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Nov 17, 2008

Ferrosol posted:

A Beacon shall appear here.

Suppose I can't just bring Bravura back then! :-)

Got a few ideas, may try the new Harbinger.


Nov 17, 2008

Sierra Novalis the Nova
Gravity Girl!
Theme song!


• When did you first use your powers?

Eighth grade softball match. No, really. Okay, so it was PE class and we had to play,, not so much my thing. Whatever, I was out in the outfield chatting with Carrie when Dave hit this wildly improbable fly straight at me. Like, literally. I saw it out of the corner of my eye and when it was about to hit my head it just...stopped, hovering in the air. Couldn't really hide that. I'd manifested.

Lucky me.


• Who was the first person you accidentally hurt with your powers?

Ooof, my best friend, Katie, Freshman year. Even if I wasn't flashing my powers all the time, word still got around, people wanted demonstrations. And Katie, she'd been there at that softball game, and we went back to grade school. So after school my classmates want to see what I can do. I do some basic stuff, toss backpacks around, deflect some dude's football. That thrill from using my powers ripped through me. Katie wanted to get levitated, so....

...up and up and up....and that's when my powers fritzed out. I hadn't learned my limits so I didn't know I had to recharge. Katie came *crashing* down! She flailed and wound up smacking the ground hard, broke both her legs and needed two months of rehab. I felt *awful* and she was pissed, for a while.

And that's why I won't levitate you for kicks.


• Who, outside the team, helps you control your powers?

There's a team of scientists over at the University that's been studying me. Some of them, meh, whatever, but there's one, a post-doc named Andromeda Brown, who's pretty cool. She's like, half the age of the other profs, we talk music and stuff between rounds of tests. They're still not sure how I do what I do, just that I can do it and it's real, just like real gravity. Dr. Rommie says I'm like star, which is cool if you think about it that way. Definitely helps keep me calm while I'm being poked and prodded and asked to perform, which...seems to make my control better too!


• Why do you continue to use your powers?

I. Can. Fly. See, I'm doing it right now. Hovering, anyway. I can tell your jealous.


• Why do you care about the team?

Well, I have my friends at school and everything, but they can't quite relate to me the way the team can. They've all got powers, however they got them, understands the ups and downs of having them, that stuff. Lets me let me hair down, as it were.

That and protecting the city, that stuff.


Real Name: Sierra Novalis
Playbook: The Nova

Look: Woman, White, normal skin, casual clothing, colorful costume
Abilities: Gravity Manipulation

Freak +2
Danger +1
Savior +0
Superior +0
Mundane -1

❑ Shielding - You call up a fast protective field to stop a danger. Spend 1 burn to defend someone else from an immediate threat, rolling + Freak instead of + Savior.
❑ Moat - Spend 1 burn to create a barrier that will hold back threats as long as you keep your attention on it. The GM may call for you to spend another Burn if the barrier is threatened by particularly powerful enemies.
❑ Move - Spend 1 burn to move to any place you choose within the scene, breaking through or slipping past any barriers or restraints in your way. Spend a second Burn to move to any place you’ve previously been.
❑ Snatch - Spend 1 burn to use your powers to seize any one object up to the size of a person from someone within view.

Team Moves

When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, ask them if there is any fear in their
eyes when they look at you. If they say no, take +1 forward and mark potential. If they say yes,
immediately shift your Danger up and Savior down.

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, tell them how they could stop you, if
it came down to it. Give them Influence over you and clear a condition.

Moment of Truth

Your mind’s eye opens, and you can see the world around you like never before. You can control it, at will, with ease. Of course, warping reality tends to have ramifications down the line, but in your moment of could you possibly be worried?


Choose your demeanor: happy facade or locked down.

If you choose happy facade, give Influence to three teammates.

If you choose locked down, give Influence to one teammate.

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Nov 17, 2008

Mist and Sierra can hang out off screen. Get into the beverage business.

You all have fun!

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