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Feb 20, 2002

C'mon man, this isn't about your boring D&D opinions. God love ya', but learn to use spoiler tags appropriately.

Jade Ear Joe

Hey folks.

I have a need for a mass mailing-list unsubscribe tool.

See, at my work, I have set my email as a catch-all for all misspelled or erroneous emails. This is because we have a massive insurance client with thousands of agents and they always misspell our employees names and really time sensitive stuff had been getting lost. I tried setting it to an alternate email but when times get stressful, I'd forget to check it and things wouldn't get forwarded. So that's why it's set to my email. I see them right away and can send it on. Our domain name is also very close to a huge defense contractor and giant canadian real estate firm, so I'd get a lot of sensitive stuff I'd have to forward on as well.

It's saved our butts countless times. Now the downside is that I also get every f'ing email sent to a random @Bonoman'sWork account. That can be companies trying to cold call by guessing emails, that can be random madeup poo poo that bots probably use to signup for burner accounts, it can be old employees email, whatever.

One of the biggest annoyances is the TONS of marketing emails from old employees. They always sign up for stupid rear end mailing lists.

Is there a trusted mass unsubscribe tool that people use?

Ideally, and this may be a pipe dream, but I'd love to have something scan my email and say "if sent to @bonoman' but NOT bonoman's email, then unubscribe."

That way it a.) doesn't unsubscribe me and b.)only checks for my specific domain, that way mailing lists I myself belong to (but aren't sent directly to @mydomain) don't get accidentally unsubscribed from.

Not even really sure if that's possible. I can setup an outlook filter to put everything in a folder, but the actual unsubscribing of the mailing lists would take me forever.


Dec 9, 2003

R.I.P. Inter-OS Sass - b.2000AD d.2003AD

I can't help with a recommendation, but you would be able to write a program to do this.

1) Connect to Exchange Web Services
2) Look in certain folder for all unread messages
3) Read message body
4) If there's a link tag with the text unsubscribe, "click" it
5) Hope that the unsubscribe doesn't require any further action from the "user"...

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