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Oct 13, 2015

Just peramene.

"Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose."


Nov 4, 2009

I apologize for the cage.

...- --- .. -.-. . / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. / -... .- -..

Preliminary Phase is over! Results are in your character sheets!



Texans already suffered a severe loss here, forever etched into their state's history and memory. Under the sun's punishing heat that bakes the earth dry, the spirits of bygone times inspire some to greatness.
DEFENDED: May only be attacked if the División del Norte has achieved victory at Palo Alto.
Universal Effect: All Desperadoes/Vaqueros receive the effects of the IMPETUOUS status for the duration of this battle, regardless of HP. All other players suffer -1 Stamina for the duration of this battle. (HP is not affected.)

Anidav		Bifauxnen
Mithross	Natural20	peramene

Gamerofthegame	Lord of Hats	SalTheBard
IllegallySober	King Burgundy	Tobbs Gnawed	tpink

Battle phase starts now. Deadline for submitting Battle actions is ~14 hours from now, 11:30 AM ET Monday.

Nov 4, 2009

I apologize for the cage.

...- --- .. -.-. . / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. / -... .- -..

Sincere apologies, but I have to delay resolution of this battle till tonight - I just don't have enough time to focus on it today with work stuff, and don't want to rush things. Thank you for your patience!

Nov 4, 2009

I apologize for the cage.

...- --- .. -.-. . / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. / -... .- -..


In the southern part of Texas
In the town of San Antone
There's a fortress all in ruins that the weeds have overgrown
You may look in vain for crosses and you'll never see a-one
But sometimes between the setting and the rising of the sun
You can hear a ghostly bugle
As the men go marching by
You can hear them as they answer
To that roll call in the sky.

Once again, the División del Norte had come to the Alamo, ready to conquer its defenses and advance further into Texan territory. Once again, Texas' finest stood in its defense - while they were a hastily mustered bunch, they had been forged into something greater than the sum of their parts through the fires of battle. And of course, all eyes were upon their indomitable leader - Ma Ferguson herself, standing atop the ramparts of the Alamo with her trusty ole grandpappy's elephant gun in hand. Her eyes swept across the dust cloud that marked the Mexican army's advance, looking for someone specific...

...and she was not disappointed, as Pancho Villa himself led his army against the Alamo once more. His eyes met hers across the battlefield, and they both grimly acknowledged the other with a brief nod. Over the course of this bloody war, each leader had taken the measure of the other through their spies' reports and tactical reports from each engagement - and found their counterpart more than capable of putting up furious resistance. But last time they had clashed directly on the battlefield, the result had been largely inconclusive. Would this time be any different?


Colonel Travis, Davy Crockett, and a hundred eighty more
Captain Dickinson, Jim Bowie
Present and accounted for.

Voice slightly ragged from tension, Villa ordered his soldiers onward. The third Battle for the Alamo had begun! Two of Villa's trusted companions, the sly and calculating Andres (Tobbs Gnawed) and the naive yet enthusiastic rookie Marius (SalTheBard) unleashed powerful occult attacks upon the Texan defenders - perfectly aimed to create openings and spur their fellow combatants into action! Before they could do much more to capitalize upon their advantage, a sharp CRACK cut through the battlefield - almost as if the air itself had split in twain from something swift slicing through it! A sudden cloud of dust rose up around Villa and his rearguard, before subsiding to reveal a daring Texan woman - Marcia! (tpink) Against all reason, she had vaulted right off the towering walls of the Alamo and landed deep within the Mexican attackers - poised to deliver a brutal attack bypassing all their defenses!

...or so the brave Texan defenders would have hoped. But instead - though none could say why - she botched her landing quite terribly, swaying a bit before she dropped to one knee. Her opportunity for surprise lost, she slumped in defeat as the final member of Villa's rearguard, Marcos (IllegallySober) snapped his fingers to signal his trusted camelid companions' counterattack...


Back in 1836, Houston said to Travis
"Get some volunteers and go
Fortify the Alamo."
Well the men came from Texas
And from old Tennessee
And they joined up with Travis
Just to fight for the right to be free.

Atop the walls, Annie (peramene) swore like the sailor she was. The currents were NOT flowing like they were supposed to at all. Something was wrong here. But what? She just needed a bit more time to chart these waters...

...but as she nodded to her staunch allies by her side - Arnold (Natural 20) and Royce (Mithross), she knew that of all things in this world, time was the one thing out of her grasp at this moment. Royce clapped her on the shoulder, and she felt the familiar tingle of Shine-fuelled protections sweeping over her. She caught the others' eyes, and grinned as an all-too-familiar wild red haze began to sweep across her vision. "Let's break some heads, boys!"

"I got your back, Annie! Let's give 'em hell!" Arnold looked just as ready to go as she felt - though his slight frame betrayed his decidedly unathletic background, his performance in battle after battle had left her more than satisfied with him.


Indian scouts with squirrel guns
Men with muzzle-loaders
Stood together, heel and toe
To defend the Alamo.

"You may ne'er see your loved ones, "
Travis told them that day
"Those who want to can leave now
Those who fight to the death let 'em stay."

"I'LL TAKE YOU ALL ON!" Hot in the wake of her signature battle-cry, Annie too leaped off the walls - but where Marcia had aimed for a poised and calculated approach to exploit the enemy formation's weak points, Annie just waded right on in! Smashing attackers hard enough to send them flying into the air with little more than a massive steering oar gripped tightly in her brawny grasp, Annie was like a hurricane unleashed upon the battlefield. Even Pancho Villa himself, who had just been preparing to unleash some kind of vicious occult assault, was visibly taken aback by her fierce resistance. As the power of Shine faded from his fingertips, he shouted a few urgent orders.

"Bring her down, she cannot last forever against our combined might! But stay your bullets and blades - she fights bravely. I want her alive!"

As Annie's strength finally gave way under the relentless assault of the Villistas' forces - though at great cost - she committed those final arrogant words to memory. Etched into her soul, she would remember them for all time.


In the sand he drew a line
With his army sabre
Out of a hundred eighty five
Not a soldier crossed the line
With his banners a-dancin'
In the dawn's golden light
Santa Anna came prancing
On a horse that was black as the night.

Sent an officer to tell
Travis to surrender
Travis answered with a shell
And a rousing rebel yell
Santa Anna turned scarlet
"Play deguello!" he roared
"I will show them no quarter
Every one will be put to the sword!"

As the dust of the initial engagement cleared, another one of Villa's men stepped to the fore. Shrouded in loose-fitting dusty clothes more befitting an Arabian nomad than a Mexican guerrilla, Hernan (Gamerofthegame) smiled to himself as he swigged a flask of Shine. "Stand ready, amigos - for I shall bring the famous walls of the Alamo down." He closed his eyes in concentration, as a sudden swirling storm of sand sprang up around him.

The ground began to rumble and quake beneath the attackers' feet, sending horses shying to and fro in fear. As their riders struggled to control them, Hernan focused all the harder. A weak point.... THERE. He swept his arms up in a grand gesture, as a massive sandy fist rose out of the baked ground and slammed once - twice - thrice - into the walls! Before the relentless assault, something had to give - and so it did. As a portion of the Alamo's walls crumbled and sent the remaining defenders atop them flying, the attackers surged in!


One hundred and eighty five
Holding back five thousand
Five days, six days, eight days, ten
Travis held and held again
Then he sent for replacements
For his wounded and lame
But the troops that were coming
Never came, never came, never came...

Ma and her faithful shadow Betty (Anidav) retreated into the internal fortifications of the Alamo, the others still bogged down in the Mexican assault against the breach. Betty's furious defenses managed to fend off several opportunistic attackers, though the effort was clearly beginning to wear her down. As they ducked into a shaded alleyway to dodge their pursuers, both beleaguered Texans came up short. SOMETHING was waiting for them, at the other end of the alleyway - a horrid hunched-over scaly figure, shrouded in shadow.

"Your escape is nothing but a sad weak delusion. Give in now - or don't. I'm thirsty." With those ominous words, Margareta (The Lord of Hats) blurred out of sight on the far end of the alleyway. "Well? Won't you at least make it interesting? You might as well run."

And run they did - dogged every step of the way by the furious onslaught of the ravenous chupacabra-thing the Mexican girl had become thanks to the power of Shine. While Betty managed to blunt the edge of her attacks, she was clearly flagging - to say nothing of Ma herself.


Twice he charged and blew recall
On the fatal third time
Santa Anna breached the wall
And he killed 'em, one and all

The remaining two Texan defenders soldiered on, making their way for the heavily-fortified chapel at the center of the Alamo where they could hopefully rally enough troops to stymie the Mexican assault. But as they began to scale the steps of the chapel, they heard a dry voice behind them. "That's far enough." Standing there was the same dusty robed Mexican who had breached the walls of the Alamo - Hernan. "It's over. Give up now, and perhaps you will find some small salvation."

Ma met Betty's eyes for the briefest of moments, before they both exploded into motion. Betty dropped into a familiar defensive posture, while Ma whipped out her massive elephant gun and cocked it in one smooth motion. In a perfect accompaniment to their movements, Hernan whipped out both of his hands from deep within his robes. Already crackling with Shine-infused power, each was aimed at one of the two defenders - clearly ready to snuff them both out.

"Well, looks like we've got one of them Mexican standoffs here, hey?" Ma chuckled wryly, sighting down the barrel of her gun.

"...........Texans were never particularly good at those, I've found." With blurring speed, the Mexican gestured upwards, and the ground before Ma began to rumble and crack - clearly prefacing a shocking attack similar to what had breached the walls. Before Ma could even blink or swear, Betty was right there before her - diving in to take the hit! Betty fell to the ground, life ebbing from her as she completed her final act of defense. As Hernan winced from the force of Betty's last swift counterattack, his attention slipped for just a moment - and Ma's finger tightened on the trigger reflexively.


Most folks get tired and give up eventually, given enough time - but not you, nope! Some folks say you're just plain stubborn, and others say you're full of grit. Whatever they wanna call it doesn't matter one bit to you, in the end. Simple enough knowing that when the chips are down, one drink of Shine and you'll be the last one standing!
Anidav, aka Betty, TEXAN TOWN-aligned Medic, was killed in battle on Night 7!

*BLAM* The force of the elephant gun's blast left the Mexican barely standing - but with most of his torso a complete blasted wreck. A crazed smile began to sweep across his face, shattering his emotionless facade.

"How are you still standing?! You ain't human!"

"No, I'm QUITE human. ...But he's not."

Ma whirled on her heel, frantically trying to ready her elephant gun once more - only to meet the fist of a hulking man-shaped mass of sand. As the final Mexican attacker collapsed to the ground, his lifeblood draining into his beloved sands...


Friends are good to have, even if they track sand everywhere. That's your favorite part about drinking Shine - you get to make all sorts of new friends! Literally in your case - big lumpy guys made out of sand. Sure, they might not be big talkers, but they're always handy to have on your side in a pinch!
Gamerofthegame, aka Hernan, MEXICAN TOWN-aligned Shiner, was killed in battle on Night 7!

... too, did Ma Ferguson, the final Governor of Texas, fall in defeat at last.


Now the bugles are silent
And there's rust on each sword
And the small band of soldiers...
Lie asleep in the arms of the Lord...

"Bind her, and bring her. I am a honorable man. She shall have tonight to make peace with the Lord, in comfort and quiet - for tomorrow, she shall meet her maker. As for those who stood by her side...

...I grant them the choice of whether to follow in her footsteps or not."


In the southern part of Texas
Near the town of San Antone
Like a statue on his pinto rides a cowboy all alone
And he sees the cattle grazing where a century before
Santa Anna's guns were blazing and the cannons used to roar
And his eyes turn sorta misty
And his heart begins to glow
And he takes his hat off slowly...

To the men of Alamo.
To the thirteen days of glory
At the siege of Alamo...


All surviving Texans have a choice to make in defeat. Will you join the División del Norte and help Pancho Villa realize his great dream, or will you join your defeated leader before the firing line? ...Or will you attempt to escape it all, striking out on your own and forsaking the West forever? (This is risky!) The choice is yours. Please let me know ASAP via PM. If I don't hear from you by tomorrow morning, I will pick whatever works for an interesting ending!

THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not talk about the game in any way, shape, or form anywhere else (no matter how innocuous it may seem) until I can post the final flavor. Tomorrow morning (assuming I have everything I need, which I hope to) the Rules/Recruitment thread will be unlocked and the game-ending flavor will be posted. After that, go hog wild! I know it will be tough to hold out a bit longer after today's delays, but thank you so much in advance for understanding.

(Last but not least, thank you all for your patience today. The delay was VERY poorly timed, but entirely out of my control. Your understanding means a lot.)

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