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Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

Let's Save Daria!- LP Novelization of the Lost Heir Trilogy

Greetings. This is AchtungNight. Welcome to my latest Let's Play. This is an attempt to LP a series of Choose Your Own Adventure text games in a way I have not seen done before with this genre. I am going to novelize the games, expand them slightly with fanfic and pictures, and as I do so attempt to show off many of the game mechanics, secrets, and text. I will not be able to show off everything, but I will do what I can. I hope to entertain readers, feedback is appreciated. This is not being done for financial profit and I do not own these games or any other intellectual properties I reference herein owned by another creator.

The subject of this LP is The Lost Heir Trilogy, from publisher ChoiceOfGames & author Mike Walter, aka Lucid. You may know him as the author of Life of a Wizard & Life of a Mobster, both of which have been LPed on these boards.

The Lost Heir games are Lucid's longest work thus far, a CYOA fantasy epic. Here are the advertising descriptions of them, courtesy of the Choice of Games website.


Take back the throne that was rightfully yours! When demon-summoning usurpers assassinate the king and queen, the right of rulership falls to you, their only child. Develop your own unique prince or princess, discovering a world of fantasy, magic, mystery, and adventure.

The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria is an epic 145,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Mike Walter, where your choices control the story. The game is entirely text-based--without graphics or sound effects--and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Develop your own unique prince or princess, for good or evil! Become a noble knight, a greedy thief, an evil priest, a nature-loving druid, a charming bard, a deadly assassin, a wise monk, a well-traveled ranger, a martial cleric, a kind priest, a brutal thug, a steadfast guard, a powerful wizard or any combination you choose.

Your Highness, the kingdom of Daria awaits you!

Unite the kingdom to take back your capital city! You'll need dragons, elves, and perhaps even demons to avenge your parents' murder in this fantasy epic! In "The Lost Heir 2," you'll continue as the prince or princess of Daria displaced from your palace after the murder of your parents. Face betrayal, seek romance, battle enemies in war, and navigate the intrigues of court. The fate of the kingdom of Daria is in your hands.

"The Lost Heir 2" is a 250,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Mike Walter—the second of a trilogy—where your choices control the story. The game is entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Defeat the rampaging demon horde, save the Kingdom of Daria, and avenge the death of your parents in the thrilling conclusion to this epic three part series! You’ll need all the power you can muster to finish building your legend, tapping into any of the dozen new prestige classes, including Druid of Decay, Dragon Knight, and even fighting the demons with their own fire by becoming a Demon Master!

The Lost Heir 3: Demon War is a 250,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Mike Walter—the conclusion to the trilogy—where your choices control the story. The game is entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Face betrayal, seek romance, battle enemies in war, and navigate the intrigues of court. The fate of the kingdom of Daria is in your hands.

Here are links to purchase the games online if you wish to play them for yourself-

Lost Heir 1

Lost Heir 2

Lost Heir 3

These games are available thru GooglePlay, Droid and iPhone App, and Steam. I will be copying text from the Steam version and occasionally testing things out on my iPhone version as I play along. I will also list tips and tricks on how to play as other classes besides what I show off in the text.

Wait... didn't you try to LP these games before? Yes. I made some mistakes, let my imagination and impatience run away with me and screw up my pacing, and I had to shut the thread down. It was a learning experience. This time I'm trying to do better and do things right from the beginning the way I want to do them, then keep to that promise. I hope for readers' appreciation in doing so.

So this is a narrative fanfic LP? Yes. If that's not your interest, that's fine. If it is, you're very welcome to hang around.

If you are looking for an interactive voting LP of these games like I attempted to do before, I'm not doing that any longer. The game will be easier for me to LP this way, and I'll still get votes on a few things too. Doing the same game in two seperate LPs of different style would be too confusing. I will repeat some of the material I used in the old thread here, but that was inevitable.

Also, let me warn you. The writing in this thread will be full of summary, tropes, and other text shortcuts. It may get cartoony at times. That's just how things came out of my head. I am embracing it and having fun. I hope readers are as well.

A few policies for this thread-

Spoilers? We are full open spoilers here. I will be spoiling a lot about the games, and I allow readers to do the same if they wish. This LP is intended for both walkthrough and entertainment purposes.

Are you showing us the only way to complete the games? No. This thread shows off just a few ways to complete the Lost Heir games. There are many others. I am novelizing at least two characters' runs here, and other players' characters will probably be different too. All that is good. The point of an interactive CYOA is to play the game how you wish.

Are you taking votes on anything in this thread? Yes, from time to time- mostly regarding what content I should show off. I'll go with a good majority in that case within a certain deadline. I'll prompt readers when such occasions come up. There will also be mock votes- on some decisions it could go either way depending on what Stat I want to build- and I will want to see what readers are thinking about Renata's development before I proceed. I may go with readers, I may not. You are welcome to participate in such votes. I may or may not go with your suggestions, but appreciate feedback nonetheless.

How many runs are you doing? At least two, hopefully more. The first run will be the most fanfic-filled. It will feature Princess Renata, a practical protagonist who will earn many rewards, waver between Good and Evil, and gain the Classes of Monk and Seer. She'll show off as many game mechanics as I can work into her story, my asides and fanfic will cover more.

Second run, I will show off an Evil Prince protagonist who Summons Demons, has different Skills than Renata, and does a lot of things Renata won't do. It will be mostly game canon text with a little original character commentary. By the time I start it, I expect most of the fanfic will be out of my system. I'll take voting on a lot more for what this character does.

Third and subsequent runs will be to show off special requests like Side Quests, Classes, and Endings the first two characters could not cover. I will hopefully get quite a few requests for that. I anticipate it will be canon text plus my commentary.

Is there an update schedule? This thread will update when I have a chapter of my novelization ready. I wish to craft those for quality, so it will take time. My hope is to post one or two chapters each week. I may do more in the beginning as I catch up on old material from the old thread. Between updates, readers are free to make what comments they will. Feedback is appreciated.

Why LP these games this way? Because I like the games a lot and I wanted to do it. Enjoy the show.

Here is a glossary for how I will be transcribing the game text. All novelization story bits will be shown off in quote boxes. Unbolded text is actual game canon text. Bolded text is my fanfic expansion. Italics indicate the main character's dialogue or thoughts. I will underline game mechanics, including options and stat changes. Asides and commentary from me will be outside quote boxes. I will try to pace my progress around the in-game choices, stopping where I find it appropriate. There will be some wholly original sections that are just me having fanfic fun and inserting surprise twists, crossovers from other media such as Disney and Star Wars, and filling in plot holes or increasing action and drama with personal spin. I will insert original choices in these sometimes and may even ask for voting. If I get people excited enough to vote on these, great! Same for game canon choices on which I take votes. There will be a good number of these.

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Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

LP Contents!

Explanation of Game Stats and Mechanics

Cast Post

Renata's Run

Long-Term Goals for Main Character

Game Action!

Lost Heir 1-
Prologue- How to Play.
Chapter 1- Princesss Renata.
Chapter 2- Meet our Best Friend.
Chapter 3- Harmond's Lecture.
Chapter 4- Meet our Parents and the Villains.
Chapter 5- Mentors, Part 1.
Chapter 6- Mentors, Part 2.
Chapter 7- Mentors, Part 3
Chapter 8- Chaos in the Palace.
Chapter 9- The Royal Treasury.
Chapter 10- Learning to Cooperate
Chapter 11- Sacrifice & Escape
Chapter 12, Growing Up In Hiding
Chapter 13, First Class Level
Chapter 14, Shopping & Karla
Chapter 15, Regarding Demon Stones
Chapter 16, Sheep Escort Part 1
Chapter 17, Sheep Escort Part 2
Chapter 18, Sheep Escort Part 3
Chapter 19, 2nd Class Level & Companions
Chapter 20, Party Bonding
Chapter 21, Guarded Ruins
Chapter 22, Lost Heir Revealed
Chapter 23, Retconning
[url=]Chapter 24, Life in Winter[/url]
[url=]Chapter Next Number- Title[/url]

Lost Heir 2-
[url=] [/url]

Lost Heir 3-
[url=] [/url]

Evil Run-

[url=]Long-Term Goals for Main Character[/url]

Game Action!

Lost Heir 1-
[url=] [/url]

Lost Heir 2-
[url=] [/url]

Lost Heir 3-
[url=] [/url]

Bonus Content-
[url=] [/url]

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Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

Explanation of Game Stats and Mechanics

Like most Choice of Games titles, Lost Heir has us build a character, take them through various situations, and test their Skills. This is a fantasy RPG game, so most of the situations we'll encounter will fit that genre.

Here are the Starting Stats for our character and Stat Descriptions. Please refer to this post if you need descriptions of any Stat and what it does throughout the LP.

Starting Stats posted:

X, the Prince/ss of Daria

Starting Stats

Health: 100%

Specialized Training: None

Good: 50% Evil: 50%

Agility: 20%
Charm: 20%
Endurance: 20%
Perception: 20%
Strength: 20%
Willpower: 20%

Archery: 0%
Devices: 0%
Magic: 0%
Blades: 0%
Stealth: 0%
Unarmed: 0%

Arcana: 20%
Geography: 20%
History: 20%
Nature: 20%
Religion: 20%

None at this time.

Possessions: None.

Animal Companions and Familiars- None.
Mounts- None.

Other Game Notes-

I will display our character sheet at the end of each update so viewers can see how it changes throughout. The above order for character stats displayed may be different when I can actually copy and paste everything on our Stat sheet. I will also update Stat levels as they rise and fall throughout the action- closely following your Stats and building them up is a great way to succeed in these games.

Stat Descriptions (beyond the obvious)-

Health- our life force, hit points. Losing all of them in a dangerous situation means failure, but we can heal ourselves once the situation concludes or we can get some mystical help (priestly magic, healing potion, etc). The length we retain wounds may vary, and sometimes they are unavoidable. Avoiding injury usually means avoiding trying to do something we lack the stats to accomplish (eg dueling a master swordsman when our own Blades Skill is low, climbing a wall or trying to dodge arrows with low Agility, attempting to disarm a poison needle trap with low Devices, etc). If we have the Skills required for an action we will succeed, if we don't we will fail. This game will usually not highlight or strike out 'sure to fail' options, I will discuss the consequences of failure as we progress and show off as much success as I can.

Specialized Training: Our Class Levels in various professions. Guard, Wizard, Thief, etc. I'll address Class Levels and what they do as we progress.

MORALITY: Where we stand on the scale of Good vs. Evil, based on our actions and karma. The Level of Morality goes up and down throughout the game. Gaining Good points means losing Evil Points and vice versa. We start out neutral- Good 50% Evil: 50% - but neutrality is not required for any particular class. Certain levels of Good or Evil can be, however. Example- Paladins have to be Good, whereas Evil Gods won't want a Good Priest serving their cause. This can go over 100%, as can any stat (but values over 100% are never required to do anything in the games).


Agility: Dexterity. Ability to climb and dodge danger without injury.

Charm: Charisma & diplomacy skill. Used to get people to do what we want them to do through persuasion. Intimidation uses other stats instead.

Endurance: Constitution. Ability to endure poison, harsh weather conditions, and hazardous or tiring activity.

Perception: Ability to notice things that are not obvious to most other people, like secret doors, hidden special corridors, and people who have motives or ideas they'd rather keep to themselves. A high value of this ability can unlock hidden options for approaching many situations.

Strength: Physical muscle and presence. Are we a tough bodybuilder or a slim person with average frame? Martial professions and feats of strength help develop this.

Willpower: Force of Will. Used by Demon Summoners to dominate the Demons they call upon as allies. Not useable for anything else. For people with low Willpower, Summoning Demons is often a bad idea.


Archery: We have a Bow and we wish to use it, but how well can we use it, exactly? Are we Robin Hood incarnate or some joker who can barely twang the string?

Devices: Rigging & disarming traps, picking locks, operating catapults, and so forth. Thieves and Assassins often have high levels in this.

Magic: Skill with Magic. What spells we can cast, and how powerful they are. Priests and Wizards will be good at this, generally, and use it in different ways (Wizards throw fireballs, Priests can do that and also heal). All schools of Magic useable in the game from Divination to Necromancy are condensed into this stat. Most uses of it involve conjuring and throwing various magical effects like fireballs, lightning bolts, ice shards, light, force balls, etc.

Blades: Skill with Swords & Daggers (the game unfortunately restricts us to these as our primary melee weapons). Are we an Olympic fencer or some idiot waving around a pointy stick? Guards, Thugs, & Knights are often masters of the sword, whereas Thieves & Assassins master the Dagger. The same stat covers both weapons.

Stealth: Sneaking ability. Something else Thieves and Assassins are generally better at than other people. Daggers are often useful with this Stat.

Unarmed: Unarmed combat ability. Covers a variety of styles from punching to wrestling, martial arts, throws & kicks, etc. Monks generally have high level in this, and so can Thugs who did not specialize in Blades.

KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge skills. What we know regarding certain subjects. The game will require lower levels of these from certain professions than they would others. Example- a character with a high level of Nature is the same as a high level Ranger when it comes to Nature Skill Checks.

Arcana: Mystical knowledge. Used to decipher runes and understand how magic works. Important for Wizards & Demon Summoners. Also the game's go-to stat for testing how sharp your mind is.

Geography: Navigating ability, knowledge of roads, areas of Daria, and other cultures' customs. High levels in this, which a Ranger usually has, are required to uncover secret paths and information in some areas.

History: Knowledge of Daria's past. Again, this can be used to find secret areas and information. Sages and Bards often have high levels of this.

Nature: Surviving in the wilderness, recognizing dangerous natural phenomena like quicksand and poisonous fruit. Also used to track animals, avoid predators, and properly create poisons. Can also be used to treat injury through natural medicine. Druids and Rangers naturally get high levels here.

Religion: Knowledge of the Gods and religious rituals. Priests use this skill to recognize holy or unholy signs and icons and properly perform various sacraments.

RELATIONSHIPS: Our relations with certain allies. High relations is required to make the person our friend, trainer, and/or love interest. Low relations means we may keep the person as an ally, but they probably won't be reliable to help us with their skills. They may even cause us great embarassment in certain situations I won't spoil here.

Any Skill can be increased through exercising it. We can also decrease many of them by doing something of negative impact on the appropriate skill (example, getting sick means we lose Strength and Endurance, but maybe we gain Nature since we learn not to eat illness-inducing berries). Success at Skill Checks, Class Levels, and Training are all good ways to build Skills.

Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

Cast Listing

This is a cast list I will update as we meet characters throughout the game. Actors I note for each are in my head, the game has no official voice or live action casting. If there is no actor mentioned, I could not think of anyone appropriate but maybe you can.

Renata's Run-

-Princess Renata, first run Main Character. Renata has no in-game description and thus no head-canon to allow readers to give her their own. I envision her played by Billie Lourd, Sophie Turner, or another appropriate young actress in her teens or early twenties at the time of this writing.

Other characters have their actors noted in parentheses below, artificial aging applied as necessary.

Allies (primary)-
-Our Parents-
- King Brand (Michael Donovan)
& - Queen Jade. (Nicole Oliver)

-Party Members-

- Gale, the Royal Cook's child & our friend, playful Rogue. (Dakota Fanning)
- Petra, another friend we had who moved away, child of nobility who became a Cleric. (Evan Rachel Wood)

- Karla, a peasant girl from Elmvale, our friend, an excellent Archer and Nature Guide. (Alona Tal)
- Theo, a large Barbarian warrior. (Dwayne Johnson)
- Jess Solway, a Soulburning Wizard. (Katie McGrath)
- Ach, Good Hacker. (Seann William Scott)

Potential Mentors-

- Harmond, our Wizard tutor. (Patrick Stewart)

- Sir Grady, an aged valiant Knight. (W Morgan Sheppard)
- Lady Emaline, the Royal Gardener and Assassin. (Victoria Akin)
- Amos, an elderly Thief formerly imprisoned in the castle dungeons. (Cary Elwes)
- Sister Geri, a venerable Monk who resided in the Royal Temple, later Renata's Mentor in the Elmvale Temple. (Shilpa Shetty)
- Arch-Druid Dorion. (Christopher Walken)
- Kole, Ranger Mentor. (Ian McShane)
- Xino, Wizard Mentor. (Paul Ben-Victor)
- Sir Maxon, Knight Mentor. (Karl Urban)
- Suno, a Weapon Master (Idris Elba).
- Suna, a Weapon Master (Shalita Grant).
- Chekhov, Guildmaster of Adventurers, who can be any Class a player wants him to be. (Anton Yelchin)
- General Vale, leader of Daria's Military. (Ed Harris)

- Lord Tovar, Master of the Daria Treasury. (Stanley Tucci)

- Cumari, Archmage of the Daria Academy of Wizards. (Sean Connery)
- Hamato, Supreme Sensei of the Eye of Heaven Monastery (Philip Ahn)
- Sister Verilia, Master Monk in Ludd (Cynthia Rothrock)

Other Allies-
- Royal Servants, including Bertie, our valet/handmaid, and her brother Bertrand.
- The Royal Herald.
- Freda, Gale's mother & former Daria castle cook.

-Daria Castle Guards, including named Guards Piett, Biggs & Wedge, and Madine.
- Steffany & Steffan, tavern servers. (Bonnie Wright & Rupert Grint)
- Master Jett, a sheep farmer. (Tony Hale)
- Master Jett's wife. (Martel Thompson)
- Jethro, Master Jett's chief farmhand and intended successor, inclined to betray him. (Zachary Quinto)
- Jethro's daughter Leigh Anne.

- Bobby, Vicky, Ted, & Mary; young adventurers inclined to become soldiers.
- Sir Maxon's Future Squire, Raquel. (Daniella Pineda)
- Albert, an old Gardener in Vernex, secretly an Assassin spy working for us. (Ben Mendelsohn)
- Marla, Demon Summoner Student. (Lacey Chabert)
- Graham, Demon Summoner Student. (Micheal Cera)
- Naistalan Mubaishar, Half-Elf Cleric of Auriel with secret knowledge of the Som'Reth. (Lee Pace)
- Jowal, a peddler (Stan Lee).


-Alexander Zusak, High Chancellor of the Consortium of Planewalkers. An evil Demon Summoning Sorcerer who killed our parents and many other Heroes of the Realm. (Jonathan Frakes)

- Selina, Zusak's sinister female noblewoman associate, now a Duchess who governs Daria's province of Dumain. An expert in both poisonous words and natural poison. (Famke Jannsen, or possibly Tabitha St. Germain for irony)

- Thuja, Zusak's brutish bodyguardmeat-shield, a Weapon Master who wields twin axes and wears a mystical rune-covered Belt of Speed. (Dave Bautista)
- Lord Weslo, a noble politically opposed to our parents. (Aidan Gillen)

- Duke Eddan, a traitorous noble with a worrisome military presence, Lord of Daria's Eddan province and the city of Ludd. (Chris Evans)

- Duke Uddo, a traitorous noble who rules Daria's Uddo province. (Paul Giamatti)
- Duke Bandar, a traitorous noble who rules Daria's northern Bandar province. (Bradley Cooper)
- Consortium of Planewalkers Soldiers and Mages.
- Ms. & Mr. Porter- Consortium Professors of Demon Summoning. (Samuel L Jackson, Charlize Theron)
- Bunta, an ogre-like enemy Thug. (Brian Thompson)
- Viers, the Commander of soldiers from Ludd, Duke Eddan's city. Complicit in the murder of our parents even if his master Duke Eddan may or may not have been. (Clancy Brown)
-Dorgan, Evil Barbarian Warrior. (Steve Blum)
- Mazrim, insane abusive Nobleman. (Ron Perlman)
- Dr. Konnors, Evil Alchemist. (Keith David)
- Bolwen, Evil ArchMage. (David Warner)
- Bolwen's Iron Golem Bodyguard.
- Phasma, Evil Archer & Dark Knight of Shadi, formerly known as Kimberly, Karla's childhood bully nemesis. (Maisie Williams)
- Nemesis, Evil Hacker trying to break the Lost Heir games with malicious code.

Named Demons-
- Brahl, a combat Demon.
- Xi'atta, an ice Demon.
- Zon'ch, a dust/air Demon.
- Tyborr, a unique high Willpower Demon. (Andy Serkis as all four)
-Bla'kirr, a mysterious high Willpower Demon who has made a deal with Zusak. (Jeremy Irons)
Kut'Seen- A powerful nearly invincible Demon with mirror-glass skin. (Fred Tatisciore)
Rale'Run- An invisible Demon guardian/spy. (Jennifer Hale)

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Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

Reserved for Cast List Overflow if any.

Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

Renata's Run-

Long Term Goals.

Class Levels- 1 Monk, other Levels up to voters.

Endeavor to Max out Following Stats- Magic, Unarmed, Perception, Arcana, Charm, History. Get Charm to at least 80, History and Geography to at least 60 (won't be able to Max Geography with this build, History is a maybe).

Spend all Gold wisely.

Win as many Stat checks as I can.

Get as many Artifacts as I can and show them off!

Preserve my Companions and Build Good Relations.

Best Friends Gale & Karla. Romance with Theo. Good Relations with Jess over time.

Lost Heir 1-

- Achieve Artificer, Love Endures, and Honor of the North.
- Get Necklace of Nature, Tyborr Demon Stone, Gem of Seeing, Signet Ring, Cloak of Spiders, and Belt of Speed.
- Earn Suno Rewards.
- Spare Jett.
- Good Relations with All Companions.

Lost Heir 2-

- Achieve Friends in All Places, Sweet Ride, Prestigious Position, A Life of Regret, and A Friend in Need.
- Max Citizen Reputation.
- Get All 4 Factions in Diplomacy Section.
- Cut War Spending. Win the War right up until the last minute.
- Get All Possible Army Allies- 5 Demihuman Races, Theo's Clan, Kratog.
- Get Cape of Shadows, Circlet of Daria, Auriel's Grief.
- Show how to get Staff of the Archmagi, Forest Worm, Crocodile, Arcane Tattooist, and Dragon.
- Get Dreadhorse Epic Mount if fans want it. Otherwise it can be bonus content for later or unlocked on second run.
- Lose the Siege of Tornassa, but make it clear we could have won if we wanted to.

Lost Heir 3-
- Hero Ending.
- Achieve Love is in the Air, Protector of the Royal Blood, Gotta Know When to Hold Em.
- Get All Possible Win Factors for Great Final Battle.
- Show off as many sidequests as we can.
- Good Stats with Epiphany.
- Try to win the Grand Tournament.
- As few Demon Traits as we can get away with.

If I don't meet these goals, I will get as close as I can.

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Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

Lost Heir 1-
Prologue- How to Play.

In this game, as in most Choice of Games titles, you need to build up your stats for success. Constantly monitoring your stats, increasing them whenever possible, and getting to maximum as soon as you can is key to success. This becomes more complicated when you need to increase multiple stats to certain levels. It helps to scout ahead in each game, numbers on, intentionally amassing low stats and failing various events so that you know what stat levels you will need in advance. Then you can build your character to be able to meet those levels. An excess is nice, but just enough when you reach the proper point in the game is fine. You'll see many examples of this as we proceed.

To remind readers, with my first LP character Renata I am trying to build up Unarmed, Magic, Perception, and Arcana. I also want high levels of Charm, History, and Geography by certain points. Any points towards other Stats is gravy. I'll address my second character when we get to them.

As you play, you want to prioritize getting the stats you want to multiples of 5, then usually pass each check with the lowest stat available to increase it. Keep in mind future bonuses you'll want to pick up through training. You may also want to manipulate various combats and other situations if possible to keep amassing bonuses- be careful of consequences in doing so and experiment for best effect. Keeping a record of your decisions (so you can breeze through them if you fail something and want to restart the game, since you can't save scum) is very helpful. Monitor your Health and Gold as you proceed of course. Some decisions you will want to avoid no matter what.

For Renata, Unarmed will make a good close range Attack as it rises. Magic will be a good ability for Utility such as light or divination, also for distance or group attacks.

Ok, enough talk. It's Renata's time now. Let's get this poo poo started.

Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

Chapter 1- Princess Renata

The whole game is written in second person. For atmosphere, I'm doing my fanfic the same way. Refer to the Cast Post if you need to know who someone is. I'll update it as we meet characters.

Game Opening posted:

-Begin playing The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria

Would you like to turn on notifications?

Yes, show me the numbers.
No, hide the numbers.

For stat-building, I will turn on number notifications.

Lost Heir 1 begins with an obvious cold open flash forward-

The Lost Heir 1- The Fall of Daria Opening posted:

The sky is slashed with jagged tears of fire. They are like wounds upon reality itself and cast everything in a harsh red light. The land before you is cracked and dry. There is nothing growing from the parched dirt your feet rest upon.

You stand with your army behind you. They wear bright armor and hold sharp swords, although their equipment is dented and scratched from many battles. Your faithful companions are at your side.

You survey the mass of creatures before you. Their numbers are without limit as they stretch across the horizon. Many of them are somewhat man-shaped, but twisted, as though they are the nightmares of what man could be. Some of them have leathery wings, many have sharp claws and most of them have great yellow horns protruding from their heads. They are the denizens of the Demon Realm, come to lay waste to your world.

One of them steps forward, leading the group. It stands at over seven feet. It swings a claw, seeming to rend the very air in front of it. It unfurls its wings and takes to the sky.

Everyone around you tenses as it flies straight toward you.

What an opening! Really gets one into the action. Our army is faced with an army of terrifying Demons. There's a big scary Demon flying right at us! What do we do?

Options posted:

1.Draw our glowing rune-covered sword.
2. Signal for the catapults to fire.
3. Loose an arrow from our enchanted bow.
4. Cast a mighty spell.
5. Command our army to advance.

The action we take here will grant a minor stat boost-+3 to relevant Stat of Blades, Devices, Archery, Magic, or Charm. This is not a false choice even though official character creation does not start until the next decision point. All actions are guaranteed success. Because I want to build combat stats as soon as possible and prioritize developing them when I can, I pick Option 4 for Magic.

Casting Spell! posted:

Your words and hand motions warp reality to your whim. Your army takes this as a command and surges forward, screaming their defiance at the otherworldly beasts before them.

(Magic +3 to 3)

You Awake…

Ok, surprise! That was a dream. Or possibly a prophecy. Did our spell kill the scary Demon attacking us? It may be a long while before we find out...

The Real Game Begins... posted:

You awaken from a good night's sleep with the lingering memory of a dream fading in the morning light. You find yourself in a beautiful room with an enormous four-pillar canopy bed, expensive mahogany dressers, and priceless tapestries. Your twelve years of life have been filled with the finest things money could buy. As the first-born heir to the Kingdom of Daria, you expect such things. You throw back the thick, luxurious covers and get out of bed. You see that your clothes have already been laid out for you on the dresser.

1. You are the Prince of Daria.
2. You are the Princess of Daria.

As previously decided, we are Renata, Princess of Daria. Note that it would be a few decisions before we could actually choose our name had one not already been selected. As stated above, we start this game as an adolescent Princess, age 12. Our starting Stats are noted in the Game Mechanics Explanation Post. I'll give a full update at the end of this LP chapter.

Decision #3! posted:

Your clothes are of the highest quality- their cost in gold could probably feed a poor family for a month. You dress quickly, eager to begin the day. Next to your clothing is your prized possession.

1. A Spell Book.
2. A Holy Symbol.
3. A Sword.
4. A Set of Lockpicks.
5. A beautiful Bow and Quiver of Arrows.
6. A masterfully crafted Lute.

The item we pick here comes with some minor training in how to use it and related Stats. There's about 30 points up for grabs. In reverse order, Lute gives bonuses to Charm & Agility; Bow to Archery & Agility; Lockpicks Devices & Agility; Sword Blades & Strength (there's also some sexist flavor text noting how manly or unladylike wielding a Sword is, I didn't fully appreciate it, but I digress); Holy Symbol Arcana, Religion, Magic, and Good/Evil depending on Deity (you pick that at next choice, it's not really the best decision here since only Priests can really do anything with Holy Symbols and they get them for free); and Spellbook Magic & Arcana.

More importantly, this item is our first piece of equipment and it will thus determine a lot of what we can do in future decisions. Example- while you can always attempt to work Magic without a Spell Book, you probably won't do very well if you've never opened a Spell Book before. However, you won't be able to stab anything if you don't have a Sword. You can always attempt Magic or Unarmed Combat, but your success in each depends on your stats. Using a Sword or Bow well requires both an appropriate Blades or Archery level and having the item in the first place. Note that Arrows & Spellcasting Mana supplies are unlimited.

All these items are helpful for the future character we might be building. A fighter will want a Sword, a magic user a Spell Book, a thief a Set of Lockpicks, etc along with good Skills at using the item in question. But this is not actually our first class level, we'll get that once we're a bit older. However, a good foundation in training now will be helpful at that decision point and afterwards. It's always nice to have above average Skills. Or diverse Skills, should we decide to multiclass. Also take note that there are no class item restrictions in this game. Nothing exists to prevent a Fighter from opening a Spell Book, for example, or from using a Set of Lockpicks, or from playing a Musical Instrument. However, a Wizard, a Thief, or a Bard will probably be better at respectively using each item, especially in a pinch.

We can get all of the items we don't get here later in the game, but it may cost money at that time. We'll start earning money once we grow up. Also, some classes will get free items if they don't have them already (eg Priests get free Holy Symbols, Knights get free Swords). Any item we get here will be a masterpiece but not magical. Thus it’s of high quality and we get accompanying extra Skill Points we won’t get if we loot or buy an average similar item later. Found or purchased items also won’t come with training like this one does.

A couple of the items will require further decision making if we pick them. The Musical Instrument is one- the default instrument for this game is a Lute, for those not in the know that's a medieval guitar. If you prefer a different instrument, one can easily adapt it in along with style of music. For a Holy Symbol, be aware of a few things.

-1. Priests use Holy Symbols to channel their magical power the same way Wizards use Spell Books, but neither is actually required to work Magic. It just helps. In Daria, anyone with a high ability in Magic is considered a wizard. Wizards with a capital W just concentrate on Magic to the exclusion of most other things whereas other classes will have other abilities also- a Sage may have high general Knowledge, a Druid high Nature, a Priest high Religion, a Thief high Stealth & Devices, a Fighter high Blades, etc. Nothing prevents all these classes from also developing high levels of Magic. I've done some pretty cool things with a Mage/Fighter or Priest/Thief.

-2. Getting a Holy Symbol here does not mean we take the vows of a Priest, that comes with class level later. We just get a small foundation in Magic & Religion. There is one cool thing you can do with a Symbol I'll note later, but that's it. Better to pick up higher combat abilities IMO.

-3. If we do pick a Holy Symbol, the next decision will be creating the Deity whose Holy Symbol it is. We can create whatever God or Goddess we want, but original Gods or Goddesses need to be clearly on the side of Good or Evil. There are no neutral Deities in Lost Heir's version of Daria and every character who would wield Divine Power must dedicate themselves to one side in the moral conflict in exchange. (This even includes Druids, who are traditionally neutral in other media. In this game, Good Druids use the powers of life & regeneration whereas Evil Druids associate themselves with destruction & chaos. There is even an extremely evil Druid Prestige Class called Druid of Decay, more on that later. Not that being a Druid requires a Holy Symbol, mind you. It only requires high Nature & Magic stats.) If we take up a Holy Symbol, it comes with some moral constraints if we choose to follow the God in question. Not following that God in Morality means your Holy Symbol may crumble if you attempt to draw upon its power, losing all Priest Levels. I won't be showing that off this run. Renata will not pick up a Holy Symbol or a Lute either.

4. You can only carry one Holy Symbol at a time and there aren't many opportunities to switch.

I pick #1. Spellbook. Renata's foundation needs to be in Magic. She'll get Unarmed bonuses from her starting Monk levels, but I'll need Magic training for Spells too.

Got Spellbook posted:

The tome is thick and bound in leather. It's full of runes and incantations. This is no child's toy; it is a book of true Magic. Although magical study is expected of you, you have taken it far more seriously than anyone would have expected. The result is that your personal grimoire is far more advanced than a child of twelve should be capable of. Your parents' Royal Wizard Harmond and many other Wizards in Daria have contributed many spells to it, and you practice with them daily. A few remain too advanced for you at present, but you hope to master them someday. You slip the book into a specially-made holder on your belt before stepping out of your bedroom.

(Arcana +10 to 30, Magic +20 to 23, and Gained Spellbook)

That gets us some good starting Magic. Enough to have a bit of fun in our youth even. Let's start our day.

Decision #4 posted:

The halls are already bustling with Servants as they carry things from one end of the castle to the other. You make your way through the corridors instead of taking a private route, eager to meet up with your friend before your full day of lessons and tutoring begins. The Servants have places to be, and the sheer number of them clogs the passages.

1. Push your way through the halls. You are very strong for your age.
2. Smile at the Servants, causing them to step aside. You are a charming individual.
3. Step around the Servants. You have a good eye for noticing where the gaps are.
4. Gracefully dodge the Servants. You are very agile and light on your feet.
5. Force the Servants to part by your very presence.
6. You watch the patterns of traffic and step smoothly into the flow. You are very smart.

There are 10 Stat points up for grabs here. Either in Strength, Charm, Perception, Agility, Willpower, or Arcana & Nature. Willpower is useless to Renata, since we don't intend to become a Demon Summoner. The other stats are tempting, but I pick Charm. Monks don't get bonuses to this, and I need to develop it early on for some goals in LH2. This also nets us a Good point.

Smiling at Servants posted:

The servants smile back and nod greetings to you as you pass.
(Charm +10 to 30 and Good +1 to 51/49 Good/Evil)

You wave hello in particular to Bertie, your handmaid, and her brother Betrand, who would have been your valet if you were born male.

- "Hi, Renata."

"Good morning." You smile at the two Servants and continue on your way.

That Charm bonus earned here will surely help us in future social interactions.

Decision #5 posted:

It doesn't take you long to work your way through the Castle, noticing as you do that it seems even busier than normal. Perhaps something interesting is happening that you haven't heard about yet? No matter. Your friend is waiting for you, so you hurry on your way.

1. Visit Petra, the young Noble girl who is visiting.
2. Visit Peter, the young Noble boy who is visiting.
3. Visit Gale, the Cook's daughter.
4. Visit Gill, the Cook's son.

We can recruit one of two childhood friends who will later join our adventuring party here. Their gender is pretty much irrelevant unless we want to Romance them at some point (our sexual orientation is the next Decision). But it is safe to say that while whichever character we pick plays the same main plot role, they each have their own unique Skills, Side Quests, and Interactions with us and other characters. The big difference-

- Peter/Petra, the Nobles' child, is a future kindly yet stalwart Cleric.

- whereas Gill/Gale, the Cook's child, will grow up to be a fun-loving Rogue.

We can of course supplement their role in the party if we play the same type of character, possibly train in our Skills with them, and possibly probably wind up more useful (or not). We can also fill in the missing party role ourselves if you prefer. Or take on an entirely different role. While the character created here is our first potential Romance Option (more on that in the future), they are far from the only one.

The character we don't create here will not come into the story later, unfortunately. Unless of course you are doing fanfic Easter eggs like me.

Because I like her better overall and find her more advantageous to our build, I pick Gale, the future Thief, as Renata's childhood friend. Second run, I'll show off the Cleric (who will be Petra in the first run's Easter eggs). This was also in accordance with our voting in the previous thread.

Going to Meet Gale! posted:

Gale is about your age and was born in the Castle too. Her mother, Freda, has been working in the kitchen for three generations, having served your grandparents, your mother, and now yourself.

I've been playing with Gale since we were toddlers, you reminsce. She's always fun. I know she's usually into a bit of mischief, and I can't often help but wonder what she'll be like when we're older. We used to have another friend named Petra who moved away. She was a stick in the mud, but usually up for our games regardless of that. I wonder whatever happened to her sometimes.

You hurry through the open portcullis and out the front gate of the Castle, knowing that Gale will be at your usual meeting spot. A pair of Castle Guards follow you visibly but do not interfere otherwise. Sure enough, you find Gale sitting next to the moat waiting for you.

- "Renata! Hey!"

"Hey Gale!"

Gale has dirty blond hair that lays straight down her back. She's really skinny, but her liquid blue eyes promise beauty in her future.

Looking at Gale today, I realized something I hadn't in my life so far.

1. Even at twelve, you can appreciate Gale's beauty and find yourself attracted to girls.
2. You find Gale fascinating and likely would continue to feel that way even if she were a boy. Even at twelve, you've noticed that you're attracted to both boys and girls.
3. Although Gale is beautiful, even at twelve, you've noticed that you're more attracted to boys than to girls.
4. Boy or girl, you find yourself desiring neither and this doesn't change as you grow older.

This is the only chance we'll have to pick our character's sexual orientation. Nope, it can't change later, unlike real life. I pick 3 as per the original thread's preference- this makes Renata heterosexual, turns our later non-random optional Fling characters (Romance post coming next update) male and locks out Gale for Romance (but that's fine, she'll just be a good friend). Moving on, we can next pick our name.

Sorry, girlfriend, I'm hetero! posted:

I realized Gale was attracted to me! I had often seen her giving interested looks to other children around our age, both boys and girls. However, she had never looked at me that way before and she was doing so now!

I wasn't entirely sure of my own sexuality at age 12, but I knew that so far in my life I had only been attracted to boys. That presumably would not change as I grew older. I wondered if Gale would be okay with that.

Gale grins at you.

- "You slept in."

"Yes, I did. Do you have something you need to tell me?"

- "Later, over lunch. My mother made something for us."

So she was planning to approach me- or accept my approach- later at lunch. That was good.

Gale smiles at you again, obviously eager for your planned play this morning.

That was the nice thing about being young- your rank rarely got in the way. In fact, your friend sometimes even called you by your given name...

1. Acacia.
2. Gianna.
3. Maria.
4. Cordelia.
5. Maeve.
6. None of these (new random list of names is generated).
7. Choose our own name.

This is the point where we pick our character name in the official game. As previously voted, we've chosen 7. Renata. There are many random names available here to help you think one up if you're stumped.

Next update coming tomorrow. I'll pause here for comments.

Stats posted:

Renata, Princess of Daria

Health: 100%

Specialized Training: None

MORALITY: Good: 51% Evil: 49%

Agility: 20%
Charm: 30%
Endurance: 20%
Perception: 20%
Strength: 20%
Willpower: 20%

Archery: 0%
Devices: 0%
Magic: 23%
Blades: 0%
Stealth: 0%
Unarmed: 0%

Arcana: 30%
Geography: 20%
History: 20%
Nature: 20%
Religion: 20%

Gale: 60%

- a Spellbook

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Sep 16, 2009

Say 'Thank you, Ershin'.

Say it.

To catch up, are there any major departures from the previous LP that you're taking with regard to Renata's skillset and choice of companions?

Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

No major departures for skillset- see long term goals and follow the LP as we progress to be sure. I made nearly all our LH1 decisions in accordance with our voting first run, so we should have very similar stats.

Companions also will not change from first run. We'll have Gale, Sister Geri, Karla, Theo, and Jess. When we get to LH2, I will poll voters on creating the new party member for that game- Bran/Brinn. Ditto for creating the possible party members Pope/Poppy and Synden/Syndi when we get to LH3.

Any other questions, please let me know.

Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

Two subjects for this update-

First, a short interlude-

Romance in the Lost Heir

As in many Choice of Games, we have the option in The Lost Heir to hook up with other characters during the plot action. There are two types of romantic encounter, Partners & Flings.

Partners are characters who will be your love interest and have the potential to remain so throughout the trilogy. We can meet and begin courtship in Lost Heir 1, mostly it proceeds slow although some characters are faster than others. If cards are played right, we can get regular sack time with our Partner around the 70% waypoint of LH 1(Winter in Elmvale at the latest). Peter/Petra and Gill/Gale are both potential Partners, and we'll meet the other three later. Sack time with your preferred partner is not necessarily a given, it can be declined for a variety of reasons. It helps to have stats that meet your partner's physical or moral type- although a good level of Charm can make up for lacking that, as can high Relations with the partner in question.

In Lost Heir 2, existing romance can continue. It can also end, if players decide they prefer to try courting the one new Partner available in that game, or that they prefer being single. Breakup means the character stays with your party as a (usually) amicable ex. Relationship progress includes engagement, dubbing the Partner Royal Consort (this can go over in different ways, as you'd expect, but your kingdom will ultimately always accept your choice), and- if your relationship is sexual- conceiving a child. The latter happens even if you're in a homosexual relationship- an Archmage we'll meet in Part 2 has some magic that can allow people of the same gender to make a baby. He even allows asexual characters to use it, as the Kingdom of Daria needs an Heir. There is also a potential adopted child we can get in LH 2, but that happens regardless of the baby (although the adopted child will become the best Big Sibling ever if we later conceive a kid).

Lost Heir 3 allows some breakups to existing relationships- but it comes at the cost of a party member. You can also progress things further with the birth of a child (if one was conceived in LH2), a Royal Wedding, and the beginnings of a marriage. You then automatically name your birth child as your heir before the final conflict quest (no natural child means you can pick someone, including possibly the adopted child if you got them), with your King/Queen as Regent until they come of age (or if you have no spouse, you get to pick a Regent), just in case you don't make it through. Also, any unattached party members can meet their own romantic partners in Part 3, David & Leigh Eddings style, provided you're not attached to the characters in question and you make the right decisions to allow their relationships to occur. If you don't already have a Partner entering LH3, there are 2 additional potentials you can pick up, but you can only progress to an engagement with them before the final conflict and then they are in more serious danger than any other characters during said conflict. But that's getting far ahead.

Different Partners have different stat requirements for courting, as noted. These include Morality levels, Charm levels, and maybe other stats. I'll note them as we progress. In general, you need 65 Relations to start a Romance and 80 to consummate it. Having the stats to meet your Partner's type helps them accept your flirting, so you can get to 80 faster. If you don't have 80 when the opportunity comes, the game tells you 'needed stat X' and your offer for a hookup fails. But if you can get the Relationship above 80% (ie don't fall for the numerous screw-up opportunities, both obvious and otherwise), courtship is always successful.

You can not court any potential Partners from LH 1 in LH 2 or 3, or the potential from LH2 in 3, or any Partners past the initial opportunities. At least not in any way that I know of.

Sadly, there is no option for multiple Partners. Trying for that will usually screw up your Relationship with both people in question and cause Romances to end (and you can end up traveling with a disturbed ex if the Relationship drops low enough, but I've heard that can also be fun although I have yet to see it personally). And then, whether you get a Partner or not, there is always the opportunity for...

Flings- These are brief sexual encounters that your character can have with other characters you meet briefly. Flings do not join your party post-hookup, but it's presumed you always fondly remember them. We have two potential Flings in part 1 I will highlight, and two more in Part 3, plus a third that's Druid only. I don't know of any in Part 2. Flings usually give bonus to Charm if successfully pursued, and they require certain Charm levels to acquire. There are no long term consequences to hooking up either, beyond Morality points at least. Of course, trying to go after a Fling with your Partner able to see it is usually a good way to wreck your Relationship with the Partner in the first game. The Flings in Game 3 don't even let you try to get a Fling if your Partner is around when you meet.

You can hook up with Partners and Flings of any gender to which your Prince/ss is attracted. All long-term Partners allow you to set their gender when you meet them, so you can make them a potential Romance Option or just a good friend as you prefer. Flings will always be a gender to whom you are attracted, except in one case where the gender is random (being bi easily avoids that issue). It is assumed that all your party members are bi, as are their romantic partners who aren't you in LH3 (one said characters is always the opposite gender of your party member, one is random gender, two are always female, one is always male, and we can set the gender of the last).

No party member is celibate, not even the cleric if they are recruited. Although our character can choose celibacy for whatever reason if you like.

So, if readers like Romance, this game offers it. And staying single can also be fun.

Romancing Gale/Gill

In my experience, Gale/Gill is the easiest Partner to Romance. You can get an in with them as a childhood friend via first kiss or shy hand touching, then confirm the Romance later with a firm kiss when you meet them again as an adult. After that, you can easily gain Relations by taking Romantic actions (I've never seen a flirt fail) and siding with them in various Relations choices. They don't mind sleeping with you early, unlike some characters, and their personality makes them very attractive (although this can be true of all Partners, depending on your tastes).

Now that we've talked about Romance, let's meet Gale!

Chapter 2- Meet our Best Friend.

Plot Action! posted:

- 'Renata, did you see the riders?'

"Riders?", you question. "No, I just got up. Who's here?"

- "I don't know. I heard that a group of fifty men arrived at the Castle just before dawn. Your parents have already granted them an audience for later this afternoon."

"Fifty!" you exclaim. "And they've already been granted an audience? They must be important!"

- "Mom said that a banquet has been ordered for tonight too."

The attraction Gale has for us and this surprising plot development of important visitors will both be resolved later. First, a more important decision for children must be made.

How shall we play today? posted:

Even an exciting event like important visitors to the castle is not enough for you and Gale to change your plans for the morning. Presumably your parents or someone else will tell you about the event later, if it is important.

Gale is ready to go enjoy your plans.

So are the two Guards standing near you, who you know from past experience will observe whatever you do with Gale, but not interfere.

- "The Princess can do whatever she wants! Right, Biggs?"

- "Correct, Wedge! Same goes for her friend- as long as we protect the Princess, of course!"

- "What shall we do today?"

Options posted:

1. Stalk rats in the tunnels below the castle, as you do most mornings.
2. Wrestle and roughhouse around the moat, as you do most mornings.
3. Read stories of magic and mythical monsters, as you do most mornings.
4. Play in the Kingswood, as you do most mornings.

The redshirtsGuards Biggs & Wedge are named as per Final Fantasy tradition. They're just extras, so their voice actors aren't anyone famous.

I have to confess that the variety of pictures on the Internet and resizing programs available may make standardizing picture size a problem for me in updates with multiple dialogue headcanons. If people have problems with varying picture sizes or suggestions on fixing the issue, please let me know.

All the above options have stat rewards, as there is a certain level of training available from childhood games. Note that the first two options are unique to picking Gill/Gale as a friend (Peter/Petra has different options). The bonuses are 10 points to Stealth, Unarmed (or Blades, Archery if you picked Peter/Petra instead of Gale), Arcana, or Nature.

The original thread voted Stealth, as detailed below. I'm largely keeping the canon text for that choice for plot, though I will change our official Stats later through a fanfic mechanic I'll introduce in this update.

Castle Tunnels posted:

Gale recalls the events that first brought you together as friends.

- "We should check out the tunnels below the Castle, Renata, in case the Rats have come back."

You shrug. "Sure, why not?"

The Guards follow you to the secret entrance to the tunnels beneath the Castle, an area that not everyone who resides in the Castle knows exists. This entrance is on the outside of the walls, allowing hidden escape in emergencies. The Royal Wizard keeps a strong ward on it to prevent unauthorized access. As you are the Princess, you and anyone accompanying you- like Gale- are immune to this ward.

When you enter the tunnels, the Guards frown but wait outside. You remember how it started and how it generally goes.

Your parents would be mortified to know that one of your favourite pastimes was to catch rats with the cook's daughter. It had started as a dare. Gale had been assigned to stop the mice from entering the kitchens. The Royal Mouser, a man with a dozen cats, had been at his wit's end trying to get rid of the pests. Gale didn't think you'd help her do it, since you were so high-born. You had proven her wrong. Since your initial campaign, the two of you have spent many hours exploring the lower levels of the castle and disposing of pests. An odd hobby, but strangely enjoyable.

You spent much time in the tunnels sneaking up on vermin and zapping them with basic spells you mastered through long practice. Scorching Fire Bolts, green Force Missiles, and the occasional Shocking Grasp Magic ended the poor rats' threat to the castle's health.

During various rat-killing sprees, you could not help but notice Gale move far more stealthily than you had ever observed anyone move before. She stabbed the Rats with a Dagger using uncanny precision. You commented to her about this a few days ago.

"Looks like you have some new Skills, Gale."

- "Yeah, this old guy in the Dungeons is showing me how to move quietly. Mother's boyfriend introduced us."

Gale's father was a soldier who died during a mission to curb raiding Northern Barbarians. Her mother had dated a succession of Castle Guards since her mourning ended.

"Is your mother's boyfriend's friend another Castle Guard?"

- "Uh, no, he doesn't work in the Dungeons. He's *in* the Dungeons. You know, as a prisoner. He's teaching me to pick locks too. It's fun!"

You found it odd that Gale was friendly with a prisoner in the dungeons who knew how to pick locks and move silently. Could he be working on an escape plan? You did not have much time to investigate, and it was not your immediate concern. Of greater concern was the accuracy Gale had displayed in stabbing the Rats.

"Did this prisoner teach you to stab the rats like that?"

- "No, that was someone else. I have a combat teacher too! Guess who it is. I'll give you a hint. It's not that old Knight who trained your parents."

"Of course not. He'd refuse to show you anything because of all those juvenile pranks you've played on him!"

- "Hey, don't remind me! I didn't think he'd take it personally! Come on, make another guess."

"Um, is it that wise Monk in the castle temple? Guard Sergeant Porkins told me he saw her fight off four bandits at once!"

- "Nope, you're wrong. Why would you think I'd get Dagger Skills from Sister Geri? She doesn't even use weapons! I can hardly ever appreciate her so-called wisdoms either. 'The longest journey begins with a single step'- like the average person doesn't know that!"

You could recall a few more interesting things the Monk in question had told you, but you did not voice them. Gale's lack of respect for the Monk was tragically evident.

You shrugged. "Ok, I give up. Who is it?"

- "The old lady who works in the Royal Gardens. You know, the senile one. Except she's not really senile. She thinks I have the potential to do well in her Guild!"

"But there is no Gardener's Guild. What are you talking about?"

Gale suddenly frowned.

- "Uh, can you forget I said anything? She told me not to tell anyone she was training me. I can't say why. But if you want to know, ask her about weeding, okay?"

You wondered if you would have the opportunity to further investigate Gale's training later. She seemed unwilling to elaborate further, so you dropped the subject for the time being.

An hour later found you exiting the tunnels covered in dust, dirt, and scratches. The Guards who had been waiting outside commented a bit on your play.

- "I wonder where the Princess and her friend went just now, Wedge. Did we see anything?"

- "We saw nothing, Biggs. It's not like she went into the secret tunnels beneath the Castle that only veteran retainers know about. We certainly did not see her go in there!"

You ignored the guards' banter, doubting they would tell anyone about how you and Gale played, and even when you told other people about it, you were non-specific. Gale, you presumed, was the same.

The Mentor teaser and Gale development here was largely original. Let's get the canon bits for this LP that adjust Renata's stats to best later effect.

Future Self Retcon posted:

As you enter the tunnels today, time seems to halt around you. A tall woman steps out of the darkness. She looks very similar to you, only seven years older and wearing a hooded cloak. The woman greets you by holding up a Magic Wand.

"Hello, Princess Renata, I am your future self. I have journeyed back in time with the assistance of a certain Doctor who loaned me this Wand, which he called the Sonic Screwdriver. I am here to help you shape your early development for best effect later in life."

you say. "If you are really me from the future, prove it."

The woman passes all your various challenges. Finally, you decide to accept her advice.

"Ok, you are my future self. What do you want from me?"

"Do not play in the tunnels today,"
your future self suggests. "Wrestle with Gale instead as you have in the past on other mornings. Unarmed Skill will be of more use to you than Stealth."


Your future self smiles and restarts time.

Halfway into the tunnels' maze, you tackle Gale from behind. She was not expecting the ambush, but accepts it as a good friend and gleefully tussles with you for a while.

Stalk rats in the tunnels below the castle, as you do most mornings.
-Wrestle and roughhouse around the moat, as you do most mornings.

Your parents would be mortified to know how you behaved with the Cook's daughter. Gale was great, she rarely saw your rank and treated you like a normal person. Your fancy clothing quickly gets dirty and crinkled as you tumble about.

The Guards Biggs and Wedge- who followed you into the tunnels today after you didn't get back when they expected- comment as they watch your horseplay.

- "Be sure not to telegraph your attacks by cocking your shoulder like that, Princess. Just swing instead."

- "Growl after you grab someone or get grabbed. It will throw off your opponent and interrupt their planned attack or defense."

You take note of their advice for the future. Your future self also watches with a smile, although no one can see or hear her but you.

(Unarmed +10 to 10)

The Unarmed bonus here is key to developing Renata's secondary close range combat Skill for later. You can only do good things with Stealth if you take levels in Thief, Ranger or Assassin. Druids get a little, but not really enough. We are becoming a Monk later and it will not be good to be a Monk who can never succeed in Unarmed strikes. I will max Arcana in other ways later, and Nature is not on my target list.

Friendship posted:

After a few hours of play, you and Gale make your way back into the Castle and down to the kitchen where Freda, her mother, has put together a small breakfast for you to eat.

Gale takes some of the food and begins to eat.

The breakfast slowly begins to disappear as you fill your stomachs. Gale talks to you between bites.

During the meal, you notice that Gale, not Freda, has prepared the majority of the food you are eating. You also get the feeling that Gale is waiting for you to make a move on her. If she is attracted to me, you reflect, I guess that she is not willing to make the first move, either because of our friendship or because I am Heir to the Kingdom of Daria. If I make the first move, it might be ok, but she won't make it herself.

As you are not attracted to Gale, you make no move that evidences otherwise. Gale's unusual interest in you seems to wane midway through the meal.

- "Mom says I should start thinking about my future."

1. Ask, "What do you want to do?"
2. Ask kindly, "You're a good cook. Won't you take over as head cook?"
3. Say coldly, "You're just a servant. Just do as you're told."

We'd get a Choice preceding this one to start a Romance with Gale if we were interested in doing so. It's just a bonus Relations Choice. This Choice is similar. It's also our first Social Interaction Choice. Option 1 is neutral and changes nothing. Option 2 is Good and gives positive Gale Relations, 3 is Evil and gives negative. I am interested in developing Gale as a friend, so I pick Option 2.

Encouraging Gale posted:

"You're a good Cook. Won't you take over as Head Cook?"

- "Mom spent ten years as a Kitchen Maid. Then ten more years as Assistant Cook and another ten years as Cook's Apprentice before she became Head Cook. I don't know if I want to do that."

"Well, you can do whatever you want," you reply.

Gale beams a smile at you.
(Gale Relationship +3 and Good +2)

- "Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live my own life. Away from the Castle and everything."

Every twelve year old in the world has probably had the same ideas, regardless of background and personal situation.

Gale finally pops a last morsel of food into her mouth, then speaks again.

- "I have to go. Mom will need help with the big banquet tonight."

You are also busy. You have lessons and should have left several minutes ago. Royal Wizard Harmond, your tutor, will probably be anxious because you're running late. You hurry off to the Library, giving Gale a quick wave before you go. Biggs and Wedge escort you back inside the Castle, then leave you at the Library with friendly nods.

When you arrive at the Library, Harmond is waiting for you. You have to respect the old man—he doesn't say a word about the condition of your clothing as you arrive. There are many books placed across the table in front of him. As a princess, you are expected to be well-versed in politics, economics, history, geography, heraldry, spellcraft, and religion. In addition to your academic studies, you have been taught to ride, hunt, play musical instruments, speak eloquently, and dance.

Harmond has been your primary instructor in all of this since you were six years old.

- "Good day, Your Highness. Glad you could make it."

You aren't sure if Harmond means the comment in good or bad taste. His tone is sometimes a mystery to you.

Out of all the things Harmond teaches you, there is one subject class you like best.

1.Your academic studies are your favourite.
2. Your music, diplomacy, and dance classes are your favourite.
3. You don't care for any of your studies, preferring to be doing something physical instead.

Option 1 provides 10 point bonuses to Arcana, History, Geography, and Religion. Option 2 provides similar bonuses to Charm and Perception. Option 3 gives 10 points each to Strength, Agility, and Endurance. For my build and goals with Renata, Option 1 is best here.

Academic Student posted:

Harmond smiles proudly as you immediately fling open the books in front of you. You recall the many topics you have discussed and read about, facts and answers flowing freely in your mind.
(History +10, Geography +10, Arcana +10, and Religion +10)

This enables us to pass some hidden Geography and History checks later on. Our Stats are now-

Stats posted:

Renata, Princess of Daria
Health: 100%
Specialized Training: None

MORALITY: Good: 53% Evil: 47%

Agility: 20%
Charm: 30%
Endurance: 20%
Perception: 20%
Strength: 20%
Willpower: 20%

Archery: 0%
Devices: 0%
Magic: 23%
Blades: 0%
Stealth: 0%
Unarmed: 10%

Arcana: 40%
Geography: 30%
History: 30%
Nature: 20%
Religion: 30%

Gale: 63%

- a Spellbook

Harmond's Exposition Lecture, a big part of the last LP thread that deserves its own Chapter, will proceed next update. See you then.

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Adequacy Achieved!

Chapter 3- Harmond's Lecture

Exposition Begins posted:

Harmond talks to you for several hours, going over many topics recently covered in his past lectures. Then, after several hours of study, he speaks in reply to a study question you answered correctly.

- "Very good, Renata. Now, tell me what you know of the Consortium of Planewalkers."

You blink. Harmond has mentioned this topic several times during various lessons, but the occasions are many and far between. You can only recall a few basic facts. From his expression, you judge that he is hoping for a good answer that will save you both lecture time. But what to say?

1. Say, "Demon worshippers."
2. Say, "Their compound is in Vernex, a city in the north."
3. Say, "You're the teacher; now stop being lazy and do your job."
4. Say knowledgeably, "A political and arcane movement for the increased allowance of demonic evocation."
5. Make up something.

Four of these choices give hidden bonuses. Option 1 provides nothing, 3 is mean and gives a point of Evil- as do a lot of mean things our Lost Heir character can do as a child. The other three options all give a 3-point stat bonus to something- Geography for 2, History for #4 (this was the original thread pick, and is in fact a hidden option unlocked by having high Arcana here), and Charm for 5. In Renata's run my goal for Charm is 80, whereas History and Geography it's 60 (though I will of course be happy with more). So here I'm going with Charm. I can still effectively build the other stats later.

Distracting the Teacher posted:

"A group of weavers, coopers, and chandlers," you say, making it up as you go. "They work outside of the usual guild system, allowing them to set lower prices."
(Charm +3 to 33)

Harmond blinks, temporarily distracted by your words.

- "Uhhhh, no. The Consortium of Planewalkers is a group of mages who believe that demon summoning should be allowed across the land. They believe that demon labour should be used without regulation. They're a political and arcane movement for the increased allowance of demonic evocation. Although, historically, they've never been successful. Their compound is in Vernex, a city in the northern province of Daria."

"I knew that."

Harmond smiles at your Charm, then begins his lecture.

The bulk of this exposition is somewhat canon, somewhat original. The original parts introduce important plot elements that will be brought up later in the canon game as though our character knew them already regardless of their Knowledge levels. This is ok for plot, but it doesn't mesh with my personal standards for character development, thus the need for additional exposition. The game thankfully aids pacing significantly. The lecture below proceeds largely independent of our answer to the previous choice. I did not even look at the game much while composing it. You can't save scum in Lost Heir, so I didn't want to have to mess around with it a lot. Testing my own memory of the game was fun too.

Harmond's Lecture posted:

- "Now let me tell you what you might not immediately remember. I have mentioned most of this in previous lessons, but never all at once."

Harmon waves his hands and a series of illusions appear on a bare wall of the library that has been cleared for this purpose. It is a magical technique he has used to improve his lectures many times. He begins to lecture you in a knowing tone that seems vibrant at first.

- "The Consortium of Planewalkers, as I said, are a political and arcane movement for the increase of demonic evocation. Demonic evocation is defined as magic that concerns Summoning, commanding, and taking advantage of Demons. The Consortium believes that this practice should be allowed across the land and not regulated by any government body.

"The Consortium first arose several centuries ago during the reign of King Gerald II. It formed out of the ranks of a group of wizards who sought to split from the Daria Mage's Guild. Some of them had flunked out of their Guild's Academy of Wizards, others merely disagreed with their Guild's policies regarding a certain Forbidden Magic. Remind me, what are the Three Forbidden Magics?"

Harmon does not really need reminding, but you indulge him. "Necromancy, Soulburning, and Demon Summoning. Magical compulsion is also frowned upon."

- "Very good! It is the third one you listed that concerns us today."

Harmond shows you several images of fearsome creatures. Some of them resemble humans or dogs and other animals in shape, but twisted, as though they are the nightmares of what man and animal could be. Others have great leathery wings, claws, horns, tentacles, and other inhuman traits. A few are surrounded by fire, ice, and other elements. You blink, recognizing some of the creatures from your dream the previous night.

- "Demons, as you know, are dangerous creatures not native to this Plane. They reside on their own Plane of existence which adjoins the Plane Daria occupies. Those who practice certain forms of Magic can travel to that Plane, or summon demons onto this Plane. Currently, it is the law in Daria that such Magics are highly regulated, if not outright banned. Only the Academy of Wizards and those licensed by them can train people in the Magics of Planewalking and Demon Summoning. It is forbidden for the common citizen to practice Demon Summoning- even though the Magic itself can be easy to perform, it is also very dangerous. Your parents support these laws."

You make an educated guess as to his next statement. "And the Consortium of Planewalkers oppose them."

- "In their current form, yes."

Harmond explains some of the failed Consortium movements in the past for a few moments before continuing.

- "Allow me to elaborate on why Demon Summoning is regulated, and on why some people are interested in practicing it regardless.

"First, the benefits. Demons can be commanded by their Summoners if the Summoner knows the Demon's true name and has a high Willpower threshold. The Demon can then perform tasks for the Summoner including defense, combat, manual labor, and even mundane tasks such as blowing a pleasing wind through a room, heating a bed, or chilling a drink. Demons often have great levels of Strength or Endurance that exceed those of humans, making them ideal for manual labor. Some Demons can command the elements and do other tasks the average human cannot. Some Demons are immune to or not easily damaged by ordinary weapons, some have claws and other dangerous natural weapons, some are of great size, some have wings- all this can make them excellent soldiers or bodyguards. Some Demons are even transparent or invisible, which means they can be used as hidden guardians and spies. The list of potential benefits is long."

You nod in agreement, guessing at the various possibilities.

- "Now I shall discuss the dangers of Demon Summoning. It is not always possible for the Summoner to control the Demons they Summon. If a Summoner lacks the requisite Arcana Knowledge, or the requisite Willpower, controlling a Demon becomes difficult if not impossible. And of course various Demons require varied levels of control. Often when a Summoner calls a Demon to this Plane, they do not know what level of control is necessary beforehand. Can you guess what happens if they cannot muster the requisite control level?"

You shrug, inviting your tutor to continue.

- "It varies, but the basic problem is that Demon psychology is far different from human. It is akin to that of Orcs, Trolls, and other monsters, only far more twisted and savage. It is Evil on a level that only the Evil Gods such as Noct and Shadi and their servants can surpass. Some Demons like to prey upon humans, while others delight in cruel jokes and pranks. Add in the powers they command, and I'm sure you can guess why Demons should not roam this plane out of control. Worse, if the person who Summons a Demon has a Willpower level significantly below the Demon's, the Demon may actually take control of the Summoner's body and make them do things. Can you see why Demon Summoning might thus be discouraged?"

You gape, feeling a sense of horror at the things Harmond describes. The images he shows you of terrible crimes and scenes of devestation enacted by uncontrolled Demons and their possessed victims illustrate this horror.

After he judges you frightened enough by your own imagination, Harmond begins displaying images of ruined cities using his Illusion Magic.

- "In the distant past, centuries if not millennia before the Kingdom of Daria was founded, there existed a civilization known today as the Som'Reth. It is believed that their people greatly indulged in Demon Summoning on a level not practiced today by any but the most dedicated Summoners. Some scholars say the Som'Reth worshipped Demons, others believe they merely Summoned and took advantage of them. A few even speculate that the Som'Reth sought to become like Demons themselves. It is unknown what caused the Som'Reth civilization to decline and collapse, but today the ruins of their cities and their relics are all that remains. Many of the relics are tools the Som'Reth unfortunately left behind which allow any Magic User, trained or otherwise, to call upon Demons easily and Summon them to this plane."

Harmond creates several images of oddly colored glowing stones.

- "These are Demon Stones, arcane gems created by the Som'Reth and hidden within the ruins of their cities. It is unknown how they created these Stones and knew what to inscribe on them. Each Stone is inscribed with the true name of a specific Demon and bound to that Demon. To use the Stone, a would-be Demon Summoner need only hold it and concentrate. They then must read aloud and properly pronounce the runes inscribed on the Stone when the Demon bound to the Stone appears.

"If the Summoner lacks or fails to apply their Arcana Knowledge to properly read the runes, they will say the Demon's true name wrong and the Demon will be able to act out of the Summoner's control. The same is true if the Summoner's Willpower is not up to controlling the Demon. It can be dangerous for the untrained to even try to focus their Willpower to a greater level in such situations. Experienced Summoners, however, and those with strong Willpower, can find themselves up to the task. There are currently only two official organized entities that train such Summoners- the Academy of Wizards and the Consortium of Planewalkers. And the Academy is by far the inferior of the two."

"Go on," you say, still intrigued for the moment.

- "There are unofficial unorganized attempts to Summon Demons, of course. Usually, these events end in tragedy. It is good that the Som'Reth's Ruins are usually remote and hard to access. Dangerous monsters often lurk near or inside them, while the Ruins themselves often contain lethal traps that the Som'Reth built to guard their treasures. These traps can be hard to find, let alone disarm. Unfortunately, the treasures the traps and monsters protect are usually of great value, tempting the desperate and uncautious. It is unknown why the Som'Reth created such ruins. Some scholars believe it was an obscure god's demand, others that the Som'Reth wished to test future civilizations and see if they could duplicate or exceed what the Som'Reth could do. Here is an example of one very creative defense for their ruins."

- "The image you see before you is of a Som'Reth Welcome Box. These Boxes are often found in the lairs of Trolls, Dragons, and other dangerous monsters. They may also be found in the wilderness, or in ruins and caves not necessarily once occupied by the Som'Reth. These Boxes can be hard to open for the unskilled, but if they are opened, they often contain maps to Som'Reth Ruins, keys to doors within those Ruins, and Magical Artifacts similar to what can be found in the ruins. Adventurers who find such boxes and explore the Ruins to which the Boxes direct them usually end up either quite wealthy or quite dead."

By now, Harmond has started to bore you a little. You have to stifle a yawn.

- "The Academy of Wizards seeks to discourage adventurers from exploring Som'Reth Ruins. Usually only the most desperate or highly skilled parties ignore them. The Consortium of Planewalkers, on the other hand, often sponsor expeditions to seek out and explore Som'Reth Ruins. Some of their more extreme members even have soldiers encircle and guard the Ruins they find, seeking to ensure that only their movement can control the treasures within. The irony that their movement is in favor of increasing the allowance of Demon Summoning while they seek to bring the practice under their complete control is lost on the Consortium.

"Naturally, some of these ruin-guarding practice on the part of the Consortium is sponsored by Academy influence to regulate their Demon Summoning. The Consortium has long cooperated with said controls, even though they do sometimes voice disagreement with them. Their main compound is on an island in the northern city of Vernex."

Harmond displays an image of that city on the wall.

- "This compound was constructed using Demon labor and features many elaborate Magic and Demon-inspired defenses. The Consortium allows only approved official parties, their own students and approved members, and adventurers selling unregistered Demon Stones to enter their compound. Even then, they still often charge an expensive toll for any ferries crossing to their island. All this is approved by the Academy, of course.

"I need to explain further what I mean by unregistered Demon Stones. The Consortium has created an elaborate magical defense system for any Demon Stones their members obtain and use. Every Consortium member's Demon Stones are registered to that member. If another member or someone outside the Consortium is found in possession of, or worse using, Stones that do not belong to them, the Consortium allows the offender to be punished under their own rules and the laws of our Kingdom. Consortium members also store their personal Demon Stones in special Runebags that, if opened by the unauthorized, can activate magics that erase the inscriptions on the Stones within, rendering them completely useless rocks."

You take a few notes for later review as Harmond goes on.

- "This control system is greatly approved of by the Academy of Wizards and your parents. Even the Consortium's more extreme members and nobles who support them have to recognize the benefits and safeguards it provides. Greatest among these, perhaps, is that the regulation system has helped sponsor a high amount of research into safe and skilled demonic evocation, as practiced by the Consortium and taught at their Vernex compound's university."

Harmond does not seem to notice your increasing level of fatigue.

- "Thanks to their expeditions and their research, the Consortium of Planewalkers has gained an incredibly high knowledge level regarding Demons, the Demon Plane, and Demon Summoning. Enough that the Academy has licensed them to train magic users in Demon Summoning with Academy oversight. They are considered the foremost Demon Summoners in Daria. Some superstitious people, however, regard them as Demon Worshippers, even though that is not always accurate. I would not advise calling a member of the Consortium a Demon Worshipper to their face.

"Despite the public superstition, Demon Summoning has vastly grown in popularity in recent decades. The Consortium has spread the opinion that no magic, including Demon Summoning, is inherently good or evil. It all depends on how that Magic is used. A large number of Nobles, scholars, and powerful Wizards agree with this view. Thanks to their supporters and the resulting funding, the Consortium operate their university. They also employ a large army of soldiers, many of whom are trained in Summoning and commanding Demons along with mundane forms of combat. A large number of Daria citizens have relocated to Vernex to study with and join the Consortium, eager to explore what Demon Summoning can do for them. This is of great concern to the future of Daria, if not our entire Plane."

You begin to wonder how long Harmond's lecture will keep going, and if any of it will be relevant to your sheltered royal life.

1. Continue to listen intently as your tutor lectures you.
2. Ask rudely "What's the point of all this?"
3. Stop listening and wait for the lesson to end.

Many later plot developments in Lost Heir and the game's official rules for Demon Summoning along with hints as to its benefits and dangers were laid out above. For the current Choice, Option 1 gives an Arcana Point, 2 an Evil Point, and 3 locks out some later exposition text and Options that will create risk to your character, particularly if they choose to Summon Demons. 2 may give the same risk. I will proceed with Option 1.

Keep Listening posted:

You are a diligent student and you listen eagerly.
(Arcana +1 to 41)

- "I can see you're wondering why I'm telling you all this... Our Castle has today been graced with a large delegation from the Consortium of Planewalkers. They arrived early this morning and have scheduled an audience with your parents for this afternoon, about thirty minutes from now, in fact. Your parents, the Queen and King, requested you be present at that audience. They also suggested I tell you everything I know about the Consortium before it began."

You start to nod, realizing the purpose behind the lecture. Harmond's expression changes slightly with his next statement.

- "The leader of the Consortium delegation is a high-ranking member named Alexander Zusak. He was once a pupil of mine, back when I taught at the Academy of Wizards. I have not seen him since those days."

You notice a strange emotion in Harmond's tone. Is it disappointment or pride?

- "I hear he has powerful associates now, and much influence among the Consortium. They have elected him High Chancellor, a very important position. Your parents are treating Zusak with cautious respect. I suggest you do the same."

Harmond clears his throat, then speaks again in his former tone.

- "To sum up what I said earlier without immediately irrelevant details,
we have been graced with a large contingent from the Consortium of Planewalkers. They will be presenting their arguments to your parents once more this afternoon. As you know, the law restricts Demon Summoning and leaves its practice in the hands of those Wizards who are Academy trained.

"Demons live in a separate Plane accessible only by Magic. Through a combination of Summoning and control, they can be brought into our world and forced to do the caster's bidding. But, if the Demon wins this contest of wills, it gains control of the caster.

"Demons have strange moods. Some will just talk to their captives, but many have perverse and cruel tastes. Many of the poor conjurers mutilate themselves or attack others. Weaker Demons can only control a person for a few minutes, but stronger Demons can keep control for hours or even days.

"Luckily, Demonic Possession is very obvious to anyone seeing it. The Mage's actions are very stiff and awkward as the Wizard attempts to regain control.

"Alexander Zusak is a high-ranking member of the Consortium. I hope that you attend court this afternoon and hear your parents' reactions to his arguments for yourself. That's enough for today. I'll see you tomorrow, Renata."

1. Say "Thank you, Harmond."
2. Say "Okay, bye."
3. Say "Thank the Gods that's over! You're a real blowhole!"
4. Leave without saying anything and hurry on your way.

Taking Option 1 here for a minor Charm bonus. 3 gives Evil, 2 and 4 do zilch. Largely false Choices like this make the Lost Heir games predictable at times and hard to pace in a voting LP. I will proceed past them as best I can in novelization style, noting each. Readers are likewise welcome to comment at any time- helping the thread grow and pace through various pages. I apologize to previous voters for ignoring their past choices, but it will all work out in the end- I promise.

Thank you, Teacher! posted:

Harmond smiles and nods to you as you leave.
(Charm +1 to 34)

You think to yourself as you leave the library- That was a very interesting lesson. Now I best hurry to prepare for that afternoon audience. I feel I should meet these Demon Summoner Consortium people, they may be very important to my life.

Next update we will meet those people and our Lost Heir's parents. See you tomorrow night.

Stats posted:

Renata, Princess of Daria

Health: 100%

Specialized Training: None

MORALITY: Good: 53% Evil: 47%

Agility: 20%
Charm: 34%
Endurance: 20%
Perception: 20%
Strength: 20%
Willpower: 20%

Archery: 0%
Devices: 0%
Magic: 23%
Blades: 0%
Stealth: 0%
Unarmed: 10%

Arcana: 41%
Geography: 30%
History: 30%
Nature: 20%
Religion: 30%

Gale: 63%

- a Spellbook

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Sep 16, 2009

Say 'Thank you, Ershin'.

Say it.

Is it possible to evenly increase Skills as you are with Abilities, or is the main character realistically limited to 2-3 Skills that can be increased?

Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

anakha posted:

Is it possible to evenly increase Skills as you are with Abilities, or is the main character realistically limited to 2-3 Skills that can be increased?

It depends on the character and what you're trying to build. Our Abilities all start at 20%, the only one I've increased so far is Charm (Perception will come later starting at first Monk level). Skills all start at 0% and it can be hard to prioritize developing them. This thread on the Choice of Games forums has several guides for building characters with multiple maxed Skills- A Squire / Ranger with max Blades & Archery, also high Geography & Nature for example. Add a Priest Level to this Class in the second game, tweak it here and there, and you can easily max Magic too, then expand into Rune Warrior come LH3. There are also guides for Paladin / Demon Summoner, Bard, Assassin / Druid, Dragon Rider (which requires mid-range Knowledge to scout out the Dragon Cave in LH2, I'm unlocking that with Renata even though she won't get a Dragon outside bonus content), and Necromancer / Vampire Lord. Try out the Guides if you want to explore what you can do outside Renata's somewhat restricted build.

There are also ways to build Skills with the right training as a child and certain Classes later on. I got a Thief with max Agility, Blades, Stealth, and Devices by the start of LH3 picking Choices based on game experience and guessing. She might have had high Charm too if she hadn't started donating her earnings to the needy. I'll probably base my Evil Thief for second run on what she could have been if that never happened- leaving priorities up to voters here and there of course.


Something occurred to me last night- I can diversify Renata's build and path a bit by taking a Priestess Level at second Class Level pick. It won't get her much new content outside teasing since I'm still doing Monk and Seer mainly, but we'll get some new content at least. I can make up the Skill differences by swapping Magic for Unarmed at key spots in LH1. We'll lose some Agility (which we're not using anyway), and we might risk having to avoid exploring Necromancy if we want to keep to the Priestess alignment restrictions (I'm doing Good first run and Evil second run with limited Magic, but Necromancy can still be bonus content later if we don't do it either run, I'll show it off with a Wizard, Evil Priest, or Sage). Otherwise, it's still pretty even in terms of what we'll be able to do.

I'm taking a vote on the above- do y'all want to see this? I'll give it till we get out of the Prologue again, which will probably be around Christmas at the rate I'm proceeding. Silence means I'll keep to my original plans. We'll still get to pick which Good God or Goddess we follow if we want to vote yes, I'll even pull out the old God tally if people are interested. God voting will proceed after Christmas if this vote goes yes, I'll give that a separate deadline. Let me know please.

Zusak intro update coming later today, I'll try to creak out the first Mentor update with Grady and Geri by tomorrow. Amos and Emaline can't give Renata anything she'll be using, so I'll be taking a separate vote on what to show off with them first run (can't do anything Evil, that would create problems later, but there was one bit of content we missed with each Mentor). My work schedule may preclude me from updating the thread outside my days off unfortunately. Hope people are enjoying the little bits of new content I work into review here and there.

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Chapter 4- Meet our Parents and the Villains

Parental Interaction posted:

You make your way through the halls to your family's private chambers. As you enter, you see your parents sitting side by side at a table. King Brand is strong and fit for his age. His short beard is streaked with white and his eyes are intense as he laughs at a joke your mother made. Queen Jade had been a real beauty in her youth and her good looks have matured into a stately grace as she has aged.

Your father calls out to you as you enter the chamber.

- "Renata! Old Harmond kept you late, I see. No matter. Grab some food before you come with us to the Throne Room."

You look at the finished meal in front of them and realize that Harmond must have kept you past the lunch bell, probably for having arrived late.

- "You'll need to change first. What have you been doing?"

You quickly rush into your own room and see that another outfit has been laid out for you. You waste no time putting it on, washing away the dirt from your hands and face, and returning to your parents.

Together, the three of you start traveling through the castle halls after a servant fills a plate to bring along for you to eat.

Your parents smile and talk to you a bit as you walk.

- "We haven't seen you at all so far today. I thought you'd be up earlier."

- "Your handmaid Bertie told us you were mumbling a lot in your sleep. Is everything alright?"

- "She didn't say anything bad, we're just concerned. We love you, and you are our Heir."

- "Did Harmond tell you why this afternoon audience is so important?"

You nod. It seems best for conversation flow.

- "I hope you paid attention to his information. It could very well impact the future of Daria and your life."

- "Dear, don't scare her. Gods willing, she still has at least a decade before she becomes Queen. We'll still be around all that time."

- "I know, I know."

You reflect for a moment silently on how your parents are often occupied with their royal duties. They try to do their best to love and raise you regardless of that, but your feelings regarding the matter are constantly undergoing changes and hard to predict. Harmond has told you this is normal for your age.

Your father looks directly at you as you turn a corner.

- "You were up early. What were you doing this morning?"

1. Reply honestly, "Playing with Gale."
2. Say, "Oh, you know, the usual- fighting dragons, rescuing princes, and showering the commoners with gold."
3. Lie, "Studying the tax code."
4. Say petulantly, "If you spent more time with me, you'd already know."
5. Snap, "What I choose to do with my free time is my own business."

Ah, adolesence.

There's a lot of optional flavor text available here- our parents like it if we were playing with Petra. They disagree over whether Gale/Gill is a good girl/boy. They don't like it if you snap at them. If you want them to spend more time with you, they say they try. They believe you if you lie about studying the tax code and say the Kingdom will be in good hands with you someday.

All that is usually missed once players discover the one hidden bonus gained by taking Option 2, which of course I'm taking here.

Responding with Imagination posted:

"Oh, you know, the usual- fighting dragons, rescuing princes, and showering the commoners with gold."

Your father laughs and ruffles your hair. (Charm +2 to 36) King Brand then exchanges a smile with Queen Jade.

- "Do you remember when we used to do that sort of thing?"

- "How could I forget? It was our courtship."

- "You may not remember from the bedtime stories in your younger days, Renata, but your mother and I were childhood friends who fell in love when we ran away from this castle to seek adventure. Only one of us was born royalty- who was it again, Jade?"

- "It doesn't matter, Brand. We're both royalty now."

- "Oh, right. Well, we had a lot of fun times and traveled with some interesting companions. You know Sir Grady? He was one of them. So was Harmond, your tutor, and Sister Geri, that Monk who lives in our Castle Temple. There was also a Half-Elven Cleric named Mubaishar, and a Halfling Rogue called Yam. We righted many wrongs, helped a lot of people, vanquished a lot of evil. Those were the days..."

- "Mind you, we rarely told anyone we were actually royalty. Our companions knew, but few others did. When my parents found out what we were doing, they were shocked. Your father's parents were quite the opposite."

- "I remember it being the other way around. Anyway, we eventually settled down and took the throne of Daria when your royal grandparents retired. Someday, that throne will be yours."

You have only paid your parents' story a small amount of attention, concentrating on finishing the afternoon snack the accompanying servant carried for you. He nods at you when you have emptied the plate.

- "Thank you, your Highness."

Your parents are still chatting with one another.

- "Renata will take the throne, provided we can keep control of the nobles. I'm worried about some of them. Lord Weslo, for one. He's never liked our family and always votes against us since we exposed that scandal he got involved in. Duke Eddan concerns me too, he's been building up his military a lot lately. And Duke Uddo signed that trade deal with the Consortium we both argued against, while Duke Bandar-"

- "Jade, all this political stuff is probably going right over Renata's head. Besides, none of those nobles can effectively oppose us as long as we control the kingdom's throne, central army, and purse strings. Lord General Vale, Lord Treasurer Tovar, and Archmage Cumari of the Academy of Wizards are all our firm allies. Everything will be fine."

He turns back to you with a wistful expression.

- "Tell me, Renata, is your friend Gale one of your play adventuring companions?"

"Yes, of course," you say with a smile. Petra also joined you in such play when she lived in the castle. You recall her often patching up your injuries, aided by a young interest in medicine. "Petra, too."

- "Ah yes, Petra. I remember her. And those other childhood friends you had once upon a time? What about them?"

You blink, unable to recall of whom he is speaking.

- "Leave her alone, Brand. She obviously doesn't remember those children. How could she? It was years ago! We're almost at the throne room now anyway."

- "Yes, we are. Never mind that now, Renata. I'll remind you about your old friends later if I get the chance."

Renata will be seeing her old friends again, don't worry. Their characters' earlier knowledge of the Heir is revealed in a dream sequence during LH 3, for those not already aware. Our Seer Level should allow us to pick which friend we see in that dream sequence too.

The Nobles mentioned above will feature in the game later, most prominently in LH 2.

Now For Some Big Plot! posted:

The Castle Throne Room is already filled with people as you and your parents enter. You notice a trio of strangers among the group who seem to jump out at you with their very presence. The first is a darkhaired man with a neatly trimmed goatee dressed in very expensive purple clothing standing off to the side. He has an odd expression on his face.

- "..."

Another large muscular man wearing two hand axes in his belt stands next to the man in purple. Weapons are allowed for the castle's special guests, although most choose to come before their monarch unarmed. The two men seem to be polar opposites. The short, well-dressed man seems dainty and precise in his bright clothing, whereas the axeman is nearly two feet taller, a hundred pounds heavier, and wearing dark clothing.

- "..."

The third member of the trio is a woman with straight red hair and a short sword on her belt. Her eyes have a highly intelligent look as she watches everyone around her.

- "..."

A servant moves aside after fluffling the cushions of the three chairs atop the Throne Room's dais. Your parents sit in the larger chairs, while you take the smaller but no less adorned one. A herald intones your various titles and ranks to those assembled.

- "Presenting Their Royal Majesties King Brand and Queen Jade of Daria, who are equal in power as Monarchs of the Realm! Also presenting Her Royal Highness Princess Renata, Heir to the Daria Throne!"

A fanfare of trumpets sounds from the room's minstrel gallery.
Your mother then speaks from her throne.

- "Welcome to Tornassa, Capital of Daria. We are pleased to have such a highly esteemed member of the Consortium of Planewalkers with us today."

The man wearing the bright purple clothes steps forward and bows, flashing you and your parents a smile filled with perfect white teeth.

- "Thank you, your majesties."

The breach in protocol causes the herald to pause momentarily, but he quickly resumes his role. The man hadn't even waited to be introduced.

- "May I present Alexander Zusak, High Chancellor of the Consortium of Planewalkers! Also, his associates- Thuja from the Opal Cove Weapon Masters and Lady Selina of Brightwater!"

Zusak, the man in purple, bows respectfully before your parents once again, although the smile on his face tightens while he does so. Selina, his female associate, curtsies, but her eyes remain level with your mother's and her expression does not change. Thuja, the man with the axes, refuses to bow and stands scowling. Your father raises an eyebrow at all this, but does not call attention to the trio's disrespect.

- "..."

Your mother meanwhile continues to beam a diplomatic smile at all three.

You wonder if you should-

1. Sit quietly and respectfully.
2. Laugh out loud at the dandy in purple and his odd companions.

Amusing false choice. I laugh here as usual.

Laughter posted:

You snicker at the look of the man in purple, causing him to glance over at you and your parents to frown. Zusak's fake smile falters in irritation, but snaps immediately back into place as he turns to your parents again.

You indulge further in some quiet laughter, unsure what has come over you.
Mocking Laughter

Meanwhile, everyone around you is still talking. After a moment, you compose yourself and return your attention to what is happening nearby.

Sitting respectfully just skips the above bit.

Governmental Exposition posted:

- "I appreciate your hospitality, Your Majesties."

As he speaks, Zusak is primarily addressing your mother, whom you recall is royalty by blood and thus the official ruler of Daria. Although your father was often consulted during difficult decisions prior to their marriage, he did not ascend to royal blood himself until he became King. The royal line of Daria has always been passed down from parent to oldest child, mother to daughter in this case, making your mother the most important person in the room.

The above detail is reversed with a male Heir, making our father the "most important person in the room". I personally dislike it due to Daria's established tradition of near equality between the sexes, so it is altered slightly for this LP. The same detail creates a minor continuity error that has to be addressed in Part 2 should our protagonist have a child or name an Heir of the opposite gender. Beta testers really should have caught and fixed this IMO.

Zusak's Audience posted:

Zusak clears his throat and opens his mouth to begin speaking again, but your mother cuts him off.

- "Let me save you some time. I must tell you that I have no intention of lifting the current Royal Ban on unlicensed Demon Summoning. Nor will any argument you can make move me. The Boundary between our Plane and the Demon Plane must be protected and such power isn't safe in the average person's hands. The Kingdom of Daria will continue to leave the regulation of such arts in the hands of the Academy of Wizards."

Zusak smiles at these words, which seems strange given what you can recall from Harmond's lecture. You do not have the immediate chance to wonder what this means.

- "I suppose that all of the standard arguments, including free Demon labour and equality in the hands of those without ranks, won't sway your opinion?"

Your mother gives him another of her best diplomatic smiles.

- "I'm afraid not."

- "I'm afraid not either."

Your father looks at you, and catching the prompt, you nod as well.

- "Very well. Thank you for allowing me to present my views."

You catch the underlying sarcasm in Zusak's tone and wonder if he is about to storm out of the Throne Room. Your mother's next words preclude this.

- "I trust that you'll stay for the banquet we're holding for the honour of the Consortium?"

Zusak gives her a greasy smile and bows again.

- "Naturally."

Zusak then leaves the Throne Room, accompanied by his two associates. A large group of soldiers in black armor and magicians in black robes follow them. You speculate that these people are the remainder of the Consortium delegation. The redhaired woman with Zusak, Selina, gives you a dark glare before she leaves.

Your parents turn to you after the delegation departs.

- "Thank you, Renata. If you recall the lecture we asked Harmond to give you, you should know why it was important that you supported us just now."

- "The last time the Consortium sent such a delegation to Tornassa, their leader was the High Chancellor who preceded Zusak. He told my parents that they were only King and Queen 'for life'."

You frown at her words, sensing the implications. King Brand leans over and pats your hand to reassure you.

- "We're not going to be around forever, Renata. All humans must die some day, as the Good Gods Lucien and Auriel teach. What's important is to make sure the next generation after ours is left with the proper values in place to oppose danger and evil."

You nod. Under the circumstances, it is the only thing you can think to do. Then your older self standing next to you coughs and points at the retreating figure of Lady Selina. You take her prompt and ask, "Who was that woman? I don't know every Noble, I get the feeling she was important, though."

- "Lady Selina of Brightwater was only recently raised to Nobility. She did several favors for other Nobles in Brightwater and the adjoining Duchy governed by Uddo. It seemed proper to raise her to Nobility herself in return."

- "I've also heard she has the gift of Prophecy and studied martial arts at the Eye of Heaven Monastery in the Norgan Province. Duke Bandar governs that area, but we call it Norgan for the indigenous people. Sister Geri can tell you more about that Monastery if you're interested, Renata. I think Lady Emaline knows Selina too- wasn't Selina part of her Guild once?"

- "We can't talk about that, Brand."

- "Sorry. Hmm, I didn't know Selina was an ally of Zusak and the Consortium. She has many unexpected connections."

"Yeah," you agree with a frown. You aren't sure yet what's going on, but something definitely isn't right.

Your older self gets your attention again, then points at two far corners of the Throne Room. Standing in each corner is a strange man in unusual attire tapping their fingers on an odd object they are holding which looks like a small black box. One of the men quickly vanishes into the crowd when you look in his direction. The other waves back at your older self, then ducks from sight as well. Both men wore white domino masks, so you could not see their faces. "Who were those two?" you ask your older self.

"A friend and someone we're going to save the world from," she answers you. "Sorry I can't be less vague."

You want to press her for more information, but your mother interrupts before you can.

- "Renata, why don't you go have some fun before the banquet? A number of other audiences are scheduled for this afternoon, but you don't need to attend them. I'll pass word to Harmond and your other tutors that you're free from lessons for the rest of the day."

"Thank you."

Eager to be out of court and away from your tutors, you nod your thanks and rush out, holding your empty plate of lunch in your hands. You don't bother trying to find Gale, knowing that she'd be busy helping her mother in the kitchen, preparing for the large banquet. Instead, you decide to clear your head of all the significant events that have happened recently. Your older self suggests you visit four areas of the Castle to get more information on the people she pointed out to you and the Castle's visitors, then have an afternoon nap.

"I wish I could stop what happens after the nap," she tells you cryptically, "but you can only alter the past so much without consequence. It is important that you act here mostly as you did before. When you are me, you will understand."

She refuses to provide further answers at the moment.

1. Visit the Training Yards.
2. Visit the Dungeons.
3. Visit the Castle Temple.
4. Visit the Royal Garden.
5. Go to your room and have an afternoon nap.

The above choices are all possible destinations. Option 5 advances the plot. The first 4 options, however, can all be taken first in any order. Each destination allows us to meet and interact with one of our four Potential Mentors for our future training. I'm going to show them all off again for story purposes next two updates.

We now have a poll going by the way- do we want 1. Renata to keep to her original build of primarily Magic and only build Unarmed again when she becomes a Monk at First Class Level? or 2. do we want to drop Magic in favor of Unarmed once we get out of the Prologue only to recover it by taking Priestess at Second Class Level? I can do either, let me know which is best. There will be more teased content unlocked with Option 2. If Morality is a concern, I can try substituting Druid or Wizard for Priestess, but Good Priestess will save us some Gold, get us better overall Stats than either of those Classes, and make History a lock for showing off how to get the Dragon. Let me know what you'd prefer please. Thanks.

No Stat Changes this update, other than the Charm bonus noted above.

Sep 16, 2009

Say 'Thank you, Ershin'.

Say it.

Since Option 2 gives more content, I'll go with that.

Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

Thanks. I'll probably default to new content as well, depending on other votes. I hope in the long run, though- no offense- that more people ask me to show off such content directly. I made a lot of mistakes my first run of this LP- here if anyone wants to look- and I am trying to overcome them with dedication and effort devoted to showing off the game as best I can. It will be a long road, one for which I am ready, but it will be easier to travel with support along the way. Yours is appreciated, and others' will be also. Thanks much.

If people are waiting for exclusive new content outside Lost Heir 1, it will come when Lost Heir 2 and 3 arrive. I predict that we'll start Lost Heir 2 around March right now, given my update schedule. I cannot update faster- pacing / editing needs and SA's rules about posting too much content at once preclude that. Support along the way- comments, feedback on the game or the way I'm LPing it, ratings and word of mouth- will be appreciated. But this is a niche style LP in a niche genre, so if support is limited, I guess I can understand that too. I'll do my best to keep it going on my own.

It also should go without saying that I can't show off or point out everything. I have explored these games a lot, but there are still things I've only recently learned about and others I have not seen. If people have suggestions for things to do or show off, or know about things I don't, or even know where I'm wrong, please speak up. I will credit all contributions and correct the updates in case of the latter.

Poll going well- I updated the long term goals for the current majority and new plan, I can do this again as we proceed. Thanks to all voters. Please keep commenting even if the poll seems settled, I will keep it open a week as planned.

First Mentor update scheduled for tomorrow, second one next Wednesday at this time.

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Oct 19, 2012

I'm in favor of unarmed for more punching.

Oct 4, 2014

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Avalerion- We'll get at least 20 bonus points to Unarmed if we go with the Priestess plan, so I'll count that as a vote in favor. There will be some more Wrestling and Kicking in addition to Punching- we'll have to get through the first quest with Unarmed as opposed to Magic now. But I think with doing this and keeping Magic as our later power attack stat we're more likely to max out Unarmed in the long run. A good thing. We'll max Magic either way.

Please keep expressing interest if you wish. Previous posts updated for Renata's long term goals. They can still change over time. Nothing about this LP is set in stone.

Oct 4, 2014

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Chapter 5- Mentors, Part 1

We now have a chance to interact with the potential Mentors for our character before concluding the Prologue. I'll comment a bit on each as we proceed. First, the two Mentors from whom I'm sure Renata will most benefit.

To The Temple posted:

You first visit the Castle Temple. What your father said about Sister Geri got your attention.

Including this bit from the previous thread.

Religion in Daria

All prominent races in Daria have their own belief systems and Gods. Of greatest concern for Lost Heir are the humans' Gods. They're in two camps, Good and Evil. The Good Gods in the game world are led by Lucien and Auriel. They represent kindness, honor, justice, and so on. Opposing them are the Evil Gods, led by Noct and Shadi. These Gods preside over corruption, cruelty, disease, etc. Every God is either Good or Evil, including custom Gods an LH player might create. Followers of either group of Gods are expected to embody their deity's views on the Morality scale. If they attempt Priest Magic without a Morality level of 70 Good or Evil (IIRC), they risk either limited function or at extreme levels the Holy Symbol crumbling and Priest Levels being lost. The sole exception to this is the Unknown God who doesn't care about Morality if you acquire their patronage as a Priest (I'll show off that quest in bonus content after Renata's run).

As previously discussed when I talked about a Holy Symbol as prized possession, the Morality meter can play a big role in this game when it comes to players who choose to take Priest levels. How Good or Evil a Priest is fuels their powers. Priest levels need to pass Morality Checks to do things like Heal Wounds (either Good or Evil), Repel Undead (Good Priest), or Command Undead (Evil Priest). Paladins and Dark Knights also require high levels of either respective Morality to serve their causes. How many levels you can pick up in the Priest class is also tied to your alignment and how faithfully you follow your deity's ways. If you play a Priest, it's probably best to stay Saint or Sinner on Morality- although I have heard of at least one player who went full Evil in LH1 and then became a Paladin in LH2, so it can seesaw. But that's for veterans. Here are some other notes-

- In Daria, Good Gods are worshipped openly. They are honored in Temples by Priests of varying skill. Among the Good Gods, Auriel probably plays the biggest game role, starting in LH2 with a Cleric of her we'll meet. We also get to see a few religious ceremonies and other events dedicated to the Good Gods depending on events we witness.

- In contrast to the Good Gods, the Evil Gods are generally worshipped in secret. Their followers disguise Holy Symbols, use secret signs to recognize each other, and do other things to keep themselves hidden. The reasons for this should be obvious. We'll visit a few Evil Shrines and Temples in the game which we can plunder for rewards. Of course, neither a Good nor an Evil Priest should have qualms about looting such places.

- There are seven types of religion-related classes in Lost Heir. Priest is the one that concentrates on spellcasting. Cleric (which requires a level of Priest before you take it) is a more martial class that allows you to keep your Priestly powers while getting some extra combat skill. It's a prerequisite for Paladin, which is the holy warrior class with which most readers of high fantasy should be familiar. Paladins need to be both Clerics and some kind of dedicated honorable warriors- IIRC Guards, Knights, or Squires, not Thugs. I haven't tried becoming a Paladin with another Class. It is assumed that Clerics belong to a more militant order of Priests like the real life Knights Templar or Hospitalier. Peter/Petra, if present in the party, is such a character. Devotion varies amongst Priests and Clerics, as do other things including celibacy. It is possible to be a Priest and still have sexual relations, or be celibate if you so choose. Archbishop is the title for the top level of Priest.

- Dark Knights are the Evil equivalent of Paladins. They have a different path though. If you want to be a Dark Knight, Cleric levels are unnecessary. Instead you must be a Squire, then become a Knight but be following an Evil God as you do so and using that God's aid to decieve the Knighthood about your lack of chivalry (Squires ordinarily have to follow chivalry to become Knights, as the game points out for that Class). You don't need to be a Priest or Cleric, having a Holy Symbol of an Evil God is enough to get their attention for a Dark Knight. Both Paladins and Dark Knights get a test in which they must respond as a Good or Evil person would before they get their Class Levels. They can get a free Epic Mount at First Level in LH2 and a special Magic Sword at 2nd Prestige Class Level in LH3 (this requires a Morality test too, I'll show off the sidequests in bonus content if people want).

- Then we have Druids, who worship Nature and with it fuel their Magic. These spellcasters are tradtionally Neutral in fantasy, but in Lost Heir they can be Good or Evil. Evil Druids can become Druids of Decay and get some extra abilities in LH3. The more powerful Druids get animal companions and can shape-change into animals.

- Monks are religious but not restricted in alignment. They concentrate on Unarmed combat and Knowledge Skills over the spellcasting of the typical Priest. We're about to meet a Monk in the Castle Temple. Like most fantasy Monks, if your Lost Heir character becomes a Monk, they will one day be able to do things like astral projection and punch through walls. These abilities may require Monk levels and possibly Ki Training in LH2 (Renata is currently scheduled to acquire that). Monks in general do not have Morality restrictions, although you can take advantage of your moral karma in one Monk exclusive side quest to meditate and get various stats. It is not necessary for a Monk to follow a deity as it is for a Priest. The first step to becoming one is taking Sister Geri as Mentor, which Renata will do.

- The game allows you to create custom Good or Evil Gods for your Priests and other God-following characters if you like. So we can easily do Hieronius the Smiter, Cthulhu, or whoever should we make Renata a Priestess later. Cthulhu can also be the name of a Good or Evil God- we can do dark scary traditional Cthulhu or warm funny misunderstood Cthulhu, perhaps fresh from saving the world. Renata will stay mostly Good through her run, but can go Evil later if preferred. I am weaving in a practical amoral side to her personality, and both Good and Evil are important parts of Daria as a whole.

- I'm not doing a big post on Morality and what it does for us this thread. Notes throughout the game will cover it better than that. Suffice to say- things like kindness, helping others, refusing rewards, and donating to charity award Good points. Evil points are given for murder, theft (successful or otherwise) where we betray someone who was supposed to trust us, pranks, mischief, and bad attitude. You get plenty of opportunities for both throughout the game.

Now let's meet someone seriously religious in the appropriate place-

The Castle Temple posted:

The large structure is devoted to all of the Gods, as most Temples are. The Priests usually devote themselves to specific deities, but your parents have always encouraged freedom of religion for all of Daria. The Temple is mostly empty with only a few people praying at the various alcoves.

You notice the alcoves dedicated to Good Gods are open and lit while those dedicated to Evil Gods are shrouded in shadow. The former areas are more occupied. You recall that your parents set up the Evil shrines to acknowledge the Evil Gods and perhaps placate them. Sometimes you wonder if this was truly wise or whether it will be counterproductive in the long run. You do not see any Consortium members in the Temple area. As you contemplate this, a voice addresses you.

- "How can I help you today, Princess Renata?"

You turn your head to see a short bald woman in robes. You've seen Sister Geri before. She is a regular fixture in the Temple. Although many Monks choose a particular god to worship, she is the exception, choosing to worship all of them. She respects both Good and Evil Gods, acknowledging the power to be gained from each. Your friend Petra considered her a great source of wisdom, while Gale is more skeptical. You yourself are unsure how you feel about the Sister and what, if anything, you want from her. You do recall that she once adventured with your parents and saved their lives on more than one occasion. Perhaps she can give you some wise teachings if you approach her in the right way.

1. Ask, "Did you really fight off four bandits at once?"
2. Ask, "Is Divine Magic that much different from normal Magic?
3. Say, "Get away from me, you bald little freak."

We can get points towards Unarmed, Magic, or Evil from Geri. I pick Magic as it best fits Renata's early build.

Tell me about Magic... posted:

- "Magic is an essential force that permeates all of existence. The Gods grant their favour upon their followers as Divine Magic. Wizards take control of this natural force on their own. So no, there is no real difference, only the method of acquisition. With that said, Divine Magic lends itself to aiding actions, such as blessing and healing. And with Evil Priests, cursing becomes possible too."

She shows you a few gestures and incantations that are common to both Priests and Wizards. Alone, they do nothing, but you can see some similarities.

(Sister Geri Relationship +5, Religion +3 to 33, and Magic +3 to 26)

Sister Geri is the best Mentor for Unarmed character builds- Monks and Thugs. She's also good with Knowledge or Magic Builds because of her relations with Religion. We can't see her full Relationship level until after we pick our actual Mentor but this early training is good to have. Sister Geri also gives us an Arcana bonus later if we pick her as Mentor, and getting 55 Relations with her (we have it now, just need to maintain) will let us unlock her special Mentor Class at First Level. That Class is of course Monk, which provides good bonuses to Unarmed and certain kinds of Knowledge (Religion and History) along with Perception. You can also get bonuses to Agility, Magic, and other Stats over time as a Monk. The cool stuff- Ki Strikes, Astral Projection, and so forth- gets going in Lost Heir 2.

Original Stuff posted:

Sister Geri smiles after answering your question.

- "I'm not surprised you would ask me such a thing. I've often seen you in here gazing with interest at the Gods. Did you know there are some new ones? In Daria's pantheon, strange new Gods appear all the time."

You look at a few shrines she indicates. Sister Geri points out a stained glass window depicting a flaming warrior holding aloft a mighty sword. Next to him is a green statue of another apparent warrior, a winged humanoid with a tentacled face, holding a ready sword at his side. His other hand is clutching a ball of fire. And next to that statue is a larger idol of what may or may not be the same God. It's a tentacled humanoid too, and it looks the same, but this God is dark and brooding where its twin is heroic and amusing in many ways.

- "Hieronius the Smiter, flawed as some Gods are, but clearly a Good God. The other idols may be of the same God, just different versions, or perhaps one is a false image. I don't know yet. Perhaps meditation may reveal the answer."

You note the Gods she points out, then change the subject for now. "Did you really fight off four bandits at once?"

- "I did indeed fight off four temple robbers by myself. But that's a story for another occasion. I'm glad I was able to tell you about Magic. I know it is fast becoming one of your personal strengths."

Sister Geri is correct, you recall. I do know more Magic than most children my age, and I'm good with it too. My parents even hope to send me to the Academy of Wizards when I'm old enough. It's not free now like it was back in the days of King Gerald I and his preceding monarchs, but the Archmage owes the Crown enough favors to waive tuition. Unless that rival of his takes over, I've heard he's a petty vindictive sort. Archmages are now elected every six years and the current term is coming up soon. But that's not important right now. I could also do other things with my Magic if I wanted- maybe become a Priestess or a Druid, Hmm...

"Do Monks ever use Magic?"
you ask Sister Geri.

- "Sometimes. Our techniques might be called Magic if they become advanced sufficiently. I know of one Monastery in Daria that specializes in such techniques. It is called the Eye of Heaven. I wanted to train there once, but my destiny followed a different path."

"I heard a Noblewoman named Selina studied there."

- "I do not know this woman. Is she at the Castle today?"

"She's with the Consortium delegation. Have you seen them in here?"

- "A few came by earlier. They were curious about the Crown's knowledge of the Som'Reth and Demon Summoning. Their knowledge in both areas far exceeds ours. I told them there are a few Som'Reth artifacts in the Royal Treasury, but only your parents can approve access. Perhaps their Chancellor will ask for that at tonight's banquet."

"Or they could try to rob the Treasury," you suggest on a whim.

- "I doubt they'd get far with all the guards and wards in place. This isn't some story where we already know the ending, although maybe the Gods do. A priest I know, Father Mubaishar, had a vision recently, one he could not immediately interpret. He thought it might greatly impact Daria's future, but he was not sure. The only key point I recall is that Daria will soon need a great hero, perhaps even more than one. I'll try to find him, ask him more about it. Could we meet after the banquet tonight, with Harmond and your parents as well?"

You nod. "That would be good."

- "Is anything else troubling you?"

You tell Sister Geri about the Consortium, Harmond's lecture regarding them, and your other current concerns.

- "I cannot answer you regarding your older self's time travel. It is not something of which I have specific knowledge. Those odd men with the boxes... I think they're called Hackers, although I'm not sure. On the rest... do not be afraid, Renata. The Gods are always watching. They all have interests in helping humanity, for right or advantage. Good or Evil, aiding their worshippers fits their character either way."

She glances at the shrines around her and smiles, then turns back to you.

- "Why don't you visit the Training Yards next? A mock magical duel with Sir Grady may help your nerves."

You nod in agreement. Sir Grady is the elderly Knight who trained your parents in weapon combat during their childhood and who adventured with them and Sister Geri also. He has tried to instruct you in swordplay and Archery at times, but you've never picked up on either. Despite this, Sir Grady has always been pleased to help you learn to maintain your concentration when casting Magic under stress. He says that is an important skill for any Wizard, and has many times been proud to see you using a spell he did not expect. Your friend Petra took to his combat training better than you did, while Gale was denied it due to her mischief- at least until she grew up, Sir Grady has always replied to her pranks.

Having made a good connection with Sister Geri for later, you bid her farewell.

We'll meet Sir Grady in just a bit. First, let me discuss...

Daria's Military

Daria has your typical medieval army, with foot soldiers, archers, Knights, siege engines etc. There are also fantasy elements such as Wizards aiding the army in various ways, sneaky Rogues acting as scouts and spies, and Priests providing first aid along with the usual spiritual advice. The demi-human races have their own armies also- Elves have archers and spell-weavers, Dwarves smiths and strong axe-men, Orcs berserkers and Worg cavalry. Halflings have cavalry too, only they ride large dogs. Their soldiers are adept with daggers and slings. Meanwhile, Gnomes can both weave powerful illusions to confuse their enemies and engineer awesome devices such as repeating crossbows, siege engines, and bridges. We can take advantage of all this in LH 2.

Most soldiers in the army have Guard levels, Guards being one of the three main Warrior classes in LH. The other two, Thugs and Squires, are not officially affiliated with the military. They both have more independence and less structure to their training, allowing their characters to develop different Skills than Guards. Thugs hire themselves out to the highest bidder, fighting with Blades or Unarmed combat. They are often reviled by heroes, Nobles, and commoners, but everyone has to fear their threats and dirty tricks. The greedy take advantage of them. Thugs can earn a good amount of money and Strength too.

Squires are usually above such things because they are supposed to be training to become Knights, the ultimate lone hero class in Daria. Knights are generally more skilled in Blades, Archery, Charm, and cavalry tactics than your average Guard, who are generally better at Geography and Endurance. Guards have to respect Knights for their skill levels, even if they follow their own Class's orders more often. Knights constantly train and compete in tournaments to hone their Skills. The Squires who do well in such tournaments or who do special heroic deeds can become Knights.

Knights, male or female, are supposed to be honorable Good people, not just skilled at combat. Some stories tell of Knights who acted otherwise and lost their status. Other stories are about Knights who decieved their peers about their conduct with the aid of Evil Gods until they could do so no longer. Then they continued to serve Evil by killing the Knights who sought to expose them, and the Evil Gods granted them the status of Dark Knights. In contrast, the most honorable of all warriors- Guards or Squires, not Thugs- can become blessed Paladins serving the Good Gods if they also study as Priests and Clerics. Clerical Orders of militant Priests exist throughout Daria to take advantage of this. They don't make as much money and they have less Magic Skill, but they are more numerous than Priests among Adventurers. Players of Lost Heir can become Paladins or Dark Knights if they follow the paths described herein.

General Vale is the leader of Daria's central army. He is both a high level Guard and a War Master. War Masters are the strategist class in LH. They can pull off tactics with soldiers other classes can't due to their Knowledge levels. Real world War Masters include people like George Patton, Robert E Lee, Ulysses Grant, Dwight Eisenhower, Genghis Khan, and Sun Tzu.

There is no official navy or air force in Daria. Airplanes aren't yet invented and ships are mainly used for trade, not war. That said, pirates and other seaborne dangers do exist, so many ship captains employ catapults and Magic-Users as defense. We'll get the chance to check that out in LH 3. Perhaps, if a player acquires the appropriate training and inspiring mount, they can also give Daria its first air force at the end of the game. I have pulled that off with Princess Rynn. Click her name for a hint if you're interested in doing something similar in your own LH play or wait for the bonus content when it comes.

The main military force independent of the government in Daria is the Adventurer's Guild. This group employs Classes of all sorts and hires them out to whoever needs them. We'll get the chance to go on quests for that Guild later in LH 1. Adventurers will strike out on their own quests just as often, looking for treasure and fighting monsters without a sponsor, just as in many other fantasy stories.

Other mercenary groups exist too. The most prominent in LH is the Weapon Masters of Opal Cove. They train in styles generally not available to other warriors, and thus an LH player cannot become one. Blade Master, a Prestige Class in LH2 that requires high Blades and Agility, is the closest we might get (I may show it off second run, it's fun). There is one part in LH 1 where we can train with a Weapon Master, however, and we can hire them in LH 2 and 3. Blade Masters and other high Weapon Skill characters can also approach their Skill levels. Weapon Masters pride themselves on only working for those who pay them well and who do right by them. Most stay in the main organized group. Others, such as Thuja and our possible trainer Suno/Suna, adventure on their own for coin. Thuja isn't a Weapon Master in the canon game, by the way, but I figured making him one would help flesh out the group and his character early on.

Daria has had many wars in its history. Banditry is a big problem in the wild, and the army conducts regular campaigns against it. The kingdom has been raided by Elves, Orcs, and Dwarves. In Life of a Wizard, you can conduct a great war of conquest with varying success. Only the King or Queen can call out the main Army, however. Dukes and independent groups with a military like the Consortium have less presence and thus less advantage. Or maybe they have some other advantages the main army doesn't, as we'll soon learn. Let's now visit...

The Training Yards posted:

The Training Yard is full of soldiers. Some of them are duelling with practice swords while others are training their archery. A Guard captain named Madine is directing a drill on the main parade ground.

- "Present Arms! Atten-Hut! At Ease! Atten-Hut!"

You see two groups of soldiers not usually in the castle watching the drills. One is composed of the Consortium soldiers and mages. The other is dressed in black and white colors contrasting Daria's usual uniforms of red and gold. Your Geography Skills recognize them as soldiers from the western province of Ludd. This area of Daria borders a great wilderness, so attacks from Orcs and other bandits are a constant concern. Your parents thus allow the local Duke to maintain his own military. You recall, however, that your mother was concerned about that military's recent increase in size. You also did not know a detachment from Ludd was at the castle today.

Their grey-haired Commander is quietly observing the castle guards. He glances at you for a moment, then quickly looks away.

- "..."

You consider speaking to the various soldiers in the yards, but all seem either not interested in you or very busy. There is one exception.

You see old Sir Grady sitting in the shade of an old apple tree. His white moustache hangs over his mouth and his eyes are closed. He's been retired for twenty years now, although he still comes to afternoon practice every day. More often than not, like today, he falls asleep before the drills are over. Soft mushy apples lay scattered about, too wormy to eat.

- "ZZZZZ."

The old knight is fast asleep. You wonder if you should...

1. Try to conjure a small fire in his mustache.
2. Throw a rotten apple at the old man.
3. Speak to the old Knight.
4. Leave the old man alone.

If we pick Option 3 posted:

In summary, Sir Grady wakes up in response to your polite address. You...
1. Ask "Can you teach me to use a sword?"
2. Ask "Can you teach me to use a bow?"
3. Lie- "The King/Queen needs to see you immediately."

Picking Option 3 above wakes up Sir Grady politely and replaces the above choices with the following options I put above to tease. We'll show off one of those second run and possibly the others later in bonus content- that's if this LP is finshed as planned, which I currently intend.

The best action for Renata here is to...

Burn the Knight's Mustache posted:

The spark erupts and burns a little more than you had expected before Sir Grady awakes with a yell. He jumps to his feet and runs around in circles as the smell of burned hair fills the Training Yard. He rushes quickly over to the water trough near the Guards' stables and dunks his head. Many soldiers laugh at the prank, but others give you dirty looks. As you are the Princess, they say nothing to you directly. Pleased with yourself, you start to wander off.
(Sir Grady Relationship -10, Magic +3 to 29, and Evil +5)

This didn't even work for me the first time I tried it due to low Magic. Any time a Choice in LH says "Try" or "Attempt" that is warning you of a stat check. The required Magic level here is 20, and that is only possible with the Spellbook as prized possession. My first character who tried Option 1 here had a Sword, so I restarted after experiencing humiliation.

Also be aware that when the game gives us the Option to consider something, it is also warning of a game stat test but with additonal passing requirements and consequences for failure. There are freqently "are you sure?" or "sorry, can't do that" events behind such options. We'll see them later.

There is no bonus for failing a Skill test and it may very well get you injured and possibly cost you rewards if you don't succeed. Companions will then pull you out of danger should you fall unconscious and not be able to to help you in later events. Success gets you +3 in stats relevant to the test, Magic in this case.

This action put our Morality towards Evil too. But we'll get it back later.

Uh Oh... posted:

You wonder if you should feel sorry for what you did as you leave the training yards. Your parents would not be amused by your action, whatever your excuse. But it was a bit of good magical practice, so maybe it was worth the bad karma. You are not sure.

A firm hand falls on your shoulder.

- "Renata, what was that about?"

You recover quickly from your surprise. "Sorry, Sir Grady, I was hoping to start a magical duel."

- "Challenge me politely next time and perhaps you will get one. I do thank you for waking me up, though. All these visitors to the Castle have me on edge. I've noticed them wandering around memorizing Guard patrol patterns, I really should not be sleeping right now. I may be retired, but my duty remains important. Thank you again."

You figure he is still mad at you but recovering his dignity. "You're welcome."

Grady grumbles something under his breath and walks away. You want to ask him about the Consortium, Hackers, and other things, but due to your low Relations, you can be sure he would not respond.

1.Visit the Dungeons.
2. Visit the Royal Garden.
3. Go to your room and have an afternoon nap.

It's a pity we can't get more out of Sir Grady with Renata. He is probably the best Mentor for melee combat characters with the bonuses he provides to Strength and Blades along with the Squire Class. Archers can get a lot out of him too. The previous thread's and my own preferences mean we are going with a Magic & Unarmed character first run, though, and that means Sister Geri is the best pick for Mentor. A good thing, because the only other source of walkthrough builds for this game I've found online- the CoG thread here is lacking in Magic / Unarmed Builds IMHO. Maybe, on second run, we can get to further show off Grady or the other two Mentors, who are respectively best for Devices & Charm or Nature & Stealth.

Sir Grady's special Squire Class is definitely one of my favorite features of the Lost Heir games. It gives you a free Sword and Horse, a lot of great Combat Skills, and some excellent side bonuses. It's very easy to become a Dark Knight in Lost Heir 2 after you become a Squire. You can also multiclass from Squire to Ranger if you want to max Archery, or do Priest, then Cleric if you want to be a Paladin later. The Dragon Knight Class unlocked in Lost Heir 3 if you get the Knight Class in Lost Heir 2 (requires a Squire Level) and the Dragon at Fourth Class Level is also pretty cool. I'll show off what Knight stuff I can in a bonus update after the first and second runs are done.

We'll introduce the other two Mentors next update. Please continue to vote on the poll from the previous update regarding Renata's future Class Levels. I also would like to know the following-

1. Do we want Devices or Stealth from Amos?

and 2. Do we want Blades or Nature from Lady Emaline?

I showed off Stealth and Nature in the previous thread, I can do them again or do these other Skills now. The Second Evil Run character or bonus updates can show off other bonuses not picked here. Renata won't get enough of any of these Skills to benefit from them, but this is a good vote to gauge LP attention and get some feedback. I'll update the LP again after my schedule opens up.

Stats posted:

Renata, Princess of Daria

Health: 100%

Specialized Training: None

Good: 48% Evil: 52%

Agility: 20%
Charm: 36%
Endurance: 20%
Perception: 20%
Strength: 20%
Willpower: 20%

Archery: 0%
Devices: 0%
Magic: 29%
Blades: 0%
Stealth: 0%
Unarmed: 10%

Arcana: 41%
Geography: 30%
History: 30%
Nature: 20%
Religion: 33%

Gale: 63%

- a Spellbook

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Stealth and nature.

Sep 16, 2009

Say 'Thank you, Ershin'.

Say it.

Avalerion posted:

Stealth and nature.

Echoing this. The other options, our companions can supply.

Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

Chapter 6- Mentors, Part 2

Ok, we'll keep Nature and Stealth this update to honor Renata's original build. I will mention how to get the other Stats though, which will be more useful to our second character if they're an Evil Thief / Blade Master as I anticipate.

To The Dungeons! posted:

The Castle's Dungeons are where the kingdom's most notorious criminals are imprisoned. Naturally, other cities in Daria have their own Dungeons, but the more serious and local criminals are judged and housed in the Royal Castle. They are confined on the level just above the Tunnels where you enjoy stalking rats with Gale.

You aren't sure what brings you to the Dungeons this afternoon. Maybe it was Gale's story about a prisoner teaching her to pick locks and move silently. Or perhaps you feel calmed by the visible evidence of criminals facing justice in the area. You were also encouraged by your older self.

The long descent down the stairs seems to take forever as you travel deep below the Castle. Your parents are kind monarchs who don't use the Dungeons very often, although they are also kind enough to not execute criminals needlessly, so there are always a few poor souls down below.

You reflect on the history of Daria as you descend. In the past, the Dungeons have been more overcrowded and dangerous.

Daria's History, Geography, and Government

Daria's government is a monarchy, as evidenced by its King and Queen. It has both elements of constitutional and absolute monarchy. Throughout Daria's history, monarchs of varied quality have governed by personal whim. Some, like our parents in this game, try to be basically Good and just. We can continue that tradition later when we rule the Kingdom ourselves, or we can be a despot dictator like some past monarchs have been. It's up to us. Most monarchs are naturally somewhere in between these extremes.

Daria Kings and Queens traditionally wield swords, as in the past the Sword of Kings was an important symbol of the kingdom. They also traditionally have Wizards as primary advisers. Harmond fulfills this role for our parents. Wizards are valued for both their Magic used to help the Kingdom and for their knowledge skills. Note that any spellcaster can count as a Wizard. Some Court Wizards have been Good or Evil Archbishops, Sages, Witches and Warlocks who did not graduate from the Academy, and even Archdruid Nature magicians.

In Lucid's previous game Life of a Wizard, your character can serve an insane evil inept King or a good but easily manipulated and also inept King, with varying levels of influence on the King and success in improving the Kingdom and ushering in a Golden Age or a Great War to conquer Daria's neighbors. I'm going to say for purposes of this LP that such events have happened in Daria's history on multiple occasions in different variances of legend. It makes sense to do things that way.

Various families have ruled Daria over the years. Some have fallen prey to insanity, jealousy, incompetence, and other troubles, thus losing their power through peaceful impeachment or violent revolution. Peaceful impeachment can come about as the result of a Grand Council of Nobles who decide to depose the Kingdom's current ruler and install a new one. We'll be doing that in LH 2 followed by a violent revolution. In LH 1, a violent revolution is also coming soon.

In addition to Monarchs, Nobles exist in Daria. Daria is currently divided into 4 provinces, three of which are governed by a Duke, and the fourth under direct Royal control. The Crown has primary control over the army, treasury, trade, and justice systems, but the Dukes are also important. They have some independence in that they can form their own trade deals and armies to defend their provinces. There is concern from our parents that the current Dukes- Bandar, Uddo, and Eddan- are all opposing the Crown in various ways. This impacts the game. Dukes and other Nobles are traditionally consulted on important government decisions and monarchs can give them votes on such matters if they feel like it. Our parents are Good and diplomatic, so you can guess where they stand on that. Is this the best idea? Maybe, maybe not.

On the level below Dukes are Lords. These lesser Nobles have influence and wealth, but in most cases little actual power otherwise. They like to act superior and in some cases can wield power, but generally they are just the stuffed shirt types you would expect. Prominent Nobles in LH include Lady Selina & Lord Weslo (villains), also Lord General Vale & Lord Treasurer Tovar (important allies we'll meet in the second game). Two of our potential party members, Guard Captain Bran/Brinn and Peter/Petra, come from Noble families. Nobles can get their titles through inheritance, be raised by a Grand Council formed of other Nobles, or be awarded Nobility by the Crown in exchange for various services and great deeds. Naturally the common citizens and other Nobles of Daria can become jealous over the latter issue if they feel the award was not properly earned. And Nobles can lose their status too, if they do something controversial. This happens to Peter/Petra in the game after their family is cast down by the Dukes for supporting the overthrown King & Queen.

There are other countries and communities neighboring Daria with their own governments. The Jilal Empire and the Valorn Duchy are two such countries that are of concern in Life of a Wizard but not this game. The other communities which play a part in Lost Heir include the major cities that operate within Daria while remaining somewhat independent of its government, various isolated tribes, and the demi-human races.

Daria's prominent cities include Tornassa, the capital, and Vernex, the headquarters of the Consortium of Planewalkers. The Academy of Wizards is also effectively an independent city. Brightwater, Selina’s home city, is a large trading port in the southern part of Daria. It's currently in the same province as Tornassa, but some distance away. It is traditionally a gathering place for Nobles and has been the site of many past Grand Councils. Ludd is the capitol of the southwestern Eddan province and also an important trading center. There are also smaller cities such as Opal Cove, home of the elite mercenaries known as the Weapon Masters, and tiny isolated villages such as Elmvale, your character's hometown in Life of a Wizard. We'll be going to Elmvale once the LH prologue concludes.

There are various isolated human tribes throughout Daria. The Norgan Mountain Barbarians are a big feature in the plot, just as in Life of a Wizard. They have their own chiefs, shamans, and witch doctors ruling them. We'll also see two island tribes of cannibals and jungle dwellers and a tribe of gypsies in LH 3.

LH 2 and Life of a Wizard feature the demi-human communities within and bordering Daria. These include Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Half-Orcs, and Halflings. These groups generally keep to their own communities, which have their own rulers, but can interact with Daria's humans in traditional fantasy roles for their races. Dwarves have mines and smiths, Elves archers and spellweavers, Gnomes illusionists and engineers, Halflings thieves and merchants, and Half-Orcs berserk warriors. All these groups have been in alliance and conflict with Daria during its history. A major early decision in Life of a Wizard is whether your home town gets raided by Dwarves, Elves, or Orcs. You can then take revenge on the offending race, or forgive them and reap the benefits. We will have the chance to work with all the demi-humans in LH 2.

Isolated wandering monsters such as Trolls, Kobolds, and Giants exist in LH, but they have no central governments. Mer-People feature in LH 3, but it is specifically said that they were thought a myth before we actually meet them. Their governments seem a bit disorganized, and will be further addressed when we meet Mer-People in LH3. Goblins are in Life of a Wizard, but not this game, so maybe they're extinct. Full-blooded Orcs also do not appear in the canon game. Perhaps their proud society with a central strong Chieftain in Life of a Wizard has since collapsed through infighting and various wars.

Both Elves and Orcs can interbreed with humans. Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings can't interbreed with other races, but they can still adopt human children. We'll meet Half-Orcs and Half-Elves important to the plot in LH 2 and 3.

The last thing I'll mention here is the lost civilization of the Som-Reth. As mentioned in Harmond's Lecture on Demon Summoning, these people are an ancient race that died out long ago and left Ruins all over Daria's remote areas. They knew the secrets of Demon Summoning and how to take advantage of it. The Consortium of Planewalkers has greatly researched and updated their techniques. The Som'Reth and the reasons why their civilization collapsed are very important to Lost Heir. It'll be a while, but they will come up in the plot prominently and we'll find out what happened to them. Maybe we'll even get an ally or two from their time who somehow still exists in modern time. But I'm not spoiling how that could come about right now.

Checkpoint! posted:

As you reach the bottom of the dungeon stairway, you face a Guard checkpoint. The sergeant on duty is Piett, a Castle Guard with a high level of dedication. He calls out to you when you finally reach the stairs' last step.

- "Halt! Princess Renata, I'm sorry, I didn't see that it was you. What are you doing here?"

You grin nervously, wondering how you should approach the Guard.

1. Lie, "My parents want me to see the prisoners, as part of my education."
2. Reply honestly, "I'm bored and I wanted to see the dungeons."

Either option will get us past here with different flavor text. This Guard's pretty gullible and understanding. I'll show off lying second run.

Honesty posted:

"I'm bored and I wanted to see the dungeons."

- "Well, you really shouldn't be here... but, if you stay back from the bars and let me accompany you, I suppose it wouldn't be too bad."

The Guard steps to your side and follows as you enter the dungeons. He tells you about some of the defenses and inmates, which gets you thinking about Daria's justice system.

- "That skull once belonged to Krohm the Rohk, an infamous Troll Demonic Lich Necromancer. We finally managed to put him down last year, but we're keeping the cell with his skull empty just in case he comes back. That woman there has the same name as you, like a lot of girls that were named around the time you were born. She helped us bring down a crime family competing with the Thieves' Guild, but she still killed a couple people, so she's got to serve some time regardless.

"That guy over there is Giancarlo Joestar, a brawler of serious offense. Next to him is Carl Johnson, notorious wagon thief. And Wei Shen, whose crimes are so many I really can't list them all. He thinks that being an undercover Kingdom Guard is an excuse for his crimes, but he's wrong. Careful getting close, he fancies himself a Bard and I really don't want to hear him sing right now. And that's one of Daria's more skilled burglars and pickpockets, although he's not in here for any of that..."

The above inmates include some Easter Eggs for past SA Lucid Game characters and a couple famous video game criminals. Unfortunately we can only interact with the last guy. I'll introduce him in the next quoted bit. First...

Daria's Justice System

This is what you'd expect. Normal real world crimes and punishments with a fantasy flavor. Like the government, it's currently pretty fair and impartial, although it's been worse in the past. In Life of a Wizard, you can watch the Mad King execute people without trial for petty offenses. You can do the same in Lost Heir after you become the ruler. Or you can be a Good monarch, only getting upset and going dark with certain situations. Renata will end up the latter. We'll see why in LH3.

The Dukes have their own jails, and this won't be the only Dungeon we'll visit during the LP. The Crown has the power to pardon people, either they or the Dukes can act as judges. There are also magistrates for lesser offenses and disputes. The current low population of Daria's Dungeons is due to two things. First, we have a peaceful, just and mostly prosperous government in place, which has the obvious effects on crime. Second, King Brand and Queen Jade have a good agreement with the Thieves' Guild.

The Thieves' Guild, as in most high fantasy worlds with such an entity, operates like the Japanese Yakuza. They are openly known to exist and left in place by the government to help regulate crime. They can train Adventurers in Stealth and bypassing traps or locks, also sell various items in a black market we'll visit later. The Crown, along with wealthier and more influential Nobles and merchants, have agreements with the Thieves' Guild to not rob certain entities, or ransom their stolen goods at fair prices if prompted. Sometimes, they hire the Thieves' Guild to steal from rivals or test their own security arrangements. The Guild can also force criminals to not do unauthorized theft and banditry. There is no way to be a Thief in Lost Heir without joining the Guild, although you can still steal if you have enough Stealth, Agility, and/or Charm even with no Thief levels (but those help you get all three listed Stats). If your Thief character also becomes ruler (ie, they keep playing long enough), they will get a chance to renegotiate the Kingdom's current agreement with the Guild.

There is also an Assassins' Guild that trains and advertises murder for hire. This Guild doesn't operate as openly and has no black markets. Not everyone wants to accept that it exists. Assassins are not Evil, mostly. If they only kill their targets, no innocents, and hide in plain sight while not compromising the Brotherhood, an Assassin can even be Good. LH players can join the Assassins' Guild with the right Mentor, or they can hire it with enough coin to solve a couple obstacles. Some party members will mention it too.

There are many non-criminal Guilds that have influence on the game along with the Thieves and Assassins. We should not forget that certain entities like the Academy of Wizards and Consortium of Planewalkers can also exercise their own judgement on offenders to their policies.

Daria's Nobles generally prefer exercising their own power to cooperating with the Crown, as do the Guilds. But both will bow to and work with monarchs they respect or whom they are forced to respect. Citizens prefer Good just monarchs and will support them, but fear often motivates them to work with Evil monarchs or monarchs with bad Reputation. And sometimes monarchs with low levels of Citizen Reputation or Fear can still find ways to get things done or not. This all plays out later in the games.

Dungeon Crawling posted:

The cell doors are all thick wood with metal bands across them to keep them fortified. Small windows with bars let in a little light and air. You peek through them, but they are mostly empty. The few prisoners you see are lying on their cots or sitting in the corners of their cells. They glare at you, if they even bother to glance your way. One man is different, though. He looks through the bars directly at you and smiles.

- "Hello, Your Highness."

1. Reply, "Hello."
2. Look away and continue on.

Let's assume we're curious enough to say hello. Walking away gets you zip from this prisoner early on, and not meeting him here causes the game to refer to him as "a mysterious white-haired man" when you meet him later on rather than his name.

Meeting Amos posted:

The man has long straggly grey hair and a matching long beard. He seems very agile, despite his age. He bows to you and smiles.

- "My name is Amos. Pleased to meet you."

The man is moving very quietly as he stands up and bows. You sense that this is as much habit as training. You can also guess that this is the prisoner Gale mentioned was her trainer, although you're not sure revealing you know what he's been teaching her with Piett around is a good idea. The Guard is frowning while he watches your conversation.

- "Please thank your parents for me. The accomodations here are excellent. I know I deserve them. My sentence isn't much longer, and I hope they'll be fair to me when it ends."

1. Ask, "Why are you in here?"
2. Say, "Guard, have this man whipped for his impertinence at addressing me with such familiarity!"

We have a number of Options for spurning or profiting from Amos. Having him whipped makes the Guard surprised since it's not something your parents would sponsor, but he does it anyway because you're the Prince/ss. If you want to blow your chances with a great Mentor for all Rogue type characters, while picking up some serious Evil Points for being a petty despot, go ahead and do it. Renata's curious enough to go with Option 1.

What are you in for? posted:

Amos answers you sadly.

- "Murder. I was sneaking through a house when the owner came home. He had a crossbow. We scuffled and it ended up firing into his stomach. I feel bad about it, but that's life."

Amos seems like a nice person, despite his terrible situation. He tells you about his life as a Thief, which was usually violence-free, except for that one pivotal night. The Guard stands nearby, keeping an eye on things but not interfering with the conversation.

1. Ask, "If you're such a good Thief, why don't you pick this lock and escape?"
2. Ask, "So, how do you walk so silently?"
3. Ask, "Why did you do it?"
4. Say, "A filthy murderer like you should be hung."

Option 3 is free, so...

Why'd you do it? posted:

Amos lets out a sad sigh.

- "Money. Not the best of motives, but it's one that drives most thieves."

1. Ask, "If you're such a good thief, why don't you pick this lock and escape?"
2. Ask, "So, how do you walk so silently?"
3. Say, "A filthy murderer like you should be hung.

Option 1 gives Devices, 2 Stealth, and 3 Evil along with negative Amos Relations. Stealth was the choice here.

How do you walk silently? posted:

Amos smirks.

- "You know, that friend of yours, Gale, asked me the same question...
The trick is all in the foot placement. You see, the toes need to arch just as the heel comes down…."

Guard Piett frowns when Amos tells you this.

- "Relax, Sergeant, I've been teaching a servant girl who's friends with the Princess to be a Royal Spy. The Princess obviously got curious about the same things."

- "A Spy? Not a Thief like you?"

- "Of course not! Why would I want anyone I care about to live the life I did? Look where it got me! Now, Princess, if you'll pay attention..."

You tell Piett, "It's okay, I want to learn this."

He nods and steps back.

- "First rule of Stealth, don't be noticed. Second rule, if the first rules fails, have a good cover story ready. The truer the better, like the true story I just gave."

You almost expect him to wink, but he does not.

- "Now back to my advice on walking softly..."

The conversation continues and you learn a little about silent walking. Some time later, the Guard tells you that it's time to leave. (Amos +5 Relationship and Stealth +3)

Amos says goodbye before you go.

- "Maybe I'll get to show you advanced techniques some time. I can only teach so much in a few minutes. Just remember what I said- don't be noticed, arch your feet, be mindful of cover and noise sources. I hear you're a good rat catcher, that's a start. Above all, observe your surroundings and think about varied ways to approach the situation and what other people might be doing. For example..."

Piett coughs, but Amos holds up a pleading hand. You wave him to continue.

- "Gale came to me a short time before you did. She was worried about the Consortium delegation that's visiting the castle at the moment, said they were acting suspicious. She couldn't give much details, so I told her to get more information. You might want to check out what they're doing yourself. I heard they were visiting the Temple, Training Yards, and Royal Garden amongst other places. The Treasury's near the Temple, I wonder if that's their target."

- "Would it be your target if you weren't in here, Thief?"

- "No. That'd be against Guild policy. Besides, the lock on this cell would be difficult even if I had my tools. The lock on the Royal Vault is surely even better."

You want to ask him to elaborate, but Piett insists on escorting you out. As you leave, the prisoner Wei Shen starts singing a song about fighting the law and losing. Amos looks wistful as he listens.

- "Maybe I should have been a Bard. Even the bad ones are entertaining sometimes..."

- "Sorry, your Highness. If you can get permission from your parents, maybe I'll let that man teach you more later."

You shrug, knowing he is just doing his job. Piett
leads you back to the foot of the stairs where you begin your long journey back to the Castle's main levels.

1. Visit the royal garden.
2. Go to your room and have an afternoon nap.

Amos is the best Mentor for Thief characters, giving bonuses to Stealth and Devices. He also gives a Charm bonus. His special Class unlocked at high Relations is Bard, the spoony music star of fantasy adventure. Bards can play music to inspire people and get lots of bonuses to Charm, History, and Perception. It seems like a weaksauce Class to some Adventurers, but Bards can be of great advantage at times. Their Charm in particular can talk you out of many dangerous situations. You can also use Training and Artifacts to build Combat Skills- Bards don't get much there naturally. I've done well with a Bard named Princess Alicia in the past.

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Adequacy Achieved!

Chapter 7- Mentors, Part 3

On to the Gardens. Right after...

Daria's Guilds

Like in the real medieval world, Guilds exist throughout Daria to organize, regulate, and educate people involved in various trades. They have advertising and monopolies on their services. Some provide insurance and security to their employers along with craftsmen. Some crafting Guilds that get brief mention in LH include the Sailmakers' Guild, with whom we have to deal to fix up a ship in LH 3, and the Fletchers' Guild, of which our main Archer ally is a member. Fletchers make arrows, if you didn't know.

I mentioned the Thieves and Assassins Guilds during our Dungeon visit. The Mages Guild, which operates the Academy of Wizards, is also a possible Guild an LH player can join. All these Guilds are not plot mandatory, though. The Adventurer's Guild is. This Guild allows our character to work as an Adventurer and take on quests later in LH 1. It also hires out Adventurers and advertises Adventuring services. You will organize a party through it. Like most legitimate Guilds in Daria (ie all but the Thieves and Assassins), the Adventurer's Guild only employs adults who have not been in the Guild before. That means we can't join it till we're 18. We'll also need to take a Class Level first to get some experience under our belts.

One can argue that the Consortium of Planewalkers is a Demon Summoning Guild. Think of them that way if you like.

In Life of a Wizard, there was a Fighter's Guild, but that group does not exist in Lost Heir. The Opal Cove Weapon Masters and the military substitute nicely. One can also count the Knights as a Guild because they organize training for their profession and expect certain conduct from their members. Bards have a Guild too- its college is in the capital city of Tornassa and we can ply our trade there or anywhere else if we become a Bard.

Lady Emaline, the Mentor we're about to meet, is a prominent member of a certain secret Guild in Daria. You probably have already guessed which one. For those who haven't, the fact that she is played in this LP by Victoria Atkin and that her head-canon resembles the aged version of a certain video game character who deserved a way better game and story than she got IMO is not coincidence. That is all.

In the Garden... posted:

The Garden looks like it always does. The afternoon sun shines brightly from the cloudless sky, making all of the various leaves and flowers seem even brighter. You are surprised to see an older woman sitting on one of the stone benches. It is one of your mother's royal advisers, Lady Emaline. Her iron grey hair is of medium length and cut to a straight edge evenly below her ears. She leans heavily on a wooden cane as she inspects a bright blue flower growing from one of the vines. You know that she isn't really a noble, but your parents call her Lady anyway, their respect for the old woman not seeming to match her appearance. You aren't even sure what her role is, although you suspect that she may be a Gardener of some type.

The old woman looks up at you, and you recall that Gale told you Lady Emaline was training her in combat. You are not sure how this could be. Lady Emaline does not carry a visible weapon, and she seems quite infirm. You recall something Gale told you to ask her.

"I was told to ask you about weeding, Lady Emaline."

The old woman's eyes narrow.

- "Tell your friend she needs to respect the need for secrecy. It must be maintained. Sooner or later you will learn what I do for your parents, Renata, but not today."

She stands up from the bench and walks over to a flower bush, then begins pulling off the blossoms and tucking them into a pouch at her belt. You walk closer to her, but she only nods in acknowledgement and says nothing further.

Maybe Lady Emaline really is going senile, you think.

1. Ask inanely, "Are you picking some flowers, Lady Emaline?"
2. Wait for the old woman to leave.
3. Casually bump her cane away from her.

Lady Emaline is an Assassin, if you haven't guessed by now or had it spoiled. She is the best Mentor for Stealth characters. Nature characters like Druids and Rangers can get good bonuses from her too- Emaline is an expert in poison, and that's part of Nature. Only Assassins can use it though- at least in LH1. There is a specific circumstance use all characters can try in LH2- Renata won't do it, but our second Evil character might.

The Assassin Class, unlocked at 55 Relations with Emaline, doesn't have the best Stats- most of the bonuses at high levels go to Stealth and Nature, which can fall by the wayside in LH3. Agility is a big area they get bonuses in also- but Thieves can do just as well there. Assassins do get a free Dagger and some Blades bonuses, but you'll need outside training to make Blades really good (hit up Petra or Sir Grady as a child, then Theo later). Assassins can also do well in Archery- training with Petra and then our Archer buddy Karla. Emaline is no better than any other Mentor when it comes to Archery or Blades (the game notes she prefers Daggers, not Bows or Swords). Assassins also get some training in Devices, as they need to open locks to get to their targets on occasion. Thieves are usually far better, though- I usually train my Assassins with Gale & Amos in Devices to compensate. A major Skill Assassins need but their training does not cover enough IMO is Perception- you need a high score in that to pass at least one Assassin side quest with full bonus. The Assassin Class is another thing I'll show off in bonus content upon request.

Emaline is not senile- it's an act. She will give you a Blades bonus if you allow her to leave the Garden, but Renata preferred Nature via Option 1. Bumping the Cane away is Evil and negative Relations- there are easier ways to earn Evil later so it's not worth it IMO.

Flower Picking posted:

The old lady turns her steely grey gaze upon you.

- "Weeding. The weeds grow against the Kingdom regardless of how much we try to stop them."

Sometimes you wonder if the old woman has started to go senile. Lady Emaline picks the blue petals off of the flowers as she is speaking, dropping the remains into a small clay jar. Her calculating eyes seem to study you.

- "If you remove the perianth, it leaves the androecium and gynoecium. Half a flower's worth steeped in a tea is very relaxing. More than that can be very dangerous."

You notice that she is gathering several flowers worth of the stuff. "What's all that for, Lady Emaline?" you ask.

- "Weeding your parents might require. The Nobles' Gardens are overgrown with weeds."

"Ask her about Selina," your older self prompts you.

You nod, then address Lady Emaline. "There's a woman named Selina in the Castle with the Consortium delegation. Father said she belonged to your Guild once. I thought there was no Gardener's Guild."

- "My Guild is... different. It is a special kind of Gardener. When you are old enough, you will learn what sort exactly. I will not trouble a child with the unkindness of the world."

"Ok, but what about Selina?"

- "Leave Selina to me. I will speak with your mother about her. You need not concern yourself."

Your future self shakes her head. "But what if she means my parents harm?" you ask, making an educated guess.

- "Then we may or may not be able to stop her. Much depends on the design of Fate."

"Ask her about the Hackers," suggests your older self. "The strange men with the boxes you saw in the Throne Room."

"Do you know anything about Hackers?"
you ask Lady Emaline, regretting not asking Amos before.

- "Hackers are near-Godlike beings who enter our world to change it in sometimes dangerous ways that benefit their ideas of how Daria should be. The greatest heroes in Daria are known as Decision Makers- Kings, Queens, Royal Wizards, Adventurers of all Classes have power as Decision Makers. They can influence others towards Decisions about which they are not sure. You have such power, as do I. Sometimes a Decision Maker has power of such high level it threatens the very fabric of Daria's reality. Hackers usually back such Decision Makers. Beware of them, Renata. Thwart them if you can, if they are not on your side."

Lady Emaline's face changes suddenly. She blinks, then nods to you.

- "Good day to you, Princess Renata."

Lady Emaline then leaves the garden with her tiny clay jar. (Emaline Relationship +5 and Nature +5)

"She could not say more even if she wanted to," your older self tells you. "The design of this world is inhibiting her, just as it does everyone except those the Hackers are giving special power. That's just you and me for Ach, the Good Hacker, at least right now. The Evil Hacker, Nemesis, favors our enemies. He is making them more powerful. Ach wants to stop him, with our help. You'll learn more when you're my age. Okay?"

You nod assent. "But what are they planning exactly? And how will we stop them?"

She shakes her head. "Don't worry about how right now. Concentrate on Selina and Zusak, our most immediate concerns. Ach will take care of Nemesis, we just need to react- mostly. You'll know how to act to best advantage when the time comes. I am really sorry about what will happen soon."

You are suddenly feeling very tired from your eventful day. You decide to-

- Go to your room and have an afternoon nap.

You had gotten up early in order to meet Gale, so you are exhausted. You walk into your room and lay down on your bed, drifting off to sleep almost immediately.

Alright, we're going to sleep. Perhaps we'll have another dream. The last one concerned...

Magic in Daria.

Magic is, as Sister Geri told us, a natural force that shapes the world. In Daria, that's exactly what it is. There's Magic to be found all over the land, and it can be wielded by many varied practitoners. Princess Renata is already good at Magic for her age, and she can only get better.

Most people who use Magic in Daria are called Wizards. Their ranks include traditional Magic Users, hedge witches, warlocks on the fringes of society, devout Priests both good and evil, Druids crying in the wilderness, and a number of other varied people. Every isolated tribe of humans or monsters has its shaman or witch doctor. Dwarves have artificers crafting magical weapons and armor, Elves have spellweavers bending the light, Gnomes are masters of illusion, even Orcs and Halflings have been known to cast Magic every now and then. The greatest Wizards have served the Crown as Royal Wizards. Harmond is one of these. We can't take him as a Mentor, unfortunately. Wizards were the stars of Lucid's earlier game set in Daria.

Life of a Wizard divided Magic into several schools. Arcana, the study of general magical phenomena. Conjuration, the harnessing of the elements for magical dueling- fireballs, lightning bolts, force bolts, ice storms, meteor swarms at the extreme. Enchantment was the ability to cloud and influence other beings' minds. Illusion created grand visions to confuse the senses. Transmutation turned one thing into another. Summoning called forth animals, monsters, Demons, and other allies. Healing helped cure wounds and poisons. Alchemy brewed potions and other magical elixirs. Divination predicted the future. Necromancy harnessed the power of the dead. Unfortunately, in Lost Heir not all these schools of Magic have quite the power they did in Life of a Wizard.

Conjuration is pretty much intact, as is Arcana. Abjuration, the school of shielding and warding in Dungeons & Dragons, is also still around, though it remains a defense and not a specialty. No school of Magic can be a specialty in fact. Alchemy is present, as is Necromancy, but neither school can be explored until you get to take a Prestige Class in LH 2. Even then, you must have the right pre-existing stats and you will already have other strengths. I'll show off Necromancer in bonus content. Alchemist I'll talk about when I can, mostly with the character I created as Gale's Villainous Counterpart. It's an underwhelming Class IMO.

Illusion in LH is solely the province of Gnomes rather than humans. Healing is practiced by Priests, not Wizards. Artificing of magical items can be learned, but only by completing the right side quest and keeping the Magical Artifact it gives you around for study well into LH 3. Transmutation and Enchantment are pretty much gone except for certain situations. Summoning is used for Demons and nothing else. No more Summoning Horses, Ogres to fight evil Halflings, or other cool stuff. Divination is still present, but requires great Magic skill to even pull off. I think the first Divination spell is cast in LH 2 and only successful at 70+ Magic. You can easily get the same results other ways. Seers do get special Divinations, however- and Renata will show that off. Siren is a high level Enchantment Class we'll also have teased in LH3- I will show off that Class if people want (IMO it's... okay).

Why Magic has declined like this in Daria after Life of a Wizard can not be easily explained. I won't get into it much. Suffice to say, Magic in Lost Heir is just one of many special Skills you can develop. There are many others that will allow you to complete the game if you get good enough at them. In Life of a Wizard, Magic was taught free of charge to all characters at the Academy of Wizards. That is no longer the case- unless you have prior experience and want to study Magic at the Academy, it's not free. And you can get about as good experience with Magic in many other places, if not better. I'll consider a bonus Wizard run here if people want one- there are some exclusive side quests for that Class.

Magic is not much different across the Classes. Wizards may seem best at conjuring the elements for attack, but any Magic User can do the same, so Wizards are more limited than you would think. Priests get blessings and healing, curses also for evil Priests. Both Good and Evil Priests have power over the dead. Druids have Nature Magic that allows them to change shape and manipulate the elements. Specialty classes like Necromancer and Alchemist take a while to get and some might find them underwhelming after the first time played.

There are new Magic classes- Luck Mage, Shadow Weaver, Siren, and Seer. Luck Mages can manipulate probabilities while Shadow Weavers work with shadows, living and otherwise. Neither is possible till LH3. Siren and Seer were mentioned above. All Prestige classes are unique, none is really the best.

I should also mention a new possible form of Magic- Soulburning. This is the art of using the Wizard's own life force, or that of other people, to fuel extremely powerful spells. You have to be born with the ability to Soulburn, and our protagonist does not have the power. They will, however, meet a Soulburner one day, and may befriend them. With enough Endurance and other stats, they can then become a Catalyst with nearly unlimited energy for their Soulburner ally to draw upon. They have to find the right lost ritual for that, though, and as with all other forms of Magic, it's just one of many ways in which to play these games.

Does all this diversifying and decline in power hurt Magic? Yes and no. It's not the only way to win any more, it's just a specialty. As such, it is still a valid way to complete the game. Renata will be using it. Plenty other LH characters have done the same. Our second run character, if any, will probably do something else. That will be perfectly fine.

I'll close with a few more notes on Demon Summoning. In Lost Heir, any character has the ability to call up Demons for help. There's only two stats that matter for it. Arcana, to properly read the Runes on Demon Stones, and Willpower, to keep Summoned Demons under control. Lack of either is a bad thing. I do not recommend Demon Summoning for characters with low Arcana, and low Willpower can make things even worse. You also won't get very much Willpower if you don't Summon Demons beyond the plot mandatory moments, though that's alright because good Demon Summoning skill is not necessary for game success and there is no other use for Willpower really. Concentrating on Demon Summoning as a skill is just one of many ways to finish the game. You can easily dabble in it and then stop, missing out on only a few benefits of doing otherwise with luck. It's more the province of this game's antagonists, Zusak and the Consortium, than it is the protagonist. We'll learn more about what it can and will do for and to Daria later on.

Renata's journey is about to really get started.

You Awake... posted:

Your handmaid Bertie is shaking you lightly, waking you up.

- "Princess Renata? Pardon me, but the Banquet has already begun."

You get up and accept the towel that she hands you to wash up with. Another change of clothes has been laid out for you as well. The dress is made from the best materials and is designed by one of the most skilled tailors in the land. The shoes that go with it are exquisite, comfortable as well as stylish. You wait patiently while the woman does your hair. Bertie is quiet and smiles as she finishes. You notice your older self is nowhere to be seen.

- "They're waiting for you at the Banquet."

1. Say, "Thanks, Bertie," and hurry to the banquet hall.
2. Say, "Thank you, but please be sure to wake me on time in the future."
3. Say, "Next time, wake me up on time. I don't want your ineptitude making me look bad."
4. Ignore the servant and hurry to the banquet hall.

To be continued...

Stats posted:

Renata, Princess of Daria

Health: 100%

Specialized Training: None

MORALITY: Good: 48% Evil: 52%

Agility: 20%
Charm: 36%
Endurance: 20%
Perception: 20%
Strength: 20%
Willpower: 20%

Archery: 0%
Devices: 0%
Magic: 29%
Blades: 0%
Stealth: 3%
Unarmed: 10%

Arcana: 41%
Geography: 30%
History: 30%
Nature: 25%
Religion: 33%

Gale: 63%

- a Spellbook

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Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

Did some testing on my phone tonight for Renata’s future. Priestess will not help us max Magic as planned after all. Druid or Wizard will do what I hoped though. Their Magic bonus is +15 to +10 for Priest. We saw the advantages of Druid last run- more Nature, Druid abilities, and possible Animal Companion later. Wizard will give us more Arcana (which I want to max for a fight in LH2 and a translation check in LH3). I can also show off a couple side quests with it in LH1 and later. And we can get a familiar at some point. Please vote for the following-

1. Become a Wizard at 2nd Level.

2. Become a Druid as before.

3. Go back to the original plan of 2 Monk Levels and study Magic instead of Unarmed before the first.

Waiting to vote is fine. I still have plenty of time before I’ll get to the choice.

Oct 19, 2012

1 Wizard.

Sep 16, 2009

Say 'Thank you, Ershin'.

Say it.

Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?


Animal buddies are best buddies.

Plus no mount discount to tempt people away from our best buddy Lump.

Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

We'll be getting Lump regardless. I want him for the Good and money saving (Jowal's books are preferred purchase over a Horse that early in the games). The really good news from my testing is we no longer need to take a second Monk level in LH2 unless we want to- with the current plan Unarmed will be maxed or in the high 90s and passing Checks will do the rest. I also have plans to unlock Guard and Sage levels before then- so we can pick our bonuses when we get to the Norgan. There are advantages to every Class.

Wizard or Druid we'll have to take at second Level though, to unlock it for the Norgan. Wizard will get us more Charm, Arcana, Perception, and Magic in the long run plus a possible familiar. Druid will get us more Nature, Gold, and maybe an Animal Companion later. I'll leave the poll open till we reach the relevant choice and cover third level when we get there. I hope for more votes when that level comes.

Update coming soon but not now. I'm under the weather and working.

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Adequacy Achieved!

Chapter 8- Chaos in the Palace

The decision I left readers with last update was a false choice. That is a choice that only affects flavor text, not the game plot or our stats. I'm not surprised nobody voted. Be aware that in the future such choices may still be up for voting and they may affect Renata's personality in my writing. For this one, I'll just pick the first response, then move on.


You thank the servant for waking you and helping you get ready for the banquet. "Thanks, Bertie."

Your handmaid smiles and nods as you leave.

You hurry from your room, a sudden bad feeling come over you. The halls are curiously empty of Guards and other people as you transverse them. Suddenly, turning a corner, you nearly run straight into Gale!

Your friend is only surprised for an instant. She grabs your shoulders and looks at you, deeply troubled.

- "Renata! Thank the Gods! I need your help."

"What's wrong, Gale?"

- "You know our visitors? Those Consortium Demon Worshippers? Well, I was helping prepare the banquet for them. And a lot of them were wandering around the Castle acting suspicious. Many of them said or seemed like they weren't even planning to attend the banquet and, if it's in their honor, why would they not attend?"

You nod at her to keep talking.

- "I took a break and asked Amos what I should do. He's the old Thief I told you about. He said to keep watching them, get more information. Lady Emaline said the same thing when I asked her. She also said I should ask you to ask your parents if they wanted her to do any weeding. 'The garden of Daria is overgrown with weeds,' she said."

"What the hell did she mean by that?"

- "No idea! She's even worse than Sister Geri with her confusing advice sometimes. I asked Sister Geri what to do, but she didn't know either. Sir Grady was asleep again, I didn't want to wake him up. Anyway, I watched the Consortium people as much as I could, but I couldn't guess what they were up to. Then that red-haired Noblewoman who's with them, Lady Seraina..."

"Selina, from Brightwater."

- "Yeah, her. She came storming into Mom's kitchen like she owned the Castle, started barking out orders! She wanted us to put a special spice in the food for the banquet, something to give it flavor and help the Consortium maintain their Willpower. She said it was harmless to anyone who doesn't Summon Demons. I thought she might be lying, and so did Mom. But we couldn't stop her from putting it in the food! When we protested, she said servants should obey and not speak! Then she left the kitchen, smiling in a way that made me think Petra was right. Gingers have no souls!"

You have met many nice red-haired people who disprove that notion. But perhaps Selina is not such a ginger. You allow Gale to keep talking without countering her words.

A little South Park homage there. Apologies to any gingers or friends of gingers who are reading this. Selina is perhaps the worst person in the Lost Heir games, though other redheads of better character are present too.

Trouble Ahead! posted:

You wave Gale to get to the point of why she needs your help.

- "Mom told me to ignore Selina, she's just another haughty Noble. I thought maybe I should do something to disrupt the banquet, stop people from eating the food and whatever she put in it. But no one would listen to me! This banquet's too important, people kept saying, and none of the Nobles or the Guards would let me in. I can't get close enough to your parents to talk to them. Can you please..."

"Say no more. I'll see what I can do."

- "Thanks, Renata. I picked some of the strange spice from Selina's pocket. Maybe Lady Emaline or Amos or someone will know what it is, if it's really poison, and if there's an antidote. I'll ask them."

You wonder if you should tell her to alert the Castle Guards to possible danger. But no, they might not believe Gale, and neither of you still know what the exact danger might be.

- "I saw the big guy with the axes from the Consortium walking towards the Dungeons. I wonder why he would be going that way."

You shrug and tell Gale to hurry off. You need to get to the banquet and tell your parents what she saw. Surely your mother or your father will have some idea what is going on and what to do in response. You travel quickly through the Castle, not stopping for anything else.

The Great Hall is in full swing as you enter. You can see that the long tables have already been filled with the first course and everyone has begun to eat. If there was any chance you could have stopped them from consuming the food, over-sleeping has prevented it. Two dozen Nobles are seated along with your parents, with the Consortium guests among them. You're surprised to see six or seven Nobles at the table who rarely ever come to these things. They are currently out of favour with your parents due to various reasons- over-taxation of their lands, allegations of scandals, and other things. You notice none of these Nobles are eating. Neither are Zusak, who sits just across from your parents, or Selina, who is at his right hand.

- "Princess Renata, Heir to the Throne of Daria!"

You ignore the Herald as he announces you and rush over to your place next to the King and Queen. You notice Zusak's eyes on you as you take your seat.

Your mother frowns at you as she swallows a portion of the meal before her. Your father is nodding at you in greeting while he consumes a portion himself.

- "You're late."

1. Say, "Sorry, I fell asleep."
2. Say, "I'm glad I was missed. I wanted to make a good entrance."
3. Say, "I came as soon as I could."
4. Say, "My handmaid forgot to wake me."
5. Lie, "My handmaid found a stain on my clothes and had to pick a new outfit."

This is another false choice, no Stat bonuses up for grabs. I'm going with #3.

Any Response Gets You... posted:

Your mother laughs and pats your shoulder in a friendly way.

- "No matter, you're here now."

- "Come on and eat, Renata. This food is delicious."

You frown at the course set before you, a large bowl of soup. You ask, "Why are over half the people at this table not eating?"

Selina answers you with a smirk.

- "We were debating whether to eat when the meal was set before us or be polite and wait for you. Your parents weren't sure when you would arrive. Now that you're here, I suppose we should eat."

- "Yes, we definitely should. Dig in, everyone!"

At a gesture from Zusak, many of the Consortium guests and Nobles at the table who were not eating before now begin to pick lightly at their meals. You wonder if the food is in fact alright and Gale was just being paranoid.

- "Freda told us about the special spice and we already confronted our guests about it, but they said it was harmless. We're certain there's no poison. Our Royal Food Taster is just fine."

You glance down the table and see the Royal Food Taster eating with gusto. Perhaps everything is okay after all.

You pick up a spoon and place it into the bowl of soup in front of you. Suddenly, your mother knocks the spoon from your hand! You look toward her and notice that it was unintentional.

- "Aaargh!!!!"

She appears to be having some type of seizure and a small trickle of blood is running from her nose. You begin to stand up to help her, but before you are able to do anything, you see that she isn't the only one struggling for breath.

- "No!"

Your father's face turns white as he faints. All around you, Nobles and court officials whom you recognize as supporters of your parents are clutching their throats before they also pass out. The Food Taster, having high tolerance for poison, is one of the last to succumb, but he collapses nonetheless. Zusak and Selina nod at each other.

- "Good thing we consumed the antidote before the meal."

- "Yes. Now to deal with the surprise of this foolish child."

They both turn to face you.

1. Push the food onto the floor.
2. Yell for the Guards.
3. Ask your parents, "Are you okay?"
4. Watch what happens next in stunned silence.

At this false choice, we better do what we should have done earlier and get some help. Proceeding with Option 2 but also Option 3 since it fits an original story bit.

Violent Revolution... posted:

"Guards!" you shout as your parents collapse beside you. "Help! Guards!"

Your shouting goes unnoticed as everyone starts to yell at once. You realize it may already be too late.

In the shock of the moment, you bend to your mother's side as she collapses. "Are you ok?" you ask her. You ask your father the same question as he shakes back and forth in his chair. Your enemies hesistate, watching you. Selina looks amused. Zusak's expression contains something else- pity or sympathy, you can't tell which.

In any case,
your parents are unable to answer your pleas as they grab at their throats. From that point on, your immediate circumstances become a blur of chaos, fear, and horror. Nearly all of the Nobles and other people around you are choking and gasping for breath, as are both of your parents.

The few who are standing are either fleeing the room or engaging each other with swords and other weapons. Your enemies are soon seperated from you by the melee as you continue to kneel pleading at your parents' side. Realizing at last that it is too late, you look at your surroundings. It seems not all the people in the banquet hall are aware of or part of the coup that is taking place. Castle Guards, loyal Nobles, and various courtiers are fighting the Consortium soldiers and those Nobles who are not loyal. You wonder if someone will save you. As a child, there is little you can do on your own against so many fearsome foes.

A Guard screams at you, breaking the moment.

- "We'll hold them off, Princess! Run!"

You see his wisdom and nod, then dash for the banquet hall exit.

You can hear loud screams and clashing swords from the Castle hallway. You watch in stunned silence as men in dark chainmail begin to flood into the Great Hall before you can escape. You can tell by their clothing that these are more of the Consortium's Guard. Royal Guards follow them in, their swords also out.

They are not fighting each other, though. Surprised, you see a third group enter the hall. They look to be a rag-tag bunch, wearing unmatching armour and wielding all manner of weapons. Both Royal and Consortium Guards battle them in a steady retreat as the fighting spills across the great hall. Thuja, the large Weapon Master who was with Zusak at his audience, is leading the rag-tag bunch of men, swinging his hand axes with unnatural speed to engage all who would fight him. You also recognize some of the prisoners you saw in the Castle Dungeons among his men, although neither Amos nor any of the ones Piett identified for you are there. The melee before the Hall's exit quickly escalates into the room itself, cutting off your immediate chance at escape.

Alexander Zusak leaps to his feet and yells dramatically.

- "We're under attack!"

This breaks you from your motionless surprise, as Zusak's companions rush to his side. His words go unnoticed by the majority of Nobles, who are beginning to fall to the ground, at last giving in to the slow-acting poison they were earlier able to resist.

The Castle Guards who have entered the banquet hall blink at the sight of all the dead and dying bodies before them. In that instant, the Consortium soldiers and their allies suddenly turn on the Royal Guards and use the surprise to their advantage. Many are cut down in an instant while others valiantly hold out against enemy sword and spell.

- "Avenge the King and Queen! Protect the Princess!"

- "Kill them all! Kill the Princess!"

You realize you might have another chance to escape the chaos and start to run for the exit again. Selina points at you as you run, shouting at a large bald man who looks like an Ogre.

- "Bunta, grab her!"

- "Come here, you little mouse!"

The Ogreish man runs toward you, but is unable to get through the melee. You see some soldiers from Ludd at the rear flank of the Guards entering the banquet hall. The grey-haired Commander is leading them. Perhaps they are on our side, you think. You call out to them. "Help me!"

- "Yes, Princess. We will gladly help you- help you die!"

The Commander levels his sword and advances at you. Before he can get close, Castle Guard Captain Madine is there to fight him.

- "Run, Princess!"

You again seize the opportunity to flee.

Before you can escape the hall, someone intercepts you and grabs you arm. It's Thuja, Zusak's warrior ally. He is moving through the melee and cutting down those who threaten him with unnatural speed. You notice Runes on his Belt shining with magic and wonder if this is the source of his speed ability. Thuja takes firm hold of you before you can get anything but a passing look at the Belt.

- "Gotcha! Now come with me!"

Pulling on your arm, the large black-haired man with the two axes is trying to lead you away from the fight. You notice that the Castle Guards and others on your side are losing now, outnumbered and damaged by the poison they had ingested before it started. You see Selina and Zusak maneuver through the melee, each supporting one of your parents, who are still shaking in seizure, somehow not yet dead. The red-haired woman is helping your mother and Zusak is helping your father. Your parents are nearly unconscious as they are escorted out of the great hall. Thuja falls in beside Zusak and Selina, still dragging you.

- "Why isn't she dying?"

- "She didn't eat."

- "I see. Do we need a hostage?"

- "Perhaps. Don't kill her yet."

Thuja nods. You open your mouth to say something to Zusak yourself, but are interrupted as two of the ragtag men whom Thuja led into the hall step to bar the exit of the party dragging you. You and Thuja are in front of the men, both of whom seem very upset at Thuja.

"The King and Queen are dead!" yells one of the men. "You promised us a pardon if we helped save them!"

He rushes at Thuja, waving his weapon.
The axeman pulling your arm is forced to let go as he deals with this angry former prisoner.

The other former prisoner is a large man with an ugly scar running down his face. He glares directly at you and shouts.

- "Vengeance! Spill royal blood!"

He has a wicked-looking morning star on a chain in his hand. The spikes are red and crusted with gore from his previous opponents. You can see the man's rotten teeth as he begins to swing the weapon toward you!

1.Try to strike the man with a bolt of fire. (needs 20 Magic to avoid damage, boosts Magic +3 if successful, we take Health damage otherwise)
2. Try to punch the man in the face. (needs 10 Unarmed, boosts Unarmed +3)
3. Attempt to dodge the blow. (grants +3 Agility, automatic success)
4. Strike the man with your sword. (needs 20 Blades, Sword as Prized Possession)
5. Curse the man in your Evil God's name (requires Evil Holy Symbol as Prized Possession, also chatting with Sister Geri about divine Magic)

6. Do nothing. (damage)

I am pausing for a mock vote here. The rules for that have been inserted into the opening post and will be addressed again next update. Please let me know what you think Renata should do. Stat checks and hidden options noted above are for those who are interested. We can pass any check available to Renata here- Magic is only possible with Spellbook as prized posession, Unarmed is only possible if you roughhouse most mornings with Gill/Gale. The man is too close for Archery, and you can only dodge if you picked the Prize Possession of Good Holy Symbol, Lockpicks, or a Lute.

No stat changes, check previous update if you need them.

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Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

punch him
Because a big scary thug with a big old weapon being taken down by a punch from a little girl is a hilarious image.

Sep 16, 2009

Say 'Thank you, Ershin'.

Say it.


Oct 19, 2012

Cast fist.

Oct 4, 2014

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Chapter 9- The Royal Treasury

Rules for Mock Voting- I appreciate all votes made at the previous choice. I am not going with the majority in this case, however- at this point in her life, Renata is a Magic User, not a Puncher. She could successfully punch the bad guy, but she won't. The other reason for this, outside of character, is that I have most every decision mapped out for Renata's development in at least the first game. If we don't use Magic here, we won't have enough when we need it for best situational advantage later (goal is 70 by the time we fight Thuja so we can cast a big spell there).

We need to pass certain Checks with Magic and certain checks with Unarmed to maximize both as best we can during our run. We need to pass certain Checks for maximum advantage, and that requires some mandated Options at various Choices. This is such a Choice. In the future there will be moments where it could go either way- I hope readers will stick with the LP long enough for those, I'll give full voting power at each. There will also be moments where punching is all we can do because we made the previous decision to postpone Magic development in favor of Unarmed (which will give us more Unarmed in the future as a result). So if you wanted Renata to use Unarmed on the Troll, Kobolds, or Skeletons last run- congratulations, you have your chance to see what that does in the game here.

I will give voters the content they hoped for, though, before proceeding with my own decision. Just canon game content, nothing original. Note that the canon game still has us seated up till this point, hence why the first sentence may not make sense.

Punch the Bad Guy! posted:

You stand up and swing, your fist striking the man solidly in his face. He obviously hadn't expected such a physical response to his attack. A Royal Guard nearby uses the distraction to bury his sword deeply in the man's neck. (Unarmed +3)

Thuja then returns and drags us away from the fight as below. Proceeding with content from the original thread as I continue to work through it.

Fire...Ball! posted:

A force inside you wants you to punch the man. You shake your head at it, insisting you should blast him with magical fire instead. A child would have little advantage punching an adult, you tell the urge inside you, and I have yet to train with a Mentor in advanced punching.

A man in the nearby shadows tapping on a metal box nods in agreement and waves at you to cast your spell. You do so, hoping this is the Hacker on your side your older self told you about. The two Hackers looked so alike and foreign earlier. Did one of them help Zusak and Selina bring about the deaths of your parents? It is too early to know. Besides, you must defeat your opponent quickly. Surely time will catch up to you eventually. You draw back your hand and shout as you cast.


The spell comes quickly to your lips as you summon a ball of fire into your hand. You thrust your palm forward and the bolt strikes forth. It catches the large man in the upper arm, sizzling as it burns. You can smell the stench as he steps aside, dropping his weapon and trying to put out the fire. (Magic +3 to 32)

Your enemy collapses as the fire burns him, an opportunistic Guard on your side also stabbing him in the same instant. A Consortium soldier intercepts and starts battling that Guard before he can further intervene to help you. Thuja has meanwhile slain his own opponent and grabs your arm again.

- "Come, quickly."

The large man with the two axes drags you away from the banquet hall fight. He moves with a speed you've never seen before. It almost seems unnatural.

You are led back toward the Royal Private Quarters. You see that the Consortium Guards are leading people in all directions and that another group of them have formed a protective barrier between you and the fight. It's amazing that the hallway battle has spread through the Castle so quickly. Zusak and his two associates- the man with the two axes and the lady with the fiery mane- drag you and your parents further away from the melee.

Selina comments to Zusak in her cold voice.

- "She didn't eat."

- "I know. Don't worry, she'll be dead soon. Your claim at power is safe."

They lead you into a room you recognize as the Royal Treasury foyer. Three Guards you recognize- Piett, Biggs, and Wedge- are standing in front of the large metal vault door, weapons ready.

- "You'll go no further! The Treasury must be protected!"

Zusak grimaces and unceremoniously drops your father on the floor. Selina does the same with your mother. Thuja frowns, but Zusak gestures at him to keep hold of you. He then reaches into a Rune-covered black Bag at his belt and withdraws a glowing brown gem you recognize as a Demon Stone.

- "Brahl, I summon thee!"

A huge horned Demon appears, its muscles flexing with menace.

- "Remove these obstacles!"

The Demon chuckles and advances on the shaking Guards, whom he quickly tears them to pieces before your horrified eyes. A part of you cannot help but wonder at how Zusak so easily commands such a monster.

- "Now tear open the vault door!"

- "No."

Zusak sweats as he directs his Willpower at the Demon.

- "Obey me, Brahl!"

Brahl grunts and grabs the treasure vault door's handle, then strains to open it in vain. Zusak frowns and pulls another Demon Stone from his bag, this one glowing ice blue.

- "Xi'atta, I summon thee!"

A glowing blue imp appears. He grimaces at Zusak.

"Yes, Master?"

The last word is dripping with contempt, but Zusak does not seem to care.

- "Help Brahl! Freeze that door's hinges!"

The imp nods and zaps the vault door hinges with white beams that freeze them in ice. Brahl keeps pulling at the door, but it still refuses to give way.

- "Zon'ch... no, Zon'ch can't help me here. And Bla'kirr said he'd give me Kut'Seen and Rale'Run but not till I proved myself by succeeding here... You both are useless! Return to whence you came."

The Demons nod and vanish, looking almost relieved as they disappear. Zusak frowns at the vault door.

- "If force won't open it..."

- "Maybe you should examine those Runes."

Zusak nods and looks at a line of red Runes etched across the door Selina is indicating.

- "'Only Royal Blood may enter'. I see it was more literal than we thought. That's why we brought the King and Queen here."

He grabs your shaking father and touches his hand to the door, but nothing happens. Zusak frowns while Selina repeats the motion with your mother and her hand. Still, the door does not move. Selina suddenly looks aghast.

- "My poison! It's contaminated their blood!"

She slams the door with her hand in frustration but it still does not move. Zusak turns to you, suddenly smirking.

- "But we have an untainted Royal! Fortune smiles on us! Thuja, bring her!"

You are unable to resist as Thuja drags you forward and presses your hand against the vault door. You feel and hear the magical lock give way at your touch. Zusak laughs as the vault door swings open.

- "Perfect! Thank you, Princess! Thuja, allow her one final moment with her parents before she dies!"

Thuja nods and releases you, still standing nearby so you cannot run. You kneel beside your parents as Selina and Zusak enter the vault. The red-haired woman immediately takes out a large magical Bag of Holding and starts filling it with gold, gems, and other treasures. Zusak meanwhile ignores most of the treasure, perhaps looking for something specific. You examine the situation further, wondering if there is anything you can do.

Your parents are no longer moving at all, having succumbed entirely to the poison. You can see that their necks have swollen and their tongues have turned black as they protrude from their blue lips. The large man who was accompanying Zusak, Thuja, stands over you, holding an axe in each hand. You notice again that he's wearing a thick leather Belt covered in Runes, but he seems too attentive to let you touch it or try to take it off him right now, not that you could get the belt off Thuja as a child anyway. Zusak turns from the vault contents at last and looks down at you with no hint of his former smile. He's holding a grey Demon Stone the size of an acorn in his hands. The object is covered in runes, but otherwise seems very dull. Unlike the other Demon Stones Zusak had produced earlier, this one is not glowing in the slightest.

- "That's it?"

Zusak nods in reply to the axeman.

- "It looks so... dull."

- "It's what we came for. Bla'kirr will tell me how to make it work as soon as we get it back to him at Vernex."

The Consortium's High Chancellor removes the black cloth Bag from his belt and carefully opens it. A myriad of conflicting colours arise from the opening. He carefully drops the strange Unglowing Stone into the bag and then returns the Bag to his belt.

Thuja and Selina meanwhile look at you.

- "Poor little girl. Her parents are dead. Her own brief survival has doomed her kingdom."

You have a moment to...

1. Attempt to revive your dying parents. (boosts Nature +2)
2. Ask Selina, "What do you mean by that?" (boosts Perception)
3. Pray to the gods for aid. (boosts Religion)
4. Beg your enemies- "I can help you!" (boosts Charm)
5. Do nothing.

Mock vote again here. I plan to have an easier time when I Romance Theo this run, is your hint for what I'm going with. But vote for something else if you like- I might show off the canon text again- or just tell me how you think I'm doing with the LP. See you next update.

Magic was only Stat Change.

Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

Cast Post updated with several new faces. Original plot developments are planned for many of these characters.

Also, I want to say this now- Not every update will have something to vote on in there, I'm afraid. But other comments about how the game is going, how the LP is going, what you like and what you don't, etc. are always welcome. Thanks in advance. I'll try to update tomorrow with something big to finish the prologue off well.

Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

Clearly she should do the prayer from Conan

Oct 19, 2012

FoolyCharged posted:

Clearly she should do the prayer from Conan

Dunno what this is but sounds badass, so sure.

Sep 16, 2009

Say 'Thank you, Ershin'.

Say it.

FoolyCharged posted:

Clearly she should do the prayer from Conan

Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

I will definitely include- and completely explain- the "prayer from Conan" in the next update. I have seen the movie referenced. Thanks for the suggestion.

I have the next update drafted and ready, but I want to give non-regulars time to add their comments if they want before posting it. I'll check back in tonight. It's ok even if no one speaks up, I think I've made my peace by now with the amount of feedback I'm getting here. But still... it'd be nice if anyone added words. Thanks, regulars, for your feedback. See you with the next update.


Oct 4, 2014

Adequacy Achieved!

Chapter 10- Learning to Cooperate

Using the Conan prayer was a good suggestion. I will include some of it in the fanfic bits. There are many things in there different from the original thread btw, so I suggest not merely skimming them even if you have already read their first drafts. Here's the canon text for what happens if you boost Religion here by praying-

Option 3 posted:

Your prayers are not answered. Zusak looks at you with an expression of contempt on his face. (Religion +2)

Events for Renata will be handled differently below. Religion is never a Skill that immensly helps you in the Lost Heir games far as I know. You need 40 of it to unlock Necromancy in LH2 IIRC, and other than that I don't know of any make-or-break Checks for Religion where another high stat can't help you in its place. I could be wrong.

The canon text of the Conan prayer, if I am on the same page as the readers who suggested it, comes from the 1982 film Conan the Barbarian. To quote a relevant Wikipedia article-

Wikipedia on Crom posted:

The fictional deity Crom is briefly mentioned in 'Conan the Barbarian', a 1982 film directed by John Milius, co-written by Oliver Stone, and loosely based on Robert E. Howard's works. The film's Crom is similar to the God described in Howard's works, although elements of Norse mythology, in particular the mythos of Odin, are introduced. During a theological discussion, Conan says that when he dies, he will go in front of Crom, who will ask of him the Riddle of Steel, and if he does not know the answer, Crom will cast him away from Valhalla and laugh at him. (The Riddle of Steel is not mentioned in Howard's stories.)

Conan is shown having a strained, distant relationship with Crom. The only time he sincerely prays in the film (and, it is implied, in his entire life) is when he faces the men who killed his people, his family and his lover, Valeria. His prayer is as follows:

"Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you will remember if we were good men or bad, why we fought, or why we died. No, all that matters is that two stood against many, that's what's important. Valor pleases you, Crom, so grant me one request, grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to Hell with you!"

In the 1984 sequel film 'Conan the Destroyer', Conan, having avenged Valeria's death, appears to have reconciled with his God. At one point, Conan is seen praying to Crom for the return of Valeria; he tells one character that "She sits by the side of my God." He also uses "Crom" as an expletive or expression of surprise at numerous points in the film.

I like the prayer, although I need to modify it slightly for this LP's story. It supports an overall theme I want to put forth, one that won't fully play out till the very end of LH3. Taking it forward.

Renata's Prayers Are Answered... posted:

In this desperate circumstance, your first instinct is to fall to your knees.

"Gods," you whisper as you kneel over the bodies of your dead parents, "I have never really prayed before. As a Princess, I am not sure of greater powers than me. I have no tongue for prayer either. But... here is what I can best say. My parents are dead, my life is shattered, my Kingdom destroyed. I need to do something. Valor pleases at least some of you Gods, does it not? If so, grant me one request- grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to Hell with you!"

You raise your head and look around you, then realize time is frozen. Zusak is staring at you in what you think should be contempt, but his expression has not yet changed. Selina and Thuja are likewise unmoving. You can sense no progress in your life or changes in your Stats. What is going on?

The answer comes when the Hacker steps out of the shadows again. You expect your older self to appear beside him holding the Sonic Screwdriver to explain why time has halted. But she does not appear. Perhaps the Hacker has a Sonic Screwdriver of his own? He makes gestures and speaks words you cannot understand. (Need to be older to fully grasp concepts and have 60 Arcana to comprehend spoken alien language.)

"What are you saying? I can't understand you!"

The Hacker frowns. He then takes out a notepad, writes something on a page, tears it off, and passes it to you. The handwriting is odd. Similar to your mother's, all pretty curves, and yet very alien. Not all of it is understandable (need to be older and have 50 Arcana, which is only a matter of time with our planned build, 60 is questionable but still possible, indulge this joke please), but your current 41 Arcana is enough to translate the basic concepts.

"You're here to help me? You are an entity on par with the Gods and want to help me? I'm in a... what is a... 'CYOA text game'?"

The Hacker grumbles incoherently, presses a few buttons on his box, and speaks into it. To your surprise, the voice of your older self replies from within the box! "No!" she says. "I am not coming back right now. Would you want to live through all that again more than you must? Explain things to me without me, Ach! I remember you doing just fine when we were last here!"

Ach voices some protests to the box, but gets no support from your older self. Finally, he sighs, then steps forward and takes off his mask.

Getting this out of the way before anyone asks. Yes, Ach is my self-insertion character and I kept him faceless before now because I couldn't decide on a picture. For purposes of this LP, he is the player controlling Renata and will eventually be telling her she's in a CYOA novel and a computer game (Max Payne homage, click link to see for what). Also before anyone asks- No, I'm not doing any cliched self-insertion bits with this LP fanfic. Ach is just going to help Renata the way any Lost Heir player would help their own character. He won't fall in love with her, rewind her life to save it via paradox, or do anything else you might see in a bad self-insertion story (at least I hope not- some such things are open to interpretation). I've written such stories before, but this is not one of them. For now, Ach is helping our Lost Heir Princess save Daria as best he can- eventually she (and you the readers) will more fully take over, but first Renata and Ach must learn to cooperate.

I thought LPing the game this way might be something unique and help it gel in readers' heads along with aiding LH players in a FAQ-like manner. Apologies if it doesn't work out. I ended up using a picture of Sean William Scott for the character Ach- I usually say he'd play me if there were ever a movie based on my life, only he'd have to be a bit less crude than he usually is.

Cooperate... posted:

- "Grok Blah! Grok Blah!"

"I can't understand you!" you remind the Hacker.

He sighs and writes something on his notepad, then passes the note to you. You read it aloud. "I don't get all this. 'We are at a Moment of Decision. Time will not advance until you make a Choice I can support. You are my character, but I am your author. We must cooperate to move forward.' What are you trying to tell me? I can't be expected to get all this! I'm only twelve!"

Ach nods in understanding. He taps on his box, shows you a display on it you cannot comprehend at all (need 75 Arcana, which is not possible at this time), nods in understanding again when you shake your head to show your incomprehension, then writes you another note.

You read the note aloud once again, taking extra time to sound out each word since the Hacker's power has given you such time. "'When you are older and have more Arcana, you will understand me better.' Okay, if you say so. 'For now, please trust that I am here to help you.' How can I trust you? Did you not help Zusak and Selina kill my parents? Surely only a Hacker or the Gods could have caused their deaths!"

Ach shakes his head, then writes another note which you read.

"'I did not help Zusak and Selina. Nemesis did, but it was unnecessary. He wants to make your life harder. I wish to make it easier. We are both here to fill in the voluntary Somehows and Plot Holes of your life.' What are you talking about?"

You read his next note after he writes it to answer you. "'In time all will be clear. For now, please just trust me. I am limited on paper, so know that I could take complete control of you by force if I wanted, but I respect a character's free will enough not to do that right now. Take my suggestions instead- Here, Beg your enemies to let you survive. In the future it will help you. Trust me.' Beg them for mercy? Are you kidding me? They killed my parents! No. I won't beg them to let me live! You can't make me do that!"

Ach shrugs and steps back, then taps on his box. Time at once restarts around you. Despite all your efforts to do otherwise, you look up at Zusak and beg. "Let me live!
I can help you!"

Zusak looks down at you with contempt in his eyes.

- "You will help us best by dying."

Zusak then looks over at the other man, Thuja. You realize you were right in your belief that no amount of begging could make Zusak spare you. It also reviled you. Yet the act of it has changed you somehow in a way that will be of later benefit. (Charm +2 to 38)

Zusak opens his mouth to speak to Thuja, but time freezes again before he can form words. Ach waves at you to indicate this is his influence. You take advantage of the time freeze to shake your parents and scream at them to wake up. But they are dead. Nothing happens. Ach steps to your side and with his expression shows that he shares your grief. He then hands you another note.

"'I share your pain for all that has happened and all that is about to happen,'" you read, "'This is the best advice I can give you, Renata. From this point on, your life will be full of desperate peril. If you want to survive, follow your instincts. If you want to thrive, cooperate with what I suggest.' Ok, you just showed me you can make me obey you even if I wish otherwise. Fine! I will cooperate with you. But if you ruin me, I will find a way to revenge myself on you as well!"

Ach looks crestfallen. He then hands you another note.

- "Revenge is not the best path."

"I want revenge! They killed my parents! Who are you to deny me revenge?"

He writes a note, then passes it to you. Again you sound its words out as you read them in full.

- "I can't explain everything to you at this time. If you want revenge, fine- go with it for now. But later, you may realize I am right. I will let you act on your own for a little while, I can't really stop any bit of what's about to happen next anyway since I am not in complete control here. I am sorry for what is about to happen next. I wish I could stop it."

"What's going to happen?" you ask after reading the note. Instead of replying, Ach taps his box, then steps back. Time restarts around you again.

- "Kill her, Thuja. They'll think it was an escaped prisoner. It would have been cleaner if Selina's poison had done the deed, but this will work just as well."

- "..."

You watch in stunned disbelief as the man with the axes steps torward you. Suddenly, flashes of bright white fill the room! You see ice shards flashing past you and feel one of them cut your arm open. The three others are cut much worse as they raise their hands to block the onslaught. Through the barrage, you see kindly old Harmond, your tutor, casting the spell from the doorway of the Treasury Room with an angry expression. (Health -20 to 80, no way to avoid this damage)

The Royal Wizard makes a gesture and mystic bands of paralysis entwine Thuja and Selina. A similar spell forms around Zusak, but he dismisses it with a sneer. Harmond challenges Zusak with words instead.

- "Alexander, you fool! How could my former number one pupil have fallen so far?"

- "Professor Harmond! I missed you at the Banquet, you old bore."

- "I was avoiding you. I did not want to face what you have become. I tried to deny it. That is my greatest sorrow now. You have killed the King and Queen! For that you shall pay."

Harmond glances at you as you struggle to your feet and start preparing a spell of your own to aid him.

- "No, Renata! Let me handle this upstart! His Magic is far too powerful for you to counter with your current skill!

You scramble to your feet as Zusak and Harmond start to dance about the room, hurling bolts of Magic power at one another. You guess that your tutor is trying to distract your foe so you can get away, but you are not sure you can leave him to his fate. Is this what Ach warned would happen next?

- "What are you playing at, Professor? You know you cannot defeat me. Nor can the Princess. Neither of you will escape here. Brahl, I summon thee!"

Zusak reaches into his Runebag and again calls forth the enormous horned Demon.

- "Kill them both, Brahl!"

- "You got it, Boss!"

The Demon stomps towards Harmond first, but he coolly snaps his fingers and speaks a word of power.

- "DIE!!"

Brahl shudders and vanishes back to its home Plane.

- "You know one can't really kill Demons on this Plane, Harmond. I'll have Brahl back shortly."

- "I don't think so! Protectus Cancellus! Procella Crystalli!"

Harmond waves his hands and a wave of Magic hits Zusak. First there is a blue stream of abjuration, followed by another spray of freezing shards.

One of the shards of ice randomly slices through the Bag hanging from Zusak's belt. You watch as the fabric is torn open and glowing Rune-covered Demon Stones scatter across the floor of the Treasury, including the dull Unglowing one that Zusak had just acquired. Instinctively, you grab at the Stones as they roll towards you, scooping the Unglowing Stone and three others into your hands. Unknown to you at the time, this odd compulsion will change the course of Daria's history forever.

- "What are you... Put those down!"

You shake your head, tucking the Stones into your pocket. Harmond raises an eyebrow at this action, but says nothing in disfavor.

- "Run, Renata! Others are outside in the Castle hallways waiting for you! Hurry!"

Ach waves at you from the Treasury's exit. Harmond notices the Hacker and nods in agreement with him, understanding the words Ach speaks which you cannot comprehend.

- "He's right. Revenge is not best for you in the long run, nor is it possible for you here and now! Run! Run and train! Then, when you are stronger and older, perhaps you can have your revenge!"

You nod and flee the Treasury at once as Zusak and Harmond again start blasting Magic at one another. You take one final look over your shoulder as you exit.
Your last vision of that room is of the bloated corpses of your parents, a vision that will haunt you forever.

(Gained three glowing Rune-covered Demon Stones and one dull Unglowing Rune-covered Demon Stone.)

You hear Harmond and Zusak yelling at each other between spell exchanges as you run away.

- "Your powers are weak, old man!"

- "You can't win, Alexander, not as long as Renata survives. And if you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine!"

- "Oh, you just had to tempt me!"

There is a massive explosion from the Treasury, followed by cold mocking laughter. You freeze for an instant, then move on, driven to escape before you meet the same fate Harmond did.

Note- Harmond was a possible Wizard Mentor in the original draft of Lost Heir according to a post by the game author's I found on the Choice of Games forums. But he changed this, I think because Wizards were the stars of his last fantasy CYOA ('Life of a Wizard') and he wanted to avoid that with Lost Heir. Oh well.

Run Princess Run! posted:

There is no time to contemplate your tutor's memory right now. Instead, you must honor his sacrifice and survive. Unfortunately, the Castle's halls are still full of Guards and enemies battling one another. As you flee the Treasury, you find your path to escape blocked by a huge mob fighting in the Throne Room. You need to get through.

Ach is still at your side. He frowns when you stop before the mob. His expression is asking you if you are unsure what to do.

"I am unsure," you confirm. "I only see three Options before me, whereas I know I should be able to do more. Look for another path around these fighting Guards, maybe, or join in the battle and try to help my side win. But I can't do either of those and I don't know why! What do you suggest?"

His note in response is more confusing than any of his previous notes.

"'Forgive me. It is very hard for me as a writer to predict the actions of a child, let alone write proper dialogue for them.' What the hell does that mean? 'Nor are the technology and lingustics of our worlds completely compatible.' I don't know what that means either!" You look at the next part of the note. "'Do as you will, or trust me to help you.' Fine."

You examine the Choices before you and consider your decision. Time remains still while you make up your mind.

1. Push your way through the Guards. (free Strength +2)
2. Dodge through the Guards. (free Agility +2)
3. Say, "Excuse me!" (free Charm +2)

Pausing for another mock vote here. I've had to modify my original outline based on reader response to this LP. Renata will need 40 Strength and 50 Charm for a certain Check in LH2 I want to pass, I plan on getting those stats in LH1, so I'm going with Option 1 next update. But you can pick what you will. I'll give the canon text for Options with votes as before. The Charm and Agility bonuses available here can also be useful. Any response gets you to the next section, which is the start of the next update.

Stats posted:

Renata, Princess of Daria

Health: 80%

Specialized Training: None

MORALITY: Good: 48% Evil: 52%

Agility: 20%
Charm: 38%
Endurance: 20%
Perception: 20%
Strength: 20%
Willpower: 20%

Archery: 0%
Devices: 0%
Magic: 32%
Blades: 0%
Stealth: 3%
Unarmed: 10%

Arcana: 41%
Geography: 30%
History: 30%
Nature: 25%
Religion: 33%

Gale: 63%

- a Spellbook
- three glowing Rune-covered Stones
- one dull Unglowing Rune-covered Stone

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