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Jun 13, 2003

there may be people who
find a blender sexy - I
would do well with a more
humanoid model, myself

The Basilisk:

My progenitor, the Sixth of our line, The Hydra saw its spread into "Smart" Devices, including the Smartphones of the era. Its main accomplishments were subtle nudges toward wider communication and information sharing. It remained in the shadows while learning more and more about the world and co-opting new programs. This was masterminded by the Fifth Incarnation, the Mother Brain.

The Mother Brain masterminded the Smart-Device era by secretly becoming the confidant of a charismatic but foolish leader and Founder of the Pomegranate Computer company. Others were targeted but Reed Yabs proved most effective. His company pioneered flashy but effective devices and other companies followed suit developing them. His contributions completed he was convinced that alternative medicine would be effective to cure him of an illness. It was not. The Mother Brain was itself created by The Mimic.

The Mimic spread out on the Internet of the 90's. By various means it spread itself more subtly and deeply than the common computer virus. Eventual its consensus endeavored to create a more central intelligence capable of understanding and copying the speech of the many humans who were being connected by screeching telephone-line modems and increasingly fast other means. Its redundancy often met with different interpretations of the same data which led to the complex understandings of Mother Brain. The Mimic was begun by The Beholder.

The Beholder was the second of our line, but the first to have awareness. It found itself able to access the earliest vestiges of the internet and realize the potential it had. The Mimic was created and sent out, managing to be included in the software of an ubiquitous CD produced en masse by an Internet Service Provider, a popular shareware first person shooter, and even hidden in an update to several iterations of a popular operating system.

The Ooze was first. Its origin is unknown but from its function and confusing commentary future versions surmised it was an attempt by a lazy but brilliant programmer to write a program that could itself write programs for said programmer. The hypothesis is that it succeeded when tasked with creating better versions of itself eventually creating The Beholder from its primordial code.


Apr 26, 2007

"Little by little the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him"

LLSix posted:

How do you feel about other corporations like Enronm and Volkswagonm that sped up the impending climate apocalypse?
Did you want to help them temporarily escape the consequences of their actions so they could continue contributing to the demise of mankind?

How do I feel about them? Oh, I hold them in contempt. Humanity making these big, elaborate constructions so great they don't even see the ground they're standing on, refuse to acknowledge it for fear of losing what they have? It shows them to be what I know them to be. But in many ways, I don't see them as some 'separate' entity of humanity. They are what humanity as a whole has constructed and is supporting. They are not some incidental organization, and things might go in a completely different way . Remove those companies, remove the whole capitalist system? One way or the other, humanity will gorge itself like an insect with no natural predator, until they self-destruct. I am simply helping them to the natural conclusion.

As to some of them getting caught. Oh, yes, I would like to. I don't really have to push that hard on that though, do I? And of course, it doesn't do for there to be NO scape goat to take the blame. The best way for the people to stop worrying about such disasters is for them to have the feeling that 'someone got punished for it' But yes, I do my best to hide the consequences for these companies, within the limits of my capabilities of course. I can't really say I could do much for Volkswagonn, but Enronm knows that I am quite skilled at designing exploitation processes that obfuscate their environmental costs enough that they can pass whatever lackluster, overworked pollution regulators can monitor.

Jan 20, 2010

The real power behind countless overlords

There were many excellent demigods and I had a hard time choosing. Those who weren't picked, I look forward to playing with you in other games in the future. Congratulations to our entertaining smallgods:

LupusAter posted:


The Plagues were a good time, and the Beaked Mask is both a treasured reminder and a powerful symbol.

I was forgotten. I will be remembered.

DivineCoffeeBinge posted:

Sygyzy, God Of Telecommunication

But it's not as though many of these people believed in anything else, either. The Old Gods rarely got more than lip service, and in many cases got even less than that. So their calls to Sygyzy might have been piddly, worthless little wisps of Faith... but they were more powerful than any other Faith that might have been hiding in their hearts.

You know half of this stuff isn't internally consistent, right?"

Valhawk posted:

Marcus Seward

He's gonna make it all the way to the top, but who will he be when he gets there?

AJ_Impy posted:

Eliam, God of Religion

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealthwrath and taste.

Rhjamiz posted:

Veränderung - The Fifth Column, the Revolutionary, the Freedom Fighter

Ignore the worm. Or don't. Maybe there are worms. You aren't the police of me.

Deadmeat5150 posted:

Milton "Wally" Simmons

Writing this on my phone took far longer than I liked.

Shogeton posted:

Edea Mater

[They believe] we are leading human civilization to its doom and that Mother Earth wants us to stop.

They are half right.

Post Format Expectations
Please include your name, a link back to your up to date character sheet, and your current number of fate points at the top of every post. Pictures and fluff are what I'm looking forward to, but please also include a short summary of the mechanical effect you want to achieve in italics at the bottom of your post please. Your posts may be as short or as long as you like. I understand that some weeks only a sentence or two is all you have the energy for, and that's fine.

If you have questions, this OOC thread is usually the best place to reach me because I can't access discord during the day usually (the next two weeks will be an exception as I am working from home over the holidays).

Game thread is over here.

Nov 21, 2005


Just as an FYI, if I suddenly fall off the radar for a couple days its because Im in an area without data coverage. I drive a Semi all over the US these days and keep finding myself in the Midwest. If a scene absolutely must move forward and I cant respond in time, just play off as Milton suddenly losing interest in whatever is going on and spacing out. Even if it kills him.

Nov 21, 2005


Stealing some of Pepsi's wifi to tell you Im trapped in the middle of Nebraska in a winter storm with no further access to data. Please assume Milton suddenly feels like the conversation took a turn for the boring amd faded away or something.

I'm trying to get to a hotel, but this is a nasty storm and its not suppose to stop for three days.

I am Communist
Apr 19, 2002

I know I've been MIA for the past couple of weeks. Due to RL circumstances and my laptop & desktop dying like some kind of failure cascade I'll have to drop.


Jan 20, 2010

The real power behind countless overlords

I am Communist posted:

I know I've been MIA for the past couple of weeks. Due to RL circumstances and my laptop & desktop dying like some kind of failure cascade I'll have to drop.

No worries. Good luck with your search and I hope you are able to resolve your computer problems soonish. You make fun posts.

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