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Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu


Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

I've got nothing.

I love the banner.

Good luck everybody.

Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Day 5

Have a concept, nothing to do with the theme yet, but I've made several decisions, so that's something.

Features: unsubstantiated screenshake, 3 characters to choose from on the fly (for some reason), 10 colours plus the ones I haven't bothered replacing yet.

Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Boy does it ever feel like it's further in the jam than it really is. This is probably because I only just discovered a way to get my thing to fit the theme/have any idea of what I'm going for.

I'm making a dungeon crawler with random level generation and enemy spawns. I've been DMing a 5e D&D game with some friends for a year or so, so it's been on my mind to some extent for a long time. This game is going to tap into that in a simple way. The player can switch between 3 characters: Rogue (fast&close), Wizard (medium&long range), and Fighter (slow&close). The plan is for each character to have different abilities/parameters. It's going to stay simple though, they'll each only have 2-3 abilities, but hopefully I can implement some kind of... uh... "sharing" between them in terms of effects, but that might be too much. I'm considering difficulty options, but that's probably excessive for the remaining time. I've spent way more time on art than anything else, and I've got half of one decent song, but whatever.

My first foray into shaders in GMS, despite the simplicity. I really wish I used something similar to this for the Big Awful Jam '17. Also levelling is implemented, as are some consequences thereof. HP and Perception currently grow with the player's level.
E: Despite what someone mentioned in the Discord, the characters are not swinging their privates about to earn XP though it was very funny and I appreciated it this is a SERIOUS GAME for HARDCORE GAMERS

More of my progress stuff is on imgur here.

Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Last minute scare that the game was running choppy-as-gently caress turned out to just be that my computer is a piece of poo poo that runs like garbage on its own. Phew.

The Purging of Darkstorm Cave by the Hero(s)_____
is submitted and ready for public download, yaaaay.
Turns out some websites don't like when you use parentheses or underscores in certain text fields. Who knew.

I'm really looking forward to playing everyone's games, holy poo poo.

Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Aw heck, it's time for me to play all the games and write some hopefully helpful feedback. Woo woo, get on the train. Train? Gametrainô

There are a few flaws: Itís very short, it doesnít feel great, the camera is a bit wonky, and it lacks variety. That being said though, for your first jam and solo to boot, I think you did a pretty good job. I think this game could be more fleshed out, thereís material to build off of, for sure. The atmosphere is pretty nice, the lighting adds to it, and as someone whoís been watching the show Vikings, Iím familiar with Angrboda(e: et al), at least by name and general role in the mythology. The music was well chosen, and I was interested in exploring the area. I really wanted to get to the top of the mountains but unfortunately the clipping issues you mentioned in your post-mortem cause lilí Fenrir to fall through the terrain. Fortunately this doesnít mean the game is locked as you can still reach the exit presuming you gained enough points before clipping. On that note, I think it's probably possible to either push enough of the destructible buildings off the map(which I did, because it was fun) or stand in the fire too long and make it impossible to proceed. I donít actually know if itís possible, but I was worried it might be. If so, I think this is definitely something that you should not allow in a game in future. Iím guessing from what youíve said that there isnít another ending, but that take on the theme was well fitting.

Be proud you submitted a game. For real. Your next one will be better and this one wasnít lousy!
I found this little guy!

1360x1024 is a very odd screen resolution. Wonderful voice acting from Xibanya and Mihai_Zetta. Iím guessing Mihai isnít Scottish, but the accent was pretty impressive I must say. I mean, Iím not Scottish, but Iíve seen BOTH Trainspotting movies, so. Some of the audio was a little inconsistent. Earhart and Randall didnít sound as though they were in the same space at the beginning for some reason. One of Earhartís lines where she says ďWell I guess that was to be expectedĒ devolves into a sort of tone halfway through the word ďexpectedĒ because of the bit crushing which is unfortunate. The same happens with ďAw jeezĒ where it comes out as ďAw j [beeeeeep] zzĒ

I would have liked being able to move all the way down to the bottom of the window, but I noticed that the path that enemy planes fly runs along it, so Iím guessing it was a choice not to allow the player down there? If so, I get it. The movement speed could also been a touch faster, I felt a little confined by it, and the pathing of some of the bursts of enemies felt a little too random. I donít play many shmups but I feel a recognizable pattern is the standard for enemy movement.

The plot is good. Really good. I very much like the enemy character and the associated insanity thereof. Oh boy. Thereís a line in there that was purposefully horrible and I loved it. Also the associated character icon during that exchange is really very well done. Kudos to you for that. The use of CGA graphics definitely helped as you said cover/move past the generic art style the game had earlier in dev, and the dials on the sides to represent stuff is a very good idea.

How did you find out about Randall? Like, did you google ďRAF GUY MAYBE A DRUNK?Ē or what?

A solid game throughout, with a few little snags. Good and fun!

Crazy Motorcade
I will save your post mortem in a text file somewhere in case I ever get around to learning Unity. Also, more odd screen resolutions. Is it a Unity thing? That intro splash screen is very good and I like it a lot.

The first level was a little boring, I didnít have to do anything but drive normally to beat it, though I was loving it because of the MIDI cover. (The music video for that song... It's terrible.) It could have used some boost or basic cover mechanics where obstacles were available to block a sniperís line of sight during straight stretches of road or something to break it up or induce tension, though at times there were so many lines that it accomplished the same task.

The second level though was frustrating. I feel like sometimes I died after two hits, sometimes after one hit. I died a bunch of times, even after learning to game the boss a bit. I very much enjoyed that the boost tanks were physical objects that sometimes flipped around weird into the world, though many tanks were dropped outside of the fence which felt a bit like a bummer. I got the impression that you can kind of get the thing to drop them over the road with your positioning, but sometimes it just wouldn't drop them in a useful place. It also felt like boosting made it more likely to get hit.

Alright, so I left what I wrote above in because I only realized after writing it down that the clue at the start of the game was very important and I was being dense not noticing the obvious. A line at the start of the second bit would have been helpful instead of only the one if you donít do the right thing. I'm trying to be vague to not spoil stuff. I should have clued in earlier, but it also could have been a bit more straightforward. With that in mind, the second level is much simpler and more acceptable.

The ending is fantastic. The use of MIDI is somehow really appropriate? The models are hilarious as are the cutscenes. Itís a very good use of the theme and itís funny and silly and weird. Very well done.

Glory Simulator 480 BC
Super polished, very clean, a bunch of nice little flourishes. The audio is nicely mixed, the sound effects are all flashy and satisfying. There are some slight blemishes. The enemy arrangement doesnít feel like itís aligned with the 3 Spartans, so moving around to throw them feels like it isnít set up to be clean, or easily lined up. I havenít managed to kill all three Immortals in a single wave because their movement is just too erratic for the slow spear/Spartan speed. I managed to make it into the high 20s but havenít passed that to see if thereís an ending yet. The art style is really nice too, itís clean and pretty. The lighting effects add a lot to the presentation.

Team Phlargenarffen makes another solid game with very good presentation. Nice!

Hyperturbo Great Emu War 1932
This is a really good use of theme, basing a game off something real and so ridiculous. I liked the little text pop ups, the health indicator and emu squawks. Emus are a great bird to make noises of or for, even when theyíre ostriches. Itís a shame you didnít have more time to work on the jam this go around, but itís still really fun to slow all the way down, creep behind an unsuspecting drongo and bam. Emu vengeance. It's got a good feel to it. I left the game running while I wrote this and the fps dropped to 16 because of the continuing blood spurting. Heck yeah.

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Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Doom Goon posted:

A really neat little "top-down" action-adventure/roguelite game! I loved a lot about this one, the atmospheric, odd start, the kickin' soundtrack (maybe it's no Alien Alchemy but it's adventurious high energy main track and tense boss track works. If I didn't have 99 Red Balloons in my head now you could count on that instead), the pretty fun action with multiple character classes. The battle animations might not be team quailty (though many of the other ones are great!) or feel a little unimpactful and a couple things like the ending screen make me wonder what was dropped (maybe the score included how many dungeons you optionally took?) but those are small potatoes. Also, after you play you get to read another Giggs post-mortem which is super indepth! I, um, also totally rushed to the boss after I beat the game once.

Awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have many ideas that I thought could work but knew I wouldn't have time for many of them. I'm hoping to add to it at some point.

Myron posted:

The Purging of Darkstorm Cave
This is really good! I guess some people would prefer WASD + mouse controls (which is what most action roguelites seem to be using), but I never feel 100% comfortable with those in a topdown game, so I actually prefer this control scheme. The only thing that took some getting used to was using the skills effectively, but a gamepad would easily fix that. Still, controls were easy enough that I didn't even bother hooking one up. The combat feels good, overall, though more detailed animations or some other type of feedback when hitting enemies would be nice. I like the way the healing spell works and I can see how doing similar things with other spells could make combat quite interesting. The difficulty seems right for a jam game, but in a full game there should probably be some kind of downside to too much grinding (other than the "rating" at the end). The Beholders killed me a few times before I got the hang of them and I think I got one-shotted by the enemies during the boss-fight when I was already overpowered for the dungeon. The dungeon generation seems good as far as I can tell. I didn't notice anything distracingly off or even gamebreaking, nor did the layouts seem too similar to each other. One dungeon had almost all enemies crammed into the right side with almost nothing on the left, but that's no big deal. I like the ability to switch characters on the fly, though I didn't explore it much. I would definitely pay money for this if you only made a shitton more content, more spells and skills, more enemies and an entire loving game

That's a good point about the grinding. The original concept for the game would have something akin to a timer to threaten the player or punish them, but it fell to the wayside when I was shifting things around. I'll have to think about how to effectively deal with that. Hopefully I can get a shitton of content out! It's not a particularly special game mechanically or anything, but I'd like to see what I can do with more time and actual ~planning~. Thanks for the feedback!

Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

I played more games than I thought I would tonight. Woo.

Try Something New
I know youíre already aware of the issue Iím about to raise, but Iím one of those people that instinctively hits escape constantly, so I kept jumping out of the buy screen to the main menu over and over again. I should have learned by the fifth or sixth time, but I didnít. Ah well. I waited to write this until you posted your post-mortem, it was a good read.

The music is really nice. It feels appropriate and fits well, including the 99 Balloons cover. Itís ludicrous to me that anyone would not be so depressed by having to change the game youíre making for the jam halfway through as to just give up entirely. Itís really cool that you managed to put something together and that it doesnít feel really shallow. I wasnít aware of Lemonade Stand until relatively recently when Giant Bomb did their video about educational games. This is a really nice, simple homage with a neat twist to nicely conform to the theme.

The Apple II look is really nice. My keyboard sounds old so I was kinda thrilled to have the opportunity to emulate the Apple II experience in that way. Itís satisfying what with click clacking. I understand the lack of an ending both in terms of theme and also because I refuse to believe youíd have enough time on top of making a new game from scratch effectively, but a definite end goal I think gives a much better sense of drive or determination to reach it. The game I played today was by far my worst attempt where I was nearly bankrupt after 8 days because of my poor choices, but sometimes you get on a roll and it doesnít feel like thereís too much to keep you going. Itís a minor complaint.

The biggest problem with this game is that I used up my only good joke name for a store while playtesting before submission. It was ďNOT POTATO BUT STILL OKĒ. It wasnít even that good. Picture is my second best effort, unfortunately. Seriously, if I were in your position I probably would have given up because Iím a baby. Nicely done, Hippo!

New World Monster Mash
I like the idea behind this game. The mechanics however are really playing against the Ö player. The character slides for too long, so you keep running into the monster, and the collision is very unforgiving. The bounding box I think is quite a bit larger than the sprite of the player. I liked the style and the concept, and the music fit pretty well,

[[**but I canít make it past Stompy. The best Iíve done is that I managed to hit Stompy 31 times, which only took a little over half its health away. The gun doesnít work, unfortunately, so the only strategy Iíve found so far is to hope Stompy plops down beside you but facing away, otherwise itís just not going to happen. If you end up updating this Iíd like to give it another shot. Like I said, the idea is really nice and fits the theme, and Iím curious about the other New World Monsters but Stompy is really giving me the business, and I donít like business.**]]

Iím leaving in the above because I couldnít tell that reloading wasnít a one-button process, and only figured that out after trying the game a second time. I managed to beat Stompy, though I invented a particularly devious strategy of simultaneously reloading, spamming the shoot button, and the slash attack so as to maximize damage like some kind of hacker mastermind. Because of this I was a little annoyed when I got the success screen because it was funny and silly but I went through some unnecessary frustration before I managed to realize what the game wanted from me. It would be a huge boon to be a little more helpful and clear to the player.

There isnít a post mortem posted, so Iíll have to guess, but as a solo entrant Iím going to assume you ran out of time and stuff kinda fell to the side, which I get. Iím bummed that killing Stompy doesnít seem to unlock any of the other monsters. Like I said before, Iím curious and wanted a little more from this game. Let me know if Iím missing something and Iíll give it another go.

This game has such nice visuals, jeez. Itís so neat. Iím getting some real strong anime vibes from the special abilities text, but I also donít watch anime so I donít know what that means if anything. I guess it reminds me of Persona 4? I didnít play it, but it reminds me of it. What a good bit of feedback this is turning into. The writing is cute and smart, I enjoyed the music, the text and its effects are nice and polished. Xibanya once again does a great job with VO.

I didnít manage to find the easter egg, I might try again to see if I missed anything, but itís possible I just didnít get it when I found it. Iím not sure? The writing on the ending screen is a little misleading or confusing because of how itís formatted. What it says under ďThe EndĒ seems like it fits after the ellipsis above it and so I didnít get that the sentiment continued to the next screen. After I beat it a second time I realized it was part of the same thought.

The only negative I have about the game is that the combat system is rote if thatís the right word. Itís cool that the special is earned after 3 attacks, but since you only face one enemy at a time and there isnít anything else to do, it feels less like strategy and more like passing the time. Having so many abilities is also pretty cool, but because of the above, some of them donít really seem useful. I did make sure I tried all of them though, because they were cool in design at least, I guess I just wish there was more of a necessity to drive me to use them in specific situations. Small gripes aside though, a concise, well crafted game from some talented people. Those effects! Come on.

Debate Simulator 2016
I remember reading the Discord when you asked about that Seinfeld but now I canít find or remember who made it in the first place. Itís still great and automatically helps make this game more fun. Not that it needed it. I took screenshots of almost every answer I gave, because it was fun. Not being an improv person basically doing very slow-form improv trying to guess what keywords or whatever will score points is a good time. I also had my brother with me to make suggestions and laugh at my ridiculous idiot garbage. I got a clean blue slate across the nation. It probably isnít that hard to get, but Iím pleased with it. Iím not American. Hilary is a blue, right? If not, well gently caress me, haha. I lost the whole loving country, didnít I?

It was a short jam but I would have loved a little polish. Some short boops or bwahs as the text crawls out, some nice background music. Fuckin dogs eh, just always got my back and yet they never responded to when I tried to cater to them. Thatís because they donít need it. Loyalty and dignity. (It's not necessary but I will mention I do not feel this way about real dogs.)

The questions were funny, and the opponentís responses were appropriately useless. I tried my best and had fun doing it. It was brave of you to try something so outside of the norm for such a short jam. Kudos and good job Jo. Also kudos to the artist who posted in the thread earlier but I canít remember who it was, you did a really nice job on the portraits. Scut! It was Scut. Nice. Very stylish.

Trying to feel around for buzzwords makes me type like an utter psychopath, holy moly.

The Incredible Story of Pizza
In case you didnít know, China invented pizza. Wait, wrong thread, sorry. Bad joke.

The randomly generated levels is a cool idea, but a number of them lack density (and often roads) because of the space taken up by the water and/or hills. I know the road doesnít really matter, but Ö I want roads if I get the option. For theme adherence I think it may have been better to just set it in like, ancient pizza times (???) and yet still have a scooter. It would certainly be dumb, but youíd still retain the mechanics and fun aspects of the game. You could even replace the audio of the scooter motor with feet slapping sounds oooohÖ now Iím just getting myself excited. Speaking of which, making the pizzas is fun. Itís silly, and you can make stupid Football shaped face-pizzas. Iím all in on that. The mechanics of the pizza manipulation were satisfying and felt intuitive after I read the UI which was a tad clunky. The scooter did not handle well, which I was pretty okay with to be honest. The one thing that maybe should be fixed is that when it sets itself right-side-up, it can do it upside down. I definitely took a screenshot of that.

I also tried to use the mountains as sick jump ramps which kinda worked. Overall itís a nice little experience with fun mechanics that get a little bogged down by the packaging.

Super Gaelic Dodgeball
Guess what? Shoeheadís game looks great. Who could have predicted? Iím particularly fond of the trailing run effect. Iím a little disappointed there wasnít any music. The sounds that exist are nice, however, so thatís a consolation. I managed to run into a couple little bugs that you posted about before, but nothing significant. Itís a juicy game with plenty of silly little moments that caused several awkward ďHAWĒs to fly through the air.

The AI isnít great, it isnít bad though by any means, itís just a little slow and plodding. Sometimes this works out and it seems like the Vikings are trying to set up some strategy only to throw the ball and manage to hit everyone on their own team at least once. Other times it just serves as a 3-5 second break in the excitement. The game I think defaults to 10 minutes per match, which I presumed on starting it would be like, a Nintendo 10 minutes or something where every second is actually half a second. It got a little thin by the end of that. That being said, I think this could really be expanded upon. Some more advanced AI, music and most importantly two-player functionality could make this a sellable (not a word, Iím sorry) product maybe.

Itís beautiful, it has a lot of the foundation of a bigger game, itís just lacking a little depth, but that could be fixed. It was a fun and slightly chaotic 10 minutes. Also, the use of the theme was interesting. My brother was telling me about it while I played but I don't remember what he said. I was playing a video game.

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Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Clock Jammers
First of all, I love these types of turn-based strategy games. I also hate them. I think thatís the only reasonable configuration someone can have for this genre without being just apathetic or fully against it. Thereís a lot of work put into this game for such a short jam, itís impressive how much stuff there is. When I started playing, I was playing what was public on the day of submission, I found some bugs, so I remembered that you had posted a version with some bugfixes. Unfortunately the most common bug of enemies firing through walls still happened. I once got the benefit of this bug, and Iím not talking about what can be understood as shooting around the corner while up against it or whatever, just like straight through. Also, on top of the Pyramid, thereís an enemy that canít move and canít be hit except by the rocket launcher, but because of the wall-banging bug he can sometimes hit you if youíre close enough.

I didnít know I had to equip earned upgrades (Rocket Launcher / Pulse Laser). I think itís because the sprites are so small that I didnít notice when they popped under the characters when I unlocked them.

Thereís so much in this game, and each mission takes so long. For a jam game, that's kind of a knock against it, but for a game that you want to maybe expand, it isn't. I think even still though maybe the missions could be more concise. I keep mentioning bugs (thereís a bug with the DOOMSTATION mission text where the second line of the objective writes on top of the first) not because Iím trying to poo poo on your work, but because A) If fixed, this game will be elevated B) I want it to be elevated, and C) The amount of content in this game is great and only because of that are there so many tiny little things that can go wrong.

Iíve been playing this game for over an hour. A jam game. Christ. I have to move on or Iíll never finish giving feedback to all the teams. The music is really nice, though the lack of consistency with other sound effects is unfortunate. If the music is all made in Famitracker, Iíd suggest using it for the sound effects too. The UI and stuff, ignoring little bugs, is really nice and works well. I was pleasantly surprised when after finally beating the first mission that my level-ups stacked. The spaceship mission (Are you kidding me, thereís a spaceship mission, come on) could really benefit from a minimap.

Itís got so much in it that I just donít have time to keep playing it right now. Iím assuming the different maps lead to some narrative being completed, though Iím confused as to why the second mission sort of implies being the final mission in the description.

Good music, good visuals (though a little small), nice systems/mechanics (with a few bugs), and way too much game to get through. It doesnít feel like a jam game. Congrats. I have to stop now.

I just beat the spaceship mission and then thereís a second part why are you doing this to me.
Thank god it saves.

I have to take a break from playing any games for a bit now.

Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Back with a few more.

I found the writing to be nice and short and sweet. It was funny, unforced and had plenty of good little jokes, including the sponge joke posted earlier in Discord or in here. Itís good stuff.

The mechanics of the game work together nicely, considering thereís a sense of panic and danger with trying to deal with the mono, di, tri, tetra, penta and I think even a hexamino. I came up with what is probably a common strategy of trying to buy the people time to get closer together then closing them in when it was easier. It worked pretty well but once or twice a person would ruin my perfect run.

The talking noises, the artstyle, the communication to the player through visual language were all great. Some music during the game would have been nice. Iím not familiar with TIC-80 but Iím guessing thereís some limitation in regards to playing music and sound effects together like old consoles. Or not. I donít know. It was cool though. A relatively simple puzzle game without set solutions, and a nice connection to the theme makes this game feel really very consistent and cogent in its design. Well done, alligator.

Unidentified Falling Objects
I read someone say something about this game earlier in the thread or on Discord, and I was excited to find out what it was like. This is really a tight little package. Itís got the most minimalistic controls, most intuitive mechanic, a tie-in to the theme, and some really nice background music. The visuals are nice and clean, though flat rectangles with textures will always weird me out, even though itís obviously necessary for this game.

I spent so much time just having fun with this. Infinite mode is a great idea, but thereís a little lack of stability, leading to my only complaint of the game. Well, besides more levels. The blocks arenít perfectly stable, and this inconsistency adds up with the more blocks that are placed. A couple times I had the nice solid foundations for a very high score in infinite mode but inexplicably the tower would slowly jitter and rumble until it got enough momentum to fall forwards or backwards. It requires some careful placement and excellent timing (dropping blocks so that they fell and were effectively touching was so drat satisfying), but it feels like if youíre even the teensiest non-solid then itíll get you in no time.
Also thereís no reason not to restart if something doesnít go as perfectly as you want. The system for handling missed blocks also isnít great, leading to the fatalism of restarting as soon as you make a mistake

Really fun, really satisfying, really simple. I played infinite mode for about 20 minutes, then went back and tried the first level, got perfect on all six blocks and took the top of the leaderboards. Heck yeah, progress.

Football Wars
This game looks nice and clean, the mechanics are simply designed and thatís all great. There arenít any problems with the audio, itís all pretty simply put together and does what audio does. Unfortunately itís very frustrating. The player character slides far too long and so I always felt I was fighting against the game to play it. I managed to quickly learn how to aim the shots, however that is probably because A) Iím a smarty pants and B) I have experience with games that use a similar mechanic where nothing is conveyed, but momentum and the directional keys youíre holding vaguely aim your shot.

One thing I would be remiss not to mention is that dying is very easy, and because thereís no health items the game only goes from a little frustrating to very-much-more frustrating. The final quarter, after scoring the first goal, becomes just relentlessly punishing.

All that being said, for your first game, first jam and all solo, this is a really nice product. The frustrating bits arenít mechanical or design issues, theyíre secondary issues that can be easily fixed. I swore at my monitor several times, and died so many times that I got pretty impatient with the countdown timer after restarting. The idea is good though. You picked a nice, obscure (for anyone not from South America, at least, probably?) historical event and built a game around it that can be pretty fun with a few more tweaks.

Iíd be interested in seeing you participate in the upcoming jams of the year, I think youíll be making good-rear end games pretty quickly.

Glacier Hero
Iíve always loved Guitar Hero despite never owning it and only playing it I think once in my life. Back in yesteryear however, there was a game called Frets on Fire which I played to death with my beige-rear end keyboard. We donít get many rhythm games in jams, least of all during the Little Jams because of their requisite math/audio sync-ing and finnick-y nature.

For the most part, Glacier Hero hits the mark. Some small issues pop up though. The placement of objects to hit seems random, to the point where sometimes youíll get 3 things spawning which need to be hit within a tiny fraction of a second, difficult especially when youíre at speed. It also doesnít seem to hit through more than one object, which makes sense for a rhythm game, but leads to instances where one track has two objects immediately after one another where itís nearly impossible to hit both.

The objects also donít seem to be syncíd to the music, which for me being a thoroughly nerdy rhythm game purist led to trying to sync it up on anyway. I got a C rank on my first playthrough, but subsequent games all ended with Sís because like I said before, I really like this type of game.

The game also has a definite look to it. It has style. I really enjoyed the little miniatures and the effect of the ice. I wasnít super into the music. It sounded a little messy in terms of composition, but you donít need to look any further to find someone who has had considerable trouble composing good-rear end music in a short jam.

Another small complaint is that the only way to know when youíll hit a target during the game is through trial and error, getting a feel for the spacing. The lack of keyboard icons also can lead to those fraction-of-a-second lapses in judgment that causes a mess up when youíre still getting into it.

Itís a little short, and a little rough around the edges, but the core concept is fun and simple and can be cleaned up pretty nicely I think.

Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Only a couple from me tonight.

This game is very authentic to its style of an NES action platformer. Which is both good and slightly-less-good. The enemies are a little drab, which works fine for theme and design, and the main character is appropriately contrasty and feels like a special character which is cool. The sliding sprite is nice, though a little effort in flashing the dash-shadows would have helped make it feel dramatically more dynamic and speedy.

I was playing with Z, X, and C for a while then I clued into the fact that C is unnecessary and it made playing the game easier. I remember reading about a fabled long-jump, I saw it described in the controls menu, but then I forgot what I saw and thereís no way to see it during the game. That should be rectified. You did the hard work of a pause menu with two options, a third which jogs your memory of abilities would be cool. I enjoyed the background, though it was a bit distracting and made movement feel weird during actual play sometimes. It reminded me of a stage from Megaman 3, I donít remember which, but it can make moving at normal speed feel like youíre moving slower due to relativism. Hi, Iím Mr. Einstein. I tried doing long-jumps by quickly tapping C -> Z -> X which I couldnít get for a while. I did later though, and used it exclusively. It could be a bit more flexible in terms of timing.

I think thereís a significant improvement to make to the attack and itís this: make the attack bounding box cover the playerís sprite. I frequently got hit, ended up standing in the same space as an enemy, swung and missed, which felt more like punishment than anything. Also, the jump attack will not hit enemies on a ledge if youíre right up against it and jumping. One my screenshots is related to this. That should probably be a hit. The animation sprite even covers the enemy for a handful of frames.

Getting knocked back on hits is not something I have any particular fondness for. I get if people do, but when I was growing up and desperately trying to murder Dr. Wily in Megaman 3, each time I got knocked back I could feel my body tensing and leaning towards the direction of safety and progress. Iíve never played the Castlevania series so I canít even imagine what emotional scars that would bring up.

Iím not sure how I feel about the end boss. On the one hand, I died 4 or 5 times and that feels like a challenge, but on the other hand, I died 4 or 5 times and that feels like a lot. I think itís like 5 hits from full health to death? I would suggest either lengthening the playerís invulnerability time or decreasing the damage from the boss to allow for 7 or so hits, especially considering some of its attacks are very quick and far reaching. Itís movement speed is also a little high considering the reach of the playerís attack.

Thatís a lot of writing. Mostly just a bunch of tiny issues I had, which is to say that I enjoyed it and wanted the finnicky little things to be better because I thought it is good at its core. The level design is good and has those staples of ďUse the poo poo you learned, dummoĒ type layouts that help express or force progress in the playerís mind. The audio is all nicely fitting and appropriate both in terms of volume and style. Iím impressed with your final bossí behaviour. Iím not sure if Iíd say itís ďcomplexĒ but it has variety and also just works.

A solo jam is always a challenge, especially in these shorter winter jams, so that your game is so foundationally sound is an accomplishment, I would say. I wanted to double check if youíd submitted to the jams before and realized you made Welcome Treasureman last Big Awful Jam and so Iíll just say what I must have said when I reviewed that, ďYouíre a crazy person and good at itĒ so keep it up!

This doesn't seem right:


A History of Videogames
Reading the description gave me flashbacks to the worst presentation ever given, which was by me, on the history of animation when I was 12. It was worse than you could imagine.

The game icon is very good.

I had a somewhat similar idea during the first few days of the jam, but your interpretation of it is so much smarter and better than what I had in mind. This is a cool concept and execution. My first playthrough was just random choices, always a wrong one, of course. The only one I lost was the first with the spaceship. After that I went and tried everything.

Firstly, the spaceship is best. Doesnít matter where or what, it just is. My favourite was the last spaceship level. Mario unfortunately feels so slippery. Mario is real heavy and slidey. Quel maiale scivoloso ama l'olio d'oliva. Itís unfortunate because I utterly failed the second Mario part on my first go-round. Google is trying to correct that last sentence with ďMario partyĒ. gently caress.

The lack of music in some of the stages might make sense, Iím not super familiar with the older stuff, but it would have been nice to hear some mashups even, perhaps, or just to have something in the background.

The story is relatable (as mentioned above) and Partario reeks of that all too familiar confidence and awkward thought processes. I loved the attention to detail with the teacher. Very appropriate. I played through again to specifically do the ďrightĒ thing but after completing everything the ending was the same. It makes sense, but a little something different would have been nice. Also I'm including a screenshot of a spot where pacman got stuck.

What audio was in there was good, the concept is fun and fun to explore, Pong can piss right off, and I like spaceships.

Mastigophoran posted:

This travesty has been rectified.

Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

I was hoping to give feedback to all the games before the Gong Show starts tonight. Don't know that that's very likely any more but I'm pretty close.

Night of the Surfing Dead
The art is very clean and consistent and bright and fun. Iím not a huge fan of how the seagulls look, though when theyíre dead theyíre all like ďOhh noooĒ which is a funny little thought I hadÖ to me.

I really like the style, the butt-bumping devils, the floppy skeleton skeleton, and the music. The UI is also really well done, itís clear and clean. I wasnít understanding the Masks when I started playing and was unsure why there would be a counter, but later on when they were more common (and necessary) I understood it. The zaps are a little hard to follow when youíre in the middle of it, thereís so much moving around on screen and it kinda blends into the background. I very much appreciate that the zaps and poops donít take your lives away, and that thereís usually only just enough time to get to the ball before it runs out on you. They do both seem to stun for the same amount of time. Iím not certain if it would be better if the poops caused shorter stuns. Maybe?

The only thing Iím not a fan of is that when you fire the ball it doesnít go where I expect it to. In the ReadMe it says ďholding up and left will fire the ball almost straight upĒ and my first thought is, why doesnít it go up and left? I feel that because of the density of enemies and the fact that the butt-bumpers are on the sides, the ball should always be favouring a horizontal launch. Most of the time when I launched the ball it just hit something and fell down into the water.

I feel like [the boss] is a reference to something but I canít remember what, if it is. It was a little underwhelming when [it] came out and then nearly instantaneously died. It was funny, for sure, but also seemed like it had more potential? Iíve yet to pass 5:30 by any significant margin, so I havenít seen anything if anything is past that point.

This game is one thatís easy to grasp, difficult to excel at, and has style for days. Very nice, Tom & Larissa.

Harry Houdini and the Mummified Meanies
Thereís something about the rendering of the bricks and stone that is particularly appealing. Very very good bricks and stone. NEXT GAME!

The gravity seems harsh, as in itís a little too fast. You fall so quickly that sometimes, in certain situations where I felt I should be able to land on an upcoming platform parallel with the wall I was against, but instead I slipped right past it. The audio mix could be improved. Everything seemed to be a little too loud? The music probably should have been quieter than the effects in general, and though the feeling of ragtime fits the game to some extent, a normal piano rendition feels a little out of place. Something like this may have been more appropriate.. Itís simply my opinion but if youíre doing most of something in a particular style, you should go whole hog into it. Do it up.

The jump not being dynamic feels strange. This game is a platformer, and furthermore itís of the variety where the only thing you do in the game is platform. Control then feels like it should be the most important aspect of the game and without dynamic jump heights it feels like some of that control is taken away. On the other hand, itís a static, set mechanic, so itís predictable in itself so maybe itís better thereís no dynamic jump.

I still played through it 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or Ö. times. The fact that itís a linear system with static, (mostly) predictable levels helps motivate the speed-running Ö angst? The hitbox of the player seems a little wonky, where passing by an enemy at speed sometimes gets you deaded when it doesnít seem thereís a collision there. On that note, I think this game has the old ďcharacter is still on the edge of the platform while running though for whatever reason hitting jump at this point does not trigger a jumpĒ that Iíve seen many times (including in my own games). I died on a couple levels several times over because my Omega-Gaming-Brain was certain that I was hitting jump while approaching the edge of the platform but I would just fall off the edge into some spikes or a ghost or adorable mummy.

Iíd also like to say that as someone who has spent quite some time on past games drawing images as levels I appreciate the levels such as ďthe SkullĒ or ďthe GhostĒ very much.

I just noticed the pause sound. Nice.

Itís very addictive, trying to better your time in this game. Iím actually not sure if the jump isnít dynamic. It feels like thereís two heights, one where itís like ⅓ of the full height from tapping the button for like, a frame, and then the full height jump for any press longer than a frame.


Very good. Also, why do some levels have two doors? They seem to lead to the same place. Right?

UFO Cattle Battle
I like the concept, but the execution is a little slim. The UFO flies around like a very slippery little piggy, rotating like crazy. I like that, to some extent, though regaining control is a little too far on the difficult side, and so it took me a while before I started feeling confident in my abilities to maintain order in this crazy crazy world. I donít think there should be a separate brake button, S or back or whatever should just stop the UFO. Strafing affects your momentum so much less than moving forward, so itís basically the only effective way to maneuver, so moving backwards is never really necessary?

The powerups were cool, though the plow doesnít seem to kill cows ever, which is a shame. The game is a struggle to destroy cows, and when youíre using the plow to hit rocket-cows that have managed to break past the lines, you donít want them to just have a few seconds of disorientation and then return. You want Ďem downed. Fer good! I also feel like the rockets shouldnít have a limited range, and should have a larger area of effect. The game is very difficult e: The game requires some time to get used to, so powerups are a perfect avenue to make the player feel empowered. I did appreciate that the powerups were timed and not otherwise consumable.

The single music track is just too short, and it gets tiring very quickly. The models all look good, I took the time to hit some pedestrians after my first couple attempts.

Cows should never get shields either, Iím staunchly opposed to both 1) Upgraded cows and 2) Not feeling like Iím running shop over these goobers. I get that the aim is probably balance, but itís a game about ruthlessly cutting down cows that are threatening the lifeblood of aliens: poking em and doing weird stuff.

This game was a little trying, but I did end up beating it after 3 attempts. It got pretty dang harrowing at the end, but the victory/ending screen was really really good. Jon likely wonít get to it on the stream, but itís good.

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Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Spent a bunch of time on this so it comes by itself I guess.

The Oregon Trailblazer
\*Some of this has been addressed already but Iím not editing it because I guess itís useful in its unaltered state. Like a thought-journal. Thatís what thatís called... */

Iím confused as to why thereís talking in the background. I like it, but I donít understand it. Iíve decided that you got some friends over and played guitars/banjos together and hung out and just recorded it. Playing the game did evoke a certain warmth which is typically lacking in the field in my experience.

The mechanics of the game are appreciably simple. One button to ďdoĒ and WASD/Arrows to move. I liked that only about Ĺ of the objects in the lanes cause damage outright, following a certain general idea of the objects themselves rather than some unnecessary notion of ďrealismĒ. A buffalo could easily be justified to cause injury to the player, but because buffalos arenít established assholes and their purpose in relation to humanity is as a food source, they cause no damage from simple proximity. Good. This ties into a general diversity of relationships that I think this game does really nicely.

For instance, you donít have to shoot squirrels, just stepping on them will kill them and provide a chance for food. Weapons do different amounts of damage, may or may not pass through objects, have different reload times and aim-speeds. I believe this game is among the most complex or deep of the jam. Thereís a machine gun.

When you reach Oregon there are multiple outcomes dependent on your performance and consequently the RNG of the object spawning. My first completion was pretty solid. I was always nearly full, took almost no damage, and it didnít take an excessive amount of time, but I hadnít picked up ďenoughĒ cash to not get the ďyou died poorĒ ending. My brother immediately played after me and managed to get enough cash but got an ending relating to (Iím guessing) the purple magic box thing. This is really cool, but the explanations are a little too vague for a jam game for me not to feel a little confused or very-mildly-frustrated as to why I didnít or did get what I did.

There are multiple pilgrims, none of which I unlocked in the normal playtime of 10-15 minutes I spend on these games. Also the pilgrims have random clothing/skin colouring each playthrough which adds some character to the progress system. You very thoughtfully provided a button to temporarily unlock all the characters which shows some great self-awareness.

I didnít play with every character, but I did at least read what each oneís speciality was and Iím impressed. Iíve said ďconsistencyĒ like 30 times in these reviews and itís probably not the right word but Iím using it in this context: this stuff is very consistent. It all ties together into one intuitive and e:plainbelievable/automatic experience. It makes sense, is what Iím saying, in neat ways. This is the type of stuff that you should definitely keep in your back pocket for your next game. You have a system with several components, and you can flesh out the experience tremendously with simple affiliations to these components with different characters and stuff.

At this point Iíve read your post answering questions and yeah. I get that the one-button-for-everything can be annoying when it causes some occurrence you werenít intending, but at the same time the game is heavily RNG based and very replayable. Itís not much of a big deal. Iíve had the game running in the background for both sessions of writing this feedback post and I must say itís great audio. One minor gripe thatís only just revolving around my own personal curiosity is that I wish the stats screen also held information for how long Iíve been playing it. It would be funny if it had separated times like: Time played=___ and Time Youíve Left This Running = ____.

I liked it, and your narration was good I thought.

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Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Ahh, one more.

I missed the chance to screenshot the fact that I used 69 stamina. Kevin Sorbo level Disappointment.
Iím playing version 1.0.3, by the way.

The polish on this game is ridiculous. The only lacking area is the pixel font. Some of the letters are examples of just not-good typography. "m" looks like , which is most definitely not m. Iím aware of the limitations imposed by a 96x96 window or what have you but yo. That M is no bueno. Same for W and some other letters. Itís a peeve of mine, I'm sorry. Besides that it feels so complete and well designed.

I have to admit that I played through it from around submission time until now never having even attempted getting any gold. I loved the speedrunning component of it so much I couldnít give a hoot about gold. Iím not great at it, never breaking 3:30 on Normal as far as I remember. When I first played it (the first 6-10 times) it was around submission time and none of the dialogue was in. It definitely provides purpose but as of beating both Hard mode and Normal mode it doesnít seem to go anywhere very interesting. I feel like Iíve beaten the first two difficulties with and without punchin a dude, you know, though I might be mistaken. As far as Iíve seen itís either just credits or I sold the stuff and became rich and then credits. Iíd have liked to have seen more development around the story in that respect, but considering the product around the story, itís hard to give a poo poo, honestly.

This is like the epitome in my mind of what a two-week jam game should be. Itís simple, itís well designed, itís very pretty, itís fun, itís got plenty of recognizable and enjoyable audio cues and music, it engages the player with a challenge (or two, really) and when you gently caress it all up and ruin a run itís 95% of the time the players fault. I had a couple weird things happen. A snake fell through a 1x1 hole and then landed on the side it originally fell in, where I was at the time, costing me enough stamina to cause a retry. High effort representation:

I couldnít tell if it was just me accidentally hitting the direction back away from a hole I was falling down without noticing or a little bug, but sometimes when falling into a hole I would land and be facing the opposite direction I went in it, which sometimes caused wasted stamina or missing an enemy I was landing beside and expecting to give the olí what for.

I missed the chance to beat the game on 4:20. Auuuuuuuuugh.

I wanted to see what the final difficulty was like, and after beating Hard mode the end-screen says to collect gold and youíll get something. I had a lapse and played on Normal, collecting all the gold, only to find out that you only unlock the final difficulty after collecting the gold on Hard. I get that, it makes perfect sense, but to some extent I feel like I earned it and was disappointed I didnít get the opportunity to try. Itís almost an impossibility that I wonít play it more to earn it the real way, but itís a thought. Also it feels strange to charge the jump and then have to press a button to ďuseĒ it. Half of the time when the level ends the Stamina Used either sits at a number for the duration then pips up by one. I'm pretty sure this is a bug, because the rest of the time it starts at 0 and counts up to the final number.


I thought I got it at 69 AND 4:20 butÖ small victories.

I didnít realize this was a puzzle until I played it on Hard, some 25 attempts in. I had always just put a dynamite on the rock and went on my way.

It would have been very easy to design the levels in such a way that forces the puzzle solving or somehow aggravates the speedrunning, but you didnít. This is really impressive and what you say on the jam page is spot-on: you should absolutely be proud of this.

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Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

A Machine to End War
This was with version 1.3

Point the first: a joke about how many people are on this team. ďWowowowow, thereís a lot of people on this team.Ē Bad joke. Point the rest:

I playtested this a couple times before submission and it is pretty crazy how much was added or finalized in the last few days mechanically and visually.

This game has a lot of good juiciness, though some small things I think could make a difference. The walls are destructible (great), but thereís no damage indicator for them, so they go from perfect to rubble (less great). Speaking of destructible walls, none of the enemies take advantage of it. I canít think offhand of a smooth way to get enemies to use this fact and also path well, but maybe thereís something that would make it feel more dynamic or different. The audio for the raygun is very good, as are the visuals for it, and itís OP as all get out, but still fun.

The patents are confusing. I first thought they replenished energy at the cost of HP, but they seem to only cause damage. Itís not explained in-game and unless the player leans in to read it, itís hard to even know that theyíre patents. The story structure/theme idea is cool, though I think it could have been better established. The level order seems like itís not Ö in order? The first stage was relating to Marconi (I donít know who Marconi is), and I didnít see any boss figure to assume was Marconi. The second level was the Nobel Prize w Edison which had Edison at the end, and then the third level was working for/with surprise-Edison. I donít get it.

The room with Edison was bugged out for me. The enemies at the bottom of the screen filed in one at a time, where the door opened, one enemy came in and turned invisible/immovable, and then the door closed. I stood there with the raygun to clear them out and then nothing happened. I walked around shooting the raygun through the sides until I got to the top and killed something above the entrance that had a different death noise. Iím pretty sure it was Edison.

The use of these different rooms is nice, they provide different situations to deal with and dangers to the player. It was a short jam and thereís already a ton of assets in this game, but having tilesets for each ďlevelĒ as I keep calling it would have given each part a much more coherent feeling of environment. The story implies like, a workspace/warehouse, somewhere relating to Edison & Nobel Prize, and Marconi, all of which could have their own look, but when youíre playing itís all the same walls/floors throughout.

The balancing (besides the raygun) feels good. Itís fun to run around and shoot all these juicy little buggers and dodge rockets, bullets, lasers and robots. The volume was defaulted to 10% which I appreciate, though the overall volume was significantly dropped since the playtesting version which I appreciate much more. I will forever be the guy that whines about how loud it was in earlier versions. Boo hoo hoo, my baby earballs.

I donít like assuming the worst, but with so many people on this team it could have backfired. Itís great that it didnít, and I hope youíre all pleased with the final product. Iíve never played SmashTV or similar games of the era, but Iíve played a bunch of Binding of Isaac and this was a nice take on the genre and theme.

Very well done, Wardenclyffe Laboratory Technicians!

Traalbanthlalgarr: Legend of the Sleeping Princess
When you posted the download link to this on submission day I decided to play and see if there were any bugs. I didnít find any besides the resetting transition from the title screen, but managed to get to the last scene after many failures. I hosed up the first question and knew I should stop until I can write down feedback later on. While I played I ended up taking screenshots and hastily cropping them together in MSPaint to keep track of important information. I say ďimportant informationĒ but I didnít know what was important, so it was just a mass of dialogues and images all over. I didnít finish it before the Gong Show, so I was spoiled on the final section and the ďgotchaĒ moment. Itís loving brilliant. Replaying it to the end this time around I got called a ďloving cheaterĒ and was like, ďYeah. Eat it, goblin kingĒ.

The writing is great. The characters donít just dissolve into shallow joke dispensers, theyíre established and feel pretty well fleshed out by the end. Thereís a lot of funny lines and the quality of the voice acting is really good. You mentioned in Discord that you recorded all of it in a day or something? Thatís insane. Youíre insane. And talented.

The death screens and associated messages are good, and the now standard Krell fail-buzzer is really jarring, making me feel bad when I wasnít getting something right. It took me around 4 tries to get the last question from the first character right, as I really couldnít keep track of the years and so I heard the buzzer and saw the death screen a lot in a short amount of time. It was a little rough being assaulted by the buzzer, but, it feels like it fit. You gently caress up, you get punished. The use of the theme is great in its uh, I donít know how to say it. Experiential? Tactile? The game is the weird history and its about history of a weird place with weird people. Itís good.

I might steal Traalbanthlalgarr for my D&D game. Thank you. This was a really great game and the only thing that could have made it better was if it was higher on the awfuljams page so that I could have gotten through it before the Gong Show and felt the stab of ďYou fucker, I got you you fuckerĒ that the ending presented.

So good.

Peasants! Build Me A Castle!
This game is a real doozy. Itís possibly the slowest starting jam game Iíve ever played. Iíve played it for well over an hour and I was trying to reach an ďendingĒ but still couldnít get to it. Itís slow starting because of the type of game it is, of course, and not because itís poorly made. Thereís a lot of cool parts to this game and things that are done well, and thereís a lot that isnít done very well, but mostly due to jam constraints and I presume not poor choices.

This game does not explain itself well. There are far too many little things to know to make progress and unfortunately the game doesnít have the time to tell you about it. I nearly quit because I thought it was bugged until I read the instructions from the start of the game again on the pause menu where it says workshops need to be emptied to continue production. Iím not sure I get why thatís really necessary but I kept playing. I built schools, workshops, too many beds, and collected everything I could find and research a way to earn. Why are fishing spots denoted by whirlpools? How should I know that these bushes are where you get fruit? Are they just decoration? If I build two schools will research go faster if they research the same thing? You get my point, thereís far too many questions, and even answering them all in a clear and helpful way might be outside the scope of the jam, let alone the rest of the game.

To some extent, it might be better that a lot of stuff isnít explained, because that just introduces more points of failure for communication. The workshop thing though, that should be explicit. The lack of music is a bit of a bummer, the audioís levels otherwise are a little wonky where the zoom/proximity window to allow sounds seems really narrow. If there was music over top of it I would get it.

Iím surprised the game never crashed, to be perfectly honest. Thereís so many drat peasants. If I remembered to try it before closing the game, I think the stutter from instantaneously pathing all the peasants I had at once would have lasted more than a second or two, or even crashed it, but I didnít. This leads me to my only real significant gripe. Thereís no saving. I really wish there was saving, because this game is not a quick run and with the pressure it can put you under while trying to play it in one go it can get really disappointing when you realize ďOh wait, I need to go ____Ē and then all that progress is lost. I know if I started over I could do things better and faster, and that thereís an option to enable time acceleration with -gongshow or whatever but yooooo. This game really needs saving.

What caused me to finally stop playing was that A) Bricks take far too long to build for a castle if you donít start early enough in the game to the point where having 3 normal workshops and 3 second-level workshops exclusively making bricks would still have taken far too long and B) Bacon wasnít being counted when I was producing it and thus I could never have built the castle.

This game is ridiculously ambitious and for the most part the systems are well put together, but when you want someone to spend as much time playing your game as they need to get to the ending stuff, there need to be some quality of life measures to ensure they donít run into something that makes them feel like theyíve wasted time playing.

Extremely ambitious, cool systems once you figure it out, but the lack of saves is a real let-down. Iím glad your team went a little wild this time around. Itís good for the blood flow.

Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Oligocene Snapshot
Up front: I donít have any nostalgia for Pokemon Snap. I enjoyed my time with this game, throwing apples and taking some pictures and never ever getting any Special points. Iím not sure what to say about it, honestly. Thereís a slew of references to things, things that I like and enjoy, and enjoyed the references thereto. I will never not appreciate a reference to Kids in the Hall and when the music came on during the stream I was like ďuuuhhhhoooooOOOH! Yeah!Ē Whereas the judges were saying it rekindled their interest in a new Pokemon Snap, it rekindled my interest in watching the entire series of KiTH yet again.

The blurbs that are generated per picture are nice, though they repeat quite often. The names of the creatures and historical explanations are funny. Reactions to apple collisions are varied and enjoyable, and that Devitochu or whatever had like a goatee or something. I can get behind that.

The twitch chat integration during the stream was great, it made it real silly and funny and it was cool. That doesnít exist for non-streamers though, so itís a bit dry when youíre on your own. The audio was enjoyable and the environments had little hidden tableau(s?) that were cool to find. I like the use of theme here. Itís right up front and simple and effective.

Dueling fathers
This is a nice, simple, fun game. The aesthetic and audio fit together really nicely. Thereís some complexity in the characters though thereís a little lacking in motivation for it. Let me be more specific: Each character has special abilities that cost faults against the player to use. After 3 faults you lose. Iím not sure how else it could be done, but as it is I didnít have any reason to use it. Iím just ~*too good at videogames*~. I first played through with Washington and never lost a fight, and I didnít read the readme until halfway through the game. I was originally confused by the fact that HP seemed to be a thing though there was not any visual indicator thereof. Reading illuminated everything, as it tends to do.

I like that thereís only the one button in-game. Itís simple and does what is needed. Maybe some more complexity could be added to this, Iím not sure how, but itís good to see someone scope reasonably for a jam. Itís a skill that should always be commended. You said in the post-mortem that the art wasnít everything you wanted it to be, but I think itís pretty nice. I would say the font is a little lacking because of its fuzziness, but the characters, the character icons, and the fight-intro-anime-background are really nice.

The music sounds very much like genuine NES music. Like, something out of Pro Wrestling or those group of first party Nintendo games of the time. Itís real nice.

I never played this in two-player mode, so unfortunately what I assume would be the prime circumstance to use special abilities was missed on me.

Nicely done.

No public builds:
60 Second History
I was really surprised that there wasn't a public build after I saw the Gong Show, even if there's nothing outside of what was exactly shown on stream, it still seems cool and worth throwing it out there! I want it!
World War Kaiju
I wasn't exactly sure what was going on when I watched the stream, because it was on a TV and not high quality, but I'd like to have given it a shot.
The story taking the front stage in this seems really cool, plus as mentioned above, I'm ~*too good at videogames*~ so I would probably have enjoyed this.
Oh Darn The Time Machine We Stole Has Gone Haywire
The animation is loving great and the puzzles seemed well thought-out even if you had to reconstruct your game pretty far in. It's not as brutal as your post-mortem says, I would argue.

I believe that's everyone and everything. Like Doom Goon said, this was a hell of a jam. So many good games! Hell yeah, everybody.

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Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

60 Second History
Itís may be different to be giving feedback/impressions on a game that isnít too close to the judging build, but Ö who cares? Brought me out of retirement.

It pains me to say but I couldnít find two of the endings. I have to assume that the game doesnít save, which means Iíll probably never go back to find the two I missed because I played this game for around forty minutes and still couldnít get Ďem. I played through it and found 7 unique endings which I determined by taking screenshots of each upon completion. Then I thought ďOh, thereís no way in hell Iím going to be able to keep trackĒ and instead drew a very neat and tidy tree of outcomes and endings. Just-about-all-the-spoilers in this image, but I want to show that I really gave it a shot, and that Iím very organized and think ahead when drawing.

The use of theme is really good. Branching stories/paths are not only a huge hassle because of the exponential growth, but also because of the expectations of decisions to have unique outcomes. This game does quite well to deal with that problem. Some outcomes of some minigames lead to the same game or ending, but it doesnít feel cheap. Sometimes thereís even minor variety that feels earned and sensible. Teclado. There is, I believe, one path that locks you into a specific and unique ending from like, minigame 3? It involves blood. I think once you hit that you canít get off that route, which Iím only mildly bummed about.

I wish the save was there or that it at the very least showed the endings youíve unlocked or how many are left. If it was organized into a tree that could be wicked helpful and motivating for the player to spend the time to unlock the bonus mode.

Some of the controls arenít what the prompts actually say they are. Iíve lost track, but one of them says hit space when itís really the mouse button. Also, that imagination game is a real poo poo-show, which means itís much harder and more frustrating to explore the games endings than it needs/should be.

This gameís humour is also, subjectively obviously, very very good. Thereís plenty of little goofs and japes and I was titillated throughout. Itís unfortunate that this was a much more barren submission at the deadline, but poo poo, I really enjoyed it.

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Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

ALFbrot posted:

Download it HERE you son of a gun!!!

Sounds good!

I also released an updated version of The Purging of Darkstorm Cave by the Hero(s)____ which fixed a bug no one I know of ever found. It would crash the game if you cast a fireball when right beside a wall because for some reason Step events of objects in GM happen before the Create event of that object is finished. Seriously weird.

- Minimap colours and background changed for better readability
- Minimap now fills in when player discovers enemies/treasure/walls (starts off empty)
- Animated torches
- Significantly less disgustingly ugly book background/text colour
- Actual integration of the intended story in text, though the intro is still kinda poo poo
- Skeletons can be damaged while stunned
- Several audio additions (fireballs/arrows/oozeballs etc)

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Jan 4, 2013

mama huhu

Hitlersaurus Christ posted:

Spoilers explanation

I like that what you said is the case. As such I have a slightly better opinion on my time with the game than I had before. That was a good call.

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