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Jan 20, 2011

I am now all animes

Protege? Okay!

Oh hey, name's Danny. I'm a fuckin' superhero, how are you? Probably shouldn't be blabbing about that, though. Hojo'll get mad at me again. Eh, you know what, screw that fart. I'm Armor Knight! The...second one. Hojo's obviously...the first one. Though I wouldn't blame you for not knowing about him, he was more active a couple decades ago.

So, you wanna know about Armor Knight? Well, to know about Armor Knight, you gotta know about two other things: Barbatos and I-Energy. Y'see, there's this stuff that permeates throughout the world called I-Energy. It's short for Ishinomori Energy. Y'seen Star Wars? Kinda like the Force. And Barbatos is an underground organization that's studying the effects of I-Energy on humans, though their motivations aren't...really that noble. At first, they tried to directly infuse people with I-E, but the human body alone can't take that power, and they were transformed into monsters! So the top scientists at Barbatos thought, "Hey, it's energy. What do you use with energy?" That's right, a generator.

About 20 years ago, Barbatos kidnapped a college student named Ren Hojo. They outfitted him with some cybernetic parts that allowed his body to process and distribute the I-E in a healthy way. That's where Armor Knight comes from. Well, one of their researchers busted him out, and he spent the next decade fighting them off, and it seemed to work. Nothing had been heard from Barbatos for 8 years. Then they got me. Some of the remnants of Barbatos had refined their tech and aimed to make me into the successful version of their experiment from 18 years prior.


• How did you first meet your mentor?

Well, luckily for me, Hojo had caught word of Barbatos' activities, and crashed the party. Luckily, they hadn't finished brainwashing me yet, and history repeats itself, we fight our way out of there, I become a badass superhero and the next generation of Armor Knight.


• Why did they agree to train you?

The training thing was actually Hojo's idea. After we were clear, he offered me the chance to learn to use my powers for the good of the world. Said he was getting on in years and wanted to see the Armor Knight name live on. I said I'd think about it, and he told me to meet him at the research district of the city.


• When and why did you choose to train with them?

And trust me, I thought long and hard about it. I've never really been worth much for poo poo, just kinda flittin' from job to job with no real purpose. This...I could finally have some use for other people, I guess. I got this cosmic generator and this badass power armor, what else am I gonna use it for, right? So I met him at what happened to be a research company he had started to look into benevolent uses of I-E. Also happened to be Armor Knight's HQ. So that's what I'm doin' right now.


• Who else, outside of the team, knows about your training?

Reiko Tachibana is the former Barbatos researcher who had a change of heart and saved Hojo those years ago. She also acted as his main point of contact during the fight against Barbatos, and continues that job with me. She's also in charge of developing new gear for the Armor Knights to use. She's a bit cold, but it's hard to deny her genius and how handy it's been.


• Why do you care about the team?

Even though my name is Armor Knight the NEXT, I wanna prove that I'm my own hero. Branching out into a team of my own is gonna help me do just that. Also, it's...kinda nice to get some friends outside of Hojo's lab. They're nice, but a buncha fuckin' dweebs, know what I mean?


Hero Name: Armor Knight the NEXT
Real Name: Danny Doyle
Look: Man, white, fashionable clothes, mentor's garb
Shared: Power Armor
Own: Impossible fighting skills
Mentor's: Superhuman physique

Mentor: Armor Knight (the PRIME)
Embodies: Savior
Denies: Freak


Freak 0
Danger -1
Savior +2
Superior +1
Mundane 0

Protege Moves

Venting frustration

When you directly engage while you are Angry, you can roll + the Label your mentor denies and clear Angry.

Fireside chat
When you seek advice from your mentor, roll + the Label they embody. On a hit they will tell you what to do. On a 10+, mark potential if you follow their advice, and take +1 ongoing to follow through. On a 7-9, you get +1 forward to see it through if you do it their way. On a miss, they don’t have time for you because something big has gone down; mark a condition, GM’s choice.

Heroic tradition
When you give someone the advice that you think your mentor would give, you can roll + the Label your mentor embodies to comfort or support someone, instead
of rolling +Mundane.

Mentor's Resources

Vehicle (Knight Mount, a custom motorcycle)
A weapon of last resort (Codename The FINAL)

Moment of Truth

The moment that you show who you really are: your mentor, or something different. You can do whatever your mentor could do and more. You can do the incredible, even the things they always failed to accomplish. Of course, they’re not going to see you the same way, no matter which path you choose…

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