on elven Raaig #2 (E10). 1d20+18 = 36 to hit, 1d10+8 = 14 damage. Pulling it to I9 and knocking it prone with Lodestone Lure, and slowing it (Hindering Shield) USMNT. Dragging Flail triggers on it's prone, sliding it to K9. It also can't move anywhere that isn't adjacent to Sathain this round.
Minor action: Battlemind's Demand, 1 PP, marking both green Raaigs, so they doen't think about whacking anyone else while I have boosted AC.

Status: Bloodied, +4 AC (33) UE Shaiha's NT (Shaiha's Gale Force Infusion)
Reactions for the GM: use Harrying Step to follow either of the green Raaigs if it tries to shift out of melee range, picking a square so that he stays adjacent to both of them. Use Eldritch Strike (prone, slow, slide 2) on an OA if they make a ranged/blast attack or try to move away. Lighting Rush to interrupt if a good opportunity comes up.


HP: 49/97 (BV:49)          AC:	29 	Passive Insight: 17
THP: 24	                        Fort:26 	Passive Perception: 15
Surges: 14/15 (V:24)	Ref:	25	Vision: Low-Light
Initiative: +8	                Will: 27	Action Points: 1
Power Points: 4/9 .        Speed: 5

Power Cards
At Will		              Encounter		            Daily
Eldritch Strike              [ ] Adept's Insight	      [ ] Living Fortress
Battlemind's Demand           [x] Persistent Harrier	    [ ] Nightmare Vortex
Mind Spike                 [x] Dimension Slide            [ ] Shattered Time
Concussive Spike             [ ] Rebounding Dance
Lightning Rush                  [x] Deliverance of Faith
Lodestone Lure                 [ ] Fast Talk
Thought Projection

Hand of the Mage - Prestidigitation, Mage Hand (AW)
Hat of Disguise -  Disguise Self (AW)
[ ] Shield of Eyes - don't grant CA when flanked UEMNT (D)
Deep-Pockets Cloak - draw or store an item from the cloak(AW, 1/round)    
Hat of Disguise: +5 to Bluff to pass myself off as someone else
Shield of Eyes: +2 AC vs OAs (+6 vs AC, +4 F/R/W total)
Quicksilver Dance: +4 to all defenses vs OAs (+6 AC, +4 F/R/W total)
Quicksilver Action: spend AP,  shift CHA (4) before taking action
Superior Will: Save vs stun/daze at start of turn even if not save ends.
Flail Expertise: when I hit with a melee attack using a flail and the attack lets me slide the target, knock them prone instead
Dragging Flail: whenever I use a filail to knock an enemy prone, also slide them 1 square
Rushing Cleats: increase the push or slide effect of any close or weapon attack by 1
Hindering Shield: whenever I pull, push, or slide a creature with an attack while using a shield, slow that creature USMNT
          -on slide (Eldritch Strike): knock prone, slide 2, slow
          -on push: push +2 squares, slow - Concussion Spike: push 7, slow
          -on pull: slow - Lodestone Lure: pull 1 (no aug)/4 (aug 1 or 2) and slow. If aug 2, also knock prone + slide 2

Enemy shifts away from me: Blurred Step (Harrying Step) - teleport to best square adjacent to them
Lightning Rush: non minion enemy within 5 attacks an ally. Always Augment 1 or 2. 
            -1 if the attack hits them by 3 or less (to make them miss), 2 otherwise (keep my standard action)
           -UNLESS it would be obviously better for me to lock down a target I'm engaging
Any OA: Eldritch Strike, baby!! Prone, slide 2 (put me between them and whoever they were moving to), slow

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Dec 15, 2012


Shaiha Nilil

flava soon

Gale-Force Infusion. Centre on Sathain. Target H8 ghost (1d20+16 = 25 vs. Ref); target K8 ghost (1d20+16 = 24 vs. Ref); target K9 ghost (1d20+16 = 18 vs. Ref). H8 and K8 are hit and take 20 damage. H8 is slid to J9. Sathain gains a +4 power bonus to AC UEoMNT.

Free Action: Healing Infusion: Curative Admixture. Target Baba. Baba heals his healing surge value +8!

Move Action: Walk to E6.

Shaiha Nilil status: Resist 10 cold

Shaiha Nilil   						 
HP: 50/76 (THP: __)      AC:   26    Passive Insight: 19
Surges: 6/8 (V: 19)      For:  23    Passive Perception: 24
Initiative: +5  	 Ref:  27    Action Points: 1
Speed: 5     	         Will: 26    Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Dwarven

Melee Basic Attack: +15 vs. AC; 1d4+5 damage.

At Will			Encounter			     Daily
Ethereal Chill         [ ] Second Wind                   [ ] Watery Sphere
Thundering Armor       [X] Lab Conditioning              [ ] Smokepowder Blast
                       [X][X] Healing Infusion           [ ] Lightning Motes
                       [ ] Spike Wire                    [ ] Amulet of Elegy
                       [ ] Hypnotic Distraction          [ ] Salve of Power
                       [X] Gale-Force Infusion           [ ] Rod of Absorption
                       [X] Vital Spell
                       [ ] Swift Mender
                       [ ] Animate Helper
                       [ ] Swift Concoction
                       [ ] Rod of Absorption 

Alchemical Items
Jolt Flask (lvl 10). Standard Action; Area burst 1 within 10; +15 vs. Fort. Hit: Target is dazed UEoMNT.


Arcane Rejuvenation: When an ally uses a magic item daily power, they gain 11 THP.
Resilient Focus: +2 to saving throws.
Superior Will: Save against dazing / stunning effects at start of turn.
Rapid Infusion: Use Healing Infusion as a free action on my turn.
Arcane Empowerment: 1/Day, spend a short rest with a magic item: Recharge its daily power, or give its
wielder a free action to gain a +2 bonus to an attack roll after rolling once before the next extended rest.
Quick Fix: Roll Arcana to disable, identify, or sense magical phenomena, or Thievery to disable or 
identify devices, as a minor instead of a standard action. Take -4 to such checks.
Master Preserver's Action: When spending AP to make an attack, reroll one attack roll or one damage roll.

Unknown Quantity
Sep 2, 2011

Steven? Steven?!

Good King Gnarglenog

Blood coming from his mouth and from numerous slashes across his chest, the gnoll, like the hyena it is, laughs uproariously! "THIS! THIS is the sensation I live for!" Accepting the challenge of the ghost before him who has yet again placed himself in front of Gnarglenog, he drives his claws in deep with a forceful palm strike, a strike of the nunchaku, and a kick away from him. He taunts his foe. "Into the dark of an endless night, where the pulse of the land offers no respite. The blood glows soft in the pale moonlight as I devour your sweet entrails tonight!"

Eyes of the Basilisk!: 1d20+16 25 2d12+11 33
Adding Flurry of Blows again, this is 43 damage to the C10 ghost. They are pushed to F11, marked, immobilized and can't shift UEOMNT.

Seeing a near-dead prey and an opportunity to move to another target, the gnoll moves like a blur, arriving in mere moments across from Sathain. "Gnarglenog's prey is all but taken care of. He shall now assist you with yours."

I moved to flank with Sathain at K10.

Good King Gnarglenog   						 
HP: 34/80 (THP: __)      AC:   28    Passive Insight: 20
Surges: 11/11 (V: 20)    For:  24    Passive Perception: 17
Initiative: +11  	 Ref:  26    Action Points: 1
Speed: 10     	         Will: 24    Vision: Low-light
Languages: Abyssal, Common

At Will			               Encounter			                           Daily
Five Storms		              [ ] Second Wind	                   	        [ ] Masterful Spiral   
Fallen Needle	                      [ ] Ferocious Charge	                	[ ] Water Gives Way       
Iron Soul Flurry of Blow              [X] Open the Gates of Battle		        [ ] Tsunami Throw
Agile Recovery	                      [ ] Eternal Mountain                              [ ] Lesser Elixir of Speed
Spider Technique		      [ ] Bonecrusher
Psionic Spark	                      [ ] Eyes of the Basilisk
                                      [ ] Quicksilver Motion
                                      [ ] Cloth of the Charging Wind

Opportunity Attack: +19 vs AC, 1d6+9 damage, Crits on 19-20 for Ongoing 10 damage (save ends)


Blood Fury: +2 damage when Bloodied
Pack Attack: +2 melee damage against enemies with 2 or more allies adjacent to it
River Rat: Enemies do not gain an attack bonus for flanking you
Basilisk's Boon: +2 to saving throws vs Immobilize, Restrain, or Slow effects
Internalize the Basic Kata: +Dex to MBA attack/damage, can Flurry of Blows off of an OA
Superior Will: Make saving throws vs Stunned or Dazed at start of turn, even if not a (save ends) effect
If Hit by a Non-Minion while Bloodied: Will use Water Gives Way, or Tsunami Throw if there are 2+ enemies it can hit.

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Dick Burglar
Mar 6, 2006


Jascha the Lost

With sweat pouring down his face and stinging his eyes, Jascha nocks an arrow and fires at one of the remaining ghosts. The arrow looks as if it will go wide, but a nod from Sathain leads it to its mark. It strikes the ghost with a resounding THOOM!

Immediate Reaction (Trigger: Sathain made an Area attack, targeting Grey Raaig now at J9): Combined Fire vs AC: 1d20+17 23 3d12+10 32
Free: Elven Accuracy Reroll: 1d20+17 24
Sathain with the assist: Adept's Insight: 1d4+1 5
+24 = 29, turning a miss into a hit!

HP: 74/74 (THP: __)      AC:   27    Passive Insight: 22
Surges: 7/7 (V: 19)      For:  23    Passive Perception: 26
Initiative: +11  	 Ref:  27    Action Points: 0
Speed: 7     	         Will: 25    Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Elven

At Will			Encounter			     Daily
Sensing Eye (Minor)     [X] Elven Accuracy                   [ ] Healing Lore    
Hunter's Quarry (M.)    [ ] Invigorating Stride              [X] Sure Shot            
Summon Armor (Minor)    [ ] Second Wind                      [ ] Spitting Cobra Stance
Nimble Strike           [ ] Defensive Volley                 [ ] Attacks on the Run
Twin Strike             [ ] Fox's Cunning
                        [X] Disruptive Strike
                        [X] Combined Fire
                        [X] Biting Volley
                        [ ] Wind Fury Assault

Item Powers
[X] Screaming Bow (Daily)
[ ] Rain of Hammers Ki Focus (Daily)
[ ] Silt Sandals (Daily)


Reactive Stealth: If you have any cover or concealment when you roll initiative, can make a Stealth check to hide.
Superior Will: Can make a save against daze/stun at the start of your turn, even if it is not a (save ends) effect.
Hunter's Aim: You don't take the normal -2 penalty to attack rolls against your quarry if it has cover/concealment.
Hobbling Strike: Can forego one Hunter's Quarry die to slow target until the end of your next turn.
World Serpent's Grasp: When you hit slowed/immobilized enemy, can knock it prone.
Grounding Shot: Ignore attack penalty for ranged attack vs prone target, and deal +2 damage to prone enemies.
Silt Sandals: Ignore difficult terrain and leave no tracks in dirt, sand, silt. Can move across non-solid surfaces.
     If you end your turn on a non-solid surface, you sink. 

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Old Kentucky Shark
May 25, 2012

If you think you're gonna get sympathy from the shark, well then, you won't.

Haunted Zevra

Flavor text here

Free action: Spirit Companion appears in a square adjacent to Sathain.
Standard action: Spirit Infusion on Sathain. Spirit Companion disappears. Sathain makes a melee basic attack against one enemy with a +2 power bonus to attack rolls and +4 damage. Sathain can shift one square before or after making this attack, if able.
Free action: Summon spirit companion in square adjacent to King Gnarglenog (J10?).
Minor action: Healing Spirit: Gnarg can spend a healing surge and also gains 4 temporary hit points. EDIT: Sathain gains Headling: 3d6 = 14 hp.

Haunted Zevra   						 
HP: 60/76 (THP: __)      AC:   24    Passive Insight: 25
Surges: 9/9 (V: 19)      For:  23    Passive Perception: 27
Initiative: +10  	 Ref:  25    Action Points: 1
Speed: 6     	         Will: 26    Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Elven

At Will			Encounter			     Daily
Spirit Infusion		[ ] [ ] Healing Spirit		[ ] Spirit of the healing Flood    
Spirit of the Tempest	[ ] Ironbreaker Claws		[ ] Ancient Progenitorís Spirit            
Voice of Battle		[ ] Granite Armor		[ ] Ancient Warlordís Inspiration
Call Spirit Companion	[ ] Blood-Red Mist                    
Spiritís Wrath		[x] Intellect Pummel
Summon Armor (Minor)	[ ] Speak With Spirits
                      	[ ] Engaging Pursuit
                        [ ] Insightful Warning
			[ ]Twilightís Veil

Ghost Dog Companion
HP: 28/38 (THP: __)		AC:   26    Passive Perception 29 
Surges: -			For:  24    
Initiative: - 			Ref:  24    
Speed: 6  			Will: 24


Resist 10 Fire
Elemental Spirit: Allies adjacent to the Spirit Companion gain +2 to saving throws
Spirit of Vigor: When Spirit is summoned as a minor action, one adjacent ally gains +4 Temp HP
Healing Spirit: When Healing spirit is used, target makes a saving throw, one ally adjacent to 
Spirit Companion heals 3d6 HP, all gain 6 temp HP
Spiritís Step: When Spirit Companion is dismissed, one adjacent ally can shift 1 square.
Spiteful Retaliation: if enemyís attack causes spirit to disappear, enemy is dazed UENT.
Spirit Companion: Conjuration. Uses Zevra's defenses. Canít flank. Occupies 1 square. 
Allies can move through, enemies canít.  Can make OAs from enemy movement but nothing else.
 Canít be target of area attacks. If dealt 15 damage by single attack, disappears, and Zevra takes
10 damage. Canít be affected by conditions or forced movement, ignores difficult and hazardous terrain.
Dog Companion Aura: Allies adjacent to dog companion can teleport within aura as move action, 
enemies give Zevra combat advantage
Totem Expertise: ignore partial Concealment/Cover

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Jan 21, 2011

...the blur blurs blurringly across the blurred blur in a blur of blurring blurriness that blurred...


As Shaiha's wind swirls around him, sending ghosts staggering towards him, Sathain lets out a grunt of appreciation, or maybe effort. He's dancing back and forth, fending off three separate spirits with his shield and flashes of telekinesis, his flail whirling madly in the air, its motion seemingly unconnected to the movement of his arm.
"No, no, it's fine," he gets out through gritted teeth. "Three at once, that's not a problem."
Assisted by Zevra's spirit, he lashes out again, his strange shield shifting cross-body to ward off the elven ghosts as his flail lashes out underhand to wrap around the human ghost's legs and send it spinning down to the ground a safe distance away, violet power holding it down as his eyes return their focus to the elven ghosts, daring them to strike--or to turn away.

Granted melee basic, hoo-rah.
Eldritch Strike on grey Raaig at J9 (+2 to hit from Zevra, +2 from CA from flanking with Nog): 1d20+22 = 31 to hit
Damage (+4 from Zevra): 1d10+12 = 20
Knock prone, slow, and slide it 2 to I10, where it can't charge anyone (because there is 1 square between it and both me and Nog).

Triggers stay the same: Mind Spike if a marked ghost attacks someone else, Harrying Step to stay next to them if one of them tries to shift away, Eldritch Strike to OA, check with me for Lightning Rush if an enemy within 5 attacks someone else.

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