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Nov 20, 2006


What the gently caress is this thread
A sequel to the Confused Indian Megathread where I have been posting spam e-mails from particularly raceist, homophobic, and stock market-conscious Indians.

Background lore
I work for a very small consultancy agency in Australia. Basically:
o We are approached by an organisation looking to hire a specialist role (e.g. Project Manager, Technical Architect, etc.)
o We put up an ad on a recruitment website
o People send us their resume/CV and apply for the position
o We pick the best candidates and submit the application to the employers

Where the magic begins
To apply for the position, you need to do it online through the website. However, we also provide an e-mail address in case anyone wants to contact us directly - specifically Contracts @ <our domain> Since about 6 months ago, we have been getting some really strange e-mails to this address. Below is an example, copy/pasted as exactly, with only our e-mail edited out.


From: "Uja Sur" <>
Date: 2 Jul 2017 4:47 pm
Subject: Gday Contracts why not consider to promote more Indian workers to management
To: <Contracts>

I know you are busy Contracts, but it won't take a minute to read my mail.

Look Contracts, it is good to see more and more workers from Indian background in Australia these days,

But we are yet to see more Indian managers... We Indians have better performance than local Australian, it is not fair for us, it is just raciest.

So please, next time please promote more Indians to the management, we can do better job than those local people, those Italians, or Mid-east refugees or even those Chinese who cannot speak English properly.

Please accpet the fact Contracts, we have more Indian immigrants into Australia now, we are going to be majority of this nation, so earlier you start the more advantage you will get. I am waiting from your good news.

Thank you

You can read the rest of the e-mails here.
WarpedNaba has also done some voice reading of these.

There seems to be three themes in their e-mails:
o Hire more Indians (gently caress the lazy Chinese and Aussies)
o Invest in houses in Sydney (because the gays)
o Look at this stock market prices!!! (hurry up and invest!!!)

Why are they sending these???

There's no attachment in any of the e-mails (except for some of the stock market ones), no "click here!!!" link to any dodgy websites - I just can't work out what they're trying to do, aside from vainly trying to, uh, convince us to hire more Indians. For the record, our company consists of less than 5 people, and we're as Aussie as it gets.

We've never tried replying to them - I have only been collecting them and posting here for your goonmusement. They seem to be sending one every week or two, so I hope I can keep this thread alive.

If anyone wants to use this thread as a continuation to the Confused Indian Megathread, please feel free - would be nice to have content in between e-mails.

Thank you and enjoy!

EDIT: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck I forgot to add the thread subtitle

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Nov 20, 2006


And here's one!


​​From: Shanti Gulati <>
Date: 20 November 2017 at 20:43
Subject: Contracts Sorry to hear about your difficulty in your business/Company
To: Contracts


I've been told is that there had been a slide recently in your company, I am not surprised at all.

I got complaints on my desk saying that you guys are not hiring workers from India anymore, and as a result they boycott your services.

Look Contracts, in Australia we hire by merits, not by race. Next time ladies and gentlemen from India when they submit resume to you, you better take a closer look rather then throwing them into the trash can.

Now all your softwares are made in India, and software certainly know that you treat Indian applicants unfairly... So hire more workers with Indian background, by the time they will lift the boycott and you will be back to normal. You don't have to notify everyone. They create all your business systems so they know it all the time.

You really should start now.



Nov 24, 2002

Its someone in your office.

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