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Halloween Jack
Sep 11, 2003

Let your word be "Yes, Yes" or "No, No"; anything more than this comes from the evil one.


The Legacy

Hero Name: Miss Midnight
Real Name: Bella Sable
Look: woman, white, comfortable clothing, modern costume, simple crescent moon insignia
Abilities: athletic perfection, Holmesian deduction, gadgetry

Danger -1
Freak 0
Savior +2
Superior +1
Mundane +1


Fight the good fight: When you pull your punches while directly engaging a threat, you can roll +Savior instead of +Danger. If you do, you cannot choose to impress, surprise, or frighten your foe.

Never give up, never surrender: When you take a powerful blow from someone with far greater power than you, use this move instead of the basic move. Roll + Savior. On a hit, you stand strong and choose one. On a 7-9, mark a

- you get an opportunity or opening against your attacker
- you rally from the hit, and it inspires the team; add 1 Team to the pool
- you keep your attacker’s attention On a miss, you go down hard but leave your opponent off balance and vulnerable.


Your legacy is an important part of Halcyon City.

Whenever time passes, roll + Savior to see how the members of your legacy feel or react to your most recent exploits. Before rolling, ask the other players to answer these questions about your performance. Take -1 to the roll for each “no” answer:
- have you been upholding the traditions of your legacy?
- have you maintained the image of your legacy?
- have you made the other members of your legacy proud?

On a hit, one of them offers you meaningful encouragement, an opportunity, or an advantage. On a 7-9, another is upset with your most recent actions, and will make their displeasure known. On a miss, something you did stirred up the hornet’s nest—expect several members of your legacy to meddle with your life.

We all have our own reasons for doing what we do. Mine runs through my veins. It's not about powers, or even family. It's about who I am.

The Sable family lineage expresses a set of traits. A mutation, yes, but not the way you think. Reduced need for sleep. Specific sensation-seeking traits. Low affect display. Increased adrenaline response, mental and visual acuity, superior reflexes...especially at night. Nocturnal predators, my father calls us. It's not a power. It's a personality.

Major crimes investigation outside the social structure of law enforcement--that is, lone vigilantism--is our natural occupation. Our methods have changed with the times, but my family has been fighting super-criminals in Halcyon City since the Midnight Rider chased the Crooked Man here during the Civil War. It's not normal, I know that. It's not always fun, or easy. But those who turn away from it, pay for it in their own way. Yes, my brother died doing this. Yes, my father quit doing this. That doesn't change who I am.

My great-great-uncle, Mr. Midnight, is still active and prominent in the city. Yes, that's right. My Uncle George is one of the "Eight Immortals" and he's a hundred and seven years old. The historians on PBS don't talk about it, but he didn't exactly fit in with his colleagues. He did most of his fighting on the home front, taking on organized crime and Nazi fifth columnists. Things were different, then. He didn't carry moon-darts, he carried a pair of .45s. As far as the government was concerned, if a bullet has a crescent moon engraved on the casing, the man who took it was a Nazi spy. Things are different, now.

Uncle George isn't running the rooftops anymore, but he found something else a Sable can do--working for the feds. His way of watching over Halcyon City is being the asset handler for federal super-espionage.

My father, The Midnight Man, is retired and quite judgmental. I told him Abe's death broke him. He tells me that it woke him up. He says that it wasn't worth it--not just my brother's life. His own life. He says he's tired of helping people who don't appreciate it, that he has nothing left to give. He wants me to quit and just...go to school, I suppose. But he hasn't tried to stop me. Yet.

Janus is the greatest opponent my family ever faced...and is still at large. Sure, everyone knows the story now. They read it in the papers. It took my father years to expose him. John Chase Jr. inherited the world's biggest pharmaceutical fortune, but that's not all he got from his father. John Chase Sr. had a peculiar personal philosophy. He believed that conventional morality doesn't apply to the powerful. That it was appropriate for a gentleman to have very different morals in his public and his private life, as long as the two...balanced out. Janus became obsessed with the concept. Narcissistic personality disorder, delusional disorder. His father compensated for his drug abuse and womanizing with public displays of piety and philanthropy. Janus carried his father's beliefs to their furthest logical conclusion by becoming the world's most generous philanthropist..and the world's most prolific serial killer. To him, it's not about moral philosophy. It's about being the son his father raised him to be. I can relate.

The day Janus escaped from the hospital, Dad trashed half the house. It's a big house. Not like him. If Janus is still alive--which is likely--he's probably wearing a new face. There wasn't much left of the old one when my father was done with him.

When did you officially become a part of your legacy?

I started training gymnastics when I was three. I got escrima sticks for my 6th birthday. At 13, I finally got to go on patrol. Been doing it ever since. I put "Courtesy of Ms. Midnight" on one of Dad's calling cards next to a pair of wanted criminals. It was deliberate. I wasn't going to let the press call me "Moon Lass" or something.

What’s the greatest accomplishment of your legacy?

Like I said, we've been fighting crime in this city since it was not so much a city as an intersection of muddy cattle trails. But I think everyone would agree that our greatest moment was stopping the Faces of Fear. When they held the entire city hostage, the Sable family and its agents came together to stop them. We took out the Faces one by one while my father found a way to amplify Brainwave's abilities, to stop the device that caused everyone's powers to go haywire.

How does the public perceive your legacy?

Can you trust someone that scares you a little? Today it's taken for granted that superheroes are celebrities, but we're not. We've never gone public, and we never will. We don't give interviews. We don't walk the red carpet. We don't do commercials for toothpaste. Instead, some scumbag tries to rob a bank, or shake down a corner store, or on television threatening to poison the water supply. And then, as if by magic, he's in the secure wing of Halcyon City General Hospital.

How does your legacy tie into your reasons for being a hero?

I told you, it's in the blood. A career in crimefighting can end badly and I know that better than anyone. But to have a career without a mask can end just as badly for people like me. Too much energy. No ingrained respect for authority. Strange urges to run through the streets howling at the moon. Obsessions.

I wouldn't quit, even if I thought I could. I have to do this. I have to be better. Dad raised me to live this life and he doesn't get to tell me it means nothing. My life is for nothing? Abraham's life was for nothing?


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