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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Cool +1 | Hard +2 | Hot -1 | Sharp +1 | Weird +2
Harm: 3:00 | Experience: ●●●○○ | 7-barter

Alright, I can deal with that. I'll link back up with Profit before she storms the Pleasure Dome or... well, whatever her plan is, and check out the new one face to face. And Jacobs, assuming he's still around. First things first, I need to sort out Ivan. I need a little more power than the temporary command center can manage, so I'll have to take him down to the reactor core to make sure I have the time and space to fix him up. All things being equal, this wouldn't be that bad of a time to inventory what I've got to work with. That shuttle isn't going to build itself, even if I do need to venture outside the perimeter sooner or later to get some parts.

I snap a salute Profit's way, load up Ivan's mess onto a cart and drop a tarp over it, and get him back to the reactor in short order. I just need to make sure nobody's around and I can get him walking again.

If the reactor is empty, Ivan is getting juiced.


Apr 26, 2007

"Little by little the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him"

Cool: 0 Hard: +1 Hot: +2 Sharp: +1 Weird -1
XP: 4 harm: 3.00

Alright, no shots fired yet. I can still pull this back from the brink. See a lot of folks I told to never come to this place again, but gently caress it, if I have to deal wiht giving a few of Been's folk some chow just to prevent another massacre, I'll deal. Heck, with any luck, the major puts a bullet in his head and they won't be his people any longer Alright, think. Everybody is trying to loot because they think poo poo's fallin' apart. So best thing to do is act like nothing is wrong, and they're dumb for thinkin' it.

"Alright, the hell is goin' on here?" I say, trying to act casual. "People want food, go sit at the table, we'll get you some chow, you bloody animals. New starts, so I'm guessin' we'll hand out some second chances today. People behave right," I give Been's people a look. "and I'll look to wipe some slates clean. Now, ye're keepin' my folks from doin' their work in the kitchen. So if you'd all kindly sit your asses down and stop making a mess of this place."

Yeah, the lame joke is deliberate.

@Sgt. Vasile Petrescu (Shogeton): 2d6+2 Manipulate the crowd into sitting down and getting fed = (1+3)+2 = 6

Nov 17, 2008

Cool: +3 | Hard 0 | Hot +1 | Sharp +1 | Weird -1 | 0 Harm | 1-Armor | XP ●○○○○ | 3-Barter

Aboah. Hard to say what's going on in his head. Helmet. But he's been solid so far. Something on the back of my neck is tinling...ah, there. shrikes. And they have that look. I know that look in a group. I've been in that group before. Just because it's happened hundreds of times doesn't mean my stomach doesn't tence and my heart feel icy.

They're planning to kill me.

I clear my throat gently. "Meet me outside the armory in half an hour," I says to Aboah in a quiet voice. "If I'm not there, I'm dead. You should probably punch me before you go."

Error 404
Jul 17, 2009


harm 0:00 hunger 6:00 | XP 2/5
Armor systems// armor 2 damage 6:00 charge 9:00 ammo 3:00// 1-resupply

Punch her? She's gotta know that even a light tap in this thing is gonna shatter her jaw, or some ribs...
uhhhh...ok, make it look good.

I nod very slightly before cranking my external sspeakers and bellowing "YOU RUSTY PIECE OF MARS TRASH! I OUGHTTA CRUSH YOU FOR WHAT YOU JUST SAID!"

I reach out and gently shove her shoulder, my armor servos augment the shove to a level that would knock anyone not expecting it onto their rear end, easily.
Before Casino or the Shrikes can intervene, I turn on my heel and stomp off.

Ok, outside the armory, half an hour. I can do that. It's weird that the only people I feel like I can trust around here all hate each other. So with half an hour to kill, I make my way back to the mess, to check on the sgt. and make sure things keep going smooth.

I turn the corner and see he's busy feeding people, including Been's people. I sigh in my helmet quiet enough the mics don't broadcast to my externals.

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