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Feb 15, 2011

Communism will help more white people than anyone else. Any equal measures unfairly provide less to minority populations just because there's less of them. Democracy is truly the tyranny of the mob.

Cool=0 Hard+2 Hot+1 Sharp-1 Weird+1 0:00 | 2-Armor | XP 4/5 | 1-Barter

I lift my mask just enough to spit. "I'll let you off with a warning. Stay out of my turf." It must be a person in there. Like wearing a baby gargantuan as armor or something. I want it. But cracking it open here isn't going to get me to being able to use it. It looks complicated. And that gun I like is built into it. Or I'd consider just trying to cut that off and run with it.

Well I already got a new job lined up. Less of a head ache if I don't keep the lady waiting. That tower is pretty tall. It would make a nice roost...

I take the axe and head back to the car to get it working again.


Feb 26, 2013


Spec. Lombardi
MarMar nods gravely, then makes an oddly familiar series of motions across her chest before kissing a medallion that was under her armor. You take off back towards the entrance, a not-quite-sprint that comes to you naturally. The doorway is clear as you begin your ascent, but as your head clears the ground level you see a squirrelly fucker set back several feet from the door, shotgun raised. Heís standing on the broken pavement, using the raised slab of the entrance as cover. But while this means you donít see him until its too late, youíre moving so fast that he canít give you a face-full. The blast catches you right in the thick parts of your armor, aside from some sore ribs youíll be fine.

And youíre already in the air, coming down hard on Dunkers chest. The shotty goes sliding off, and his head bounces hard off the asphalt. His helmet saves him from a cracked skull, but heís still blinking back pain-tears.
(Shotgun is 3-harm, Lombardiís armor is 2, for 1-harm taken. Donít worry about messy or a harm roll due to circumstances)

The car isnít too messed up, aside from the broken glass in the driverís side window. Like something flew out of the car at a high rate of speed. Odd. Anywho, now that no-one is shooting or shouting or other distracting things, its the work of a few minutes to remove the twisted bits of motorbike and rider that got tangled up in the under-bits. Nothing looks too badly damaged, but then again how black is your thumb?

So a new Hunt, different prey. Do you have any leads on Dakota, any knowings of his thinkings?

The strange bird-woman seems to taken your offer of not-death and removed herself from the battlefield to work on her vehicle. An odd creature and an odd encounter, perhaps its an omen of some sort? AnywaysÖ

The couch/throne has attachments point that approximate the OLYMPUS standard, so you can mount in on your frames carry-frame. Normally its bulk would slow you a bit, but with your stabilizers on the fritz you wonít be moving that quickly anyways. Heraclesí AI is reporting that the object is designated THRONE OF WANT in its handshake protocol, but none of your standard codes seem to be working to move beyond that point.

Youíre only a few miles from the OA given to you by ASGARD, and you know that cover will increase once you clear the Launch/Landing Zone. Do you continue your mission or examine your prize?

Captain Foo
May 11, 2004

devil on your shoulder

Clever Betty

6:00 | 2-Armor | Cool+3 Hard+1 Hot+1 Sharp=0 Weird=nil | x x x o >>

The shot impact doesn't stop enough of my momentum, and besides, there's no stopping me now. Dunker's on the ground and I'm on top of him, full mount. He's stunned for a second, and so I grab him by the throat and draw my pistol. Right at his forehead. "Motherfucker, I am Maria Lombardi. And you just killed my prime source of information, but I think you know more anyway." I give him a moment. "Besides, your life's forfeit to Dremmer right now anyway, but I just so happen to be in charge right now. Understand what you've gotten yourself into, Dunker?"

@Lombardi (cap foo): 2d6+1 Go Aggro on Dunker (Surrender) = (5+2)+1 = 8
If he forces my hand, I'm not going to kill him; Disciplined Engagement allows me to inflict S-harm and look for something to bind him with

Comrade Gorbash
Jul 12, 2011


Cool+1 Hard+2 Hot+1 Sharp+1 Weird-2 | 0:00 Harm | 6:00 Food | Hunger ○○○ | 2-Armor | XP ●●●○○Ľ | 0-Barter
Power+3 Agility+2 Massive=2 | 0:00 Damage | 3:00 Charge | 9:00 Ammo

Figuring out what to do with this thing is going to take time. Time I don't have right now. I attach it to my jack for now, and get moving again. Slower. But moving.

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