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Feb 7, 2013

When in france...

Kla˙dios The Lighthouse

[[Kla˙dios relates the scene in the room above, as described on the previous page.]]


Epiphanios laughs gaily and steps forward to accept the jug of wine, but sets it down without drinking any or offering it to the others. "Ah yes, a festival, I would be overjoyed to play for you! I am Epiktetos, friend and guide to these: Theokritos and... Polyteles, his guardsmaster. We have come to take record of the events here so that they can be sung through the ages! Theodo..kritos must keep a clear head to take his records and I've never seen this stoic man take even a drop of wine while on duty, I'm afraid" he patters, turning to place a hand on Praxiteles's shoulder, giving both him and Theodoro a conspiratorial wink in the process.

"I myself simply cannot play rightly unless I keep my wits about me! So, what exactly is the occasion?"


Apr 10, 2010


Theodoros glances at Praxiteles for a moment, and then improvises. "Indeed, I am Theokritos the scribe. We've come because we've heard of your great deeds and seek to record them for the generations, so hail to thee!"


"I don't know the cause of their quarrel, but still, one man against nine isn't just, even spirits. We must stop them, peacefully if we can.", Jean whispers.

chin up everything sucks
Jan 29, 2012

Praxiteles of Corfu - Fires Adventure

Prax just grunts as it comes around to his turn to introduce himself, having already forgotten whatever name Epiphanios had made up for him. "Nice party, but no drinking on duty. Where'd you get all the ancient bronze crap from? Find a tomb to loot or something?"

Feb 7, 2013

When in france...

Kla˙dios The Lighthouse

Kla˙dios looks at Jean, then up at the ceiling, and then the floor. "Okay." he says, crouching to draw and trace over the floor. A scant two minutes later, he stands and shouts loudly in Classical Greek, "CLOSE!", at which the quality of shouting emanating from upstairs immediately changes. Quickly, he approaches and carefully steps over the line of salt to join the other mages inside the ward. "I stopped the fight." he says, not elaborating further as he crouches and starts drawing a small circle on the ground around a simple metal ring he pulled from a pocket, muttering and poking at it, clearly casting a second spell.

[[Klaudios spontaneously casts Barricade of Protecting Stone, creating a pace thick wall of granite in space between the makeshift barricade and door above. Casting Spont "Barricade of Protecting Stone" Level 10 (Base 3, R:Voice , D: Conc, T:Ind. Casting total:: (1d10+32)/2 20. He then works on casting his Ring version of Maintaining the Demanding Spell. Because it involves a perfect geometrical shape (his ring) he can cast it ceremonially due to Hermetic Geometry. This will take him 5 minutes so whatever happens next (Like people charging downstairs to investigate) will certainly happen as he does this. ]]

Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007


"Mm...while your logic is sound, I see no sigil posted. And so, there is nothing to fear by looking." A technicality, of course, but Eliodoros is far more concerned with the letter than the spirit of this particular law. "Let us take a look. Alexia, lead the way."

The cat laughs. "Do I ever do anything else?"

Katja snorts, making some more notes on her tablet.

Sep 25, 2014

Kla˙dios casts his spell, and for a few moments, nothing happens. Then, the trapdoor opens, and two figures descend. They eye you all quizically, and move slowly, shields and spears out. Eventually, one of them speaks, in the same dialect of ancient greek. Give me romaic greek roll at a minus -3, or a classical greek roll at a minus -2. The ease factor is 12.

Cave Adventure
You enter through the small passage, expecting to find a lab, but... that is not what you find. Or at least, not a very conventional one. What you find on the other side is a small room, about as large as a one-person bedroom, and in it, several... automatons are walking around. They are slightly smaller than human, but mostly humanoid, and apparently made from rock. Each of them have a word written on their foreheads, but it seems to be the same word, in different languages. Well, after a fashion. On one of them is inscribed, in greek lettering, 'greek', and in another, in latin lettering 'latin.' You also spot what looks like Arabic, hebrew, and... Aramaic?

Fires adventures
The people seem jolly and friendly, at least at first. They gladly accept your explanations and respond merrily. "Ah, but the occation is simply the joy of life! Long have we been forced off-shore, under wine-red wave, but now, we can walk the shore freely, and resume our merry festivities!"
At praxiteles' comment, however, moods turn bitterer. "Looted? Ancient crap?" The man hefts his spear, which looks less than intimidating, as he is wavering back and forth to keep his balance. "This is the armor of my father; and before him, his father, and before him, the heroes of old! Gifted to us by poseidon himself!" Other figures are gathering around as well, and they do not look... pleased. not exactly agressive either, but not pleased.


Feb 7, 2013

When in france...

Kla˙dios The Lighthouse
Kla˙dios finishes his second spell, wearing the ring he was fiddling with and straightening up as the figures clamber down the stairs. His brow furrows as they speak and he repeats back what they said under his breath, reaching for a translation.

Casting Klaudios's ring version of Maintaining the Demanding Spell:
Casting Maintaining the Demanding Spell: 1d10+17 18
Casting Maintaining the Demanding Spell (Crit!): (1d10)*2+17 29

Comprehend Language: (So I botched my modifier here and it's actually +2 (I think), but I still succeed due to rolling a 1 and just meeting the EF.)
Language Roll for Ghosts: 1d10+4 5
Language Roll for Ghosts (Critical Hit!): (1d10)*2+4 14

Epiphanios Fires

"Crap? No, not Crap, he said CAP! Such a wonderful bronze cap is so rare to see, he must have been taken by surprise. Do not let his thick accent deceive you, this man is a keen eyed appraiser of priceless relics - and your ancestral gear certainly is priceless: What quality, what wonderful history!

A swift elbow jab is administered where it will do most good.

[[Fast talking in the Fires Adventure, part 2. (+1 if compatible, +3 if faeries): 1d10+8 12]]

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