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Jun 29, 2013

In double or nothing


Jun 29, 2013


Jun 29, 2013

After the Crash
520 words

The crash is the last thing remember. The sounds of glass breaking and metal crunching. The tremendous G-force crushing your chest. Before that, you knew you were lost, none of the landmarks were familiar. Hours of your life were wasted, trying to find something, somewhere that you recognized. How did you let it get so bad? One wrong turn should not have led you that far away.

The pain over your whole body, at least, proves that you are alive. Moving your eyelids takes an immense amount of effort. When you finally open them, you are blinded by a light like that of the sun. As soon as you close your eyes, to block out the painful light, you start to try to figure out where you are. You are in too much pain to be dead. A hospital is the most likely explanation. You were in the middle of nowhere, so far from any friends, so how did you get there? Could you have been taken?

Slowly, you try to open your eyes again and out of the corner, see movement. Strange figures, move around, in the distance. More pressing than the figures, is the strange scanning device over your head. It appears to move slowly over you. Even without the pain, it would be impossible to escape it. You see that your limbs and chest are restrained. You are not among friends.

One of the distant figures comes closer. Tall, taller than you, the figure is clad in protective suit that covers its whole body. The only way you can tell that the being has a face, is that there is a translucent rectangle on one side of its head. It checks a panel that has wires coming off of it, the wires likely meeting up with the ones coming off your chest. You close your eyes again, hoping that the figure will not notice you have awoken. You hear the whir of various machines, all of them likely keeping you alive. You also hear the rustle of plastic, which covers the room.

One of your eyelids is yanked up, and the figure shines a bright flashlight into your eye, and then the other. Through the face-plate, you see face that reminds you of your own, but also very different. Afraid for your safety, you start tapping one of your fingers, slowly not to make it hurt more. Two, three, five, seven, eleven, thirteen, nineteen, you tap out the prime numbers in sequence, as high as you remember them. The pain of tapping wears you out and fall into unconsciousness.

When you awake again the suited figures are now closer around you. Your arms are no longer restrained, but the strap remains over your chest. One of the beings holds a mirror up to your face. Above your black eyes, there is a dot of yellow on your forehead. You reach out and touch the spot on your forehead, proving again that you are sapient. Another one of the figures holds up a photograph of a destroyed spaceship, yours. You will never be able to go home again.

Jun 29, 2013

IN I gave you a cool bearzerker.

Jun 29, 2013

The Memphis Tales
976 Words

They were all on a pilgrimage to Memphis on my bus. In the middle of the Appalachian Mountains the bus broke down. On the bus was an actor, a lumberjack, a cab driver, a commissar, a florist, a drag queen, a minister, a mine and myself, the bus driver. To pass the time they started to tell stories. The actor went first.


The actor’s story was the tale of an adventure, where a father and his future son-in-law mounted a rescue in Antarctica but ending up needing rescue themselves. The father may have not won glory, but he did win a new-found respect for his future son-in-law.

“I get enough man against nature in my own life. Do you have a story that man against man, or man against God or something?” criticized the lumberjack.
“Then give me one of those the stories” replied the actor.

“I’ll give you a twist on man against man: woman against woman” enthused the lumberjack.


The lumberjack’s story was the saga of the life of a Valkyrie. She fought battles against foot soldiers and eventually came to the castle. Her weapon betrayed her and she gave her life for the victory. She then returned to life in Valhalla, poised to do the same tomorrow.

“What was the point? It seemed that ya created a giant circular story. Going to tell that over and over until we’re rescued?” hissed the cab driver.

“There is a the sequel, like one one of the American action movies. I can tell it, unless you’ve got something” squawked the lumberjack.

“All that time in the in the North woods has killed your sense of sophistication. I’ll give ya a sophisticated story” croaked the cab driver.


The cab driver’s story was an allegorical look into the workings of the stock market, and the daily fight between the bear and the bull. When one man dared to influence the invisible hand of capitalism, he wound up being killed by the very forces he sought to control.

“Now that just proves that capitalism will kill the average worker” exclaimed the commissar.

“No, it proves that capitalism is powerful enough to withstand any threat” retorted the cab driver. “I’d like to see ya do better.”

“I will give you stories on men of Mother Russia” grunted the commissar.


The commissar’s story was a pulpy tale about the weakness of civilized man. The end of the world stranded a scholar in the Siberia, where the harsh wilderness forced him to learn how to survive. With the help of his spirit animal, he became the reincarnation of his ancestor, Genghis Khan.

“Aw, where’s the thrill, ‘e twists an’ turns? You got eh manly man runnin’ about but nothing to stimulate ‘e mind” spewed the florist.

“Maybe I send you to gulag in Siberia for a few years, you learn better English. You somehow did no learn it in London” insulted the commissar.

“Aw, you want proper English? I’ll give it to you, and a better story” fumed the florist.


The florist’s story was about the mystery surrounding the death of a wealthy widow, who had willed her property to one of her nephews. An old friend of the deceased investigated the death, as the manor was too snowed in for the police to come. Even though the murderer disguised the killing with an enormous rare centipede, he was still brought to justice.

“The one things that Dine and Knox would be proud of your story is that that the mystery is murderer and not who poo poo” sniped the drag queen.

“Aw, I may not be one of the best, but but I followed all of Knox’s rules. Your turn pretty boy” complained the florist.

“I’ll show you true love,” the drag queen snapped.


The drag queen’s story was a science-fiction melodrama, about two explorers’ decaying marriage in the midst of their greatest discovery. Their ambitions had lead them to the highest point in
the Solar System, but the lowest point in their marriage. A lucky break led them to discover the secrets of Mars and the each others heart.

“Such filth you peddle, did we really need that passionate kiss between the two male characters?” ejaculated the minister.

“I would hope you at least would appreciate that Julius and Claude were able to mend their marriage” lisped the drag queen.

“While I do, I will show this group what a moral story is” countered the minister.


The minister’s story was a parable where angels tasked with creating animals are faced with hardship after the fall of Lucifer. With ingenuity and resourcefulness, the two angels worked around the demonic interference. Though unusual, the animals created animals that please God.

“You complained about peddling filth, but your whole story seemed to centered on reproduction and nipples” pantomimed the mine.

“The reproduction to propagate a species is not immoral. Are you going to contribute to the moral decay?” queried the minister.

“I will tell a story with a moral. Horror stories generally do,” smiled the mime.


The mime’s story was a chilling tale about a lost teenager, who ended up crashing their vehicle far from home. They are found by mysterious beings that examine the teenager, despite the severe injuries. Desperate, the teenager tries to prove their sentience, but learns their spaceship was destroyed in the crash and can never go home.

“How did you get the story of how I came here, uh huh?” I asked.

“What?” was the general reaction

“You’re heading to my old house, uh huh? They don’t tell you I was the key factor in a secret project to control teenagers there, do they, uh huh?” I said, gyrating my hips.

No else one said a word. They just learned that Elvis was alive. And an alien. And a secret agent. And driving the bus.

“A-thank-you, a-thank-you very much”

Jun 29, 2013

Heck yeah, I'm in. 6

Jun 29, 2013


Jun 29, 2013

The Genesis of DELTA
1039 words

The St. Catherine’s High School Geology Club were searching the abandoned quarry for fossils, when they stumbled on a leather-covered box with a triangle on it. Diane, the club president, cautiously opened the lid. Inside there were five pendants, each set with a different stone, along with a letter. As the letter was written in Latin, she handed it Emily.

Emily read the letter aloud, “I offer my power, I was not able to use it freely. The chaos of my time did not need to be made worse by the weakening of the wall between Heaven, Hell, and Earth. The diamond holds the power of spirit, but the power is more complex than that. The emerald holds earth, the lapis lazuli holds water, the topaz holds air, the amethyst holds fire. Do what thy will, but harm none. - The Master Therieon”

Lauren took the letter, and examined the stamp, “It looks like it it was from the reign of George VI. I would not have wanted to add more chaos to World War II.”

Tracy said, “Angels, demons, Nazis, nukes what more could England need.”

“Five of us, five pendants, and all the stones start with with the first letter of our first names. It’s fate” said Amanda.

“Agreed,” said the club in unison.

Diane put on her diamond pendant first. As soon as it was sitting around her neck, she was enveloped in radiance. When it dissipated, she had on not her school uniform, but brilliant white ball gown. In one hand, she held a deck of cards.

Emily donned her emerald pendant, also getting enveloped in radiance. She too was no longer wearing her school uniform. It had morphed into a green flapper dress. In her hand was a chakram, with a pattern of roses around the rim.

When Lauren put on her lapis lazuli pendant, she too was enveloped in radiance, and changed into interbellum finery. She was wearing an Art Deco tea gown, and was holding a chalice filled with water. When she tried to pour some of it out, the water level remained at the brim.

So too did Tracy change after wearing her topaz pendant. She now had on bright yellow Tuxedo. In one hand she held a fencing foil.

Amanda also had changed after amethyst pendant. She had on a reddish-purple tail-coat, and a matching four-in-hand tie. She had a bow and a quiver of arrows. “I look like Willy Wonka is borrowing Robin Hood’s kit,” she exclaimed.

“Could be worse, I have unlimited water as a weapon. Arrows can at least hurt things,” said Lauren.

“Fool, Magus, Priestess, Empress, I have a Tarot deck. I think the symbol on the fan is related. That would explain where the fate description of my power comes from,” said Diane.

“Yes, this is actually sharp,” said Tracy touching the tip of her sword. “I would have thought that it would have a button on it.”

“At least you know how to fence. I, on the other hand, have never been able to throw things. Remember the time when I broke that window?” said Emily.

Diane said laughing, “You were standing in front of it. How do you even manage to throw a ball that way. So the power is real. We should probably head back into town, if there are supernatural creatures they would be more likely to be around more people.”

"We should probably take the pendants off first. I don’t fancy climbing out to the quarry in this gown.” said Lauren.


As they were walking back along Main Street, there was a disturbance at Fiduciary Trust, the largest bank in town. It was getting close to closing time, and two unearthly attractive shirtless men with swords just walked in the front door. On a closer look, both men had slim tails coming from their pants.

“Everyone down!” screamed the golden-haired devil walking through the door.

“I bet those are incubii robbing the bank,” said Emily.

“We have got to stop them,” said Amanda.

“The letter said the walls between Heaven, Hell and Earth would break down if we took the power. It’s our duty,” said Tracy.

“If we are doing this what’s our team name?” asked Diane.

“DELTA” said Lauren.

The members of DELTA transformed in a radiant glow.

“By the warmth of the fire,” shouted Amanda, as she fired a flaming arrow at the silver-haired incubus. It hit his bare chest, and black ichor oozed out. He stopped menacing the teller and charged toward DELTA with his spear.

“By the coolness of water” shouted Lauren, as she poured out her chalice in the path of the silver incubus. The water froze at it hit the floor and caused the devil to slip.

The golden haired incubus came back from the vault with several bags of money. Dropping the riches, he took up a defensive stance.

“By the swiftness of wind” shouted Tracy, as she charged at the golden-haired incubus with her foil. She struck a blow on his shoulder, and knocked him down.

“By the stability of the earth,” shouted Emily as she spun her chakram and rose bushes restrained the golden-haired incubus.

“We are only the first of many, let us go and we will tell you about our bosses,” pleaded the devils.

“By the turns of fate, I banish thee,” shouted Diane, drawing the Star from her deck of cards. The Tree of Life appeared behind her, and seals appeared under the incubii, returning them to Hell.

Coming together and striking a group pose, DELTA stood triumphant. “We’re DELTA, anything from beyond the natural world should be afraid of us.” announced Diane. They then ran off, but not before a reported from The Daily Bell took their picture.


The next day at school, the head-mistress of St. Catherine’s called an all school assembly.

“I have heard about the commotion at Fiduciary Trust yesterday. Those miscreants DELTA look like they are almost the right age to be members of this school. If any pupil of this school is a member, she should consider herself expelled.” explained the head-mistress.

Ten rows backs, the members of DELTA exchanged knowing looks.

Amanda whispers, “Well, our job just got a lot harder.”


Jun 29, 2013

I'm in

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