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Oct 10, 2012

We're your first, last, and only line of defense. We live in secret. We exist in shadow.

And we dress in black.



Oct 10, 2012

We're your first, last, and only line of defense. We live in secret. We exist in shadow.

And we dress in black.

Stellar Knight Solara - Errant Guardian of the Sirius System
The Outsider

Where do you come from?
Ah, I suppose you wouldn't have heard of us, this planet is a bit of a backwater. So! Now, a lot of this is a secret, well not a secret, but you aren't really supposed to know, but the general picture should be fine, it's not like I'll be telling you how nuclear physics actually work - I mean, I don't know that any more than you know how your scientists incorrectly think they do! Haha! So across the galaxies there are tens - no ... sorry, I need a moment to go over your system of counting ... yes -
thousands of species of sapient life, spread across countless more star systems. Ah, well, that's not quite right either, there are far more than thousands, but most of them aren't developed enough to really count, like you, so there are thousands of species of sapient life that have reached the level of advancement to cross among the stars and qualify as advanced enough civilizations for us to contact. Us here is the Universal League of Peaceful People. Or ULPP [pronounced like gulp but with a hard P], as we call it! You haven't reached that point, naturally~

In any case, while we're all very peaceful and civilized, not everyone out there is, and there are always smugglers and criminals on the run. So to protect these people, and keep the less advanced people - like humans - safe from them, the ULPP founded the Order of the Stellar Knights to keep peace across the universe! And I'm one of them!

Oh, a little more specifically, hmm... am I allowed to tell Stage 3 civilizations that? ...I think so... I won't give you coordinates or anything, so your telescopes won't be able to find it, so that should be fine! I'm from the Orbital Star Citadel around [░░░░░░]. It's a really beautiful place, lots of crystal sculptures that reflect and amplify the light of the our sun - it's rather dim, only a ... white dwarf, wow isn't that a cute sounding name? Aww, by your classification system - and illuminate the city when it rotates sunways. I actually got permission to design my armor to reflect similar light patterns, which is why it looks so pretty!

Why did you come to Earth?
Okay, so, I joined the Order of the Stellar Knights, and after I'd passed through training - wow, that training though, it was crazy intense, we had to do like, well, I can't talk about most of it, it's an Order secret, but some of it is a bit like what people say your military groups go through. Except tougher, because we're in space. We had to do Void Swimming, Solar Matter manipulation of course, Radiant Studies, sparring and dueling and running across stellar beams in full armor, all sorts. I was actually top in the class on our Heliokinesis routines, I'm pretty good at it, so watch out or you might get burned, hehe - where was I? Oh, yes, I graduated training, second best in the year I'll have you know, and then we all got assigned to our backwater districts. See, we're all officially Stellar Knights now - I actually got the rank of Knight-Errant, which is a big honor - but to start out with they give us pretty boring assignments, so we can work our way into the full duties and don't get in over our heads. So I was put in charge of Sirius Sector, hardly anything happens there, it's so boring, but at least the sunlight reminds me a bit of home, though the second star there throws it off a little, but wow, it's such a lucky system to have two stars, I mean, can you believe it, TWO STARS?! That's like having two best friends~ At once! Obviously I have more than two best friends. Um, so, Sirius Sector, pretty boring. Right. Just a few small research bases there, but occasionally pirates come through, and I get to chase them down! That's always fun! Well a pretty famous criminal came in, the Rogue Star Eater - it doesn't actually eat stars, but it does eat people, it sounds more threatening, doesn't it? Star Eater, People Eater, I know which I'd be more afraid of! I was able to capture the two tag-a-longs but the Star Eater got away, and ran to Earth!

Why do you want to stay here (for now at least)?
I couldn't have that, so I followed, but now I have to try and track them down in Halcyon City before they eat too many people get even stronger! Oh, yeah, it eats people to absorb their mass and get stronger, like when normal people - you or me here, though really I shouldn't judge, that's just how their species works - eat, except moreso. I mean the main concern is about it eating people because that'd kill them, but it getting stronger isn't good either! So I have to track it down and stop it, but also, I found out when I arrived, our analysis of your species is completely wrong!!! You're still in a Stage 3 Civilization, but you're not safe like we thought - the ULPP installed undetectable automatic safety systems to stop you from triggering a MAD apocalypse event, so with that out of the way you were supposed to be safe to develop at your own speed - but your genetic mutations and general uh, we tend to call it... Chaos Factors - stuff like radiation transformations, curses and magic resurgences - are going crazy, our scientists didn't think you'd get to this point for another hundred years or so - but it's been a long time since anyone checked - and that's bad! You might be able to destroy yourselves anyway without even using primitive nuclear weapons! So, as one of the Order of Stellar Knights, it's my duty to stay here and help protect you from any potential threat that rises up from your own population! I just can't tell you anything about how to advance faster, as that'd interfere with the Composite Directive of both the Order and the ULPP!

Why do your people want you to come home?
Hmph! They think a first year Knight - even a Knight-Errant - shouldn't be taking charge of a situation like this. But they're not even going to send a full squad, just a senior Knight to check out the situation first, as if I'd make this up. Anyway, that'll take time, lots of travel time, and there's problems now, that I can help fix! Without improperly advancing your civilization. Besides, the discovering of an alien, even one who looks like you - I believe life on Sol III was seeded by my ancestors as part of one of the great re-spreadings of life the ULPP enacted to ensure nothing could wipe out all sapient life in one go - hasn't really started a panic or anything, which is the biggest threat interfering with a Stage 3 Civilization has from visitations from outsiders, obviously I'm not as freaky as, say, some of your people who get transformed by weird accidents and mutations into giant hulking squidbugdogs, or slimes. Besides, from the sound of it, you've been visited illegally by ULPP species for the last thousands of years, I mean, look at all those landing pads people built across your world. I'm going to file a report about those!

Why do you care about the team?
I've only know people from back home - broadly speak of home - before, but now I can hang out with a bunch of kids my age from an entirely new, undiscovered -by me, which is what counts- planet! How cool is that? (It's super cool!) And you all have interesting powers, most of our Chaos Factor has averaged out and spread among everyone, which means most of our abilities are the same, and most differences are small and really boring. But it's also a lot safer, it means there isn't a risk of one super-powered person like, blowing up the world accidentally because they don't understand how fusion works. One of my teammates showed me this rather fun movie, I don't remember the name, but the hero (they lost, so I guess it was a bit of a tragedy) said "When everyone is super, no one is!" and that's right! Except some of us are still a little Super because we train at it, but everyone could be a knight, if they dedicated themselves to it.

The Outsider posted:

Hero Name: Stellar Knight Solara
Real Name: [▒▒▒▒▒]

Look: woman, human body, glowing eyes, mismatched clothing, your station's uniform

You can fly, and you’re pretty tough.
Alien Weaponry and Armor

Outsider Moves
Belong in two worlds: You have the resources that come with your station. Whenever you contact your people, roll + Superior. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On a miss, hold 1, but your people make an uncomfortable demand of you. Spend your hold 1 for 1 to:
- receive a useful piece of alien technology that will allow you to use any ability from another playbook once (choose the ability when you spend the hold)
- consult your people’s knowledge to ask the GM a question about the current situation
- clear a condition through the comfort of contact with your home

Alien tech: When you alter a human device with your alien technology, roll + Freak. On a hit, you create a device that can do something impossible once and then fizzle. When you roll a 10+, choose one:
- it works exceptionally well
- you get an additional use out of it
On a miss, the device works, but it has a completely unintended side effect that the GM will reveal when you use it.

Kirby-craft: You have a vehicle, something from your home. Detail its look, and choose two strengths and two weaknesses. When you are flying your ship, you can use it to unleash your powers, directly engage a threat, or defend someone using Superior.

Strengths: Fast & maneuverable, powerful weaponry
Weaknesses: no room for passengers, Bizarre fuel source (star matter)

Danger -1
Freak +2
Savior 0
Superior +2
Mundane 0

Moment of Truth
You embrace your home and call them for aid. They will answer your call—in force!—arriving exactly when you need them to turn the tide. They fight and serve you for the rest of the battle. Of course, when all is said and done...they’d probably like to take you home with them. You did, after all, just prove yourself worthy.

Team Moves
When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, take Influence over them if you show them meaningful affection, physical or emotional. They decide if it’s meaningful.

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, they tell you what you should do to fit in more. Take +1 forward to do it, and mark potential if you do.

When our team first came together...
We didn’t trust each other at first, but that changed. How? Why?

You’ve been learning about Earth by spending time with _____________.
You have a crush on ________________ but you keep it under wraps.

Choose your demeanor: cheerful.
If you’re cheerful, you’re thrilled to be here. Give everyone Influence over you.

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