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Nov 8, 2010

Oh Hi, nice to meet you I'm so glad you took time out from your busy schedule to talk to me. I'm Judith but I usually go by Malleo Dei. Yeah it's not a great name is it? It's supposed to mean Hammer of God but I think I mangled the translation a bit. I'm not all that good at Latin, it's just like all the good superhero names were taken and I kind of wanted to use something that stands out while also displaying my faith and well that was the best I could come up with. It'll do for now I suppose but if you have something better in mind please let me know this kind of stuff is hard for me.


How did you gain your skills?

Practice and hard work. Our old Pastor used to put it best "a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a healthy mind leads to a healthy soul." That said when it came to physical exercise I think my mother would have preferred I did something more ladylike than Brazillian Jiu-jitsu but I've always been a bit of a tomboy and well living in a city with the highest crime rate in the US means a girl should know how to protect herself, after all god helps those who help themselves. I did consider the other martial arts but there's not many that are designed to allow a smaller and weaker practitioner to consistently win against bigger and stronger opponents. Oh sorry I'm lecturing again, It's just I've had this argument so many times with my family it's kind of become reflex now. Other than that I do a bit of gymnastics just for fun you understand I'm nowhere near good enough to compete professionally but it's been great for helping me improve my balance and build my general physical fitness. I usually spend a couple of hours each day training at one or the other of these.


When did you first put on your costume?

I'm ashamed to admit it but I never thought of using my skills for heroing until a crime hit close to home. See our church has had a leaky roof for as long as I can remember, so we decided to finally do something about it. You won't believe how many fundraisers we had. Bake sales, yard sales, sponsored car washes, Pastor Dominic even spent half a day in a tub of baked beans to raise money! In the end we finally managed it but just as the Pastor was taking it to the bank he was jumped and robbed by a group of young wannabe criminals. The police couldn't do anything they were busy cleaning up from that incident with the irradiated monkeys downtown or was that the week the ambassador from Romania was kidnapped? Anyway something way more important than a simple mugging and the established heroes all had their own problems to deal with. No one seemed to care. No one except me! By this point I'd been getting pretty good at jujitsu so I thought I could handle myself. So I pulled on a makeshift costume I made from an old t-shirt and my brothers old hockey uniform and set out ready to punish the evil doers! Honestly it didn't take much to track them down these weren't exactly master criminals and I found them in an old abandoned warehouse. It didn't take much for me to sneak in and listen to them and I was shocked by what I heard. No not by the language although it was rather coarse and foul but what they planned to spend their ill-gotten gains on. Not drugs or weapons or alcohol but on food for their families, clothes for their younger siblings, medicine for sick relatives. I guess that's why I gave them a chance to be better people and stepped out openly and asked politely if they'd give themselves up without a fight. I think some of them might have if their leader hadn't stepped in. God he was all muscle that one and tall, taller than me anyway. "It's only just a girl, we can take her!" And you know what they probably could have. So I challenged him personally to a fight. I could see him weighing the odds and he must have decided they were in his favour because he stepped up with a nasty grin on his face. Of course the grin turned the other way a few minutes later when I was sat on his chest and bent his arm backwards so quickly that I... um kinda broke it maybe cause I was a little annoyed about the just a girl thing . Anyway uhhm, after that his fellows were if not happy willing to give me the money back after that and I decided to let them all go. I mean no harm had been done right and everyone deserves a second chance? Long story short everyone at church thought I was a hero and I even made the local paper! Admittedly on page 19 between the entertainment news and the sports pages but still it's a start right?


• Who, outside of the team, thinks you shouldn’t be a superhero?

My older brother Paul. He doesn't approve of me going out there and trying to make a difference. He says that I'm just a normal person and one of these days I'll get myself killed because I'll be in over my head and trying to fight someone or something I shouldn't. He means well but he doesn't understand. I'm one of the best martial artists in our school and my teacher says he'll put me forward for a black belt as soon as I'm old enough. And besides I wouldn't be dumb enough to take on something too far beyond me. I'm not that stupid I'll leave that sort of thing to my teammates.


• Why do you try to be a hero?

Because God gave me these talents and it would be a sin to hide my light under a bushel. Besides how does the phrase go again? "All it takes for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing." Well I'm going to do something. Halycon needs good people to stand up and fight the good fight and if I can make life better for the people of the city then that's a job well done.


• Why do you care about the team?

Because they're mostly good people. Well except for him and her, and maybe him. Ok, they're not all great but they try their best and maybe I can help them be better. I'm not the strongest or the smartest or the fastest but if I can help them be better people I'll have made a difference.


Hero Name: Malleo Dei
Real Name Judith Jones
Look:: Woman, White, Naive Face, Simple Clothing, Iconic Costume
Abilities: Martial Arts, Acrobatics


Freak: -1
Danger: -1
Savior: +2
Superior: 0
Mundane: +3

Beacon Moves

Straight. Up. Creepin’.:

When you scope out a person or place, roll + Mundane. On a 10+, ask two. On a 7-9, ask one.
- what’s my best way in/out?
- what happened here recently?
- what here is worth grabbing?
- who or what here is not what they seem?
- whose place is this?

On a miss, you find yourself in over your head. The GM will tell you why this is a bad spot.

Won’t let you down:

When you help a teammate, you can spend 2 out of the Team pool to add +2 to their roll.


Choose four drives to mark at the start of play. When you fulfill a marked drive, strike it out, and
choose one: mark potential, clear a condition, take Influence over someone involved.
When your four marked drives are all struck out, choose and mark four new drives. When all
drives are struck out, change playbooks, retire from the life, or become a paragon of the city.
  • lead the team successfully in battle
  • kiss someone dangerous
  • punch someone you probably shouldn’t
  • help a teammate when they most need you
  • take down a threat all on your own
  • outperform an adult hero
  • pull off a ridiculous stunt
  • save a teammate’s life
  • get drunk or high with a teammate
  • drive a fantastical vehicle
  • get a new costume
  • get a new hero name
  • earn the respect of a hero you admire
  • make out with a teammate
  • punch out a teammate
  • break up with someone
  • stop a fight with calm words
  • tell someone your true feelings for them
  • travel to an incredible place (or time)
  • reject someone who tells you “you shouldn’t be here"

Moment of Truth

This is the moment when you show them exactly why you belong here. You do any one thing, take out any one enemy, no matter how insane, no matter how ridiculous, because that’s you. Their jaws are gonna drop when you’re done. Of course, pulling off a stunt like this tends to bring unwanted attention and a dangerous reputation...

Team Moves

When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, tell them how they’re awesome and add a Team to the pool. If they tell you how you’re awesome in return, add another Team to the pool.

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them to confirm or deny that you should be here. If they confirm it, mark potential and give them Influence over you. If they deny it,
mark Angry and shift one Label up and one Label down, your choice.

When our team first came together...

We found signs that this incident was just the start of something bigger. What were the signs?


____________________ is awesome, and you take every chance you get to hang out with them.

You’ve got to prove yourself to_____________________ before you feel like a real hero.


You are so excited to be here. Give Influence over you to three of your teammates.

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