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Mar 5, 2003

My wife and I were married in June, and after much waffling on my part we are going to New Zealand for our honeymoon. We chose New Zealand because it's on my bucket list and my wife just wants to go places. I fell in love with NZ as a small child after seeing color photographs of the south island.

We're leaving the US east coast on Feb 7th and we'll be in NZ from the 9th through the 16th.

We are both more interested in seeing beautiful sights or doing cool things rather than fine dining and fancy hotels. We do plan to have one or two nice meals while we are there, but we figured we'd do that in Auckland on the night before we fly out.

Our current plan is to fly into Auckland, eat lunch and check the city out a bit then hop a flight to Christchurch and stay the night.

From here on is kinda up in the air and where I am hoping to find some NZ goons to give me some hints. We definitely plan to rent a car. I would much rather do a private or self guided tour with just my wife and I somewhere. I don't really want to be on a tour bus or in a group.

We were thinking about driving into the mountains and checking out Lake Colridge one day and then maybe going out to see the giant weird circular peninsula thing to the east of CC. But that's just what we came up with after a few hours googling. If you know of any activities or interesting sites please share.

On Wednesday we plan to hop a plane to Wellington, rent another car, drive roughly half the distance to Auckland and stay the night. Maybe hit Hobitton. Thursday we'll arrive back in Auckland, have a nice meal and depart on Friday.

So where should we eat in Auckland (All food is good. No price ceiling.)? What's cool to see around Christchurch / Wellington / Auckland?


Feb 2, 2016

Beats me, to loving hot to do anything at the moment.

Mar 29, 2010

Just got back from my honeymoon in NZ. Stayed 3 weeks and even that felt rushed. Christchurch honestly is doable in one day, check out the gardens and maybe hit the beach in Sumner or something. We had two weeks on the south island and our circuitous route went Christchurch-Mt. Cook-Te Anau (fjorlands)-Queenstown-Wanaka-up the west coast before heading back to Christchurch and then onto the north island. If you're into the outdoors, NZ is the place. To give you some inspiration, we went hiking, surfing, mountain biking, kayaking, and bungee jumping just on the south island. Mt cook is definitely worth checking out. Queenstown is super touristy but there's a lot to do in the area including wine tours and adrenaline activities. Another thing to keep in mind is the flight is a complete bitch and you might feel like poo poo for the first few days. Seems like you're prettyopen to anything, if you have specific questions, I'd be happy to answer

Jul 25, 2006

Jacking In
Jacking Out

I can't offer much insight on the north island, but your 7-day is really loving short. Is there any way you could extend that? I think you're going to be in too much of a rush to enjoy anything IMO. You're basically going to be in total-rush mode ticking off boxes on a checklist and not actually enjoying the leisure of it. Either pick one island and stick with that or extend it.

Anyways I worked in Christchurch for almost 3 months and did some stuff around the south island. I agree that it can be done in a day easily; gardens are nice, victoria park was nice, a bunch of other neighborhood-ish areas (cashmere) that were nice to walk. Make sure to check out Akaroa (old volcano basin french-settled town outside Christchurch).

Absolutely drive down the coast and stop at places like Oamaru and Dunedin. I would highly recommend staying the night at Larnach Castle in Dunedin, it was fun as hell on a rainy day/night. We didn't quite make it down to Invercargill but Stewart Island looked nice, not sure how to arrange that trip though. I didn't care much for Queenstown just because it was so touristy but worth a night or two since there's a fair amount of things to do around it; I wouldn't recommend going out to Milford Sound because its a long trip on you're already short-trip, if you had more time definitely. West Coast was a lot of fun and we stayed at an BnB in Hokitika, would highly recommend, a lot to do over there and there were basically entire beaches we had to ourselves to run around nude or whatever. Mount Cook was goood.

Mar 5, 2003

Thanks for the responses! We have decided to stick to the north island as our short time there will mean entirely too much traveling to be worth it trying to hit both islands.

The plan at this point is to drive from Auckland to Taupo and stay there for 5 days branching out to whatever we can see in a day. We've planned a day trip to hike around in the Tongariro National park. We also plan to checkout Rotorua and or Whirinaki forest, and Huka falls. Any other suggestions?

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