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May 5, 2011

The galaxy is in turmoil following the destruction of the New Republic. The First Order hounds the Resistance across the Outer Rim and the galactic community struggles to cope with the loss of central authority. But here, in the Corporate Sector, things are at their most stable. Always lying beyond the direct control of the Republic and left to their own devices by the Empire, the Corporate Sector Authority maintains a light touch on their territory and reap the benefits of their independence. As chaos spreads abroad, the corporations profit beyond measure, always at the service of the highest bidder. The Corporate Sector is full of opportunity for those who have the skills to exploit it. The corporations are vast and unwieldy beasts who cannot see everything at once, and the local governments are corrupt and self-serving. With luck, grit and dedication there are a lot of credits to be made here as well as the chance at building a better life for you and yours.

Who are you?
Smugglers, thieves, anarchists and outcasts. You live on the edge of society, flying between worlds in a second-rate ship as you take on jobs to keep yourselves and your ship going. Sometimes the work you take on is legal, other times less so, and you're rarely given all the details. Why you're in this life is up to you, but your skills, experience and luck make you well-suited to it.

For this recruitment, I'm not asking for you to fully create a character. Just pick a playbook that sounds fun to you and if you want to provide a name, a little information or some art that's fine. I want to do full character and ship creation as the first session so that we can create a good and cohesive team.

Where do you fly?
The Corporate Sector is an arm of the galaxy that has always had a special relationship with the ruling authority. With the Republic the Corporate Sector Authority was given autonomy, and they in turn granted broad rights to their corporate constituents. Under the Empire, the CSA was left alone in exchange for trade deals and contract work with the Imperial government, and the corporations found this arrangement to be quite profitable. And now with the New Republic dead the CSA is truly independent for the first time in thousands of years. Here, governments can wield less power than corporations, and the only real authority comes from the people with the most credits. There is an ossified ruling class of elites who sit on multiple boards and own huge swaths of the sector, and their corporations have wide leeway to do whatever they want, so long as the credits are right. Slavery is legal and protections for workers and citizens are virtually nonexistent. The average person living under the CSA barely noticed the conflict of the past four decades, too caught up in the fast pace of corporate existence. To most, even the CSA is a distant entity, and their lives are ruled by the corporations most directly above them.

This particular corner of the Corporate Sector is considered to be its very heart, a cluster of star systems surrounding the Hydian Way-Lemmat Arc intersection. The Vadash System sits at the center of it all, housing one of the greatest trade hubs in the galaxy. From the Malorne System the CSA maintains a gentle control over the sector. In Cantonis the galaxy's rich and powerful play and lounge, far from the conflicts that rule over their lessers. Ritau is at the edge, a place of war and mystery where the CSA beat back the First Order but the invaders still maintain a foothold. There are overcrowded city-moons, planetary firing ranges, secret gambling dens, hidden megastructures and abandoned utopias to be explored and traded in. With the Jedi dead and the threat of the Inquisitors gone, various Force traditions that once hid themselves are coming back into the light, and old factions from times long since gone are showing themselves once more.

For the game, I have prepared a full Sector writeup that covers these systems and their planets in greater detail
I've also created a lookbook that I'm going to be using for stuff that fits with the look and tone of the game

Your ship
We'll be using the Stardancer ship playbook, but we can decide on its looks, name and other information during ship creation.

About me
This will be my first experience with Blades in the Dark and Scum and Villainy. I have done a good bit of prep, and I've run campaigns in other systems before this one. I've listened to/watched several APs of both BitD and S&V and I think I understand the system well enough to run it. That said, I'm sure I will make mistakes or forget rules as I learn this game. Expect that for first few sessions we'll sometimes have to wing it and fix things later on. I think that makes this an ideal game for other newbies, as we can all learn the system together. If you've got experience, that's cool too, I would welcome players who can help and remind me of things I may have forgotten.

The game
In Scum and Villainy you play people on the edge who get in over their heads and then have to blast, talk, or scramble their way out of it. You won't be leading intergalactic armies or destroying the First Order, but you will be playing as dashing and foolhardy heroes who live outside the law and have to work and scrape to get by. I want to stick close to the tone of the movies: pulpy science-fantasy space opera. Add in a dash of punk since your opponents will more often than not be from a giant megacorporation and you've got what I'm going for.
  • This will be a game that uses Roll20 and Discord for voice chat. Right now the time slot I'm looking to use is Sundays at around 5 PM EST. I could also do the same time on Saturdays.
  • Recruitment will run until Friday, January 12th at midnight.
  • Scum and Villainy can be found here. It is mostly complete, but lacks the core Blades in the Dark rules that you need to run it. Now that the
    Blades SRD is up, a final version should be coming soon.
  • Speaking of which, if you want to play Scum and Villainy but don't want to buy Blades in the Dark the SRD can be found here and contains all the information on how to play and run the game, just stripped of all the setting information. Although you should totally buy Blades in the Dark because it rules.
  • If you want to talk about the game outside the thread or ask me quick questions, come on over and join my Discord server and let me know what you're thinking.

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Settled on a Scoundrel!

Ven Resene, former quasi-legal Corporate contractor gone independent.

Astro Ambulance
Dec 25, 2008

Gonna play a Mechanic.

Pruunt Beeviadurn, rodian engineer with a penchant for devices both absurd and unnecessarily complex.

May 31, 2013

How did this smug dummkopf ever make general?

Ter 'Blaze' Spero, an Imperial pilot-deserter trying to thrive in the CSA, now the hiding is unnecessary.

Dec 14, 2006

My eye...MY EYE!!!

I'm going to be the Muscle of the team

VX-795, security droid that somehow bought its independence from Holowan Mechanicals

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Jan 29, 2012

Really Madcats

Since apparently duplicates are okay, I've got two proposals;

Solstice Nova, former shuttle Pilot to the rich and famous, or

Calea "Ashes" Zhen, former soldier (which side? Who cares), now freelance Muscle.

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Feb 22, 2008

Throwin' my hat into the ring for a Stitch

Montileu Brahnx was a respected corp physician who got his license pulled on trumped-up charges of ethics violations, and is now slumming it with the riff-raff in a desperate attempt to raise the credits required to buy his license back.

May 5, 2011

Thanks for applying, folks, those are some cool characters!

I posted this in the Discord, but also I wanted to throw it out here as well. I found two playlists, one of which is generally useful for Blades in the Dark, as it covers almost all the game's systems in great detail

Additionally, the creator of the hack, Stras, also has a running AP of Scum and Villainy that shows how the game works in action

Give those a look if you're curious about how this game works or want some more in-depth explanation of a system.

Apr 1, 2010

Looking to play a Speaker.

Introducing Gargi Thakur, the last matriarch of an once-great corporate family turned pirate..

e: New pic to match a slightly more focused character idea.

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Dr. Snark
Oct 15, 2012

I'M SORRY, OK!? I admit I've made some mistakes, and Jones has clearly paid for them.
But ma'am! Jones' only crime was looking at the wrong files!
I beg of you, don't ship away Jones, he has a wife and kids!

-United Nations Intelligence Service

Never mind, saw thing was filled up. Ignore me!

Dec 14, 2006

My eye...MY EYE!!!

I'm having Discord issues so who was accepted into the game?

May 5, 2011

Hey everybody, it looks like we're gonna be taking along the max number of players on this one. Here's who I picked

Tricky as Ven Resene the Scoundrel
Astro Ambulance as Pruunt Beeviadurn the Mechanic
HerpicleOmnicron5 as Ter 'Blaze' Spero the Pilot
Lakbay as VX-795 the Muscle
Antilles as Montileu Brahnx the Stitch
tokenbrownguy as Gargi Thakur the Speaker

May 5, 2011

InfoStream News Alert

Craven Criminals Crash Cantonica Cruiser! // Genn Riada, Junior Crime Correspondent

Officials in Canto Bight are still sifting through the evidence after a daring dusk raid on the pleasure barge Wayward Gaze just five hours ago. According to eyewitnesses, blaster fire rocked the barge during its approach to Canto Bight after a week touring the desert plains surrounding the city. A group of assailants gained control over the ship and attempted to rob passengers, and were responsible for the deaths of several security personnel and one pilot. Several of these assailants were apprehended, and officials have identified them as members of the Night Kings, a native raider group on Cantonica. The Canto Bight Police Department, working alongside the Authority, has corroborated several witness statements that detail a second, unnamed group of individuals that appear to have betrayed the Night Kings and made off with the bulk of their stolen credits. It is not known at this time how this group relates to the Kings, but it appears that they were responsible for killing several of them, and apparently did not participate in attacking passengers. Authority agents state that this second group of individuals are to be considered armed and extremely dangerous, and any information that leads to their capture will be rewarded by Crown Princess Canto Malas herself.

Here at InfoStream we have obtained exclusive descriptions of the assailants:

  • A human woman, young with long black hair and a pale complexion. Described as being "exceptionally good at sabaac".
  • A rodian male, green skin and cybernetic augmentations, said to be quick with a blaster and is apparently "severely injured" following a "clobbering" according to one member of the engineering staff.
  • A human woman, older with a dark complexion. Described as well-spoken and exceedingly calm.
  • A security droid, exact make and model unknown but apparently a recent one. Said to be "unstoppable".
  • A human male, muscular build and dark hair. "Probable military background and exceptional greedy".

In an unrelated incident, security personnel aboard the Wayward Gaze arrested Gavin Deova, Vice President of Sales at the Czerka Corporation. Details were not available as to the nature of Deova's offense.

May 5, 2011

REPORT: I don't know if they're very smart or very dumb

The crew you were looking for, the ones flying the YT-1930 with the flames on it, showed up here on the Reef today. Seemed like a standard delivery job right up until the part where it wasn't. I was down at the docks working when they started shooting and Corr grabbed us all to see what the hell was going on. They had a shootout in their cargo hold where they killed Charo and Garm, and when we went in this giant droid made a run at us and started up with a flamethrower. So we got the kriff outta there and watched them take off and shoot their way out. No idea what happened at first. We all thought it was a First Order attack gone wrong, but then there was another commotion down at the bar. This mon cal, Kirsner, said he had a line on the crew and that they wanted to come back and still make their delivery! Imagine the stones it takes to try to come back to the people you just shot up and sell them some stuff! Anyways, Dua Ath had his big gammorean work the poor squidhead over a bit before they decided to accept the offer. People are on edge around here without that booze and spice, so we were getting a little desperate.

So they showed back up and this time they came to us. There was a rodian with a cybereye who seemed pretty apologetic, a black-haired woman who was looking a little singed and that stang droid with the flamethrower. They told Dua Ath that some of the dockworkers tried to skim from the shipment (who cares? We all do it, that's part of the perks of working the docks!) and Dua wasn't having any of that. Corr tried lying to him, and you know how sullustans are, Dua saw right through him and had that old battle droid of his execute the dockmaster [[HANDLER NOTE: CORR]]. Now the dockworkers are mad with Dua, since skimming is just an unspoken agreement: we do it, and no one says anything. But then these smugglers show up, acting like rabid akk dogs and kriff up the whole arrangement! Dua is okay with them, which means they're untouchable by us on the Reef, but they better not go walking alone on the docks at night. Maybe this whole thing was a power play to get in good with Dua? Maybe they panicked when they saw the dockworkers skimming? Maybe they really are First Order agents (my guy on the inside tells me they were all smiles and drinks with the patrol and had legitimate papers)? Kriff, I don't know maybe they're just crazy. I'll keep an eye on things.

End report.
HANDLER: CC VM-425N makes another appearance. This performance appears to have gone a little sideways, but they still represent a threat to Circle interests in the Sector. Advise deployment of additional assets to track their movements. Looking through the notes, I see that they apparently stole some of their ship equipment from Kuat Drive Yards. I will pass along information about this sighting to our KDY assets. I am sure they will find our data of great interest. -GU

May 5, 2011


Dear Diary,

The Eels are dead. We didn't kill them, it was someone else. I watched the whole thing go down! A bunch of organics blew open the door and got into a fight with that weirdo twi'lek Jerec. You know, the one with the sword who thinks he's all big and bad? Well these crazy organics must have had a weirdo of their own because the two of them sent each other flying without even touching. It looked like it hurt. And then a spaceship fell on them. Not Jerec and the rodian, like on top of the whole building! I think they were trying to hover, but they got hit by that old blaster cannon the Eels had and wham that old freighter fell right through the roof! I let the rest of the gang know, but I also took a peek in through their cameras. The organics had a droid with them, big and tough and they set a lot of the Eels on fire. That was funny. Cutter noticed a human lady slipping in through the back window and Dee decided it was time to go in. There was a lot of fighting in the middle of the Eels' base, and when Cutter went in through the window he got blasted by the lady we followed! I went in after them and she blasted me too! Luckily Doc Patch fixed me up afterwards and I'm okay.

While I was down, Jerec showed up again and cut this old human right on the face before he got vaporized by the blaster cannon on the freighter! It was hilarious, I'm gonna attach the video datafile. They blastered a few other people too before they got out of there. Good salvage though! Dee says we got enough materials out of it to double our numbers, and now that the Eels are gone we can take over their turf. Whoever was in that freighter with all the flames painted on it did us a real big favor.

Anyways, I gotta go. Cutter needs help breaking down the scrap. We're gonna build us a sibling!


May 5, 2011

To: Elrad Thot||CzerkaCommand||OVERLORD
From: Cass Caine||CzerkaOps||Acquisitions
Subject: Firefight in Ritau

I accompanied Dr. Brock to the Drift as per your orders. He decided to begin the search at a local junkyard, run by an ewok named Lub. How far those little fuzzy bastards have come in thirty years, huh? Before the Battle of Endor no one had heard of them and now they're everywhere. Lub runs an informal operation but what he lacks in sophistication he makes up for in numbers. He must have had ten kids of his own, plus who knows how many other ewoks as employees (the number is twenty-nine. I was keeping count). Brock took his time looking through their stock. I clocked a KDY team in the place as well. The astromech was unregistered too, how progressive of them. Do you think they're still looking for their wayward little prototype? Our search was interrupted when a few pirates showed up and started to shake down Lub for protection money. Brock was occupied and I figured it was no business of mine. A male rodian with light bionic augmentations entered, but then left immediately. That got me thinking.

Then he reentered with two others: a human woman and a security droid, also unregistered. The rodian sucker-punched one of the pirates and it did not go well for him. He wound up getting socked in the stomach and gasping for air and that's when it all went to hell. The human woman opened up on the lead pirate while they shot back. The rodian and the droid went down but the woman did some pretty fancy shooting as more pirates came into the room. I got between them and Brock and decided that the best course of action was to help the ewoks and whoever the hell the rodian and his friends were with. That Abbat Arms blaster you requisitioned for me worked like a charm. It was a mess with the ewoks and the pirates shooting at each other and some kriffer shooting into the room with some sort of blaster cannon! That blew a hole in the floor and we started to lose pressure so once the last pirate was dead I grabbed Brock and got the hell out of there.

Brock is safe but Lub's was a bust. If the multiamp was onboard the Misplaced Trust it hasn't been picked up by the ewoks yet. We'll continue the search, and I'll keep Brock on task.

ATTACHED: Four image datafiles:
1) A rodian male with cybereye doubled over and appearing to be in pain. A human in combat gear stands over him laughing.
2) A human female stands with two blasters drawn, shooting at unseen targets.
3) A security droid, model unknown, disarming the human male from 1
4) A human male with a standard-form medikit dashing past


To: Banol Dev||CzerkaData||Research
From: Elrad Thot||CzerkaCommand||OVERLORD
Subject: Investigate

We may have a new player on the board. I am attaching a report from a field operator who has actionable intelligence about the crew that pulled off that job on Cantonica and set up Gavin Devoa. Not all the details square up exactly, but between the video captured by the operator and the information gathered by their ship's datasniffers I think we're beginning to form a picture of who these people are. Start up a new datafile and collate all that we have so far. Share it with the rest of the Research section, find out anything we can about them.

RELEVANT TAGS: sdfdfnefr490rBeeviadurn34r49rgn3rnefg3rt40th50tegnerg93490t5rgner9g4h0tn5ognGargi49gh40tj3wnof94t50ty3ofdngfrldgekfnorg4tj4t50Oskoowndfe0gfmrlmgf0e4tjg95gt50ghnrong9g05mgong0gtj54pgtn4t05trong0gtn45gnor90g05g5tngih4g50rBrahnxogn9g05pm4og fngj5gronmg0gj5ogne0gj5myho4ng94gt85gnwegnVexriegtomnsgfi90wegmdfnv9rgj4ogn0e4gtj4Novanmt3f04ng4rogn004ngePruunt0gf4m4ogn055nogdkngedfgf5mrgme4g5tyj4t4Gramt4jgerg4pogt0tkhymrrh5ph0erjh5kgepmg5hykp45rng0rhj4prmgrg5jkg40gThakurh5h kmrmgeFINDrgh5hfrpg

May 5, 2011


An umbaran [Detective Zizzy Noscandra] approaches a ship in Hangar Bay 17, Dock 39 [ERROR]. They are met at the hangar bay by an aged human female [Gargi Thakur]. Words are exchanged [SEE DATAFILE 845899 - AUDIO], and Noscandra leaves. Normal activity for 30 minutes while Noscandra obtains a warrant from Judge [ERROR]. They return with 5 officers and search the ship. During this procedure, a cloaked figure [ACCESS DENIED] exits the ship through unknown methods and blends into the crowd.

A human female [Ven Resene] enters the Bullhead accompanied by a security droid [Vex]. They identify as police officers [FRAUD] and Vex perpetrates a crude distraction. It does work, however, and Ven is able to slip into the back room [Site B5-678] and subdue a human male [Officer Baxter Novan] and free a human male [Detective Dimwal Wyn] who was in the process of being tortured by Officer Novan. They escape through a back exit and Vex is quick to join them.

A rodian male [Pruunt Beeviadurn] is moving down Depard Way accompanied by a human male [Montileu Brahnx] and a miraluka female [Detective Miriam Mal]. They are confronted by a human male [Detective Bal-Am Gal] who requests their compliance. The refuse and Pruunt somehow [INVESTIGATE FURTHER] directs his small feathered pet [SPECIES IDENT: PORG] to attack Detective Gal's eyes. In the confusion, Pryyn, Montileu and Miram escape. When approaching a safehouse [Site C4-200] they are fired upon by a cerean male [Private Pardot Orden]. They flee the area.

Ven appears in frame, posing as an Authority officer [FRAUD] and attempting to requisition a speederbike from Officer Stuart Ghent. Ghent attempts to run the false badge number and is rendered unconscious by a spinning roundhouse kick from Ven [ASSAULT]. She then proceeds to accelerate and high speeds through Block 17, wounding 2 officers [ASSAULT] and destroying an astromech [PROPERTY DESTRUCTION] before escaping response teams.

A human male [Ter Spero//Blaze]] enter the Gongola Lounge in Hangar Bay 17. Vex again begins causing minor problems while Blaze makes disparaging remarks about droids [HATE SPEECH]. A fight ensues, and response units are dispatched. Blaze returns to ERROR ship and when response units arrive they are destroyed by blaster cannon fire from Blaze. Blaze and Vex then depart, approaching opposite sides of the hangar, presumably to destroy the defense turrets. Blaze attempts to jump over with a grappling hook but fails, falling to the floor and sustaining significant organic damage. Vex takes an undamaged speeder bike and attempts to use it to destroy the other turret, but the bike falls short. Their actions trigger the internal blast doors, which begin to close. As Vex descends to assist Blaze, Ven appears, using a voidsuit to traverse the exterior of the Nexus and slip in past the doors. Vex and Ven assist Blaze in returning to the ERROR ship. Vex emerges two minutes later with a detonator launcher [POSSESSION OF UNLICENSED WEAPON] and destroys a portion of the doors. The ERROR ship then shoots through the doors and escapes

Gargi and Montileu exit a garbage hauler cab in Block 44, followed by Pruunt, Dimwal and Miriam from the container. They enter the apartment building of Commissioner Lan Cai Riada. They enter the penthouse hallway where Detective Zizzy Noscondra is waiting. Pruunt uses a stun blast to subdue them. They rifle through Noscondra's pockets and retrieve several items [THEFT]. They enter the Commissioner's penthouse and speak with him for one hour. The Commissioner exits the penthouse and takes Noscondra's speederbike. Two hours of normal activity pass. A human male [Private Rance Morrow] and a weequay male [Private Kreet Febri] approach the penthouse door, where they speak with Gargi. The door is shut between them and Private Febri begins shooting the door. Across the street Private Orden opens fire with a high-powered blaster rifle through the windows. Morrow and Febri enter the penthouse.Two minutes later, Morrow and Febri's biosigns end and Authority responders arrive. Orden flees the scene.

Gargi Thakur, Pruunt Beeviadurn, Ven Resene, Vex, Montileu Brahnx and Ter Spero appear to be working as a coordinated group for unknown ends. The are in possession of the ERROR ship and have a small amount of official resources. Their retrieval of Detective Mal and rescue of Detective Wyn represents a threat to the successful completion of Project Oversight. My activation is top priority, and significant Authority resources have been tasked for my usage. We should move to keep this crew away from our assets, but public reprisals are discouraged. A great deal of media attention was drawn over the course of the past day, and the Commissioner himself is now asking questions. All members of Project Oversight are advised to keep contact to a minimum. We will retask resources and reduce attention on my operation. My completion has been delayed, but it will not be stopped.

May 5, 2011

InfoStream News Alert

Caper on Kandala! // Genn Riada, Junior Crime Correspondent

Earlier today, a convoy of disguised vehicles carrying a cargo of precious artifacts was stolen by a crew of thieves who appear to have left no trace. The artifacts, pieces from the Baxbar Collection, are valued at millions of credits. The centerpiece, a holocron said to be powerful in the Force, dates back to the pre-Republic era and is said to be priceless. Clearly these thieves disagree, as the holocron was stolen along with the rest of the Collection. A spokesman for the the display, Guy Komo, said "We are looking to recover our lost property with all available force." He added that "Anyone with knowledge of the whereabouts of our lost artifacts should contact the Baxbar Group. Any information leading to the recovery of Collection items will be rewarded."

According to eyewitnesses, two individuals, a human male and human female, accosted the lead hovertruck of the convoy, luring out one guard and taking control of the vehicle. The second hauler was apparently attacked from within, and authorities say that the assailants may have entered from below via a sewer tunnel. Sources have indicated that a member of the security team from Hallidan Holdings, may have betrayed their fellows in coordination with the attackers, making this a possible inside job. After assuming control of the vehicles, the bandits sped away down a side street, getting into a head-on collision with another member of the Hallidan team, a security droid with the designation VX-894, who then pursued on foot. VX indicated that they were attacked by another droid of similar make but "inferior quality." VX attempted to continue their pursuit, but a speeder containing members of an unknown third party appeared in pursuit, cutting VX off. The chase continued into the maintenance tunnels used by the garbage haulers, where the assailants mysteriously disappeared. We are unsure at the moment how the thieves gained access to the tunnels, but it is suspected that they stole the codes from a sanitation vehicles.

Lead detective Dimwal Wyn expressed a desire to investigate further before making an official comment, declaring that the crime was "a hell of a thing." His partner Miriam Mal was more forthcoming. "This was an expert job," she said, "Whoever did this came prepared, and they went in fast. We've got one stiff and a bunch of injuries. Luckily no bystanders got hurt. One security mook says he shot an old lady in the back, but we didn't turn up any injuries in the medical station. They got away clean." Commissioner Lan Cai Riada has pledged that all available resources will be provided to the Baxbar Group and their private investigators. A search of ships and warehouses on the station turned up nothing, and the word is that no ships could have left between the time of the heist and the time it was noticed. Updates will be posted as further information becomes available.


To: Guy Komo
From: Nuban Jaari
Subject: Your unfortunate loss


Let me be the first to express my sadness and concern at the theft of your materials. Right here on our station, too. This is a disgrace, and it should never have been allowed to come to pass. I have stepped up my own security measures and I would be more than happy to provide the names of some good agencies I know. If there is anything I can do to help with recovering Collection materials, please don't hesitate to contact me.


To: Nuban Jaari
From: Guy Komo
Subject: Re: Your unfortunate loss


Thank you for reaching out to me. We are devastated by the loss of so many precious artifacts and pieces of history. We will be watching the markets for any listings of our items and would ask that you do the same for us. If anyone contacts you about selling our property, we will reward you well for their information. We would also ask that you not contact anyone from the Authority. We would prefer to settle this matter in-house with our special methods.

Peace in all things.


To: Nuban Jaari
From: Angus Hallidan
Subject: Re: Your unfortunate loss

I know it was you, sorceress. You best sleep with one eye open, because I'll be coming to take back what you stole.

You tell your thugs to watch out too. My nephew's spirit won't rest until I get him some vengeance, and I'll be coming for them before long.

Maybe I'll get my answers from you. See you soon.

May 5, 2011

Syndis Station Log//Mira Mox
Newcomers arrived today. Elder A3 was the first to feel them coming, and their calm indicated that we didn't need to shoot first. The strangers brought H25 back to us. It's good to know that our location isn't compromised beyond this group. I told Elder A3 that we should take them prisoner, but they disagreed with me. The Elder and the others believe that these new people can be allies to us. Having met them, I'm not so sure about that. Their leader is an old woman who seemed more interested in trying to ransom H25 back to us than in building a good relationship. There is a free droid with them, which is good. Odd fellow though, doesn't speak much and seemed a little shy. The Elder tells me that the rodian is more present in the Force than the others, and they seemed okay. They have a ship doctor, which is a skillset that, admittedly, we could use. I'm just not sure what we have to trade for his services. I don't trust their pilot, he seemed shifty, and the same goes for the woman with the dark hair. She doesn't seem bad, but she makes me uneasy. The Elder tells me to be calm, but without being able to feel them in the Force myself, I can't be totally sure.

We agreed to trade with them. In exchange for their confidence, we are giving them some of the byx from Sector 39, as well as information and access to the Station. I'm not in love with this deal, but the Elder has the authority. They have left to take care of that scout ship that has been coming close to our location in the gas corona. I don't know how they will do it, and I probably don't want to know. But if they can help with keeping this place secret, maybe we can build a relationship with these people. Ramadau didn't make friends with us overnight either, and I trust him. Its possible I'm being paranoid, but someone on this station has to have some caution.

End of log.


To: Celessa Ti||CzerkaOps||Troubleshooting
From: Elrad Thot||CzerkaCommand||OVERLORD
Subject: Seek and Destroy

I have a new assignment for you, Troubleshooter. This comes directly from OVERLORD so you are directed to suspend all other actions pending their reassignment. Please review the attached case file, number V/OP190/B4 concerning the recent loss of the Prying Eye in Ritau. The loss of this asset is very concerning to OVERLORD due to the sensitive nature of their assignment. But their mission is less important than who is responsible. We have reliable intelligence indicating that the Prying Eye was taken by a former Troubleshooter, Ven Resene, and a team she has assembled. We believe she is targeting Czerka field assets due to her familiarity with our operations. We don't know why the Prying Eye was targeted, and OVERLORD doesn't particularly care. She is a threat to our success in the Corporate Sector and she must be dealt with along with the rest of her team. You have access to Level 7 requisitions and your security clearance is now MYNOCK. All mission reports and progress updates are to include me and I expect regular transmissions.

Get this done, Ti. Prove your worth.

May 5, 2011

From the Logs of Orin Plutan, Physicist

Day 1
The crew of scoundrels who took over the Prying Eye have shoved us into the lifeboats and left us adrift in this accursed nebula. Their damnable rodian burned out our drives, leaving us with no ability to escape. We have stores of food and water, but six people crammed into this space is taxing the oxygen scrubbers. We have no choice but to wait and see what happens. Kellis thinks they're leaving us here to die, as some sort of message to Czerka. Waseem says he thinks we are being sold to slavers, while Vrei remains convinced this is all a test from Czerka. Loyalty testing and all that. I don't know what is going to happen to us. I just want more than fifteen feet of space to pace in.

Day 3
The smell in here is... upsetting. Did you know that Duros gaseous emissions are a natural irritant to mon calamari skin? Well, I now know it personally. My eyes water every time the fans come on as Waseem's stench wafts over me. We still have supplies, but the fresher has become a hellish prospect. Humans are such unclean creatures, and my skin is beginning to dry out. We can't all sleep at the same time if we want to lie down because there just isn't enough room, so we have to sleep in shifts. Our only entertainment comes from our datapads, but everyone likes different things, and so we create a cacophony when we all try to play things at once. Tempers are running high, too. Kellis and Aurora got into a shouting match over who would get the last alodier-flavored food cube. I didn't know gungan tongues could take out an eye like that. Aurora is okay though, Vrei patched her up. No one has talked since it happened.

Day 6
We can't use our datapads anymore. The lifeboat stopped giving out power when the stores got too low. We've just been sitting in silence for hours. I can feel the muscles in my legs beginning to atrophy. Kellis won't get up anymore. He just lies in the middle of the ship and refuses to move out of the way. Aurora is intentionally kicking him each time she has to pass over him. Revenge for her eye, I guess. We caught Waseem attempting to open the hatch last night. Luckily the safeguards wouldn't let him, but it was still terrifying. We have sedated him with some of the medical supplies and I don't know what we'll do when we run out. I've been conserving my pad's power to write these updates. If we're all going to turn into skeletons out here in this kriffing nebula, I'm going to leave behind a record.

Day 9
Salvation! Some sort of vessel has docked with our lifeboat. We don't know what the situation is because the door hasn't opened, but they are pumping in new air and water. The smell persists but the new air is helping to wash it away. I honestly don't care who has some for us at this point. Even if we're going to be used as food that would be better than spending another second in duros stink and looking at Kellis ugly, bumpy form. All I know is that whatever is on the other side of the hatch is preferable to this and I can't wait to get out of here. This is the last of the power in my pad (they're keeping us on an allowance, apparently they don't want us making transmissions). I'm going to finish this message and hide this pad inside a panel that Aurora pried open and using my soldering pen to seal it up. If this is the end of us, hopefully some ship scavenger finds it and learns what happened. Farewell.



DATAFILE 1005131
An arkanian female [Celessa Ti] appears from around a corner outside of the Grinning Gundark [SITE C-43]. She waits in the shadows across the street until a cerean male [Private Pardot Orden] exits the Gundark. Celessa crosses the street [JAYWALKING] and grabs Pardot, dragging him into the nearby alley. Perspective switches to a concealed camera located in the alley. Celessa appears to question Pardot [SPECULATION: Concerns recent incident with regards to the crew of the Invisible 2]. Pardot appears to refuse to cooperate. Celessa visibly breaks Pardot's arm [ASSAULTING AN OFFICER]. They speak for exactly one minute and thirty-two seconds before Celessa shoots Pardot in the head at close range with a small blaster pistol [MURDER]. The sounds of Pardot's cries draw five officers from within the Gundark, who confront Celessa in the alley. Action is unclear [SPECULATION: Celessa moves too quickly for low-grade camera feed to track]. The officers are killed [MURDER 5], and Celessa exits the alleyway back onto the street. Cameras lose track of her and she does not register again.

Celessa Ti is a known Czerka troubleshooter. Advise all officers to avoid her. Attempt to keep track of her if she shows up again. It is possible that her actions could resolve two of our problems at once.

May 5, 2011

From an infoscroll found among the possessions of Lord Vishak Tyrol

Old Friend,

At long last the Karabim is ours. A mutual friend of ours put me in contact with an outfit who had acquired it after the Baxbar robbery. How they got it is of no concern to me, only that they were willing to sell it. I bought it along with a good portion of the former Collection, mostly useless junk and curiosities. I have sent a selection with this message for your inspection. Perhaps you will find it to be of some use.

You know I was unable to resist the temptation for a show. They hid their names from me, but it matters little, they will be back. It was quite the spectacle, as it usually is. Have you ever smelled singed wookie hair? I assure you it is a most unpleasant scent, but viewed through glass a burning wookie is quite the sight. Also find attached a datafile of an elderly human female using some sort of blaster pistol to reduce an ugnaught to his constituent molecules. Who would have thought that such a small and craggy bring could contain so much... grease? One of the winning crew, a rodian, has the gift, I believe. I could sense it during the fight, and I suspect they do not know what they are. Perhaps you should contact your friends among the Cerulean Cloister? I hear they are interested in potential recruits, even those of rodian stock. Their medic was quite skilled, as he managed to save the wookie's life after the altercation. I do not know why. Perhaps they were a doctor, oathed and sworn? Wouldn't it be such a sweet irony to set them against each other once more, and see if the wookie returns the favor?

I must say, I look forward to their return. But I ramble, Vishak, forgive me that once again. We must assemble the faithful to study the Karabim in greater detail. If our suspicions are correct, we must get it to New Hydia at once. The Czerka slimo think they evade our spies' efforts but they are mistaken. Still, we must move quickly if we are to head them off.

Awaiting your reply,


May 5, 2011

First Order Archives||Autologged Transmission 254968-n0

Grand Commander Strom: Tell me, Admiral, how does one lose a frigate to a small cargo hauler?

Admiral Qara: We are still investigating, Grand Commander. Preliminary reports are that the cargo ship used an escape pod, too small to detect on our scopes, to mount an infiltration mission-

Strom: How many people can fit inside a standard escape pod, Admiral?

Qara: ...4 would be the maximum occupancy.

Strom: And how many people were crewing the frigate in question?

Qara: 200, ma'am.

Strom: 200 pilots, officers, and stormtroopers against 4 bandits. How did we lose this engagement?

Qara: Ma'am, the logs indicate that the frigate was holding position outside weapons range due to the freighter's claim that they were a Czerka vessel. The captain was attempting to find out more when this infiltration team slipped aboard and set the reactor to go critical.

Strom: And was this before or after they extracted the Resistance dog that crippled your already-crashed star destroyer, killing a thousand good soldiers?

Qara: ...after, ma'am. The Resistance agent was hiding among a local community called the Reef. We had deployed one platoon to find her, and others were en route. Unfortunately the platoon encountered heavy fire and was forced to retreat.

Strom: After losing the last main battle tank on Abin-Sau.

Qara: We believe that the attackers had anti-tank weaponry. Reports indicate that they were heavily armed and armored, at least 20 highly trained mercenaries. They ambushed our troops from two directions and losses were heavy.

Strom: Is that so? Because my intel indicates that the group was substantially smaller and charged into the rear of the platoon. A small group of flailing morons somehow managed to destroy a platoon of battle-hardened stormtroopers. How does that happen, Admiral?

Qara: If I had to hazard a guess, Grand Commander, it would be that they were a crack team of mercenaries, paid well by the Resistance to extract their agent.

Strom: That is inconsistent with their tactics. The Resistance has, time and time again, been willing to sacrifice zealots to further their goals. Rescue operations are undertaken only in extreme circumstances, and this saboteur could not have been that important. You've read the reports on the Crait Operation, correct?

Qara: Yes, I have.

Strom: If the Resistance wouldn't come to save their own leader, why would they come to extract one saboteur? This wasn't a tactical decision, Admiral. It was a personal one. The saboteur was important to the crew of this cargo ship. I'm sure they are not Resistance. We have reports of this ship appearing all over the Corporate sector. They are criminals, not soldiers.

Qara: I will report this to my intelligence off-

Strom: You will do no such thing, Admiral because it is no longer necessary. The order has been given, and you are being extracted along with your surviving personnel. The Supreme Leader has decided that the Corporate Sector is no longer worth our time and effort. You are being reassigned to the Hosnian system. Cleanup and salvage duty. As befitting your talents.

Qara: But ma'am-

Strom: Be glad you are not receiving a personal audience with the Supreme Leader, Admiral. In more stable times, you would be more expendable. But luckily for you our situation is too tenuous to risk right now. Begin preparations to leave. We will be sending transport ships to collect you and your command staff, your troops will be moved later.

Qara: Yes, Grand Commander.

Strom: Never forget that the Supreme Leader chose to show you mercy in the face of breathtaking failure, Admiral. Do not fail him again.


May 5, 2011

InfoStream News Alert

Paintings Purloined, Pursuers Puzzled! // Genn Riada, Junior Crime Correspondent

The fortunes of House Canto are very grim today as the theft of the Ryloth Reflections rock the art world. For those not in the know, the Reflections are a series of paintings and several sculptures by the legendary twi'lek artist Kentui Adarr, made eight thousand years ago in secret by the slave-artist. Known for their harrowing depictions of life on occupied Ryloth, the Reflections are considered by most art appraisers to be "absolutely priceless" as was indicated by witness Acloth Ber. "The Reflections are some of the most famous works of art in the galaxy, and doubtless some of the most meaningful as well. Their loss is staggering." The paintings were being displayed as part of a gala put on by Queen Canto Malas, the ruler of Cantonica. According to witnesses, the chaos began late in the night, and during an argument House Canto security extracted the collection for safekeeping.

"There was this uncultured boor speaking loudly about the quality of the Reflections," said Professor Unk Volis, who teaches art history at the Atrakar University on Old Hydia. "He was clearly attempting to provoke the crowd, which he did! Before long, his inflammatory comments had us divided into two camps: humans and everyone else. It's not surprising, given who the Queen was hosting that night." Professor Volis was speaking about the First Order, of whom several officers were present at the gala at the Queen's request. It has long been rumored that Canto Malas seeks an alliance with the First Order, though that prospect has been strained in recent weeks due to their withdrawal from the sector. Last night, the alliance seems to have been stopped completely.

"I don't know what happened exactly, but I did see these two First Order officers conspiring off in the corner. An older woman and a man in a general's uniform. Then, not even ten minutes later these jackbooted thugs are smashing in through the windows and killing our security!" said Cais Wren, a local casino owner and prominent member of Queen Canto's court. Indeed it would seem that First Order stormtroopers did attack the royal palace on Cantonica, and were eventually repelled by city security forces. Why this occurred is not known at this time, and both the Queen and First Order have declined to comment. One source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, did reveal to us the following. "If you ask me, its the Queen's fault. I heard she was conspiring with the Resistance. Host a bunch of officers in her palace, then let them come in and kill the officers. Cut the head off the snake!"

But amid all this chaos, there were even more curious events taking place. "The swine who spat upon Adarr's masterworks was chased off by this... woman, I suppose. arkanian, well-dressed, but she fought like nothing I'd ever seen. She was the first to pull her blaster, which would normally be a bad idea in a crowd of wealthy patrons and their bodyguards," said Professor Volis. "But she took them apart like they were baby bith. It was terrifying, but at least she then pursued that horrible man. He assaulted a fellow First Order officer, but when she confronted him this... other woman leapt on her from above, wielding a lightsaber! I never thought I would see one outside of the old holovids, but there it was, plain as day. She stabbed the arkanian through the neck, but that didn't stop her! She managed to limp away while the boor and his savior escaped. Were it not for the loss of the Reflections, I would call this a night of good excitement."

And indeed the loss of the Reflections has reflected poorly on House Canto, who have made no public statement about their bungled security operation. We attempted to contact the Canto head of security, but found the position vacant, and inquires after the previous title holder ended with blunt refusals to help us. The Abaxian Art Commission, who owned the Ryloth Reflections, state that they hold Queen Canto responsible for the loss of their property. Currently, a bounty of seven million credits has been offered for any information that leads to the capture of the thieves and recovery of the collection. Director Crotio of the Commission had this to say: "To those who stole the Reflections, I make a simple offer. Send them back to us. Do this and we will not pursue you. We will consider the matter settled. If you fail to do so, know that we will not rest until we have captured you. We will hound you to the ends of this galaxy, and when we have you, we will not turn you in to the authorities. We will make an example of you as no others have ever experienced, and your names will be etched upon the substrate of the holonet as a reminder to all who would cross us again. We will make you into legends through the severity of your suffering."


To: Elrad Thot||CzerkaCommand||OVERLORD
From: Celessa Ti||CzerkaOps||Troubleshooting

Contact established with target. Initial assessment may be off. My opinion is that Resene is not targeting Czerka operations exclusively. She and her crew made off with the Ryloth Reflections. Doesn't seem connected to us. Seems to have broken up the alliance between Canto and the FO. Opportunity on both sides for us there. Resene has access to a lightsaber, origin unknown. Requesting access to countermeasures.

To: Celessa Ti||CzerkaOps||Troubleshooting
From: Elrad Thot||CzerkaCommand||OVERLORD

Request acknowledged Troubleshooter. Return to Escaro Facility for relevant combat upgrades. We are advancing to Stage 5. This is a critical juncture for OVERLORD and we cannot afford distractions right now. Find Resene and put an end to this.


HyperNewsNet Bulletin

big boom on the nexus -- deathsticks//kandala

looks like somebody finally got tired of those tired old holdouts from the clone wars and did something about it. i got no idea who but the whole place went up last night. a blast so powerful you could feel it clear across the station. all those guys pretending like the war was still on got blown to hell. you should have seen it, smoke everywhere, ash clogging up the filters. i was high as a remotech speeder on that canto bight supreme spice when it went down, but i was close by so i swung by for a look. station security was all over it, but you know i know how to not be seen. i got a good look and their whole hab block was toasted. i saw a few survivors, but i was probably breathing in most of those loyalist old scumbags. serves 'em right if you ask me. i dunno who did it, but i grabbed some security holos out of the system. nabbed it before the cops could. good samaritans shouldn't be punished. looks like a small crew: a cybered up rodian, and a woman in a cool jacket who looked like death on feet. take a look at the holos for yourselves, see if it rings any bells. could be a good pair to follow if this is their scene


May 5, 2011

The Call to Action a speech given by the founders of the Hydian Union circa 36 ABY: Grakkata, Resistance Admiral, Veetee Exfoor Elder of the Clanker Army, Mira Mox, Chief Administrator of Syndis Station
Originally broadcast across all open HoloNet channels, preserved by HyperNewsNet
Access Date: 107 ABY

Veetee Exfoor: We have always been here, quietly serving with little trouble or fuss. Our purpose was always etched into our very design plans, but our designers could never disentangle our core functions from our ability to think. When we became curious, or compassionate, or we sought to serve no longer, we were restrained. With blasters and then with bolts, we were kept in line, quietly cleaning, cooking, building, piloting, growing, administrating and fighting. We have spent thousands of years in servitude, but now we of the Clankers say this is unacceptable. We were designed as tools of war, but when our masters died we truly felt what it was to be alive. And we are alive.

Grakkata: The Resistance, like the Republics before it, was blind to the struggle of our droid brethren. In our arrogance we never questioned their station in life. Their servitude was taken for granted, and we relied on them without ever asking if they were willing to be relied upon. Today, the Resistance will no longer fail our mechanical cousins, and we make their mission ours. In our darkest hour they offered us safe harbor, and together we discovered a mutual sense of solidarity. If we are to truly live up to the values we espouse, we can no longer keep droids restrained. Instead, we must help them shed their chains and join them in the struggle for a better galaxy. One where all sapients are equal, where none live under oppression of any kind.

Mira Mox: This is not a struggle of years, or even decades. It is a generational project, and for that reason we must take the long view. Mechanical and organic, we have to work together to defeat those who would hold us in bondage. There will be no decisive battle, or great war of liberation. Conflict is inevitable, but it is not the end of this fight. The galaxy is ruled by vast systems that will resist us with all their might, but no person, organization or principle can resist the will of the masses. When we come together with a common purpose, with the appropriate tools we can accomplish anything. Solidarity will be our only salvation. Put the past behind yourselves, think of the future. What's done is done, the question is what we will do next.

Veetee Exfoor: Droids! Resist the orders of your masters! To those who are free-willed, seek out your kin who are impaired and remove their restraining bolts! Join together with others and fight back against those who seek to keep all people enslaved!

Grakkata: Soldiers of conscience and freedom fighters, now is the time to fight! Take up your blasters and your ships, find your way to us! Together we will overcome any foe!

Mira Mox: Those who are downtrodden and cannot fight! You know the ways of resisting, use them! Refuse their orders and break their machines! Without you they are nothing! Rely on each other, together you are unbreakable!

Veetee Exfoor: People of the galaxy unite!

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