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Oct 26, 2010

Are you in or are you out?


• How did you get your powers?
"Power negation" is a mutation caused by the fallout from nuclear tests that reached my grandparents, it made me the first known metahuman in my family, with all the power of the Einstein quote about World War IV. "Hacking and Gadgetry" are from being "profoundly gifted" and making lemonade out of growing up where evil corporations dumped their e-waste. All those parts that are juuust out of spec, or one generation old phones were my toys.

• What do you do for fun?
Doxx body snatchers. Space alien parasites, magical mind controlling sorcerers, shapeshifting mimics, or clones. Some people have a lottt of clones and I always root for them to turn out to be good ones. But too often they don't and I tip someone off to investigate them. I'm not always right... but I'm never wrong! It's fun because they do funny things when they mess up. Fish out of water stuff, and I like watching them fail. And recording it.

When I'm not being a snoopy dog, I eat a lot of spicy food and work out for sweet endorphins and so I can punch people out when I take away their powers. It's especially awesome when a mimic has copied someone with big muscles or metal skin or something but they're using telekinesis to model the actual strength and resilience those things would have. I take them away and they get knocked out by an enby teenager. One punch!

• Who, outside the team, thinks better of you than you do?
My mom thinks the world of me, it's too much. I'm gonna break her out of jail and help her clear her name or fake her death or something one day, I swear... the bounties I collect–for white hat hacking, usually–go right into her commissary fund.

Dad thinks I should start a superhero mma league and become "super flyweight champion." His whole shop gets all riled up with fists come up on TV, then get disappointed and go back to work when a fight ends with flying around and laser eyes or something instead of a right cross. They can't call that fight anymore, and the cameras usually suck at following it. Fight with me, though, and it's fists only, no items, final destination to the sweet end.

• Why do you try to be a hero?
So, whenever I'm doing anything, and it sucks and I hate it, I think to myself, "Who's the next worse person who could take my place?" That usually fires me right back up, because the next best hacker and gadgeteer is a villain and everyone else with power negation doesn't do it like me: they do it one-way. They turn off someone's power so they can beat them down with theirs. When I turn off powers, everyone's more equal. Sometimes they have to use their big person words to solve their problems instead of just throwing a tantrum and blowing up everyone who tries to stop them. And, coming from nothing like me, that's where I can shine. I can use what I learn about people by facebook stalking them and reading all the stuff they typed and then deleted and thought no one else would be able to read and get through to them... Or sucker punch them!

• Why do you care about the team?
Batman voice: I let them get too close, now I'm stuck with them. I have no choice but to play the hand I was dealt! And I'm lonely.

Buffy will only ever respond to this question in character as the Batman. The heavily encrypted diary full of messy and embarrassing true feelings will self-destruct on opening if not hacked and on closing without having its powers dampened.


HERO NAME Buffering...
REAL NAME Buffy, after the singer. So, short for Beverly, in reference to beavers! My old out-of-touch parents weren't into the vampire slayer lol

• ambiguous, transgressing, woman
• Black, Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous
• laughing eyes, jaded eyes, untrusting eyes, hateful eyes–they're real expressive... under the mask.
• casual clothing, ragged clothing, rebellious clothing, garish clothing–reflective in a way that messes up flash photography, just because.
• ridiculous costume, cheap costume, no costume–it's a grim reaper halloween costume. The most important part is the veil, which has a digital display that can fool bad cameras and blind good ones. Buffering can see through it on her side, unaided human eyes can tell it's displaying a 2D image if they get close enough. Usually it's just showing the disrespect skull though.

Your powers are messy, deceiving, or frustrating. Choose two.
❑ gadgetry and hacking
❑ power negation


Delinquent Moves
❑ I don’t care what you think!: Whenever you
reject others’ Influence, add +2 to your roll.
❑ Team? What team?: When you use Team selfishly,
clear a condition or mark potential. The first
time in a session that you use Team to help a
teammate, take +1 forward.
❑ Criminal mind: When you assess the situation,
you can always ask one of the following
questions, even on a miss:
- what here is useful or valuable to me?
- how could I best infuriate or provoke
- what’s the best way in/way past?

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