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Nov 4, 2009

It took me a bit to find the time to respond, so thanks to everyone that played Oligocene Snapshot and shared their thoughts.

Doom Goon posted:

It's a good classic SA one!
I don't understand what you mean by this but I take it as a good thing!

Doom Goon posted:

Really impressive, the game seems capable of detecting framing and multiple objects.
The game does a lot to grade photos, you can stress the limits of it but I think it was pretty well tuned to what's possible with the courses thanks to Gunzil working out all the difficult camera parts. Trying to find the best-worst photo is almost a game in itself, so if anyone happens to have some bad-good, or good-bad photos I'd like to see what the game thought and what you thought.

Doom Goon posted:

You can throw apples to trigger events, though maybe that was a little thin (I don't think I ever got a Special score?).

Giggs posted:

throwing apples and taking some pictures and never ever getting any Special points. [...] The blurbs that are generated per picture are nice, though they repeat quite often.
We ended up rolling a couple other categories together, "pose" ended up becoming the baseline catch-all. The content workflow was and ad-hoc, as jams tend to go; so I'm looking to make the whole process of animating creatures, diversifying their descriptions, and setting up events for them a little more streamlined. Trying to use the new timelines in Unity was a pretty big gamble but it did pay off, even if it did impose some limits that needed to be designed around.

Doom Goon posted:

I'm sure I'm not the only one that's wanted a Pokemon Snap-like game for years, so give it a shot!

Giggs posted:

Whereas the judges were saying it rekindled their interest in a new Pokemon Snap, it rekindled my interest in watching the entire series of KiTH yet again.
I am very glad that our submission has made people realize that they would like a brand new game that has the gameplay of Pokemon Snap. It'll be hard to play it though, with a flat head.

Giggs posted:

The twitch chat integration during the stream was great, it made it real silly and funny and it was cool. That doesnít exist for non-streamers though, so itís a bit dry when youíre on your own.
I agree it can be a bit dry, balancing the player movement speed and time that certain scenes remained visible and pacing them all out was one of the biggest challenges Bungalo had, especially with balancing comedic timing for certain events. I think worked out, even if it means players fast-forward a little more than I'd like them to. Fortunately the lighting and the soundscapes for the scenes make it a little more relaxing and interesting to re-explore. Originally I missed a lot of things in each level even with multiple plays.

Something that nobody has appeared to pick up on was the Spawn Photos option, that allows you to be your own distraction by spawning a Oglioroid Snaptograph every time you take a picture. It even gives you some insight as to the quality of your photo as soon as you take it, which you might use to infer more about the scoring system.

Hopefully I'll get to cover more of what I touched on here succinctly on Friday's Jamflix & Chill and then all the rest will go up as a postmortem after the judging has completed.


Dieting Hippo
Jan 5, 2006


The next Jamflix and Chill with 1937 (Nihiloss, Xibanya, Mihai Zetta) and A Machine to End War (megane, taqueso, MShadowy) is starting in 15 minutes, come check it out!

Thanks everyone for coming on! The last show is tomorrow, and we've got three games this time! If you missed today's the VODs are below for your perusing pleasure:

Twitch VOD:

YouTube VOD:

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Apr 17, 2002

I'm pleased to announce a new public build of Crazy Motorcade!

  • Did you find the 4:3 resolution lock too restrictive? Did you not like that cutscenes would look wrong if you were in anything other than 1024x768?
    This new build is for you.

  • Did you think the snipers were too easy to avoid? Did you think the traffic was too sparse?
    This new build is definitely for you.

  • Did you hate that the helicopter threw 80% of the nitro canisters off of the road? Did you hate that the boss mechanics were underexplained? Did you hate that one shot was all it took, rendering the boss fight over in seconds?
    This new build is so totally for you that it isn't even funny.

  • Did you want a DK mode? Did you want Kennedy to be dancing on the hood of the car in the main menu? Did you want more of my terrible impression of JFK?
    Would you just download this new build I did just for you already.

  • Did you think the car was too slow and ungainly, and occasionally experienced irritating physics glitches?
    This build is not really for you because those things are still totally there.

Download it HERE you son of a gun!!!

Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

ALFbrot posted:

Download it HERE you son of a gun!!!

Sounds good!

I also released an updated version of The Purging of Darkstorm Cave by the Hero(s)____ which fixed a bug no one I know of ever found. It would crash the game if you cast a fireball when right beside a wall because for some reason Step events of objects in GM happen before the Create event of that object is finished. Seriously weird.

- Minimap colours and background changed for better readability
- Minimap now fills in when player discovers enemies/treasure/walls (starts off empty)
- Animated torches
- Significantly less disgustingly ugly book background/text colour
- Actual integration of the intended story in text, though the intro is still kinda poo poo
- Skeletons can be damaged while stunned
- Several audio additions (fireballs/arrows/oozeballs etc)

Giggs fucked around with this message at Feb 2, 2018 around 05:19

Thermal Anomaly
Jul 1, 2017


Just uploaded a new version of Clock Jammers in time for the final judge's stream. Here's a list of all the stuff added or fixed since the initial contest submission:
  • Fixed overflowing promotion text descriptions
  • Enemies spawning on an obstacle are moved to the nearest clear tile
  • Enemies can path through unseen terrain, this should make them more aggressive when outside line of sight
  • Added character class and promotion icons with mouse-over tooltips
  • Overhauled the level select and character roster menu with MShadowy's graphics assets
  • Fixed intermittent hanging issue in the Hiroshima level
  • Added proper level progression. Failing a level will still unlock the next level in the sequence
  • Characters now gain experience during vehicle missions
  • Added bobbing objective indicators that point you towards the level objective
  • Replaced some of the more obnoxious sound effects with original ones made in Bfxr
  • Fixed some bugs where weapon range indicators would show up incorrectly or not at all
  • Destroyable terrain! Try using the missile launcher or minigun
  • Game objects and UI elements are twice as large and much easier to see and click on
  • Fixed various camera control bugs

Download it here:

Mar 8, 2004


A new version of A Machine to End War. This one should be more balanced and a bit more difficult.

Dieting Hippo
Jan 5, 2006


The last Jamflix and Chill for Awful Winter Jam 2018 is tonight, and on in about 20 minutes! Come check out Y2Kthulhu (SystemLogoff, Xibanya), The Purging of Darkstorm Cave By ____ (Giggs), and Oligocene Snapshot (EntranceJew, Gunzil).

Edit: It's over! Thank you to everyone who came on this week, playing and chattin' about your games is always hella' fun. Extra bonus mad props shoutout to Xibanya who is the best drat co-host with smart questions that also isn't distracted by playing a game live I'm super excited to run this again for the next Awful Jam that pops up!

Twitch VOD:

Youtube VOD:

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Feb 19, 2011

End Session?

Y2Kthulhu 1.3 Update
Updated: Turned off debug mode.


Aug 31, 2003

Jim's now a Blind Cave Salamander!

Giggs posted:

Peasants! Build Me A Castle!
This game is a real doozy. Itís possibly the slowest starting jam game Iíve ever played. Iíve played it for well over an hour and I was trying to reach an ďendingĒ but still couldnít get to it. Itís slow starting because of the type of game it is, of course, and not because itís poorly made. Thereís a lot of cool parts to this game and things that are done well, and thereís a lot that isnít done very well, but mostly due to jam constraints and I presume not poor choices.

Sorry it took a while to get back to this, but we really appreciate the input. Thanks for playing. We agree the game needs a save, and we're considering going in and adding it along with a bunch of other bug fixes (it would take quite a bit of work but it's worthwhile, along with limiting sound to one noise at once). A few thoughts:

-If you care to hear the intended ending to the game a dragon attacks when you place your castle, and all your peasants stop what they're doing and attack. If you've completed tier 3 by that point your peasants should be beefy enough to take him down along with magic spells you craft and cast at Tier 3, otherwise he should usually kill you. Some fun items are wagons that follow all your peasants, using gas to turn your peasants into 4-armed mutants, casting popping pig balloons and fireballs. T3 magic works by putting swamp gas into cauldrons which gave you one of three colors of magic, which you combined to create spells. The game speedup mechanic is a NG+ feature specifically to make it easier to get back to the end-game if you die to the dragon.

-For the game jam, we really should have just skipped Tier 2 entirely, but I was worried progression would feel too limited. We've been pretty lucky in the past with being ambitious, and we wanted to do something in 2D, and built the tile system we used from scratch. Ultimately things came together about a day or two too late, but we're really happy with what we ended up with. Chill Out and Volcano both had playable prototypes on day 1 and just had additional features added every day. We weren't able to actually playtest sections of Peasants until the second week.

-A good answer for the problem of peasant-multiplying is hard. The ultimate answer is, eventually, the game does have performance issues that would be quite difficult to optimize. We tested fairly dramatic numbers though, and unless you command an incredible amount of peasants at once it works pretty well. My real desire was to control peasant population through game events and other measures. Perhaps peasants would age, and you would need to replace earlier-commanded peasants. Perhaps they would need to eat to survive (Berries, Fish, and the Teir 2 farm were originally discussed as being food before they were turned into ordinary resources). On one hand, it didn't sound very fun to have to upkeep all your peasants this way. On the other, we might be able to balance that with dramatic upgrades to peasants or using other, better workers that would replace your dead peasants (perhaps cows could carry multiple stacks of items). This is the same reason resource locations don't run out.

Taking things a bit further, if Peasants can die and the game is intended to restart at that state, the game turns into a kind of roguelike experience. Perhaps simplifying some of the more punishing aspects to the game (making resource-generating buildings place items directly into your inventory would be one option) would let us introduce other, smarter challenges like weather or limiting resources. We could introduce random events like poisoned crops or disease. Tuning these knobs means we could really prevent Peasant-heavy play. I wish I was a better artist, as I feel the game would absolutely benefit from more consistent art, but this was a good learning experience.

Also a bit of back-story, life's been a bit nuts the past few months (my mother passed in December) and our day job has been keeping us fairly busy for a while. Things are settling in and trying to bite off a big ambitious game was a good way to get back into the swing of things.

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Sep 14, 2008

Finally sat down to start playing through some the games I'd missed; gonna try to write a few words about each one as I go. Here's the first few:

I like the style of the wolf model, the blacks on his fur might have needed to be a bit brighter so we don't lose his shapes in dark lighting, but otherwise he looked cool! From the discussion on the Discord, I definitely agree that the overall scale of things was probably hitting you a bit when it came to the character controls - this is something Unity themselves don't do a great job of communicating, but you'll almost always want to stick to real-world scales if you're making any use of the physics engine. The controls were a little on the awkward side (for 3rd-person movement, you should rotate the character with the mouse look, if possible), but I did appreciate having them on-screen. For a short jam game that's perfect, and the other Quality-of-Life things like having a prompt telling me how many points I should be aiming for + the ability to restart levels were really nice - I kept going into the lava spouts and got stuck in the second level a couple times so I made some use of that :vv:

Hyperturbo Great Emu War 1932
The simple gameplay is pretty fun, and I liked the music! The cool streaky blood splat effect and sound effects made it pretty satisfying to get kills - I felt like a movie monster killing scores of unsuspecting soldiers. It did take me a few runs to figure out how to not just get wrecked instantly by staying too close to them, though; it was pretty easy to end up 100-0%'d in an instant by making the wrong move, even in early waves. Maybe a small period of invincibility frames would have helped with this?

Very well done overall! Naturally I sucked rear end at it and died a ton having infinite lives helped out a lot. The plane's hitbox is just a tad bit too wide, I think - most of my deaths were to crashes with enemy planes I thought I would get past. The CGA palette thing is a neat effect - some things look better than others but in general I think it worked. The dials-as-UI thing was cool and easy to understand, and the voice acting for all the gameplay bits was a good touch, as it helped communicate what each of the pickups did very quickly. It was also very cool to have the voice acting in general, good job from Xibanya and Mihai!

Crazy Motorcade
I died in the first 8 seconds because I ran into a traffic signal I read your postmortem after playing it, so I see now that my rad computer was the issue, but I actually almost gave up on this one because of how difficult it was to get past that first bridge. I'm glad I stuck to it though; Lee Harvey Oswald showing up to the Ganondorf theme got a good laugh out of me. The handling of the car was pretty strange, but I loved the idea and it was generally solid, didn't really have any technical issues besides the framerate lasers. The boss was fun too!

Try Something New
This is an oddly addicting game. It somehow has like the Civ-style "one more turn" pull. Every two days or so I would be on the brink of ruin, then a random gently caress-it-level "Buy 2 beers and sell them for triple the price" scheme would always bring me back. I would have liked to be able to carry over my previous day's buy/sell plan, since there were a couple days where I ended up just doing the same thing repeatedly (or rainy days I would basically just buy one or two things and sell em cheap to pass the day).

I'll post some more as I get through more of 'em. Really cool stuff on this jam everyone! Excited to see the judging results

Doom Goon
Sep 18, 2008

Heads up, the judges stream (prerecorded) is streaming to Twitch right now!

Doom Goon
Sep 18, 2008

Hitlersaurus Christ posted:

The public build of 60 Second History is officially up!
Very nice! I couldn't quite reach 13 endings (thought I figured it out on the Columbus stage but no go), but it was fun! Wish I didn't spoil it from the judge's stream but I figured I better check it out while I had the time.

Hitlersaurus Christ
Oct 14, 2005

Sorry, the name "Someone Call 911 I Am Being Held Hostage" is already in use. Please choose another.

Sorry, the name "Someone Call 911 I Am Being Held Hostage2" is already in

Vinesauce streamed the winning games and a few honorable mentions (including mine for some reason?). Hereís a link:
The ending when you lose the Hilary milleniometer minigame was just supposed to be a joke that following what happened IRL gets you a bad ending but it seems Iíve triggered some alt right people in the comments section. Oh no.

Doom Goon posted:

Very nice! I couldn't quite reach 13 endings (thought I figured it out on the Columbus stage but no go), but it was fun! Wish I didn't spoil it from the judge's stream but I figured I better check it out while I had the time.

Giggs posted:

It pains me to say but I couldnít find two of the endings. I have to assume that the game doesnít save, which means Iíll probably never go back to find the two I missed because I played this game for around forty minutes and still couldnít get Ďem. I played through it and found 7 unique endings which I determined by taking screenshots of each upon completion. Then I thought ďOh, thereís no way in hell Iím going to be able to keep trackĒ and instead drew a very neat and tidy tree of outcomes and endings. [b]Just-about-all-the-spoilers in this image, but I want to show that I really gave it a shot, and that Iím very organized and think ahead when drawing.
Man, 40 minutes?! Now I feel bad. I gotta come clean about the endings, guys: There are only 12 and there is no ultimate bonus mode. The game actually doesnít even keep track of which endings you get, it just restarts the application. Itís a joke at the expense of the user that I added after finding out about the people who kept trying to unlock Goddess Breasters GX in the last game I made, as well as that vinesauce was going to stream these games. In the end he didnít end up trying to unlock everything though...

The ending you missed was the bugs not finding the goat god. The text isnít that different from if you do find it, so itís not really worth going back and doing it.

Also your tree looks like the notebook page I used to plan out the games, which if found by somebody normal would probably lead them to believe I was a serial killer.


The use of theme is really good. Branching stories/paths are not only a huge hassle because of the exponential growth, but also because of the expectations of decisions to have unique outcomes. This game does quite well to deal with that problem. Some outcomes of some minigames lead to the same game or ending, but it doesnít feel cheap. Sometimes thereís even minor variety that feels earned and sensible. Teclado. There is, I believe, one path that locks you into a specific and unique ending from like, minigame 3? It involves blood. I think once you hit that you canít get off that route, which Iím only mildly bummed about.
Yeah, I didnít want to spend too much more time on it so I made some of the timelines linear. My original plan had 63 endings and it just wasnít realistic for the time I wanted to spend, let alone the time limit of the jam.

Anyway Iím gonna upload a version with a couple of bug fixes and balance adjustments and WASD as the default controls. Later on I want to come back to the game though, if even just to replace some of the goonier humor like the Bush 9/11 part so I can actually put it in my portfolio.

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Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Hitlersaurus Christ posted:

Spoilers explanation

I like that what you said is the case. As such I have a slightly better opinion on my time with the game than I had before. That was a good call.

my cat is norris
Mar 11, 2010


College Slice

These are all magical.

Oct 24, 2012

There are many permutations of the Signal. This one is more inclined to shitposting.

I also drove myself mad trying to find all 13 endings for the 60 Second History game so here's the flowchart I made for myself and a few friends as we tried to figure the mystery out.


Doom Goon
Sep 18, 2008

drat that's slick

I was gonna make a post after the winners were posted but, uh, that didn't seem to happen in the thread and I totally forgot what I was going to say anyway. Good job everyone, I miss it already!

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