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May 5, 2011

The galaxy is in turmoil following the destruction of the New Republic. The First Order hounds the Resistance across the Outer Rim and the galactic community struggles to cope with the loss of central authority. But here, in the Corporate Sector, things are at their most stable. Always lying beyond the direct control of the Republic and left to their own devices by the Empire, the Corporate Sector Authority maintains a light touch on their territory and reap the benefits of their independence. As chaos spreads abroad, the corporations profit beyond measure, always at the service of the highest bidder. The Corporate Sector is full of opportunity for those who have the skills to exploit it. The corporations are vast and unwieldy beasts who cannot see everything at once, and the local governments are corrupt and self-serving. With luck, grit and dedication there are a lot of credits to be made here as well as the chance at building a better life for you and yours.

Who are you?
Smugglers, thieves, anarchists and outcasts. You live on the edge of society, flying between worlds in a second-rate ship as you take on jobs to keep yourselves and your ship going. Sometimes the work you take on is legal, other times less so, and you're rarely given all the details. Why you're in this life is up to you, but your skills, experience and luck make you well-suited to it.

For this recruitment, I'm not asking for you to fully create a character. Just pick a playbook that sounds fun to you and if you want to provide a name, a little information or some art that's fine. I want to do full character and ship creation as the first session so that we can create a good and cohesive team.

Where do you fly?
The Corporate Sector is an arm of the galaxy that has always had a special relationship with the ruling authority. With the Republic the Corporate Sector Authority was given autonomy, and they in turn granted broad rights to their corporate constituents. Under the Empire, the CSA was left alone in exchange for trade deals and contract work with the Imperial government, and the corporations found this arrangement to be quite profitable. And now with the New Republic dead the CSA is truly independent for the first time in thousands of years. Here, governments can wield less power than corporations, and the only real authority comes from the people with the most credits. There is an ossified ruling class of elites who sit on multiple boards and own huge swaths of the sector, and their corporations have wide leeway to do whatever they want, so long as the credits are right. Slavery is legal and protections for workers and citizens are virtually nonexistent. The average person living under the CSA barely noticed the conflict of the past four decades, too caught up in the fast pace of corporate existence. To most, even the CSA is a distant entity, and their lives are ruled by the corporations most directly above them.

This particular corner of the Corporate Sector is considered to be its very heart, a cluster of star systems surrounding the Hydian Way-Lemmat Arc intersection. The Vadash System sits at the center of it all, housing one of the greatest trade hubs in the galaxy. From the Malorne System the CSA maintains a gentle control over the sector. In Cantonis the galaxy's rich and powerful play and lounge, far from the conflicts that rule over their lessers. Ritau is at the edge, a place of war and mystery where the CSA beat back the First Order but the invaders still maintain a foothold. There are overcrowded city-moons, planetary firing ranges, secret gambling dens, hidden megastructures and abandoned utopias to be explored and traded in. With the Jedi dead and the threat of the Inquisitors gone, various Force traditions that once hid themselves are coming back into the light, and old factions from times long since gone are showing themselves once more.

For the game, I have prepared a full Sector writeup that covers these systems and their planets in greater detail
I've also created a lookbook that I'm going to be using for stuff that fits with the look and tone of the game

Your ship
We'll be using the Stardancer ship playbook, but we can decide on its looks, name and other information during ship creation.

About me
This will be my first experience with Blades in the Dark and Scum and Villainy. I have done a good bit of prep, and I've run campaigns in other systems before this one. I've listened to/watched several APs of both BitD and S&V and I think I understand the system well enough to run it. That said, I'm sure I will make mistakes or forget rules as I learn this game. Expect that for first few sessions we'll sometimes have to wing it and fix things later on. I think that makes this an ideal game for other newbies, as we can all learn the system together. If you've got experience, that's cool too, I would welcome players who can help and remind me of things I may have forgotten.

The game
In Scum and Villainy you play people on the edge who get in over their heads and then have to blast, talk, or scramble their way out of it. You won't be leading intergalactic armies or destroying the First Order, but you will be playing as dashing and foolhardy heroes who live outside the law and have to work and scrape to get by. I want to stick close to the tone of the movies: pulpy science-fantasy space opera. Add in a dash of punk since your opponents will more often than not be from a giant megacorporation and you've got what I'm going for.
  • This will be a game that uses Roll20 and Discord for voice chat. Right now the time slot I'm looking to use is Sundays at around 5 PM EST. I could also do the same time on Saturdays.
  • Recruitment will run until Friday, January 12th at midnight.
  • Scum and Villainy can be found here. It is mostly complete, but lacks the core Blades in the Dark rules that you need to run it. Now that the
    Blades SRD is up, a final version should be coming soon.
  • Speaking of which, if you want to play Scum and Villainy but don't want to buy Blades in the Dark the SRD can be found here and contains all the information on how to play and run the game, just stripped of all the setting information. Although you should totally buy Blades in the Dark because it rules.
  • If you want to talk about the game outside the thread or ask me quick questions, come on over and join my Discord server and let me know what you're thinking.

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Settled on a Scoundrel!

Ven Resene, former quasi-legal Corporate contractor gone independent.

Astro Ambulance
Dec 25, 2008

Gonna play a Mechanic.

Pruunt Beeviadurn, rodian engineer with a penchant for devices both absurd and unnecessarily complex.

May 31, 2013

How did this smug dummkopf ever make general?

Ter 'Blaze' Spero, an Imperial pilot-deserter trying to thrive in the CSA, now the hiding is unnecessary.

Dec 14, 2006

My eye...MY EYE!!!

I'm going to be the Muscle of the team

VX-795, security droid that somehow bought its independence from Holowan Mechanicals

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Jan 29, 2012

Really Madcats

Since apparently duplicates are okay, I've got two proposals;

Solstice Nova, former shuttle Pilot to the rich and famous, or

Calea "Ashes" Zhen, former soldier (which side? Who cares), now freelance Muscle.

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Feb 22, 2008

Throwin' my hat into the ring for a Stitch

Montileu Brahnx was a respected corp physician who got his license pulled on trumped-up charges of ethics violations, and is now slumming it with the riff-raff in a desperate attempt to raise the credits required to buy his license back.

May 5, 2011

Thanks for applying, folks, those are some cool characters!

I posted this in the Discord, but also I wanted to throw it out here as well. I found two playlists, one of which is generally useful for Blades in the Dark, as it covers almost all the game's systems in great detail

Additionally, the creator of the hack, Stras, also has a running AP of Scum and Villainy that shows how the game works in action

Give those a look if you're curious about how this game works or want some more in-depth explanation of a system.

Apr 1, 2010

Looking to play a Speaker.

Introducing Gargi Thakur, the last matriarch of an once-great corporate family turned pirate..

e: New pic to match a slightly more focused character idea.

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Dr. Snark
Oct 15, 2012

I'M SORRY, OK!? I admit I've made some mistakes, and Jones has clearly paid for them.
But ma'am! Jones' only crime was looking at the wrong files!
I beg of you, don't ship away Jones, he has a wife and kids!

-United Nations Intelligence Service

Never mind, saw thing was filled up. Ignore me!

Dec 14, 2006

My eye...MY EYE!!!

I'm having Discord issues so who was accepted into the game?

May 5, 2011

Hey everybody, it looks like we're gonna be taking along the max number of players on this one. Here's who I picked

Tricky as Ven Resene the Scoundrel
Astro Ambulance as Pruunt Beeviadurn the Mechanic
HerpicleOmnicron5 as Ter 'Blaze' Spero the Pilot
Lakbay as VX-795 the Muscle
Antilles as Montileu Brahnx the Stitch
tokenbrownguy as Gargi Thakur the Speaker


May 5, 2011

InfoStream News Alert

Craven Criminals Crash Cantonica Cruiser! // Genn Riada, Junior Crime Correspondent

Officials in Canto Bight are still sifting through the evidence after a daring dusk raid on the pleasure barge Wayward Gaze just five hours ago. According to eyewitnesses, blaster fire rocked the barge during its approach to Canto Bight after a week touring the desert plains surrounding the city. A group of assailants gained control over the ship and attempted to rob passengers, and were responsible for the deaths of several security personnel and one pilot. Several of these assailants were apprehended, and officials have identified them as members of the Night Kings, a native raider group on Cantonica. The Canto Bight Police Department, working alongside the Authority, has corroborated several witness statements that detail a second, unnamed group of individuals that appear to have betrayed the Night Kings and made off with the bulk of their stolen credits. It is not known at this time how this group relates to the Kings, but it appears that they were responsible for killing several of them, and apparently did not participate in attacking passengers. Authority agents state that this second group of individuals are to be considered armed and extremely dangerous, and any information that leads to their capture will be rewarded by Crown Princess Canto Malas herself.

Here at InfoStream we have obtained exclusive descriptions of the assailants:

  • A human woman, young with long black hair and a pale complexion. Described as being "exceptionally good at sabaac".
  • A rodian male, green skin and cybernetic augmentations, said to be quick with a blaster and is apparently "severely injured" following a "clobbering" according to one member of the engineering staff.
  • A human woman, older with a dark complexion. Described as well-spoken and exceedingly calm.
  • A security droid, exact make and model unknown but apparently a recent one. Said to be "unstoppable".
  • A human male, muscular build and dark hair. "Probable military background and exceptional greedy".

In an unrelated incident, security personnel aboard the Wayward Gaze arrested Gavin Deova, Vice President of Sales at the Czerka Corporation. Details were not available as to the nature of Deova's offense.

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