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Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

A recent dustup in the Glock thread showed that TFR has some varying and strong opinions about setting up a carry gun. The concealed carry thread periodically sees its share of slapfights, as well. It seems TFR could use a place to talk about goons' carry guns and why they have them set-up the way they do. A thread to encourage effort posts about individual situations and how those drive gear selection. To keep communication clear and encourage lurkers or less frequent posters to participate, let's try to avoid name-calling, making GBS threads on the choices of others, and keeping questions or suggestions more neutral or at least polite. OUr benevolent mod. wants more threads and quality content and I like seeing as wide an array of other viewpoints as possible. Yes, I was one of the hotheads in the Glock thread derail but do like poeple showing perspectives different from mine and even challenging my own. In that spirit, I'll start.

Gun: Heckler & Koch USP compact

Caliber: 40 S&W

Trigger Type: Heavy LEM

Modified from stock? Ayup

If so, how? Shipped from the factory as a standard V1 (left-side control lever, DA/SA with decocker/safety) and the previous owner converted to factory-style heavy LEM. I ground the finger hooks off the baseplates off the magazines to decrease printing but left some rubberized padding on the baseplates to protect them when dropped and act as a bumper when loading. Sights are stock but only because I'm undecided on what to replace them with while they work well enough in the perpetual meantime.

Why? Starting with the caliber, because I like it. That is all.

The pistol itself is a little more involved. Glocks print on me out of proportion to their frame sizes. A 19/23/32 hiding no better than a Beretta 92/96. The USPc prints only a hair more than my previous EDC Glock 27 while holding three more rounds and offering a full grip. Not to say that I have any qualms about two-finger grips, however. The paddle mag release is far less likely to kick out the mag then a button-type when I don't want it to. While more secure than a button in my use, it also manages to be easier and more reliable for me to drop mags with than most conventional releases rather than a trade-off. That the mag. release is ambidextrous is a nice bonus. The very aggressive texturing of the front and back straps with milder sides carries comfortably while still offering a secure grip. The magazines have a more pronounced taper at the feed lips to make reloads a bit easier and more slick than a Glock in my hands. A lack of agressive mag. catch cutouts makes them highly unlikely to hang up in a variety of mag. pouches than my previous Glocks. Magazines drop free more reliably than Glock or Beretta 92/96 mags, even when dirty. Rounded corners and generally feeling well deburred is a nice bonus to the magazines over some other designs. A spare mag is both thinner and the baseplate doesn't give me a sore spot like Glock magazines and sometimes Beretta 92 mags had a habit of doing. This means I almost always carry a reload when I previously hadn't regularly and almost always ditched the spare by the end of a day or when driving out of town. Despite appearances, the pronounced slide release was of no concern to me and I only ever use it administratively. Auto-forwarding also leaves me nonplussed. But Glocks and Berettas both did it when reloading with vigor so whatever. Modification of the magazines has already been noted.

The hammer deserves its own section. I like being able to pin a hammer with my thumb when holstering a handgun. It's a habit I had with striker guns just to keep the slide from being bumped out of battery on a holster mouth so why not add some utility to the action? I've also gritted up Glocks more easily when rolling around on the ground and doing positional shooting than hammer-fired pistols. Not a knock on Glock reliability but a result of the open butt funneling dirt into the fire control group after hitting the ground. A butt plug is out as it would hold water/debris and get gross with my lifestyle. That said, the USP and USP compact do grit up more than a 92 series Beretta in my experience. Others manage to get Glocks filthy with no issue and that's great for them but I'll stick with my Teutonic porker.

LEM is less interesting. HK's stock DA is godawful with a lighter mainspring doing precious little to help, so something had to give. While the SA is quite nice and I have no personal beef with cocked and locked carry, ambidexterity comes back in. I'd need control levers on the left and right to facilitate left hand only shooting. That's a surprisingly expensive conversion and, at the time, was comparable to a LEM kit. IR35 and Beanieson both had me curious about HK's faux DAO so I was going to play with that, anyway and started there in my old 9mm USP compact. Light LEM was quite nice as a two-stage SAO with long first stage and crisp break. But I was more likely to crank off a shot without chance to correct an error with any loss of dexterity than I ever was with a longer or bit heavier trigger. Riding bikes all over the place, living in a place with winters necessitating gloves, and having a personally far greater chance at needing to hold something at gunpoint than immediately put a bullet in it, I tried heavy LEM with my replacement 40 caliber gun. While feeling like a worse Glock trigger, it works well for my needs. I can also roll through the full trigger pull with no staging and the break will be less likely to bump my shot off a bit than the more pronounced break in a light variant. I also shoot double-action better than single-action on average so the longer trigger travel to notice and correct sight alignment issue or for a tense situation to change and pause/abort the shot as needed is a nice bonus with no real trade-off. LEM's reputation for cranking out slower splits than most striker guns and any SAO is not a concern of mine and somewhat tempered by my chosen caliber, anyway.

Why no night sights? I work nights and can't carry on the clock. That leaves weekends possibly seeing low light carry. Weekends I'm often camping at night in which case my Glock 42 is on me. Or home where I can just tag a long gun out of the safe. And indoor ranges leave the stock sights usable with a 90 or so lumen handheld light. The money I'd spend on night sights just keeps looking to be better spent on spare mags, fresh carry ammo, tuition for another pistol class, more reloading components, or just supporting other hobbies. I don't really care. That said, I'd still rock Hackathorns on a belt Glock should I ever hit my head and go back to them.

My Glock 42 is set-up from a different perspective and I'll post about it later. In the meantime, you guys are up!


Jul 11, 2004

The only mod I've done since then is add a Glock SCD as an additional impediment against shooting myself in the dick when reholstering.

Jan 6, 2005

My off duty carry gun is an m&p 9c with no modifications. I own quite a few handguns but the 9c is my favorite. I try to shoot at least bi weekly with work and will usually put a few mags through it at the end of a session. I have thought about adding a new trigger but I am so used to it now I doubt I will. I will lose all cred by saying this but I use a Uncle Mike ambedextrious holster. I have tried and bought so many over the years but keep going back to that one. It's comfy and easy to move around

Captain Log
Oct 2, 2006

I don't promote fights, I pick fights. I'm better than Jon Jones. I'm better than Sean Combs. I am even better than John Holmes.

Fun Shoe

Am I the only guy who carries two? Without printing?

Jul 8, 2010

Captain Log posted:

Am I the only guy who carries two? Without printing?

sometimes mine prints

Jun 6, 2004

Craptacular posted:

The only mod I've done since then is add a Glock SCD as an additional impediment against shooting myself in the dick when reholstering.

in what ways do you find your red dot most helpful over iron sights? speed? accuracy? night/low light shooting?

do you guys usually carry a spare magazine?

Jun 6, 2004

the gun i carry the most these days is probably my least nice pistol, at least cost wise. it's a m&p shield. i picked it up a few years ago for something like $275 with 3 extra magazines. however, i don't trust it fully as it's malfunctioned before but lately i've been keeping it cleaner and lubed and it's been better. it's completely stock mostly because i don't want to spend the cost of the gun upgrading the sights and trigger, however terrible that is. at least the sights are metal unlike glocks. i shoot it ok enough out to 16 yards as i could do a pretty decent job on the plate rack at that distance. at 25 yards though, my groups looked like a shotgun shot it. at 7 yards i can keep it in the -0 zone on an idpa target shooting pretty fast for me. the capacity isn't that great which is kinda why i want to switch to a glock 26...

i also have an obligatory g19. i can't carry it year-round because it gets hot where i live and although posted signs don't carry force of law, getting caught with a gun in a lot of places that are posted would seriously suck. i have dawson chargers on them, a tritium front and a serrated black rear. i got that front sight, which is .125" wide, when the only trijicon hd option was .144 (now they have a .122" width option, the HD XR). i get why the trijicon hd's and those type of sights were/are popular but i never really understood getting a front sight that was .144" wide. that's huge. it seems counterproductive to me that the sights would have the colored ring around the tritium to help you shoot faster but then have a front sight that's wide, which is more difficult to shoot at speed. i would probably give the xr's a try though, since trijicon, at least in the past, let me change sights to match point of aim = point of impact. unlike dawson though, who sends you a new front sight when you want a different poa = poi, i had to rma my slide and send it to trijicon. it was still great though. it also has a different connector to shoot better.

the gun i've carried the most over the years is one of my most expensive handguns and is my jframe. it's a m&p 340, which is a scandium .357 with a stainless steel cylinder (instead of titanium) and a night sight. the stainless cylinder is supposed to be more durable than the titanium and the night sight obviously helps shooting in low/no light conditions. to me, it's basically the perfect jframe. it's lightweight and quite shootable. i changed out the springs for wolff reduced power rebound and hammer springs and that made a pretty big difference in the trigger pull, which is something i need. sure, shooting .38+p can be quite a bit, and .357 is like getting punched in your hands really hard. but it's still pretty controllable. i could dump the cylinder at 7 yards pretty quickly, at least for me. i could also shoot the plate rack at 16 yards okay with it. like my shield i shot bad groups at 25 yards with it though. i basically see the shield as a gun i can shoot a bit faster than my jframe but reloads a lot easier. the best thing about the jframe though is how well it conceals. iwb, it basically disappears. the shield still prints a little bit for me. the crime level where i live now is significantly worse than where i used to live so i hardly ever carry the jframe anymore just because of its low capacity and how slow it is to reload.

Jan 12, 2005

californiasushi posted:

in what ways do you find your red dot most helpful over iron sights? speed? accuracy? night/low light shooting?

do you guys usually carry a spare magazine?

1) So far I've found the dot to improve accuracy the most; I'm still working on the speed part. I hardly shot any matches this year with mine, but my first big outing with a red-dot Glock involved a lot of longer-range targets and it performed admirably.

2) Usually, but it depends. I try to make a risk assessment considering things like general crime level to and from and at my destination (the last few days I've been in Detroit so draw your own conclusions), projected response times for law enforcement, whether I'll have easy access to a long gun, and what the native capacity of my carry gun is. The lower the capacity, the more likely I am to carry one or even two spare mags (or speedloaders!).

Wardrobe can also play a smaller role. In the winter I'll throw an extra mag on my belt, even if I'm rocking something with a 17+1 capacity. In the summer, I may or may not carry an extra mag with a gun of that capacity, as long as it's a gun whose mags I trust 100%.

In general, I try to carry as big a gun as I think I can get away with, but I've been carrying a P239 DAK in 40 a lot lately because the thing is just fun to shoot, and it's accurate in my hands. But that only carries 7+1, so a spare mag is a must, and I try to carry two extra mags whenever possible.

Jul 11, 2004

californiasushi posted:

in what ways do you find your red dot most helpful over iron sights? speed? accuracy?

californiasushi posted:

do you guys usually carry a spare magazine?
If I'm carrying a gun, I'm carrying spare ammo.

Mar 27, 2010

I carry a Sig P320c that hasn't gotten fixed yet so I can throw it on the ground and shoot people with it.

Sep 17, 2009

Gun: S&W Bodyguard

Caliber: 380

Trigger Type: DAO

Modified No. Comes with factory laser.

Why: Compromise. This is not a gun that is comfortable to shoot. This is not a gun that would be my first choice of carry. This gun is not a lot of things. (Make one in .32acp S&W, come on) The reason really is because I've thrown my lot in with pocket carry due to having to be around legal-to-carry-in but severely not-gun-friendly places a lot. For me, concealment and potential printing is a much more immediate issue than probably anything else, so having a gun that when holstered in a pocket is indistinguishable at a glance from a cellphone or a wallet is definitely a major plus.

The reason why it has a laser is this is the gun I practice with, might as well have it both on nightstand and carry duty. It's not a perfect solution, and generally I would much prefer something that isn't in a form factor and caliber designed to chew up hands. But the concealability of the pistol was the primary deciding factor.

The gun and laser are function-tested monthly regardless of my ability to make it out to the range, with a schedule set for battery rotation.

I do not carry spare magazines, primarily, once again, in the name of concealment.

OWLS! fucked around with this message at Dec 8, 2017 around 14:45

Jul 23, 2002

We've come a long way since that day, and we will never look back at the faded silhouette.

Thought this might be interesting to you guys:

Jul 23, 2002

We've come a long way since that day, and we will never look back at the faded silhouette.

I'm a suburban dad who likes to carry what he competes with and even though I shot Glocks at a high level for several years I now shoot and carry a M&P 2.0 regular size (4.25") 9mm.

There are no modifications to it. No night sights and no weaponlight.

I have tried smaller guns and they either don't conceal well enough for the shootability trade-off or they're just plain unshootable.

I like the M&P 2.0 because the stock trigger is the nicest in a striker-fired gun ever and the stippled grip means I don't have to worry about losing grip with sweaty hands in an encounter. That was always a big fear of mine with Glocks (and I used tons of Pro-grip shooting them in matches).

I carry a full-size gun for the ability to make good shots at any distance.

Dec 8, 2009

Gun: Kimber Pro Carry II Stainless

Caliber: .45 ACP, Speer Gold Dots

Action: SA

Modified: 10-8 sights with gold bead front sight. VZ grips, with a skateboard grip tape front strap grippierness. Bobbed type mainspring housing with home modified rounding on the frame that my father did, it looks like garbage but is functional.

Why: I carry in an open top belt holster right above my right butt cheek. It sounds odd, but I personally can conceal just about any kind of pistol in that position very well because of my body type. The holster itself is designed for this type of carry and has an extreme cant. I carry an eight round mag in the weapon and at least one extra ten rounder. Due to the slimness of everything involved in a single stack, everything (gun, mags, etc.) is pretty easy for me to conceal.

As for the why of the weapon, I like the ergonomics of the 1911 and this particular gun has been gifted through a few people in the family until it ultimately wound up with me a few years ago.

Speer Gold Dots because a jacketed hollow point is a jacketed hollow point and the research I did on carry ammo suggested these are pretty solid performers. I used to carry Buffalo Bore +Ps in it but the recoil was absurd and follow up shots took ten forevers, but drat did they have some speed.

My workout shorts and t-shirt concealment pistol is a hammerless airweight J Frame. It conceals anywhere.

Mar 26, 2010

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

S&W MP9c
Federal HST 147gr 9mm
Streamlight TLR4
Apex short reset and carry trigger kit
Alpha Concealment Cyclopes IWB holster with soft loops
I dont carry a spare mag on me, but I keep one in my briefcase at work and one in the center console of my truck.

Why the MP9c? Got it for cheap, fits my hands good for how small it is and I shoot it great, conceals pretty good.

In the winter when I am out ice fishing or coyote hunting or just around town I usually OWB carry under my jacket or a hoodie, in the past its been a full size 1911 but now I will be carrying my CZ P07 with RMR and TLR1.

penis bandana
Aug 6, 2008

Gun: Gen3 G19 RTF, Gen4 G19, Gen4 G19 MOS

Caliber: 9mm/ 147gr HST

Modified from stock? Yes.

The Gen3 RTF has Trijicon HD yellow front/ black rear sights. This rides in an MTAC.

The Gen4 has Ameriglow Hackathorn orange front/ black rear sights, and some hockey tape on the grip. It also has a 3.5lb disconnector.
This rides in the same MTAC.

The Gen4 MOS has Trijicon suppressor-height night sights, a Trijicon RMR, and a threaded KKM barrel for fun with a can. When I got this gun, I also got an RMR-cut INCOG holster. Iím not a huge fan of the holster; Iíll probably get another MTAC and cut it to accommodate the RMR unless I suddenly become super interested in AIWB (unlikely).

Why: Blue Label Glocks are a really affordable option for me, and while not at all interesting, Glocks are ubiquitous for a lot of reasons. The G19 is going to forever be the standard that I evaluate other carry pistols against. 9mm is affordable, forgiving to the shooter, unforgiving to the target, and you can have an awful lot of rounds ready to go. Given the reduced cost, I can set up a few different guns and evaluate a setup over time without compromising whatever configuration Iím most comfortable with.

I really like a relatively big, bright as gently caress front dot, and I hate anything distracting on the rear sight.

Other than cost, I canít find I drawback to the slide-mounted RDS. I genuinely shoot faster and more accurately with one now that Iíve had the chance to shoot with the RMR a bunch.

Finger grooves are okay for my hands. The RTF is the loving best, but itís also kind of fragile and slung rifles and wear and tear have rubbed the outside of that grip smooth.

The factory Glock trigger is serviceable (I really like the improvements on the G43 and the Gen5 guns that Iíve shot). The 3.5lb connector is fine too, though evidence from the shot timer and a lot of unscientific accuracy testing tells me that it doesnít really matter in my case. Iím not that good to begin with, and Iím guessing that trigger modifications are much more appreciable by shooters that are well beyond my skill level.

Extended slide and magazine releases just arenít for me. Iíve tried both. The extended slide release amplified my issue of having my dominant thumb placed in a way that would throw the slide forward after my last round. When I intentionally manipulate the slide release (which I donít do often- I manipulate the slide 95% of the time), itís done most frequently with my support hand anyway. I think this is from all the years of shooting a 1911, and it kind of eliminates the need for an extended control. The extended mag release didnít do anything for me.

Iím solidly not in the camp thatís concerned about the legal ramifications of carrying a modified gun, but I do live in Wyoming, and I havenít done anything crazy to any of the guns I carry. Iím also not overly concerned about the safety aspect of lightening or improving a trigger, for example, as long as the modification doesnít disable a safety feature (unless youíre a person that considers a heavy trigger a safety feature, which isnít an argument Iím going to engage in).

I donít always carry a spare magazine because of wardrobe and comfort considerations, and when I do I carry it behind my hip on the support side. Iím secure in these decisions.

Gun: 1911 in various flavors

Caliber: .45

Modified from stock? Yes.

A few days each month, I carry a 1911 of some sort. I shot and carried 1911s long before I got into Glocks. Most of these guns are full- or commander-length (I have one true 3Ē model), and I carry them when my wardrobe and an ďI feel like itĒ moment intersect. Winter and in uniform, usually.

Modifications are pretty standard. Sights, triggers, magwells, controls. Iíve never been tempted to lighten a 1911 trigger, but I have a Kimber and a Springfield that each received Wilson parts and labor to correct creep. The factory ďmatchĒ chamber on the Kimber was also reamed to accommodate a longer OAL cartridge after I had trouble running some reloads through it, something I had no issue with in the Springfield, Colt, or STI I was also using frequently at the time.

I always thought that I could shoot a 1911 better than I could a Glock, which was part of the reason that it took me so long to buy a more modern pistol. Forcing myself to practice almost exclusively on a Glock after I bought my first really proved me wrong on this, and also highlighted the serious limitations of the 1911 once I started using the clock as a training tool. The width of the 1911 isnít as much of a factor when carrying as I had assumed, but the weight is, particularly on the steel-framed guns.

I would still consider shooting a 1911 to be more enjoyable and maybe more natural to me, but I canít find a compelling reason to carry one over a Glock. ďI feel like itĒ is still enough to put them on my belt with some regularity.

I do always carry a spare mag or two when I carry a 1911.

Aug 30, 2003

It's amazing their hands can support such awesome.

Gun: Glock 27 and Glock 35MOS

Caliber: 40 S&W, 165gr Gold Dots

Action: Striker

Modified: Polished trigger group. Looking at "-" connectors and NY1 springs. Burris FF3 on the 35

Why: For the gun, my gun was a Glock 17 Gen2 almost 20 years ago (wish I never sold it), and I carried a Sig P229 at work for 5 years before I went to IT. I was gunless for like 10 years at the wife's insistence after I made the transition. I bought a Glock 23 during the post-Newtown panic when "get a Glock 19 and an MTAC" groupthink was at it's peak, but the LSG had a single 9mm Glock, and it was a NiB X that was out of my squirreled away $ price range, so I defaulted to a .40. Got a 27 when I got my CCW.

Currently carrying (as of this week) 4 o'clock IWB in a Butch holster that's sized for a 19/23, custom cut for the optic and open on the bottom so I can carry either as desired. Always keep a spare 15-round mag in the car and carry another one on me, usually in a pocket (need to get an weak-side mag holder).

For the ammo, we carried Gold Dots in our duty guns at the PD, so I just kindof defaulted to that. Found it on the DocGKR list later and never found a reason to switch to anything else. I shoot my carried ammo out once every 6 months or so and get another box, never had a malfunction. Got their short-barrel .357 for the wife's revolver as well.

I've been trying out pocket carry with the wife's Kimber revolver until she gets her CCW, and both the size and trigger (holy poo poo that trigger) are spoiling me compared to the Glocks, hence the NY1 spring and - connector plans.

Apr 28, 2004


Gun: Glock 19, Glock 26, M&P Shield

Caliber: 9x19, 147gr Federal HST

Action: Striker

Modified: Ameriglo 3 dot NS w/ ProGlo front sight, Gen 3 trigger bar in my gen 4 guns to make the trigger press a little smother. Otherwise stock

Why: I've carried a Glock 9mm of some kind for basically my entire life. They work just fine and conceal well and I am heavily invested in the platform. I could buy something else, but it's likely that any improvement in my ability to shoot with a new pistol will be transient and incremental vs. the skill I have built with Glocks. I got the Shield because they were the first 9mm single stack semi auto out there that I trusted and I needed a very low profile carry gun for when I carry places that are legally permissible but socially unacceptable to be armed.

That is all

Butch Cassidy
Jul 28, 2010

Gun: Glock model 42

Caliber: 380 ACP

Trigger Type: Standard 4th generation

Modified from stock? Yes

If so, how? Defoor-pattern sights

Why? Let's get the real question out of the way and go with "why not a Glock 43?" Because the 42 is smaller, lighter, and has less recoil. I try* to only have a two-gun carry selection of belt pistol and pocket rocket. So the smaller dimensions make it that much more concealable than a 9x19mm. The 43 is also too large for many cycling jersey kangaroo pockets and the added weight make the lycra less likely to retain it when jostling about. Plus it'd print more through the tight fabric. The 43 didn't exist when I bought this as another point though lesser as I did ultimately own a 43 for a while.

"Why not the smaller LCP/Bodyguard/P380?" Because, while I like the DAO triggers on any of those far better than that on this, the 42 shoots more quickly and accurately with less practice. Recoil is also controllable by my wife should she ever need to use it. While intolerant of limp-wristing and needing to be kept clean compared to service caliber Glocks, it is far more reliable when comparatively dirty to any other pocket rocket I've spent time with and less sensitive to limp-wrists.

"Why not a J-frame?" Because lighter than my 36.

"But alloy frames exist?" gently caress lightweight snubbies in the bunghole.

Or "why no night sights?" Because pocket lint dims tritium vials a fair bit and I have zero desire to regularly wipe down my sights. Also because Defoors have a thin front sight post compared to most night sights and I can get better hits with them. That these irons were half the price of glowing ones made them a quicker replacement for the stock plastic as a bonus. You can see that I pounded the rear in with a steel punch because I gave no fucks about marring.

I added a TLR-6 because I had one kicking around for my kydex molding and it works. Also makes pocket carry print more like a phone or wallet than gun. The little extra weight and thickness below the muzzle makes the holstered rig less likely to try flipping forward in my more generous front pockets as something I discovered after the fact. While some would prefer a different light, I don't care enough to spend the money on a minor upgrade in ruggedness. I do not use the laser and set it to light only.

If I could reliably lighten the break in the trigger, I would. It's a touch heavy for such a tiny thing and softening the hitch would make this thing shoot better at range. I'd also like better mags. The plastic delaminates from the steel at the feed lips and can catch during reloads. The mags in my 43 were also starting to peel when I sold it (with full disclosure), by the way.

* And am partially failing. I my Beretta 96D and carry it for a few days now and then.

Jan 12, 2005

I am all over the map as to what I carry, and I should probably narrow it down a bit. I'll try to do a summary of the twelve most commonly-carried guns for me, in no particular order:

- HK P2000 LEM in .40: My work gun, but I hate it so I rarely carry it off-duty. I pretty much only carry it as a CYA if I anticipate going someplace where carry is otherwise restricted. No modifications from stock other than Trijicon HD night sights and a Streamlight TLR-1 HL.

- SIG P239 DAK in .40: I'm a weirdo who shoots better with double action triggers than I do with single action triggers. So from a sheer accuracy standpoint, I usually shoot DAK SIGs better than I shoot DA/SA SIGs. I can shoot a DA/SA gun faster, but not as accurately. I'll absolutely trade split times for absolute confidence in my accuracy. The 239 in .40 only holds seven rounds in the mag, so an extra mag or two is a must. Why .40? Two reasons. One, the gun was dirt cheap as a police trade-in. Two, I'm still getting free .40 HSTs from work. It's about the same size as a Glock 19 but it's thinner, so it's pretty easy to carry. Mine is bone stock other than the Hogue rubber grip that it came with; I normally hate Hogues, but it fits my hand really well.

- Glock 35 in .40 or .357: The Glock 34/35 platform is very easy-shooting; the 35 was cheap as a police trade-in (even though this one is a Gen4); and as I said before, .40 ammo is plentiful for me for now. I carried a Glock 17 for seven years, so the 35 just feels natural to me. Having 15+1 rounds on tap is great. There are factory 22-rounders, which is great for tactical training and competition. This came bone stock with a NY1 spring and reduced power connector (which is apparently how the Kentucky State Police set their guns up). I threw on a KE Arms carry mag well and Ameriglo CAP sights and called it a day.

- HK USP Compact LEM in .45: I don't carry this one very often but it's sort of my default woods gun. Bears don't get very big around here, but there are coyotes and wolves and two-legged predators, so I like having a gun that can handle the heat of .45 Super. HK is one of the few companies that says their .45 ACP guns will handle .45 Super. Normally this gun has an 8-round mag but I also have a couple extended 10-rounders. Gun was originally DA/SA (V3) but I converted it to LEM. Bone stock otherwise.

- Beretta 96G Brigadier Elite in .40: This is my main competition gun when I shoot IPSC in Canada. I've always liked how Berettas feel and point, (and for how smooth the action is) and this gun was basically set up for competition so it's got a nicer trigger right out of the box. Default capacity is only eleven rounds, but Meg-Gar makes flush-fit 13-rounders and slightly extended 15-rounders. Gun is stock other than the cool-rear end skull grips that I got off eBay.

- Glock 22 Gen2 converted to .357: As mentioned before, I'm very familiar and comfortable with Glocks; police trade-in Glock 22s are dirt cheap, and I've used this and my Gen3 G22 extensively in competition and training classes. I have a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel that has worked great for thousands of rounds, and I have a Storm Lake .357 SIG barrel that has also been great. When I carry it, I carry it with the .357 barrel installed. Why: Even though Jim Cirillo was just a dude, he is highly revered in law enforcement and gunfighting circles. He was on the NYPD Stakeout Squad in the 1970s and won something like 26 gunfights. He was also a firearms instructor for U.S. Customs, and played a large role in upgrading our firearms training in the 1980s and 1990s. He was also very forward-thinking when it came to defensive ammo design and performance requirements. After he retired, he was asked what his ideal duty handgun would be. He said, "a Glock in .357 SIG." So I like to carry this gun sometimes as a nod to Jim and his legacy. I would like to eventually get a proper Glock 31 just so I have a gun that says .357 on the side, but this will do for now. So this Gen2 is stock except for the caliber conversion barrel and Ameriglo CAP sights.

- Glock 17 IGFS in 9mm: Since I carried a 17 for a few years, carrying one just feels natural to me. This is a Gen3 that had a lot of work done. The internals are all stock but it's had basically every option available for frame and slide work at Innovative GunFighter Solutions. Very aggressive slide cuts and great frame stippling, among other touches. I added Ameriglo CAP sights. So it's like a regular 17, but better. A thousand dollars better? Who knows. But it's better.

- Glock 26/27/33 in 9mm/.40/.357 respectively: When I want a "deep concealment" gun; they're thicker than the P239 but are smaller in every other dimension and hold more rounds. Caliber sort of depends on my whim. If I'm shooting it a lot, I'll probably run the 27 since I'm still getting .40 ammo from work. If I'm shooting a little but my split times are important for whatever reason, I'll run the 9mm. If I want something with more punch and boom, I'll run the 357. Guns are all stock except the 27 which has a gold bead front sight for no good reason.

- Springfield EMP 3.0 in .40: I hate 1911s. Most 1911s anyway. I've never shot a pistol with a single action trigger very well, because I'm a broken human being. The EMP is the only 1911 I've ever taken a liking to. I love the fit and finish, it's small enough to carry easily, and I can shoot it fairly well despite the single action trigger. This is bone stock, I think; it has G10 grips and night sights, which I believe are options from the factory. You know why it's in .40.

- SIG P320 Carry in 9mm: This is one of the top contenders for our next service handgun, so I've been trying to spend some time with it. I like how it shoots, and I like the modularity of it. I upgraded mine with Ameriglo CAP sights and an Apex trigger.

- Smith & Wesson Model 10 in .38 Special: This is an Australian police trade-in with a very smooth trigger. I trained with a heavy barrel Model 10 extensively during my first police academy, and I've come to think of it as sort of the gold standard against which all other combat revolvers are judged. Sometimes a guy just wants to carry a revolver, okay? When I do carry it, it's usually with Winchester PDX1 +P JHPs. If I'm feeling old school, I might rock some Nyclads.

- Ruger LCR in .38 Special: Sometimes I want to carry a pocket gun that can be fired from within the pocket. This is that gun. I had an airweight J-frame for years but I never really liked it. It was a fine gun, but it wasn't any fun to shoot. The LCR isn't that much bigger than a typical J-frame, but it's actually a pleasant-shooting gun despite being slightly lighter than an airweight Smith. It has a better trigger too. Like the Model 10 above, this is typically carried with +P PDX1s. Gun is bone stock.

Darth Freddy
Feb 6, 2007

An Emperor's slightest dislike is transmitted to those who serve him, and there it is amplified into rage.

For the guys rocking the mini red dot. How do you activate it? Just turn it on before you go out? Easy to hit toggle?

Jan 12, 2005

Darth Freddy posted:

For the guys rocking the mini red dot. How do you activate it? Just turn it on before you go out? Easy to hit toggle?

I just leave mine on; the RMR has a great battery life so you should only have to change it once a year, and the DPP has an auto off/auto on feature so the dot is on while you're up and moving, but it shuts itself off after a period of no movement, like when you put it in your safe for the night. As soon as you pick the gun up to strap it on, the dot comes on again.

Party Plane Jones
Jul 1, 2007

Flying the friendly skies in relative safet-oh god the engine fell off

infrared35 posted:

- Glock 22

I'm curious, what were/are your plans for all those Glock 22 lowers you bought from that deal I posted in the deals thread?

May 16, 2003

Clearly their proficiency at shooting is supernatural, not practical, in origin.

Darth Freddy posted:

For the guys rocking the mini red dot. How do you activate it? Just turn it on before you go out? Easy to hit toggle?

Depends on the dot. I've used some battery hungry ones that I just turned on before I went out, and some that I leave on all the time.


Jul 11, 2004

Darth Freddy posted:

For the guys rocking the mini red dot. How do you activate it? Just turn it on before you go out? Easy to hit toggle?

The DPP I use turns off when it's at rest. When it's moved, a motion sensor turns on the dot. It's easy to confirm that the dot's on as one step of putting on the holster.

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