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Oct 8, 2012

Hello, I'm Tamar, and I am extremely lucky to be the superhero Shikra. You haven't heard of me? That's okay, I'm pretty new to the community.

I grew up in Halcyon City, watching heroes and villaisn battle it out, ever since I could remember. But my family isn't the secret protectors of the helmet of Zeus, or the last in a long line of Sorcerors. No mutant genes.
Nobody is a genius inventor. We are pretty well off, but aren't the Kardashians or anything. So I just studied, and played soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and softball in the spring.

While on a family vacation to Egypt, I purchased a pendant of a Shikra, it's a type of goshawk. A few months after getting back to the city, the pendant started to emit this green glowing energy. Except, nobody could see it glow, except for me. I've learned now from working with Spiritess that it is just a focus for my psionic abilities. Anyways, she kind of stepped in and tweaked the memories of the people that witnessed the first use of my power. Which since it was her son I was protecting, she kind of owed me.


When did you first use your powers?

So I'd been wearing the glowing pendant for a few weeks, and this new kid transferred into school. Let's call him Esau, because boy howdy did nobody at school like him. They started to pick on him immediately, like it's his fault that his hair is kind of mossy, and he has a wierd slime problem. So, like a bunch of people were messing with him, after school, and he was trying to get away, but they kind of surrounded him.

It made me so angry, I guess I never really liked bullies, but that day I just felt bad for Esau. I was working my way through the crowd, when I saw one of the creeps hit Easu in the stomach. I screamed Stop! Don't hurt him! and I heard a series of clicks, and they all stopped and just waited for me to give them another command. I pulled Esau up, and I didn't know what to do, neither did he. His mom, Spiritess, showed up moments later, apparently she had been tied up with Gamma Squad on Monster Island, anyways she tweaked their memories so that they didn't remember my command.


Who was the first person you accidentally hurt with your powers?

I'm so embarrased. So I was listening to a police band radio stream on my iphone, floating over our neighboorhood, with a green ski mask over my face. And I heard a report of a burglary from an address I recognized, the Johnsons over on Oak Trail? Yeah, so I flew there, and I looked down and saw someone running down the street with a bag of what looked like Mark and David's gaming systems. So I meant to land in front of him to
stop him. Except I mistimed my landing, and well my feet connected with his head. He was knocked unconscious, and I was able to fly away before the police arrived.


Who, outside the team, helps you control your powers?


So you know she is one of the founding members of Gamma Squad, she's been an active super hero for almost 30 years. The gamma squad bio says she is the last living Atlantean Sorceress. Her son, he doesn't have any sorcerous abilities, he takes after his dad a nature demigod from the Amazon. They aren't together anymore. Anyways, she has helped me to develop my abilities without destroying my parents house or the neighbors garage. She owes me for helping out her son, so she helps me learn about my powers when she has time. But she was so busy she didn't know that Esau was getting bullied, so she's not exactly around a lot.
When she figured out I was trying to be a hero on the sly, she helped me design my costume, and then had it made for me. Which is pretty awesome.


Why do you continue to use your powers?

Are you kidding? I can fly. and make people stop what they are doing. Of course I want to help keep people safe. Who wouldn't want to do this? Growing up I wanted to be just like Venus, or Mr. Justice. And now I get to. Nobody is going to keep me from doing that.

Also, I don't know how to quit using them. I mean, sometimes, I get a bit scared, when I see what I can do if I let go.


Why do you care about the team?

We are better together than separate, and I like being a part of something bigger than me. Also, maybe they can be the ones that will help me if I lose control. Keep me from becoming the bully.


Hero Name: Shikra
Real Name: Tamar Rosoff
Look: Woman, Middle Eastern, glowing skin, fashionable clothing, fantastical costume
Abilities: Telekiniesis and telepathy
Danger: +1 Freak: +3 Savior: 0 Superior: 0 Mundane: -1
o Afraid (-2 to directly engage a threat)
o Angry (-2 to comfort or support or pierce the mask)
o Guilty (-2 to provoke someone or assess the situation)
o Hopeless (-2 to unleash your powers)
o Insecure (-2 to defend someone or reject others’ influence)

Overcharge: You channel the full capacity of your incredible powers to overcome an obstacle, reshape your environment, or extend your senses. Spend 2 burn to take a 10+ when you unleash your powers..
Worship: You put out a tremendous display of your might. Spend 1 burn to awe an audience into silence, respect, and attention when you unleash your powers.
Moat: Spend 1 burn to create a barrier that will hold back threats as long as you keep your attention on it. The GM may call for you to spend another burn if the barrier is threatened by particularly powerful enemies.
Move: Spend 1 burn to move to any place you choose within the scene, breaking through or slipping past any barriers or restraints in your way. Spend a second burn to move to any place you’ve previously been.

Moment of Truth
Your mind’s eye opens, and you can see the world around you like never before. You can control it, at will, with ease. Of course, warping reality tends to have ramifications down the line, but in your moment of could you possibly be worried?

Team Moves
When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, tell them how they’re awesome and add a Team to the pool. If they tell you how you’re awesome in return, add another Team to the pool.
When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them to confirm or deny that you should be here. If they confirm it, mark potential and give them Influence over you. If they deny it, mark Angry and shift one Label up and one Label down, your choice.

When our team first came together...
We destroyed our surroundings in the fight. Where was it? What did we destroy?

You hang out all the time with __________________ to blow off steam.
You once hurt ________________ when you lost control of your powers.

Choose your demeanor: happy façade.
If you choose happy facade, give Influence to three teammates.

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